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Part 2 : My Mr Right ~OS in 2 parts

She stood next to his car thinking about how her opinions were wrong...truly someone said...''never judge a book by its cover''...She turned on her heels and looked at the entrance still no sight of armaan...she looked at her watch..and it was already 20 mins...damn...she couldn't afford to miss her class two day consecutively ..''maybe he changed his mind'' she thought and turned to leave alone

part 36:I will bring my basket back

Note: Guys from now on there are going to be a few sad parts as the story unfolds the truth. This is the part from where the real incident starts and you all get to know that what happened with Riddhima and many other things. But I would warn you guys that there are things which are a little violent; so all the weak hearted people or those who don't like violence can skip the blue part; as that would not be suitable for you guys. And last but not the least do leave your comments for sure.

                                         Part 36

  He opened the window and let the cold wind flow all over the room. Gazing out of the window he stared at the moon and those stars fading away making way for the sun to set in and begin a new day. A lone tear escaped his eye and his fist tightened as it rolled off his cheek. As he heard a meek voice at the back he turned around to find Riddhima stirring. He moved towards her with quick steps and sitting beside, held her hand but she jerked it away. Feeling immense pain on her reaction he settled down and caressing her head whispered in her ear,
It's me Riddhima. Main hoon... Tumhara Armaan. Relax. Go back to sleep baby.
   She relaxed as she heard his voice but still hissed in pain. Holding her hand softly he caressed the mark on her forehead and kissed it lightly. Sliding down he took her in his arms and caressed her head easing her pain, both physical as well as emotional. As her breath grew shallow he looked down at her and kept wondering, why always her? Why did that Almighty, always chose his Riddhima as a victim. What wrong had she ever done? Another tear trickled down as he thought about the last 48 hours and her lying in his arms in the present vulnerable state.

Valentine Week:Happy Rose day

Happy Rose Day Dmgians

Well 7 February is marked as the starting of the valentines week...we celebrate Rose day on this very day....i firmly believe the valentines week isn't only for's for friends i thought why not celebrate it here

Part 27(a): Sindoor

Riddhima is shocked as he said sorry why he is apologizing to her what did he do she looked at him confusingly and then she

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Part 95 :Always With You

In last part we saw.....

AR went to Gupta house to decide for wedding when all came to know armaan to fasting for ridhima... and then after fastening days were over with all the love and romance armaan came to drop ridhima to gupta house were she got emotional.... and armaan consoled her..... and then girls and padma tease AR


Aab Aage.....


Part 4:Vivaah… ekk nayi zindagi

Suddenly the voice of his phone call woke him up from his thoughts. He picked it up only to see muskaan's number flashing. He answered the call, and the phone dropped out of his hand.

Part 15(b):The Right Choice

Sanjeevani,2 pm.

Meanwhile the interns had surrounded Atul on the caf table and were telling him to continue the AR story.Muskaan also came and sat beside them.
Muskaan:arre main bhi sunaaogi story...
Atul:Arre yaar sabar karo'..Main rahul aur nikki ka wait kar raha hu'.unhe story zyaada maalum hai'Lo aa gaye!
Rahul,Nikki and Anjali,Abhi entered together and sat with them.After the usual hey's-
Naina:Ek question why do Dr.Rahul and Dr.Nikita know more??(asked confusedly)
Anjali:Kyuki who log ne ek saal tak apni relationship secret rakhi thi'.Aur Nikki Armaan ki best friend thi!
Nikki:Aur Rahul ko ridz pe crush tha!(everybody oohs)Isliye ye dono compete kar rahe'.
Rahul:(coughs)Par mujhe sacha pyaar ho gaya aur Armaan mera best friend ban gaya''.(he looked longingly at Muski)
Muski:(coughs)Haan Atul story start kar'.
Anjali:Main karungi!Kyuki maine ridz ki diary padhi hai'.(smirking while everybody eyes widened)Aur koi usse nahi batayega(she glared at everyone)Or I'm not telling you the secret parts of the love-story!

