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Part 2:My Wish Come True



"Di.. meri life ka aaj itna important din hai.. main aaj pehli baar unhe dekhungi.. vo yahan aa rahe hain aur aap ho ki mujhe akela chod ke ja rahi ho.." Ridhhima said nervously while packing Anjali's bag..


what is the meaning of marriage???
physical relationship???
or sacrifice??

Part 14 :U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!!-AR FF

Suddenly the door bell rang, by the time everyone was cover with cake and breathing heavily due to the running around the hall... When no one bug to go n open the door, Riddhima groan as she was the one who was standing close to the door...

Riddhima got a tissue before making her way to the door to check who it might be... Before opening the door she turn around hearing a loud scream from the girls as the guys got them... Riddhima saw Armaan looking at her with a smirk on his face, she rolls her eyes understanding the meaning behind his expression...

Another ring and Riddhima quickly wipe her face and hand... Then she call coming to the person who was the other side of the door, still not looking who it might be as she her eyes was on the gang who was still busy putting cake on each other... As soon Riddhima open the door she was left dumbfounded seeing the person in front of her eyes, she got freeze on the spot as color drain from her face turning her glowing face white as if she had seen some devil or worst then a devil...

Everyone was busy putting cake on each other, Anjali look around not seeing Riddhima as she put cake on Armaan... Anjali look around to see Riddhima at the door, standing like a statue staring at someone... Thinking who might have come that Riddhima had been at the door for a while not moving or speaking, Anjali got away from the gang...

Entry No.3 : IT’S A HATE STORY

Date – 01/01/15

“order..order..court ki karyavahi suru ki jaye”

The judge looked at the bar (where victims or witnesses stand ) and surprised to see it was a cute girl about 13 or 14 years. she came slowly and stood there .

Judge asked surprisingly : “ beta,maine file padhi hai,kya aapne apni mummy par case kiya hai?”
The girl looked at him and nodded silently .

Judge thought a while  and uttered : “ aapne kahin bhi apni mumma ko bura nahi likha hai,wo aapka bahut khyal rakhti hai phir kyon aapko unke sath nahi rehna hai? Aur aap abhi bahut chote ho,aapka case bahut weak hai,I want to dismiss  it. Agar aapko mummy se kisi baat se narajgi hai toh unse baat karo but agar aapke jaise chote bachche bina kisi  baat ke parents par case karne lage toh criminal logon ka case ka kya hoga? Waise bhi hazaron case pending hote hain.

Happy birthday Aditya (24th jan)

hi friends,aaj humare old blog member aditya ka happy birthday hai,toh chalo usey wish karein

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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Part 93 :Always With You

In last part we saw.....

Armaan and ridhima shared their dreams for each other then armaan was relectant to leave arima in scholl and go away as he got work but ridhima mad ehim leave promising she will remain near school... and then armaan ridhima and arima;'s cute family moments.....

part 32:I will bring my basket back

And the past is back.
  It had just been a few hours that she had confessed her love finally; and now she was sleeping peacefully in her room. On the other hand Armaan was standing on the terrace cherishing the fact that finally she accepted her love and was smiling as how he was happy about the fact that his own wife was in love with him; that too after so many 2 and a half long months of theirmarriage which not to forget was a love marriage. How weird ways did the destiny have of playing its games but ultimately they were back together so all these things really did not matter now. As he was ready to go through 1000 such pains to experience the kind of happiness he could feel now that was only and only cause of her love.Armaan was all lost in his sweet memory lane of his basket when he could feel her around and next moment heard his name from behind. He turned around smiling; though wondering why she wasn't asleep yet when his smile vanished completely as he had a glimpse of her. Her face completely tears stricken; and she was panting badly. She walked up to him angrily and pulled him by his collar roughly;
R: Main kab se tumhe aawaz laga rahi hu; jawab kyun nahi de rahe the Armaan. Kaha the tum? Why the hell weren't you answering.
A: Riddhima main toh yahi tha tu...
R: Toh phir main kabse bula rahi thi aaye kyun nahi??

