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part 40:I will bring my basket back

Riddhima just finished her dinner that was just a roti and a little sabji and was about to sleep. Usually Padma would be with her but tonight she hadn't. Riddhima did not want to ask Armaan so she just had dinner for the sake of it and then tried to lie down.
A: Ruko Riddhima...thodi der baithi raho; tumne khaana bhi theek se nahi khaaya hai toh main thoda doodh le aata hu use peelo taaki tum dawai kha sako.
R: Mujhe neend aa rahi hai.
A: Haan toh so jaana par dawai khaaye begair nahi; aur uske liye pehle tumhara kuch khaana jaruri hai. Tumhe agar kuch aur chahiye toh bolo main... She just nodded her head so he sighed and told her that he would be back with the glass of milk. By the time he came back to the room he found the bed empty; he turned around as he heard her moan and found her standing by the bathroom door with the support of the side table kept outside. He instantly placed the glass on the table and ran towards her; his gaze fell on her leg's dressing which had blood stains on it. God knows how she had managed to walk till there all by herself.
A: Riddhima?? Ye kya bachpana hai; tum kyun aa gayi yaha akeli, main aa raha tha na! He picked her up and placed her on the bed while she continued groaning as her wound had opened up. 2 minute main toh main aa raha tha Riddhima. Agar tumhe washroom jaana tha toh mujhe bula leti main help kardeta na; aise akele chalkar pair par strain dene ki kya jarurat thi tumhe? Chalo...vaise bhi tumhare dressings change karne hi the. Ye lo tum doodh pee lo main kit nikaal deta hu. She took the glass and drank the milk slowly taking her time.

Part 43: You actually love me or ...

Ar:’’I love you so much jaan’’
Ri:’’love you too seetheart’’
And riddhima was surprised hearing his sudden demand for dance and she looked at him with surprising eyes and armaan pecked her forhead seeing the surprise look in her eyes and then nodded that he was asking her for dance.

poem by sanju

now a poem from me,.hope u will like it.thanks.


Saari umar tujh par mar mitenge
Saari mohabbat lutta gujrenge
Aye meri jaan tuhi hai jahaan
Tujhse shuru hoti hai meri rahaan (way)
Is jahaan mai tujhsa koi nahi
Bas teri haan ka intezaar hai
Yeh raat teri bun kati nahi
Bas bolde ek baar tujhko mujhse pyaar hai.


Biwi no. 1- One shot

"Ar: (mind) Kehte hain ke jab pati ko chot lagti hai to biwi pareshaan hojati hai, Lekin idhar to situation hi alag hai! Mera car accident hoa hai aur uski waja se mujhe kuch bruises bhi ayye hai, aur mera right hand fracture hogaya! Lekin meri biwi ko idhar koi parwa nahi hai. Meri biwi pareshaan hone ki jaga mujhe pareshaan Kari hai!

Armaan sat there on the bed looking at his angry wife who was lecturing him. Her eyes were red and wide with anger. Her hands were rested on her waist.

Ri: Armaan aise koi Karta hai Kya? Dheko kitni chot Aayi hai! Kitni dafa kaha hai ke rash driving na kiya karo!
Ar: Jaan I was getting late for my meeting!!
Ri: to agar subha jaldi uth jaate to Aisa nahi hota!!!
Ar: (romantically) main subha jaldi hi Utha tha! Bus tumein dhek ke Sab bhul gaya!
Ri: (frustrated) ARMAAN! Tum agar aapna daily romance chodo ge to Aisa kuch nahi hoga! Abh tum yaha betho aur main first aid leke aati Hun!

Saying that she rushed out of their room while armaan made a frown face.