Part 343:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Armaan: (glancing at Ridhimaa's angry face) Waise bhi... mujhe pyar ke naam se hi darr lagne laga tha. Mujhe khud par yakeen nahi tha. Main shuru se hi aisa tha... school me bhi meri paanch girlfriends thi. Maine soch liya tha ki kabhi kisise pyar hi nahi karunga jisse mujhe apni ma ko diya hua waada todna pade.

Ridhimaa was perplexed.

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Part 1 : My Mr Right ~OS in 2 parts

Hey Guys this was suppose to be a one shot but thanks to my wicked mind i chopped it into two...i hope you guys will like it

Happy reading

My Mr Right

Part 1

Is beauty all what we need to fall in love, Infront of beauty our every other talent fades away??

Meow's Creations

"Oh Well I was sitting idle in the middle of the night and i decided to make up something to get with my time....i Made these...and on a second thought..i decided to share it with you guys...hehe.. don't mind guys if its total crap...i was a sleepy head while i made these

Voting Note for Competition

hello people...
This is Aayushi... Kaise ho aap sab...

I hope sab aache honge...
so idhar udhar ki baatein chod kar lets come to main Point...

as i said earlier that Jab sab Entries submit ho jayengi tab i Will Give a Voting post.. With all the comments on the Entry... But Now i have kept that comment part for other way round.... I guess That will be much better then this one....

So here I Am Giving the categories For Voting.
And then U guyies have to Vote Of the Entries..
Which u liked the MOst... In ways like.....

Vote for 2 OS for every categories as for
First Winner and a Runner up too(according to u) 

1--> Most Emotional..
2--> Best Use Of Words..
3--> Best Title..
4--> More linkable OS
(u actually Felt the OS running in front of ur Eyes or felt through heart)
5--> With Element U loved Despite of Emotional OS
(Vote For an element u loved, accordingly vote of OS based on other element.. not like voting OS then finding element in it hope i make it clear)
6--> best use of Plot

Here are 6 categories
Vote accordingly people...

Voting would be open till 13-Feb-15
Vote for 2 in every categories.....

u can go through the LINK for checking the siggies and osses once again...

One Shot and Siggy Competition

 guys also vote for siggies that were submited earlier.... three vote for siggies.... winner n two runner ups acc. To u guys. "

and guys i really appreciated all for people taking part and for the readers commenting on the OS making the hard work of Writers Pay off really Great .....

Till 13th Cya Later
Luv u All

Keep voting....

Last part:Life out of control(season 2)

(Before you want to murder me..just read the part first at least!!)

Riddhima looked at Sapna hugging her parents as she headed off for the airport. She closed her eyes, remembering how Sapna had always been there for her. No, she couldn’t cry right now. Needing to get away from the scene, she picked up her blue and silver lehenga, and made a rush for the back garden, smiling once or twice at people who looked at her. Armaan saw her and followed, knowing she needed someone. But no one else could be seen anywhere around. As soon as Riddhima got outside, the wind distracted her. Sapna was happy that she was starting a new life. And she should be happy for her! Smiling at the thought of Sapna in the UK, she folded her arms around her.
“Nice breeze…” she heard a voice next to her. She didn’t need to turn to know it was Armaan. She nodded in reply.
“Khushi hai, lekin zara dukh bhi hai?” he asked looking at her. She nodded again. “You know, you’re allowed to let it out.”

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Arsh Vm-Saajna

hi friends ,hope you will like this vm on sajna..thanks.

Love you All,

Tutorial for posting ffs/siggies/vms in blog

hi guys,i got  that some new members are facing problems ,when they r trying to post their ffs and all in blog . other side admin group  r getting  problems to post the siggies/vms as the writers r not following the right process. so i made this post,please follow it and post ur ffs ,vms and siggies in right way so that admin can post them properly.thanks.

1) in blog page ,please go to the "writers corner: post ur fanfiction here "link

part 26 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

"tum wahan kya kar rahe they?"

sid looked at her and replied making a puppy face.." arm wrestling ..tumne dekha nahi
riddhima ?"

riddhima asked in a serious tone : "kyon?"

sid replied waving hands: "arey wah!yeh kaisa sawal hua? log jab basket ball,football,cricket khelte hain toh koi puchta hai kya ki kyon khel rahe they."

riddhima kept silence for a while then uttered : "arman ke sath kyon?"

sid : "toh kya tum khelogi mere sath?wo mera dost hai,senior hai toh ..

riddhima cut shorts.."mujhe pasand nahi."

