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valentine day special poem

hi guys,this is Aayushi with her valentine special poem,hope u will like it.thanks.

mere pyaar ki had koun jan payega
mera wafa ki seema koun dekh payega
ishq karte hain hum aapse itna
ki hamare dil mein aur koi bhi na aab bus payega

Part 8:My Wish Come True


 Part 8

Ridhhima came out of the closet after changing into her night dress nd was brushing her hair thinking of Ryan, when she felt something cold on her neck.. She looked into the mirror to find Armaan standing behind her nd he was holding a very beautiful Diamond necklace around her neck..

part 29 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Armaan froze as he read Riddhima’s medical history. He read and re-read her name at the top of the page again and again to make sure it was his Riddhima; Riddhima Armaan Mallik! But why; how, when......all these questions kept ringing in his head!

Friday, 13 February 2015

Part 96 :Always With You

In last part we saw.....

Gang Shopping.. Armaan masti time with arima and khushi in the mall... and then after that a loved fill gesture from ridhima and armaan ridhima and arima sleeping in each others arm.....


Aab Aage.....


In Morning
ridhima came out of the wash room after taking bath and was drying her hairs remembering the time in the morning she spend with arima and armaan.. and the way they slept in the night....

part 38:I will bring my basket back

Armaan opened his eyes but shut them again trying to adjust to the sudden brightness and due to the shooting pain that he felt in his head. He blinked his eyes a few times and finally as he opened them completely he found himself in a dark room. He remembered Riddhima's face and why he was at that place; so he tried to move but couldn't as he was tied to the same chair where Riddhima was sitting a while back. He struggled to get ou of the ropes but he wasn't able to do so; still he kept pushing and pulling putting his best to come out of the ropes. He was busy struggling when he heard Riddhima moan and he instantly stopped moving and started looking around for her. He saw some shadows near the door and as soon someone entered the room and switched on the lights. As he shut his eyes and opened them again his view got a little clearer and that is when he saw a guy with a mask on his face. But his heart wrenched as his gaze fell on Riddhima whom the guy had held mercilessly by her arm as she struggled to get out of his hold. He could see bruises all over her body while she tried her best to keep her eyes open as they looked very drowsy. He threw her harshly on the floor making her fall on Armaan's feet. With great efforts she looked up and a small smile crossed her lip as she saw Armaan.
Ar...m...aan... she raised her hand up to reach him but the guy behind came in and held her hand in his never letting it reach Armaan. He squeezed her hand making her wince in pain. Armaan pulled his hands with all his might caring less that by now it had started bleeding as the rope cut his skin. He turned red with anger as the kidnapper grabbed Riddhima's hair pulling her up to his face level;

Part 10:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Thanks to everyone who supported me till now to write...
& for few people lvs u a lots lots lots...(For those only whom i never say thnx)
Well for all of u only i write till part 10...

So here goes the story ...

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu...Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye...

Sare raaz khul gaye
Pahelion k sang
Do dil mil gaye
In pyar ki rang
Kuch pyar bhari lamha
Kuch yaad bhari bate
Nayi addition ho gayi...
In all this bate...

Part 10

Padma & shashank who was downstairs go towards the scream which heard from somewhere near minnie's room...

part 15(c):The Right Choice

Honeymoon Bliss-II

In the night,there was a beach party held in the restaurant.Armaan was waiting for his lady love at the bar drinking lemonade(remember the pari waala episode)!As soon as he saw riddhima, he nearly slipped off his stool.Riddhima was wearing a yellow knee-length dress.He stared at her open mouthed and lost his trance when she winked
at him.

Armaan:Do you even know how hot you look?(he pouted)I have to keep these men away from you...
Riddhima:I know!(encircling her hands around his neck)
Armaan:This is anjie's na?(she nodded)You look nice in her clothes(he put his hands around her waist)
Riddhima:I only look nice in Di's clothes?(pouting sadly)
Armaan:no baby!you look good in everything in Salwar or in westerns!(kissing her forehead then cheekily)but I toh prefer you without clothes...
Riddhima:(hit his chest and got out of his arms)ARMAAAN!Such a shameless person you are!
Armaan:(passing her a drink and smiling widely)I am not shameless,I am romantic!
Riddhima:yeah whatever!

Episode 39:ARFF Second Chance

(riddhima k munh se yh sunkar armaan k face pr smile aa jaati h aur an kho me alag hi khushi hoti h vo khta h...)
armaan - kya kha tumne...

Thursday, 12 February 2015



Relation between the gang has started to develop new level as Atul and Anjali confess their love to each other... While two was openingly in relation, love was blossoming in Nikki, Abhi, Muskaan and Armaan heart too... As Nikki and Abhi were happy with the new feelings, Armaan was confused while Muskaan was sad... Rahul and Riddhima was not in those situation so there life was going smooth while others were fighting with their emotions...

