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Part 4:My Wish Come True


Part 4

With in a few hours everyone reched the Haveli..

part 34:I will bring my basket back

Early morning the door bell rang and Armaan woke up due to the commotion. He opened his eyes and found some weight on himself as he tried to move. Unable to understand the source of weight he rubbed his eyes and looked down to find Riddhima lying with her head on his chest, her hands around his waist snuggling completely into him. He just kept staring at her with a beautiful smile as what he wished from so many days was happening. She was lying in his arms, snuggling into his chest trying to find the solace as always. The trance was broken as the door bell rang again and she stirred frowning at the unwanted commotion. He kissed her forehead and wishing her a very good morning he slowly removed her hands around him with great efforts as her hold was very tight; but nonetheless he succeeded in getting out of the bed without breaking her sleep. But now as his warmth was lost, that made her feel cold, he quickly grabbed the blanket and covered her properly.He ran to the door cursingly before the person at door could ring the bell again and spoil the most beautiful moment of the day.
    As he opened the door he found Rishab and Dr.Sameer.(Since I am updating after sooo long, in case you guys have forgotten who these people are you can go back to part 24(B) ) Now that was a perfect destruction of his moment as both the people standing in front of him were not even near his good books. One(Rishab) was the person who had made his Riddhima cry because of his stupid comments, and the other had always tried to hit on his wife. Though he really did not have any grudges against Rishab, but Sameer did bother him a lot!

Part 9:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Hey everyone
Mujhe na about last part kuch kehna hai
Actually waha pe birds k names the na I wanted to tell sari naam is not suggested by me
Emimi was adopted from film Rio 2
Orry was suggested by partner urf sohah
Coco was suggested by Bubble girl urf Anu
Tweety was suggested by Apu urf Rihoo apu
I want to say love u guysssssss I can’t complete it without urs help…

So here goes the story ……….

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu…Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye…

Atak te atakte bhatak gayi
Nayi sadassya ki ahat hui
Purani kuch kisso ka hua khulasa
Rishtoon ki pehlu pe khanak uthi jara sa
Phir ayi ek aur chehra…
Ap dekhna hai kaise khulegi aur nayi kahani ka mohra……

Part 9
Evryone turn around there standing a lady wearing Apricot color salwar suit with antique brass color shawl at her shoulder.Armaan run towards her & hug her tightly while…
Armaan(detangling from her surprised & happily):Bi ap yaha…

A note :Arsh Vm-Saajna

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Part 1:A Vampire's obsession Arsh

Part 1

It is said that Other Livings breath among mortals (human beings)...Like Vampires...Spirits...Werewolfs and so on...While some people choose to believe in it and become curious to know more others trash it as rumors and ignore...Shilpa malhotra was such a girl who never believed Supernatural forces existed...she thought that destiny was a myth...and it was us who could make our own destiny...she was bold and childish at the same time

Part 94 :Always With You

In last part we saw.....

Ridhima start her fasting while later she came to know armaan is also fasting for her.. she tried to make armaan understand but armaan is armaan.... and then armaan and ridhima goes to drop arima to school.... and armaan not ready to go back to home fearing of leaving his baby girl alone in school and then ridhima make him understand.....


Aab Aage.....


After reaching home Armaan and Riddhima took Ananya to Sanjeevni and meet Dr.shrey and run few more test and then they started. With the treatment and then arranged everything at home for further treatment....

Proposal Ka Locha - One shot

“Proposal Ka Locha""

The story starts with sid and riddhima again gets married but it's little change. In this story arman has also present in sidma's second marriage and he was very happy. And he was finally moved on and was became old arman with the help of shilpa. Shilpa always helped and support arman. She is the orphan. When she was 5yrs old she lost her parents in car accident. She leaves with her mother's elder sister her maasi who runs the NGO in Panchgani. In sanjeevni all loved shilpa so much. They give her a name ""problen savoir"" as she solved there problem a d always helped them.

Part 43:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum



 armaan was working on the laptop n ridhima was cleaning their wardrobe she found a cute little teddy bear inside it with a small heart which says i love u ridhima



When they were on equal as Riddhima tried to get the ball..when suddenly riddhima'sfeet tripped and she closed her eyes with the fear of getting hurt but she did not as before riddhima could fall armaan hold her in between...and riddhima feels she did not hit the floor..infact she feels she is hanging in the air..and as soon as she opened her eyes..she saw that blue eyes boring into her green eyes..and Armaan for the first time noticed that she had green almond eyes and they were lost in each other's eyes.