Part 1:Vivaah… ekk nayi zindagi

A beautiful girl was sitting on a bed decorated with rose petals. Candles were lit everywhere in the room. She was dressed as a beautiful bride, who was sitting waiting for her husband.

Part 8:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

21th was my mom's birthdayI so wanted to post it that dayBut due to exams i can't

So here goes the story ……….

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu…Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye…

Ghar agayi apne
Dikhake rangin sapne
Yadoon ki rahe me muskurat layi
Pyar ki nayi barsaat layi..
Kuch purani mystry…
Jamai-sasuma ki chemistry
Biwi ki darr
Yehi leke bandhi hai ek nayi kahani ka ghar…
Dikhna hai age kya hoga…
Meri taraf mat dekho pado apne ap hi pata chal jayega…………:p

Entry No.2 : How I Fell In Love With You

   General Grocery Store

A Boy bumps into a girl and all the stuff that the girl was holding falls down.

boy - hey I?m really sorry..
both of them bend down to pick up fallen items

boy - I was busy reading the tag.. I did not notice you.. hope you are fine..
girl - it?s all right.. even I also did not pay attention.. thanks I?m fine..

the bag she was holding was too heavy for her to carry..

boy - mind if i help you..
girl - no its all rite..

her hand was paining and she moaned due to pain while she lifted up her heavy carry bag.. the pain became unbearable and the bag fell down from her hand.. boy rushed towards her..and picked up the bag for her..

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Part 94 :Beintehaan

Ridz gt a call wen she ws busy in meeting .....ridz eyed her assistant kishore to take z call ....after talking on phone ...kishore bent a lil n whispered in ridz ears "ma'am sunny ki principle ka call hai ..."

Hearing it ridz frowned n thought "principle ne kyun call ki ..."...ridz excused herself n went out of z room n after listening wat principle said .....she cme back to z room n said "sorry gentle man...i have an emergency .....i ll reschedule zis meeting n ll inform u ..."

part 26 : An Arranged Love Marriage

He banged the door hard telling her that it was going to be a long night!Latching the door he strode towards her with big steps making her move back.

His intense eyes that bored into hers shook her insides.If this was what he turned on knowing her first lie; what would he do when he would find out the entire truth!

Part 341 :**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Ridhimaa: (hesitating) Armaan... wo main... tum ab kaise ho?

Part 14:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

recap - ridhima is confused abt her feelings towards armaan nikki  knows  the truth that ridhima is Shashank 's daughter



nikki - muskaan mujhe tumse ridhima ke past ke baarein mei jaan na hai

Entry No.1 : A Twist In The Tale

''You're a flop writer...a living looser...that's what you are armaan...and i'm simply fed up of you'' He sat on the beach closing his eyes and thinking about the one he got to hear those words from
His wife...the girl who oath to stand by his side in every single all ups and downs as he did....but alas she was there claiming he is a looser....he  was feeling lost

He lowered his face in his hands...and cried silently...thinking about the happy times...he spent with her...he helped her continuing her studies despite his parents refusing...he left his chance for a mba graduation so that he could pay for her studies...and she was here cursing him as a flop...''can it get any worser???'' he questioned to God....and felt the rain pouring heavily on him...''Yes it can'' he mummured angrily...getting up from the bench taking his files along

''Another jinx day''...He woke up today morning thinking there might a change awaiting for his luck will stand on his side and he will bang a job...but no....he got only insulted in the interview for not being ''Qualified enough'' for the job
He thought if he was the only one who's victim of bad luck....and smiled saying ''yes!! am surely the only one'' Least he knew

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Part 6:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq

(All four of them sat in the car..Ridhima was sitting at the front seat with Armaan whereas Rahul with Muskaan...)

Muskaan: Oye Khote!!! (While sitting in the car...)