Part 10:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Riddhima open her eyes to see she was in a private room on the hospital… Nurse was there… When she saw Riddhima open her eyes… She left… After sometimes Nurse came back with Doctor…
Dr: Mrs. Mallik… Hows u feeling now….
Riddhima: Better… Dr. Wht happens…
Dr: Nothing to worry Mrs. Mallik…
Riddhima: But why I got blank and fainted…
Dr: Itis because of low BP…
Riddhima: Oh… Ok Doctor…
Dr: Mrs. Mallik u can go after this IV finished… Please take care… I think u hasn’t eaten anything since last night… Please do take your meals on time… And rest too, it is really important… Don’t think much about anything… Here some medicines and your reports of some test which I make…


(Ridhima entered the cafe and saw that there were not much people..she chose a table and ordered a cappuccino..the man took her order and went back..Ridhima took out a book from her purse and was reading it when some people entered the café was a gang of four men and one could easily realize that they were bad people because of their appearance..they selected the table infront of Ridhima and were constantly looking at Ridhima which was making Ridhima nervous and she got alerted of the upcoming danger..)

Part 344:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Shashank told Kirti about Armaan's condition.

Kirti: Dr.Armaan ab aapki tabiyat kaisi hai?

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siggies by anshu

a few siggies from anshu's collection.hope u will like it.thanks.

Part 99:Beintehaan

Days were passing but armaan could nt able to understand ridz's feelings n her changed behaviour towards him...she had stopped taunting him for every pity issue .....she seems very happy now a days bt wont talk much wiz armaan ....she always seems lost in her own different world ....armaan tried many times to talk n ask her but she had nt gave any chance to him ....armaan ws becoming restelss wiz every pacing day ....he jst wanna know wats been going on in her mind ....

Part 7:My Wish Come True


Part 7

Bi came back home nd found Ridhhima nd Ryan sitting by the dinning table.. Ryan was seated n his Baby chair, facing Ridhhima.. Since she didn't knew what Ryan likes or what are his favourites she made her New Friend some Apple Pie.. during the first few bites Ryan was a good boy but once he was getting full nd contented he wanted some fun..

part 28: An Arranged Love Marriage

He had gone away but made it a point to make a call as soon as the flight landed.
She could finally breathe in some fresh air as he was finally at least talking to her. Not angry anymore; and had given her a chance!

Episode 38:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 38

(riddhima rohan ke saath KUCH baat kar rhi hoti armaan vha akar kehta hai...)
armaan - Rohan to tumhe mera idea pasand aaya....?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Valentine Week:Happy teddy day

"Happy teddy day

10th feb is marked as the teddy day of the valentine day week
Teddies alias soft toys are all girl's favorite....their softness...gets us to cuddle with them....and sometime those liveless toys helps us to understand ourself more...when we share all our feelings to them

part 37:I will bring my basket back

C: Kya hua? Kis soch main pad gaye?
A: What the hell do you want? Kyu ka... As he was talking he heard a meek voice in the background which made him hold back his words as well as his breath.
 A: Ri...ddhimaa? He held the phone close to himself as he heard her voice after almost after 24 hours. Her meek helpless voice sent shivers through his spine.
C: So kaise laga early morning surprise Mr.Mallik? Aapki wife ki aawaj hai badi sweet nahi? Vaise aap is waqt...let me guess...Dr.Sameer ke ghar pe honge...beating the sh** out of him right? Tch tch tch...bechare Dr.Sameer.  Bohot taarif karte rehte hai Riddhima ki nai? Mujhe bilkul pasand nahi aati thi ye baat...good that you hit him...he deserved it anyways.
A: Tum...tumhe kaise...
C: Ab mujhe kaise pata...kyu kab kaha ye sari quiz completion baad main kelenge ok? But for now...I need to give you another morning surprise...there was a 2 minute silence which was followed by a slap and Riddhima's voice wincing in pain.
A: you jerk...don't you dare touch her... use kuch mat karna...
C: ouch...did that hurt sorry...So tha aapka starter for the day...a gift...police ko inform karne ke liye.

Part 53: We Belong Together

Armaan: Riddhima, sab kuch thik hai hojayega... Armaan spoke looking deep into her eyes, while looking at Armaan's eyes Riddhima knew what he said would happen sooner..... Riddhima nodded her head while Armaan tried to soothe her pain and anguish... Armaan hugged Riddhima, while Riddhima hugged him hoping for the best in their future, They hugged eachother, burrowing their sorrw and hoping for a better day in the days to come.....

Part 13:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

as the days were passing armaan was getting Lil bit of irritating for ridhima not by his naughtiness but by his Lil rude behavior n snapping back at her often for no reason

Episode 37:ARFF Second Chance

AR FF Second Chance By Anika
Episode 37

(riddhima bolne hi wala hoti armaan bolta hai...)
armaan - wedding planner hu riddhima mjhe aap ki shaadi plan krne laayi hai....
(riddhima yh snkr confuse ho jaati hai...aur KUCH bolne hi wala hoti rohan bolta hai..)