Part 12:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Car stopped… Armaan go out from the car and give his hand to Riddhima… Who came after him…. She looks around to see they where near the famous river in Paris… Seine River… There was a boat beautifully decorated… As Riddhima was admiring the beauty…. Armaan talks to the driver and as the driver leave, he came and stand next to Riddhima and pull her close by her waist….
Riddhima: Armaan hum yahaa kyu aayi ho…
Armaan: Basket… Aaj raat hum ismain guzarenge… So let’s go…
Riddhima: But…
Armaan: Don’t worry… I have arranged everything… Room is ready for both of us…. Chale…
Riddhima smiles to him… She was happy to have him… He was full filling all her wishers… She thought she is living in a dream world… But the most and truth thing about in this dream is, it is not a dream… It is real…
It was a really big boat… She and Armaan walk around the boat for hrs… Looking here and there… Admiring how beautiful it is… They reach at the top which was no roof and sky visible… Moon was out…. Star was shining…. Wind was playing like a tune… Many couples where there to celebrate New Year with their love ones…. Atmosphere was very friendly and romantic… Boat was decorated for the special occupation…. Light was allover to let know it was out for a ride…

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Happy Birthday Billi (Anjali Meow)

hey friends,aaj humare blog ki ek bahut hi pyari ,meri pyari billi urf anji urf the old member of our blog,a great writer..anjali meow ki happy birthday hai. let's wish her happy birthday and celebrate it.

Part 97 :Always With You

In last part we saw.....

We saw few Function took place.... like haldi with Arima applying it to her mamma and dadda on their behalf.... and then mehendi where Armaan sneak in Riddhima room and put the mehendi 1st.. and then in evening sangeet function took place where Armaan dedicated a song for Riddhima.... and then all called it a night....


Aab Aage.....


In night....
At Armaan's house.....

Poem on kash

hey guys,came with my kash and my poem..hope u will like it..thanks...


tere sundar roop par mai toh
vari vari jaaun
dhan -doulat aur yovan kya hai
jivan mai lutaaun

part 31: An Arranged Love Marriage

Sun rays peeped inside the room as he opened the curtains. As they hit her ; she instantly opened her eys a little uneasily due to sudden brightness. But the next moment she felt the rays subsiding a little as he figure stood right in between. She rubbed her eyes and opened them properly to find Armaan standing in front of her.

Episode 41:ARFF Second Chance


(riddhima apne room ki window ke paas bethi armaan ke bare me soch rhi hoti tabhi vo niche dkhti h armaan window pr khda use bulaya rha hota h...vo use dkhkr khti h..)

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siggies on AR/KASH

a few siggies from my collection.hope u will like it.thanks.

one shot and siggy competition result

1. Most emotional

Winner  -  IT’S A HATE STORY  -  Punam Di
Runner ups - * A Twist In The Tale  -  Anji Di (meow)
* How I Fell In Love With You  -  Diks
* Pyaar Ka Gharonda  -  Nikita Singhal Di

2. Best use of words

 Winner  -  Pyaar Kiya toh darna kya  -  Anamika
 Runner ups  - IT’S A HATE STORY  -  Punam Di

Part 44:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

ridhima woke up n she rubbed her eyes n yawned like a lil kid

she looked on the other side of the bed which is empty n she sat on the bed murmuring to herself

Part 16: The Right Choice

Its just another day with a new mission.

It had been a week and half since armaan and riddhima had returned from their honeymoon.Life had been nothing short of beautiful for them.They had been thoroughly enjoying the phase of 'newly-weds'.The people in the hospital could also guess their happy state by the constant grin on armaan's face and the glowing face of riddhima.Everyone was happy to see them back and Atul had ran to Armaan and hugged him tight and said-"Mere bhai mere dost tu aa gaya,Maine tujhe bahut miss kiya!"While Armaan had said-"Maine bhi tujhe bahut miss kiya champ.."And then looking at the girls he had commented,"Aur tum log ko bilkul miss nahi kiya!!miss kaise karta pura time phone pe jo rehti thi basket ke saath!"He made a face at them as the girls scowled at him...

After showing them the pictures everyone was shocked and anjie gasped-"Ridz did this?Bunjee jumping,Para gliding?You must be kidding me!"And then Armaan had explained his basket's acheivements proudly!The only person who was not happy was Dr.Keerti(you must have been thinking Sid must be not happy!Naaah he is just plain jealous)So hitler was angry because they had come late a couple of times...She knew they were newly-weds and were late because of you-know-what ;) But they needed to understand the importance of their professions so it resulted in long lectures,punishments which led to a pouting armaan running behing a pissed-off riddhima to manoify as mostly it was his fault as he started their morning make-out sessions!But what could the poor boy do if his wife looked so beautiful in the morning.

