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Segment 17: A Duke and Duchess' Story


Anjali and riddhima were waiting for arman from a long but he didn’t return home. Riddhima tried him in mobile but got switched off. Riddhima was a bit tensed about him but she couldn’t show it to anji di.she heard di was talking with papa.

 Anjali : "uncle,arman kahan reh gaya? I think mai wapas chali jati hun,kal riddhima ko le jaungi.

Part 21 :And we are made to be one

Armaan took ridhima with him supporting her walk with him till they sit in the car...  armaan keep glancing at ridhima and seeing her sobbing her tears flowing uncontrollably from her eyes made her look so vulnerable that armaan was hurt seeing her in that state.....

Part 11:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Thanks to all of u for supporting this ff till now...[this thanks is not for some people]
Plz plz plz read the note which is written at the end...

So here goes the story ...

Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu...Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye...

Kuch shararat
Kuch najakat
Kuch khatti mithe pal
Samne agayi kuch beete saal
Kahani me aya kirdar suhani
Chalo dekhte hai yeh nayi hai ya purani...

Part 11

The guy who was with the girl got an urgent call & left while promising to come back after 1 hour now the girl waiting on the cafe there for someone...

part 6:Vivaah…Ekk Nayi Zindagi


Riddhima was giving Ananya her medicines when Armaan, Muskaan, and Nikki entered.

Madiha's Creations

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Part 98 :Always With You

In last part we saw....
Armaan got a call.... saying there is emergency.....
but this was boys prank of boys to call armaan for bachelor party.. while girls crash in which armaan got to know.. and armaan leave the party to meet ridhima and ridhima left house to meet armaan....
then both armaan and ridhima spend some time on beach.... and returned home....


  hey everyone
      i am back with the new os
    actually na i have been watching LUCKY... NO TIME FOR LOVE from past two days n i just can't get enough of it

toh i thought to make an os on that concept not completely but with a touch of my more cuteness... so i just hope u guys will enjoy it n like my other work u will appreciate this one too there will be some same dialogues from the film n rest will be mine

part 17(A) : the right choice

Part 17 A- Mission,movies,matches and madness.

We see armaan's face telling them about the plan.
Armaan:So M3 ka step I-Jealousy!And he starts telling the plan-

Later in the day.
Sanjeevani corridor.
Atul and Riddhima were peeping from behind the wall with a walkie-talkie in their hand.
Atul: (on walkie-talkie)Rahul ready?
Rahul: ready dude!
Atul: zyaada paas mat jaana muski khoon kardegi!(Riddhima giggles)
Rahul: (grumpily) Haan yaar!dara mat!Already nervous hu!
Atul: (cut the line and went to the second line) Hi anjie!
Anjali: Hey guys!
Atul: Anjali tum aaj bahut khubsurat lag rahi ho!
Riddhima: (hitting his head from back)Atul!Di tumhe dikh bhi nahi rahi hai...
Atul: (innocently)par woh hamesha hi achi dikti hai!
Anjali: (on the walkie-talkie)(blushing)Shut up Atul!Aur yaa I'm ready,just waiting for muski!
Anjali:  Guys on position!!Muski aa rahi hai...

Part 56: We Belong Together

The Morning seemed to be unusually quick, Before they knew the day started...... It was 6am by now, Armaan woke up, He saw Riddhima sleeping calmly on the couch, her head on his shoulder, holding him tight she slept, Armaan looked at the time before him and it showed 6am, Armaan slowly put Riddhima's head on the couch and stood up, Riddhima moved a little in her sleep, feeling the warmth no more... Armaan made Riddhima lie on the couch properly.... He felt Riddhima shiver a little....

Teaser :Ishq By Chance

This is the teaser of new AR FF – Ishq By Chance .... by muskaan that is me ….

 so enjoy the teaser…..
Riddhima collides with armaan …..
Riddhima : tum …..

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Part 12:My Wish Come True


Part 12

""Ryan..!!"" she looked her nd there..
""Ryan kahan ho buddy.."" she again called gently but no response..
She had looked for him everywhere around but he was hiding somewhere..

part 33: An Arranged Love Marriage

Next entire day Riddhima did not see Armaan. He had come once or twice in the room but seemed too busy to even have a small chat with her! But out of nowhere Muskaan and Anjali had arrived early in the morning and had got all her favourite movies with them. Rahul too had not shown his face today.

poem by Aayushi


  "karti hun yaad"

karti hun yaad teri har ek baat
soti thi tera sir par rakhke haath..

tu chilati tu datti
par pyaar bhi kabhi kabhi dikhati

tera mera se ruth jana
phir kuch hi ghanto mein wapas waise hi ban jana

kabhi maa ki tarah samjhana
toh kabhi dost ki tarah masti marna

Part 13:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Riddhima couldn’t sleep… It been days, weeks she didn’t see Armaan sleeping next to her…. It was around 3 30am in the morning…. Armaan just drown off to sleep talking to her, holding her in his arm…. She has been looking at him about 30mins… As she wasn’t feeling sleepy, she got up without disturbing Armaan’s sleep…

Armaan one hand was on Riddhima stomach… She took his hand and keeps it slowly on the bed… She put the comforter nicely and got out from the bed….

Riddhima: (In Mind…) Hes looking so cute… She bends and kissed his forehead…

Smiling she got straight and go and stand near the glass window… Now everything was quite… They heard the party goes up to 2am in the night… Riddhima look at the sky… Close her eyes and pray for god, not to separate them again…. Keep them always together…. Always like this with the love and trust between them….