Part 97 :Beintehaan

After 2 years

Riddhima cme back from office n shocked to see armaan's stuff wen she stepped in her room ....she ws about to go down stairs n ask about it .... bt stopped wen saw armaan stepping out frm wash room ....seeing him in her room she frowned n angrily asked "wat z hell u r doing in my room.."

Part 5:My Wish Come True

Firstly sorry for not replying to ur reviews.. I was abit held up last week..  but I did read them all and really thank you for sharing ur views.. :D now coming to ur update..


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siggie on AR

From anshu's collection

part 35:I will bring my basket back

So now tum khud mujhe sab bataogi, or I should make you spill the beans? whatever it is make it quick otherwise it  would make things difficult for you...MRS.RIDDHIMA ARMAAN MALLIK!!
Her eyes widened in shock as he spoke the last bit. tum kya keh rahe ho Armaan? Main Miss. Riddhima Gupta kya...I...really don't unde... Armaan I think...tu..tumhe chalna chahiye.
Chalna chahiye?? As in I should leave from your room or the house?
Depends...I mean tumhe shayad aaram...I mean you just I guess you should go home an...
Toh tum mujhse yaha se jaane ke liye keh rahi ho? Akele?Is it?
Armaan...main...main bas tumse... She couldn't get any words so she just tried to move away when he put hands on either side to block her. She was now sandwiched between the door and him standing just at an inch distance.
Jo bhi keh rahi ho...why don't you look at me and say it? What's wrong?
Arm...aan... please le...ave my way. She stammered while her eyes still fixed on the floor.
Chod dunga Riddhima...bas ek baar meri taraf dekh kar bolo ki tumhe sach main kuch yaad nahi aaya.
Armaan muj...mujhe kuch...please just go...

"Get Well Soon Humaira Grover"

"Heyyy everybody..!! :)

Yai post humaari aik pyaari si blog member kai liye hai jo abhi thori sick ho gai hai..and you know uska naam kya hai..Humaira Grover!! :D She is the writer of ""Humaari Pyaar ki Kahaani"" and ""Vivaah...aik nayi zindagi..""

She is a regular member but 2-3 days sai unka ata pata hi nahi tha so we thought..Kuch to Garbar hai..and then pata chal humaari sis to beemaar hai!!