Part 1:My Wish Come True

Guptas nd Malliks together at the same hotel for dinner.. well that was NO coincidence the biggest business rivals ie the owners of Guptas pvt. Ltd. nd Mallik fabrics pvt. Ltd. were great family friends.. they meet up for dinners nd discuss about other companies.. well that was their strength.. they work together to rule out any rising company from taking their positions at the top..

Part 42:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

ridhima stood n went down slowly slowly n there she saw Rahul muskaan fighting with the pillows n everyone was trying to stop them she sighed n her eyes were searching only one person n that is armaan he sat on the sofa with not so interested waala look n rests his hand on the table n was reading a magazine

Charecter Sketch:Vivaah… ekk nayi zindagi


Armaan Mallik:

The most handsome business man of India.
Arrogant, doesn't believe in love. Loves his sisters and mother.
Straightforward and mean too others. Doesn't care about feelings.

Part 27 : Humari pyar ki kahani

Saying that the girls grabbed Riddhima and left for GUPTA mansion. In Anjali's car, Anjali was driving while nikki day on the front seat next to her, and Muskaan in the back with Riddhima.

Ri: lekin guys main ekk week armaan se kaise durr rahungi?
Ni: oye hoyye bhabzz agar itni beqarari horahi hai to him mom dad se baat karte haina shaadi ke liye!!!
Ri: (glaring at nikki) guys please!!!
Mu: oye chup! Hum abhi lonavla ke liye nikal rahe hain! Wahan pe sirf girls trip hoga! Hum khoob masti kerenge!
Ri: lonavla?
An: haan ridz! Abhi abhi!
Ri: lekin mere kapde? Aur maa aur papa se permission!
Ni: fikaar not bhabzz humne kapde bhi keliye aur permission bhi!!!
Ri: guys lekin abhi main Bohot tired hunn!
An: to tu soja na! Aur waise bhi hum subha tak pohonch jainge!
Ri: lekin armaan?

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Part 11:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

ananya n raj went back to US as raj handles their business over there n AR r now all alone though ananya said armaan to stay At home as they are newly wed couples so armaan agreed quickly as now he just wants a single chance to be with her lovely wife

Part 3:Kya tum?

Hey Guyz thanks for good comments and u can call me whatever u Guyz want to call I don't mind and thanks a lot

"Ammy Tu Karne kya wala hai?"
Asked Rahul one of Armaans new friend from Highschool
"Han yaar tell us something ti Ridhima ki kese pathayega "
Asked Danish
"Armaan Malik jo bhi karta hai privately karta and u Guyz just wait and watch" Armaan said with a smirk
Just when the bell rang breaking their conversation
Armaan:Let's go guyz
He said heading towards the class

Everyone was busy in the lecture while one head was thinking really hard REALLY REALLY hard on how to get Ridhima
Hmmmm Ridhima Jesi larkiyan as per my knowledge woh kisi ko apne zyaada kareeb nahi aane deti Aur woh apne friends pe Bohot trust kartin hein that means ke agar mein Atul aur Muskaan Ka trust jeet lun Tou mein Ridhima Ka trust bhi jeet sakta Hun Ridhima Aur Dosti Larkiyon ko patane ki pehli seedi hoti hai baby I will get ya soon Armaan thought with a evil Smile on his face

Entries Of Siggies

Okay So entry Goes Here on Siggies.... 

Entry 8



Okay... Guys I know I have Made it too long to put any of Entries on Display...

So here i am Starting Putting up the entries... For the Competition.. That i Have Put Months Back And that was Ended on 10th Of this Month....

I will Be Putting Up one entry a Day...

Do Read And make a note of the Entry Which you loved the most....

I Know u All will Be Thinking why one entry daily. Y not all together... So i wanna say that the Entry that You are reading is Writen By writers with HardWork their Imaginations their Time and their Emotions too as there in their writing so......

So i Want the people reading it to do comment over them.... But voting would be given sepratly....