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Saturday Saturday Arsh -One shot

"Saturday Saturday

''Shilpuu...he's soo hot can ya ignore such a hot guy'' Her friend chirped excitedly in her ears

She turned back widdening her eyes and checking out the guy...she moved her eyes from his top to his toe while forming a bubble with the chewing gum in her mouth

''uhmm...not bad i will say..but not good enough to sweep me off my feets'' She said rolling her eyes and turning back to her friends making sure the guy did hear her

''yo armaan..the girl got guts''

He watched his friends laughing at him...his ego was hurt for sure...but he acted calm...''just another attention seeker'' he said

He watched her gladly dressed in a little black short and a loose top which stops on her bare waist giving all a view of her belly button and flat stomach ...she indeed had all the curves to drive any guy crazy ..but attitudish...he never paid attention to girls...he is used to girls going gaga over him...but this one just checked him out and gave him a thumb down...he drank his shot of vodka in a go as he heard his friends saying

Part 12 :Fateful love in an arrange marriage

armaan n ridhima were spending the most of the time together n armaan was enjoying the best of his holidays with ridhima

ridhima always thinks that is this the same armaan who was quiet n all mature when she met him first on their roka day????

Please Come Back.

Everything around her looked solemn and dark. Why did it always have to be hard for her? Just when life had finally started looking brighter. Probably happiness wasn't for her. Sometimes she wanted to question the fairness of it all.

She wanted to scream but no voice came out. She wanted to cry but it seemed like all her tears had dried up. She wanted to do something, anything that would make this pain go away. The pain which seemed to eat her up and yet there seemed to be no way to let it all out.

'ARMAAN!' She finally bit out when she couldn't take it anymore. And the tears followed.


Heya guys its for the first time ....I was tryi g to make siggies for soo long and finally i made three...

Happy Birthday Piyu(fatema ) 29th jan.

Its Happy Birthday of my beloved sis piyu(fatema),who was an active member of old blog and the writer of "i love u"...

Happy Birthday Piyu...many many happy returns of the day. I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

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Part 95 :Beintehaan

Armaan was busy in hospital whole day ....he ws about to reach home wen his mobile buzzed ....he stopped z car wiz a jerk wen saw ridz's name on z mobile screen .....he quickly tuk z call n before he could say anything he heard "abhi tak ghar nahi aye ....kaha ho armaan..."

Part 3:Vishwas AR SS

Riddhima looked at him in utter shock as he stated that thing and she looked in his eyes and she shivered for minute seeing the intensity in his eyes the same she saw 4 years back in the college. Before she can react to anything armaan comes back and settled beside him feeling him closer to herself she pulled herself and diverted her eyes from saras as armaan's voice breaks her trance

Part 9:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

It has been 2 week after Riddhima comes to Paris…. Every day morning she calls Armaan to wake him up to go to the Hospital… Remind him to take his breakfast… Again call lunch time to see if he took his lunch…. Night to talk about the day and many more talks…
Now Riddhima is going to the hospital to do the work she is appointed… It was a case handle to her… Pragnance… It was a complicated one… Her Patient is 8months pragnant… Patient is a heart patient too… High sugar and blood pressure…
As it was a complicated one… Most of the time Riddhima spend in hospital… With her patient…. And collecting information and research… She monitors her patient very closely… So she goes to the hospital around 8am and come back aroung 7pm at night….

Like every day… Today also Riddhima got up early and leave for hospital at 8am… She call Armaan… But now a day… Armaan don’t get time to talk her at night like before…. When ever she asked him at the morning, he says he is busy… Many works and more patients… Dr.Shubankar is also not there… So he needs to look after his patient too… So Riddhima didn’t ask anything more…

Part 3:Vivaah… ekk nayi zindagi

While Riddhima was making Kheer, Nikkita was chopping Almonds to put in them. Ananya was just standing there looking at them. Suddenly they heard a loud voice.