So, lets give her a loottt of that wo jaldi sai Theek ho kar apni fan fictions continue karey..because we are reallyy missing them and humaira too..!!

~~~~Geт ωell Sσσn Deαr~~~

Part 29:Humari pyar ki kahani

"Next Morning:

Riddhima sneaked into Rahul and Atul's Room and saw them sleeping.
She decided to do something, suddenly and idea clicked into her mind. She went to the bathroom and filled a bucket full of icy chilled water. She came back and splashed the water on them.

Ra: ahhhhh!!!! Mom bacho!!
At: bacho bacho! Main doob gaya!!!

They jerked up but their eyes were still closed. They open they eyes only to see riddhima laughing like a maniac. They looked at eachother in horror.

Ra: ri- ridzi tu-tum?
Ri: rahul bhaiya yeh to mujhe aapse poochna chaiye? Ke aap Stella aur Shuba Tai ke room mein kya Kare ho?
At: (spilling beans) ridz woh actually na! Main Shuba tai hunn aur Rahul Stella, aur armaan Gurmeet!
Ra: Haan riddhima! Armaan ne humein dhamki di thi ke agar hum usse Tumhare paas nahi leke aaye to woh humari izzat loot leyga!!!

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part 27 : An Arranged Love Marriage

His sentence was left hanging midway as he saw blood dripping from her hand.A gasp escaped his mouth as he saw her hand and found a deep cut.
Jo: Sir vo.....vo pata nahi ma’am ka hath.....

Part 15(a): The Right Choice

 No kabab main haddis,It's just YOU and ME.

Honeymoon Bliss-I

Their flight was at 11 am .So they first went and met everyone at gupta house and then they went to the hospital to say bye to everyone and rahul drove them to the airport.They also pulled along Muskaan as she was the only one who didn't have duty and could spend time with rahul on the way back.Riddhima and Armaan were wearing jeans and black shirts.

Rahul:(hugged armaan):Bye man!Have fun and enjoy your honeymoon!Bye ridheema!(giving a side-hug to riddhima)
Armaan:If you don't tell me still I am going to have my share of fun,Rahoool!(chuckling while riddhima blushed)Ab toh naam sikh jaa Angrezi boy!It is riddhima,not ridheeemaaa!Bye Muski!
Muskaan:HAHAHAH!Haan hero!enjoy karna par humari shopping lists mat bhulna!(she hugged armaan and riddhima)
Riddhima:(smiled and hugged muskaan back)Bye Muski!Bye Rahul,aur Armaan ki baat mat sun he's mad!
They bid bye to them and turned to go as Armaan pushed the luggage and riddhima held him by the arm.
Armaan:WHAT?Basket tum apne pati ko mad kehte ho!Sharam nahi aati!(dramatically)

Part 26(b):Sindoor

A:''mera matlab tha kii aagar tum inhein neeche lekar gayyi tou muski and rahul is still there they'll ask questions isiliyye keh raha tha''
And riddhima nodded knowing he is saying right and now she is in dilemma where she can puts her clothes but nevertheless she actually and immediately folded them neatly and then as her gaze fell on the couch and as she is hesitating armaan can understand her unspoken words so he just

Dill mill gayye-one shot

Hiii guys meine 1st time ek os likha hai aur mein is blog main new member hut oh merese bohot see galtiya hui hongi ye hos likhte waqt toh plzz mujhe maaf kar dena……
Mein ummeed karti hu ki aap sab readers and writers ko yeh os pasand aaye!!!!

ARMAAN MALLIK…bohot hee aacha doctor abhi new sanjivaani main apni internship kar raha hai ..aapne parents ka ekela beta and apni parents ki haar baat suntan hai….

Armaan ki shaadi tair hoti hai 2 week baad unki shaadi hone wali hoti hai aur dono (armaan and woh ladki) khush bhi hote lekin kyunku yeh arranged marriage  hoti hai dono kabhi ekdusre se baat he nahi kar pate aur jab bhi milte tab family ya friends ke sath hote…armaan aur uski hone wali biwi dono doctor hote hai lekin armaan new sanjivaani main aur woh sanjivaani main…

Waise toh dono bhi same college main he padha karte the us ladki ne toh kabhi armaan ko notice nahi kiya par armaan ko toh who ladki tabhi se bohot pasand aane lagi thi

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Part 96 :Beintehaan

 Ridz leaned her head against z door n while hugging her legs luked at z ceiling n remembered z way she ran wen armaan knelt infront of her while singing fr her years ago ...a smile crept on her lips n thought "tumahre gane mujhey bohot achi lagti thi bhoot ....maan karta tha sirf tumhare gane sunti rahun ......flirt kartey they toh gussa ata tha par kabhi kabhi tumhari flirting mujhey muskurane pey majbur kardeyti thi ....kaash tumney thoda sabar kiya hota toh mai tumhey accept karleyti .....nahi actually maine accept kiya tha sayad warna uss din ...."

An Arsh Fairytale-One shot

Once upon a time...King Vidhyut and Queen Vishaka was blessed with their third daughter...unlike their previous daughters this one had fair milky skin....big green eyes...and they realized the baby wasn't only the prettiest child of the kingdom but she was blessed with she moved her hands they saw a small snowflake falling down her hand magically....and the baby smiled as if she knew what she just did

Part 8:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq

(Armaan, Ridhima and Muskaan were sitting on the sofa..after a while Rahul also joined them..they were having a random conversation when the topic shifted to their childhood..)

Part 342:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Armaan had closed his eyes. His face was impassive. Nobody knew whether he was happy or sad.

Ridhimaa: (coming over her shock) Tumne... tumne ye sab kaha? I don't believe it.

Episode 36:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 36

(armaan room me betha hota hai....aur bed par soyi riddhima ko dkh rha hota hai....aur usko ankh on se ansoo nkl jaate hai....vo kehta hai...)