Part 345:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 345:

Armaan: Ridhimaa!

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Part 101:Beintehaan

"BHOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT" while screaming ridz  shattered on floor .....her eyes were full of tears seeing armaan in pool of blood....soon guards surrounded ridz  n armaan ......smeone was firing n guards were giving counter fire...whole restaurant echoed wiz bullets sounds many ran out n sme hided under zeir tables .....whole place becme a mess ...though zers a lots of noise around her ridz could nt  able tp hear anything ....she ws jst staring armaan n tears rolling down of her guards shouted "ma'am we nid to move frm here ..."

Part 10:My Wish Come True


Part 54: We Belong Together

On road,

A bus full of tired tourists who were returning back from char dham yatra, a two-lane highway that meanders through was slowly winding down the road from the highway, when it suddenly picked up speed... The

poem by Aayushi

   "kya ho tum "

falak pe behti noor ho tum
palkon pe bethi pari ho tum
khawabo mein bhi hai aks tumhara
yaado par bhi hai pehra tumhara

dil hai tumhara dua se bhi paak
maan hai ajaise moti sa saaf
aankho mein hai chanchalta bhari
hotho par hai pyaari si muskan khili
bahut kush hai hum jo ye pyaari hoor hum se mili.


Part 11:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Handsome guy in Black suit… Wearing White shirt which first three buttons was open… Black silky hair was cut nicely… some hair on his forehead near his eyes… Blue Ocean eyes…. Showing all the love in the world… Cute naughty smile…. Cute dimple shown when he smiles… Holding the most beautiful and big bouquet which was fills with red roses…
Riddhima: Armaan… (Only she can say that…)
Armaan: Hi beautiful… Surprise…
Armaan come to her and took her in one arm hug… Riddhima hugs him tightly… leaves the hug soon and looks at him…
Riddhima: Armaan tum sach main… (Touching him in his face…) Mujhe yaki nehi hota… Tum yaha… Meri paas…
Armaan: Basket… Main sach main yaha hoon…. (Touch her cheek…) Yeh tumhare liye… (Giving her the bouquet… which she accept happy…)
Riddhima: Armaan… issiki kya zaroorat hai…
Armaan: Yeh issiliye… I LOVE U…

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part 28 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

“Jindagi jab ruk jati hai toh hum kisi chamatkar ka intzaar karte hain. Riddima ki jindagi tham gayi thi aur uske sath hi arman ka.anjali ke sath atul ki jindagi ruki hui thi aur sid –tam toh bas intzaar me they ki kab inki life me movement aaye toh wo bhi apna kadam aage badaye. Ab bas intzaar tha kisi chamatkar ka jo sabki jindagi badal de….”

siggies on AR/KASH

hi guys,some siggies made by my cousin in her mobile.hope u will like it.thanks.

part 39:I will bring my basket back

Armaan reached home but to his luck Riddhima had fallen unconscious again.
      Armaan stayed awake that entire night as she kept coming and going out of consciousness. She kept murmuring things which were inaudible but he just kept answering something or the other too let her know that he was right there by her side. That had been the worst night of their life; as the sunrays entered the room he still was looking down at her caressing her head trying to soothe her as much as possible. Around 9:30 am Riddhima again started stirring in her sleep and was sweating profusely, so Armaan picked the ac remote but as he held her hand he realized that she was having fever so he put the remote down and covered her with the blanket. But she jerked it away and was about to turn on her back when he held her arm to keep her in place and bent towards her to hear what she was saying;
R: ha..hatao...use.
A: Kya hatana hai Riddhima? Kuch nahi hai yaha...
R: Nahi...vo...she starting throwing her legs hard as if trying to get rid of something; Armaan wiped her sweat and holding her hand rubbed it; the next moment her eyes flew open wide and he could see that her face had turned completely white like a ghost.

happy birthday Reema (17th feb)

hi guys,today is happy birthday of our blog member REEMA. let's celebrate ...