Part 3:My Wish Come True


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part 33:I will bring my basket back

The next day was going to be fun as Armaan had decided to take her for a movie and both had planned to spend the entire day just enjoying with each other. It was really so exciting for her; though even before this she was staying with him in his house and was with him for most of the time but now the difference was that he was officially her boyfriend as both had confessed. She knew things were much more deeper than she was seeing but for now she did not care. She just wanted to be with him and that was what she was doing; enjoying their togetherness. All other things could wait. But but but; unfortunately the moment they were ready and set to move out Armaan got a call from Dr. Shashank and he was being called up urgently. Now Armaan was left with no othe option but to go and see what Dr.Shashank had to say. As he informed Riddhima about it she was pissed.
   Armaan aise thodi hota hai; tumne promise kiya tha!

I know I know par ab main kya kar sakta hu Basket. It's really important main nahi ignore kar sakta samajhne ki koshish karo.

Kya samjhu main; yaha main poori ready hoke baithi hu that we will be spending an entire day together; itni khush thi main aur tum...

Part 7:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq


Muskaan: RIDHIMAA!!! Uth jaa..interview kai liye nahi jaana?? (Removing her blanket)

Ridhima: Muskii..bus do minute..(taking the blanket again)

Entry 6:Pyar Kiya toh darna kya

Dear papa
          I m sorry papa ....Bachpan sey ley key aaj tak apney meri har khwaish har zidh puri ki ...mujhey duniya ki har vo khusi di jo maine caha par pata nahi kyun aap armaan ko accept nahi kar parey ho ....papa i luv u n respect u alot bt papa i luv armaan also n uskey bina meri zindagi ka koi mathlab nahi hai....armaan bohot acha hai papa he luvs me mre zan his life ...maine apko convince karne ki bohot khosis par aap nahi maney atleast ek bar armaan sey miley tak nahi ....ek samaye aise aya ki mai suicide karlungi socha par papa i dnt wanna die ...i wanna live wiz my luv .....i knw app bohot gussa hongey sayad mujhsey baat bahi nahi karengey par papa i m sure app mujhsey itna pyar kartey ho ki aap mujhsey jayda din ruthey nahi rehpaovgey ...issliye himmat karkey ye kadam utha rahi hun ....i m going to marry armaan .....i hope apka ashirwad hoga mere saat ....luv u papa .
                                                                                                                  urs loving daughter

Episode 35:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 35

(armaan ke munh se yeh sunte hi riddhima ki ankhon me ansoo bhar jaate hai....vo bas ansuo ke saath armaan ko dekhti rehti hai armaan use aise dekkh khar kehta hai)
Armaan- riddhima.... Me jaanta hu mene tumhare saath boht galat kiya....shyd me naafi k bhi layak nhi hu...ji mene kiya vo koi kisi ke saath nhi karta...jaanta hu ki mene tumhe boht dard diye hai...isliye tum nhi chahti ho ki me hamare bacche se milu...par bs ek br me use door se dkhunga uske paas bhi ni jaunga... Me jaanta hu mere jaise insaan se tum use door rakhna chahti ho par plzzz bas ek baar...

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Humaira's Creations

Part 2:Vivaah… ekk nayi zindagi


Sun rays hit Riddhima's eyes and she opened her eyes only to be found in an unknown room. After looking around a few more minutes her eyes shifted towards the sofa where Armaan laid down sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Last night's conversation came in her mind and tears welled up in her eyes. She sighed and went to the bathroom.

Part 4:kya tum?

Sunday Muski house

It was Sunday and Ridhima came to Muski's house
She was helping Muskaan in her project when she heard the doorbell
Muskaan was In the washroom so she goes to check it herself
She opens the door to find Armaan
Ar-ummm wo Muskaan Ne mujhe apne Ghar bulaya tha
Ri-oh comin
Armaan enters the house when Ridhima trips and he catches her in his arms
Armaan saw ridhima's face studying every of her face feature she is so beautiful so innocent he thought when she slowly opened her eyes they both got lost in their eyes When they heard Muskaan faking cough they can to reality
Oh god me getting lost in her impossible man focus your here to make her fall for you not to fall for her he thought
Mus-so Guyz shall we go to my room
And they all headed towards the room



Raina came after having dinner with the Malliks, she was happy that she got sometimes to spend with the Malliks and specially with Armaan...