I mean comment over the entry With your Reviews over the Piece of wrting... And with ur review u have to put up the vote u will give to the entry....

part 2:Vishwas AR SS

Riddhima is looking here and there enjoying the chilly weather of Delhi armaan went to use the loo and then suddenly riddhima feels someone is looking at her and she feels the gaze upon herself but to her luck she finds no familar face around her thinking may be she is assuming and she smiled to her thought but next moment she proved wrong as she heard a voice

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Happy Birthday anshu (vaishali samanta) 19th jan.

hi friends...sorry for late..mai batana hi bhul gayi aaj meri ek pyari si behen,old blog member ,ek bahut achchi writer aur mere  dill ke bahut karib rahne wali anshu(vaishali) ka happy birthday hai.

Happy Birthday vaishu..May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

  tum jio hazaron saal 
saal ke din ho pachas hazar


she turned and threw herself in his arms
ridz- sob...sob.....ahhh! ahhh!! sniff sniff.....
armaan- sshhhhh!! bas main itna bura hu ki mere sai milne kai baad hi 2 baar ro chuki hai
ridhima- now only sniffing...shut up!! u r the bestest friend in the world.... u r the most important person....
armaan- awww!! chal ab shaant ho ja aur apne purane din yaad karte hai basket!!
ridz now no crying- yehh yehh basket kya hai...
armaan- vo tumhe sabse pehle yaha vapis aane par bb court par mile...amine tumhe pehchaan anahi aur mujhe tumhara naam nahi pata tha soo i called u basket...simple..
ridz- sssss.....shccccc......u stupid vo mere ko pata tah bt why his kuch aur kyon nahi.....
armi- coz u was playin bb....sooo jo dimag main naaam aya bol diya simple
ridz- haaaann haannn u and ur simple explaination theories.....
armaan- acha chal ba yaha sai pehle jaise masti karte hai nooo more tears
ridz- only pears...ahahaaahaaa she laughs
armi- oyyee ek toh maine otni mehnat kari aise sochne mai aur tune mere sentence ki bezaatti kar di.....
ridz- stop ur melodrama mister

part 31:I will bring my basket back

Afterall...this is where I belong!
        Dr.Keerti ,Dr. Shashank and Padma  were now sitting with Armaan as Riddhima was still lying unconscious. Armaan was really tensed as nobody knew how this truth was going to affect her. He just hoped that all his effoerts shouldn't be going down the drains. He could live like this forever even if she doesnot remember their relationship but if anything happens to her he would not be able to stand that. He was just waiting for her to gain conscios now.
Sh: Par Armaan aapne unhe sach kyun  bataya?
A: Main main nahi batana chahta tha. Vo toh usne photos dekh liye pata nahi kaise. Vo toh maine andar wadrobe main book main rakhe hue the! And vo kabhi mere wadrobe ko mujhe puche begair hath nahi lagati papa. Maine khud usse kaha hai and she has never ever done anything as such before. Vo photos dekhkar vo bohot hyper ho gayi... vo meri koi baat sunne ke liye tayyar hi nahi thi maam main kya karta?!
Dr.K : It's okay Armaan. I hope bas vo jaldi hosh main aa jaye kyunki till then hum log kuch keh bhi nahi sakte.
P: Haan Armaan Riddhima jaroor theek hogi; meri bachi itni kamjor nahi hai!
     After a very long wait Riddhima gained consciousness but Armaan was been told to keep away for a while as Dr.Keerti spoke to her. Though that wait was like a torture for him but he knew that it was only for his basket so he waited till it was needed. Dr. Shashank too met her and left soon as he was required in Sanjeevani immediately but had somehow postponed the meeting from last 2 hours, but now that Riddhima gained consciousness and she seemed fine he had to leave. As Dr.Shashank left Dr.Keerti informed Armaan that she was fine and infact he should be happy now as she also did remember much more now. Padma entered the room and sat with Riddhima. Armaan breath a sigh of relief and finally felt a little at peace.
P: Riddhima; beta ab kaise lag raha hai?