Happy Birthday reema dear. many many happy returns of the day.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.


  A girl was running in the middle of the road which is deserted, no one can be seen as its soo late
almost 11 pm the girl have a small bandage on her forehead she has beautiful green eyes her whole face covered with sweat... she wore a white churidaar n there's a only pendant of her name attached to the chain on her neck

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Part 9:My Wish Come True


Part 9

""Aap bohot waqt se jaante hain na Rahul, Muskaan aur Atul ko..?"" Ridhima asked smiling after they were back from the party.. She has seen the bond Armaan shared with his friends..

part 30 : An Arranged Love Marriage

R: Armaan pl....ease; hum baad main....... baat kare?

She tried to go away but he had sensed her hard breathing. He held her wrist and asked her forgetting all his anger for a while;

poem by aayushi


                 " SHAQ"

shaq toh tha mohobat mein bhi nuksan hota hain
ye nahi pata tha ki sara hamara hi hoga.....
pana chahata tha jise sahara jindagi ka
usne hi hamara jeena ka shahara le liya

mangi thi duyain uski khushiyon ki
kya pata tha hamari hi khushiyo jal jayegi...
dard toh bahut hain is dil mein chupa
na jaane kaise kum hoga koi toh ye de bata

Part 42: You actually love me or ...

And after that they rang the bell of girls room and soon enough they were in as anjali opened the door, food was still to arrived, and rahul and atul was sitting on carpet floor and their backs were leaning against bed corners and abhie was laying lazily on couch while all the girls were settled on carpet floor and seeing Armaan-Riddhima 

Episode 40:ARFF Second Chance

(Armaan gusse me apne room me enter hota h...aur bed par bethkr sochta h...)

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Part 100 :Beintehaan

Ridz n armaan were on z way to home after biding bye to radhika n krish at air port .....armaan has noticed her silence since zey gt into z car ....she seemed lost in her thoughts n while clearing his throat armaan asked "uuu ..hmmmm (Ridz luked at him)kya soch rahi ho riddhima.."

Part 14:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

mallik enterprise

Armaan was on the phone call n was talking with someone... let's see with whom Mr mallik is talking

Part 5:Vivaah… ekk nayi zindagi


Ananya was resting on the hospital bed when Riddhima came in. Nikki was sleeping on the couch. Armaan had left for office as he had a meeting and muskaan went home because doctor only allowed one person to stay with Ananya over night.

part 2:Life out of control(season 3)

The world started spinning ten times as fast around her, as though it was making up for the times it had stopped. He also, after he saw her, couldn’t stop staring into her greens. Just one word managed to escape from her lips,

The longing, the sudden desire to just run to him and take him in her arms was bursting through her. But her brain froze all her muscles. How could she do that when there was nothing between them anymore? While her heart was bursting with this new un-describable emotion, her brain reprimanded her, chanting, ‘He left you!’ She could not stop loosing herself in him. His blue oceans still held the depth that they used to, the same depth that she wanted to drown into. She could make out Armaan breaking away from the rest of them, and ever so slowly, taking one step at a time, closing the distance between them.

Armaan had a choice to make after his training. The Royal Melbourne Hospital was all too glad to have him as a permanent doctor there. However after speaking to Riddhima, he had felt nostalgic, and extremely home sick. He knew he did not belong there. So he asked them for a week’s leave, while he could see his Basket, then figure out what to do. He had not wanted to inform anyone but his family about his arrival. And he strictly told his mother to not say a word to Riddhima. After quite a few grueling hours in the plane, and 1 stopover, he finally put his feet back on the Mumbai soil. And didn’t it feel wonderful returning back to his home town! His Mum had tears of happiness, while his father had a proud smile on his face. Before, that would have been enough to make him feel like he had done the best job in the world. But now, it didn’t



With the help of the operator who trace Riddhima number, Armaan reach to the farmhouse... He saw two car parked and recognized one as it was the one which Riddhima was bring there...
Armaan knew two people where there and the third person must be Vishal as he was the one who wants Riddhima and to keep her with him for the rest of his life... Armaan thought to sneak in but not knowing how many more people will be inside, he keeps debating if he should inform the police or not...