Monday, 9 February 2015

part 27 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

when tamanna and sid heard about riddhima and arman's meet,they became happy. they thought that now riddhima will  open up  surely .they were waiting for her move but riddhima hid herself more in her hard shell. After that incident she tried to ignore arman. in between arman got an eye donor for tamanna and her surgery was fixed on next month. Riddhima got to know that tamanna was sid’s childhood friend but didn’t know about their relationship. Sid told them how tam met an accident and lost her eyes and lost desire to live too,but arman encouraged her more and made her to go through the surgery and found out a donor.sid used to praise about arman more and more to convince her but riddhima had always kept silence as she knew nothing about him. she wanted to keep herself away from those things but she was feeling that sid had a soft corner in his heart for tamanna. Now she was forced to think that she should be separated from sid as they had no in any relationship. One day when sid was not in home she went to sid’s mom and uttered : “aunty ,mai aapse kuch kehna chahti hun.”

Valentine Week :Happy Chocolate Day

"Happy Chocolate day Dmgians


It was a small Cafe in the middle of the City, where anyone can get delicious cakes, pastries, cupcakes, smoothies, cappuccino, hot chocolates and coffee... Usually the place would be packed up with teenagers and youngsters but some oldies come to spend time with their families to enjoy the delicious cakes, pastries and cupcakes...
Usually the places will be packed on Sundays but still the place never be empty in work days as well... People stop to get their favorite pastries or cupcakes along with yummy drinks as they provide take away services...

Part 30:Humari pyar ki kahani

"Soon the boys packed their bags and left leaving riddhima and armaan alone in the farmhouse. Riddhima went to close the door when Armaan came from behind and hugged her. He nuzzled in her neck, while she shivered in his strong grip.

Ri: ar-Armaan chodo!!!
Ar: Kyun?
Ri: tck… Armaan dinner banana hai abhi!
Ar: ohh to yeh baat hai!!

He backed off. Riddhima thought he was not gonna bother again but she was wrong. He turned her around and pinned her on the door.
She was way too shocked to react.

Ri: ar-Armaan kya kare ho?
Ar: (husky tone) tumhara pata nahi parr main to aapna dinner Karne laga hunn!!


chlao lets peep into the life of these childhood frns jisme 3-4 parts baad ayega inki feeling time ,twists and turns tb tak sirf enjoyment hoga aur kuch nahi...
armaan was manofying riddhu......why??? lets hv a ********flashback********when KR were sittin with AA seperately ...the gang got confused  they thoght what to do so they joined the tables.... but these CF are really stubborn...toh inhone(gang) kya kiya inn kai liye ek hi ek hi order diya arre khane ka..... phir aya do do main  (AR cappichino and AK hot chocolate)waiter leke aya toh gang nai    usse acting kai liye keh diya tha soo he acted like
waiter- yeh kisko dena hai to cappichino and hot chocolate..
ridz- mujhe
armaan- yeh mujhe
angad- yeh mujhe
kripa- nahi mujhe 
waiter -aap bata do kisse dena hai
 armaan snaches the cup and angad too....then he suddenly tripped and his coffee fell on ridzi dress.... 
ridz- u ! dikhai nahi deta
mayank- yaar plan toh backfire ho raha hai
rahul-dekhte hai kya ho raha hai

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Part 98:Beintehaan

He was always the one who would sang for her n make her smile bt today she kind of wanted it to change...she wanna give him a chance..she for sure realized Armaan's upbringing was done in z wrong circumstances...but he is gud at heart n a very nice guy...her lips curved into a dreamy lil smile thinking about all z tortures she has given  to him n hw  he bore all thinking it  as his punishment for hurting matter wat...he stayed hopeful for her yes n waited fr her patiently .....

Part 6:My Wish Come True


Valentine Week:Happy Propose day

"Happy propose day dmgians

8 february is marked as the 2nd day of the valentine's termed as propose day...i firmly believe that propose day shouldn't be celebrated only between can be celebrated between friends and all the relationships that exists

part 1:Life out of control(season 3)

Riddhima was broken. She had lost the will to live freely. It had barely been a month and Armaan’s absence was slowly killing her! Her whole day went in the hospital. Instead of the normal hours of 9am to 5pm, she worked longer from 8am to 7pm. Areas which reminded her of him were avoided at all costs. These majorly included the fire-escape, the store, the locker room and empty cabins. In the evenings, she went back home trying to keep herself busy by watching movies. But that just reminded her more of him. His scoffy remarks about Shah Rukh Khan, then their small fights over him, his dimpled mischievous face were just a few of the things that kept her awake at nights after trying hard to concentrate on the pictures flicking in front of her. The doors to her balcony were permanently closed, and the beach was a banned zone for her.

“Interns, I have a member of staff to introduce to you.” Dr Keerti announced about a month after Armaan had left. Riddhima looked up, hoping it would be him somewhere, out of thin air, appearing with his bright eyes and charming smile.
“This is Dr Siddhant Modi. He will be a junior intern here, as he’s joined half way through, and I expect you all to be grown up and help him out.”

Riddhima took a good look at him while Keerti continued her lecture about behaving seriously. He was dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, and she immediately disliked him. Riddhima how unprofessional can you get, she reprimanded herself. It wasn’t his fault he wasn’t Armaan. Neither was it his fault that he had Armaan’s style.

Part 15I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

muskaan's flat

muskaan was roaming from here n there n she was damn tensed

muski - kya maine nikita ko Sab kuch sach batakar sahi kiya...