Part 26 : Humari pyar ki kahani

She left the card there and ran from there.
While running she didn't even notice that she was running past Muskaan. Muskaan being Muskaan wondered what happened to her and went to riddhima's cabin as she was running out from her cabin. She went in and saw the teddy bear and the flower. She went near the flower and smelled it.

Mu: (confused) yeh rose armaan ki cologne ki Tara kyun fragrance de rahi hai?

She went near the teddy and say it.

Mu: yeh I love u wala teddy Riddhima ko kisne bheja?

Then her eyes landed on the two cards. She read them and was beyond shocked. She tried to fit the puzzle pieces together. And she succeeded.

Mu: flower pe armaan ki cologne…heart mein I love u wala teddy bear… aur yeh pyaar bhari shayari wale card… OMG iska matlab they confessed eachother aur humein pata bhi nahi hai?

Promo:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

he banged in his cabin with anger
he stood infront of his office desk by taking support of the desk by keeping his hands on the table
he runned his one hand on his hair n was sooo angry
suddenly he feels something n stood straight n slowly slowly turned his face to other side
he saw her coming slowly slowly into her cabin

Episode 33:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 33

(armaan vhi khada hota hai ki vo dekhta h ki sab log khade tamsha dekh rhe hote h vo phle se hi gusse me hota hai...vo gusse me sab se kehta hai) 
Armaan- khtam tamasha ab jaaiyye apna kaam kijiye....

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Part 93 :Beintehaan

Armaan showed room to ridz.....she carefully placed sunny on bed ....wen she ws pulling duvet over sunny ....her mobile buzzed ...its frm atul n she tuk z call "hello bhaiyya .......vo actually flight thoda delay huyi  aur air port sey nikalne mey late hogayi bhaiyya aur yeha rasta blocked hai bhaiyya ..........bhaiyya mai armaan ki ghar pey hun aur sab guards bahar hai u dnt worry n more over dnt u knw ur princess......hahaha toh phir chinta math kijiye n aram kijiye.........n bhaiyya kal subha sunny key kapdey school bag n mere kapdey bhi bhejvadeynah ...mai yehi sey conference keyliye nikaljaungi .......arrey bhaiyya ghar akey janey mey late hojayega u tke rest bhaiyya ....gudnt luv uu..bye"

character sketch:My Wish Come True

Hello.. I am back again after ANKAHEY RISHTEY.. You guys have given alot of love to my first FF.. and I hope that this one is gonna leave all of you in love with its characters..

This one is different from ANKAHEY RISHTEY completely.. here AR will be exploring nd understanding their love for each other after their marriage nd a hidden truth about Ridhhima's parents' death is on its way too..

Part 10:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

Gupta mansion

anjali muskaan nikki kept on asking ridhima abt their (AR 'S) first night but ridhima was busy in her own thoughts she felt like crying as because of her her first day after marriage was spoiled n she dnt knw how to talk to Armaan as at that time he was sooo angry n she saw him angry for the first time anjali noticed that ridhima is not being herself so she decided to talk to her

Part 52: We Belong Together

Riddhima: Ji, ab mujhe chalna chahiye... Riddhima spoke while she turned around to walk outside the cabin... Riddhima reached towards the door and stooped turning back she looked at a very shocked Shashank. She knew what she ll tell him now would clear all the air of misunderstanding between them, but he could take it in a wrong way even.... Riddhima had to tell him this and so she spoke..

part 24 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

Sid understood that he couldn’t get answer from arman so he started to search another way and suddenly he realized that dr. atul was so close to anjali and riddhima both. After a lot investigation, he got that atul was in love with dr. anjali and he was wondered to know that atul was raghav’s childhood friend. Now he had to catch dr. atul to solve this puzzle…

Atul : “kyon,mai tumhe sab kuch kyon bataun?

Sid requested him : “please sir..bas apne friend ki behen ke liye ..