As soon as she enter the house, a maid came running towards her asking if she needs anything...
'No Marie, I had my dinner...
Where is Joseph...' Raina asked as she sit on the couch removing her heels...
'He was here a while ago, I guess he left...' Marie said...
'Okey, u may leave...' Raina said...

Entry No.5 : Pyaar Ka Gharonda

She is walking on the road not at all conscious to her surroundings not knowing that she is almost going to knock out with the big truck and suddenly she comes back to reality as somebody pulled her so harshly towards himself and that brings her back to the reality and she for second is so shocked that she did not even knows what is happening to her and then she heard one harsh voice as
G:??are you mad? Aisa chalta hain koi road par bina dhayan diyye hue. Aagar aapko kuch ho jaata tou aapki family ka kya hota socha hain aapna had hoti hain laprvahi kii zindagi bahut keemti hoti hain madam ise waste karne ka haq aapko kisii ne nahiin diyya atleast think about your loved ones before doing all this. Aur road chalne ke liyye hoti hain na kii sochne ke liyye sochna hain na kahin park meiin aapnein ghar meiin aaram se baith kar sochiye. Zara bhi fikar nahiin hain kya aapko aapnein family ki han??

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part 25 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

arman was lying on the bed but sleep was far far away from his eyes. After a lot tossing and turning ,he got up and took his mobile to call sid.

Sid : “hello..haan arman,kya baat hai itni raat ko phone  kyon kiya?”

Hearing itni raat ,arman looked at the watch,it was 2 o’clock ..arman  was hesitating how  to start  his conversation but heard sid’s voice : “hospital jana hai kya? Any important?

Arman : “nahi,wo sid…actually..wo…

Sid  : ‘what happened arman? hospital nahi jana kya ?thank god! Chalo mai subah baat karunga ,abhi bade joron ki need aa rahi hai.”saying it he was about to cut the call but arman spoke : “call cut mat karna  sid,its important.mujhe kuch kehna hai.”

Sid : “ok,kya baat hai?

Part 28 : Humari pyar ki kahani


The whole day went boring because it was raining outside.

Mu: yaar main bore hoarahi hunn!
Ni: haan bhabz idea do na!!!
Ri: main kya idea Dunn? Kisne kaha tha idhaar aane ko?
An: Abb tu Armaan ke Saat secret dates pe jaigi to aise hi hoga!

They kept bickering and the boys were sitting their enjoying the fight. Finally Atul decicded to but in the conversation.

At: arre arre ladkiyon shant hojao!
Ri: (whining) shuba tai Apko nahi pata ke inn logo ne mere Saat kya kiya hai!
At: mujhe Sab pata hai! Tumne apna pyaar chupaya inn se aur abb yeh badla le rahe hain!
Ri: (surprised) aapko kaise pata?
At: dheka! Main haat ki lakirein pad leti hunn!
Aur future batati hunn!
Riddhima got excited and showed her hand to Atul. Atul took her and and got confused what to do. He looked at Armaan for help and he signalled him to go on.

Madiha's Creations

Episode 34:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 34

(armaan ankhon me ansoo liye OT ke bahar betha hota hai..tabhi doctor OT se bahar aata hai....armaan apne ansoo pochkar unhe dekhta hai... Doctor armaan ke kandhe par haath rakhkar kehte hai....)
Dr.- dnt worry.... She is nw fine kl subha tak hosh me aa jayengi...

Entry No.4 : Love Is.. Always In Shades Of Grey

He had seen her just in the morning; being her chirpy self. Doing all her antics so that he allowed her to go for the party that Muskaan had held. And now by night; he sat all alone in that huge house which was now EMPTY! She was gone......MISSING! She was ABDUCTED!

         Her giggles rang in his ears as he saw her picture frame. Just then his cell vibrated;
Voice: Helllo my old friend; how are you? Missing your princess? Don?t worry; I assure you she........ isn?t all that fine!

     That was all.....the line went dead!

Ab: Hello? Hello? Hello......

    He looked down at the screen cursing himself to get her into such a trouble. He threw the cell phone on the sofa and held his head wondering of all possibilities that his princess must be going through!

Ab: Ridddhimaaaaa.........