Part 1:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Airport par kaafi rush hota hai ke jab ek car airport ki parking me akr rukti hai…… car se atul aur anjali uttar kar airport ke undar enter hote hain …… aur wahin pr sab ke samne ek restless …. Yet beautiful larki yaani riddhima inka intexaar kr rhi hti hai usne ek blue jeans ke ooper white minney mouse t-shirt pehni hti hai and her hair open ….. she is a girl comfortable with western clothes…… atul aur anjali ko dekh kr riddhima ke face pr baarri si smile a jati hai aur wo bhag kr atul ko hug kr leti hai …uske baad anjali ko hug krti hai…

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Part 103:Beintehaan

After few days 

sunny ws missing his dada very badly ....he becme so quite ....alwys asks fr armaan n seems lost ....ridz understood his condition bt she cnt bring armaan home as he is still nt so well ..nids to stay at hospital fr few mre days ....she thought fr a while n tuk out his mobile n dialed one number aftr awhile she went to sunny's room n happily shouted "sunnyyyyy dekho dada ka call aya hai ..."

poem by sanju


When u were sad and walking alone on the road
Some one holds your hand;lesses ur load
Switches from sad to happy mode
And from god seems to u the right path had been showed
You feels no worry


Music was blasting in the big Mansion which was design with marbles tiles and cream walls with white decoration on it... Big front doors leads to a three steps stairs and leads on another marbles tiles to the big hall which has a stair case on the left, three steps up leading to the dinning area with an open kitchen with white and black counter separating it from the dinning table... Cupboards has white colors and black flower design... Big stove with microwave, big fridge on the side of the tall glass cupboard with plates and glasses nicely arrange in it...

part 11:AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories

part 11

nikki- ohhh! nooo! shit! WTF**k.....and she runs to find ridhima
with hr all the other gang runs after her......
she stops at the signal as their was a 4 way crossing...
atul- kyaa hua nikki

Part 347:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 347:

Armaan: To tum nahi maanogi?

Ridhimaa: Nahi... aur tumhe wo poster lagwaana hoga...

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siggies on kash

hi friends,these editing r of my cousin,hope u will like it.thanks

part 41:I will bring my basket back

Few days went by and now it was necessary to prove that Rishab wasn't really innocent in anyway. Riddhima's statement would have marked the end of story but Armaan knew that she wasn't in a state to make a statement against anybody.
Atul, Muskaan, Sameer and Anjali had come over to their house to see her and talk to Armaan about the issue. Since Riddhima was having her nap; Armaan went out to the adjacent room with all of them so as to not disturb her. Usually she would never wake up atleast for an hour once she would sleep after having her medicines; so he thought it was okay to let her be on her own.
At: Ab kaisi hai Ridz?
A: Hmm...she's much better now. Thoda bohot kha leti hai bhook lagne par; doesn't sit quiet as before. Agar kuch poochu; toh jawab de deti hai; aaj kal khudse kuch baatein bhi karne lagi hai. Par abhi tak khulke hasti nahi hai. Shayad vo sab dheere dheere bhul rahi hai; I guess kuch aur waqt main theek ho jaayegi.
An: I hope so. I miss my little sister yaar.
S: It's okay Dr.Joshi; I guess Armaan kaafi achi tarah khayal rakhte hai unka. I am sure vo jyaada der tak aisi mayoos nahi rahenge. Armaan ka pyaar jaldi unhe theek kar dega; I am sure.
M: Bilkul; tu hain na uska hero uske saath. Tu theek kar dega use.

Part 27(b): Sindoor

Here in armaan s room he is not at all able to sleep, her face keeps on coming in front of his eyes and her thoughts

Part 55: We Belong Together

The Red light was turned off

Dr.Shubankar and Armaan walked out of O.T... Both the families rushed towards them, scared, hoping for the best.......

Dr.Shubankar: The operation was sucessfull... He spoke smiling to all of them...

Ksg siggies

Anshu's creation

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Happy Birthday karan singh grover (23 rd feb)

hi guys,aaj kiska happy birthday hai kya aapko pata hai? aapsab kahenge,yes..of course.aisa kabhi ho sakta ahi ki humey pata na ho ki humare hero ka bd ho aur hum bhul jayen.yeah ,today is birthday of our heart arman mallik urf karan singh grover. wo ksg jisne humey dmg me ek aisa lover boy ka character gift me diya jiska sapna har ek ladki dekhti hai,wo lover boy jo ek achcha insaan,bahut kabil doctor aur apni basket ke liye kuch bhi kar gujarne wala ashiq hai.thanks a lot ksg for coming in our life as arman mallik,giving us such a bold character. happy birthday to you...

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

part 32: An Arranged Love Marriage

After 9 hours of surgery Riddhima gained consciousness. She opened her eyes slowly as she still felt them a little heavy. She found Armaan sitting by her side; with her hand still in his. Padma too was sitting right next to him. The moment she had opened her eyes she had seen both of their faces light up immediately. Once that she opened her eyes fully and looked up at Padma; Armaan left her hand and placing a light kiss on her forehead instantly walked out of the room to call Abhimanyu.



Everyone was enjoying the delicious food by Padma, Nani and Ananya... Shashank and Billy also joins with them along with Dr. Kriti and Dr. Shubankar... Ray was passing from everyone hands while he was getting so much attention, love and kisses with hugs...
Riddhima was smiling seeing how much everyone loves Ray and she was sitting watching how her friends are so supportive...Sonam and Amita was running here and there while everyone else move to the hall after dinner... Armaan make sure Riddhima was comfortable and make sure she had medicine before it slip from his mind...

Part 346:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 346:

Ridhimaa: Armaan... ye...

Armaan: Ye hai... Hotel Ridhimaa.

Part 31:Humari Pyar ki Kahani


Armaan and riddhima had gone to their rooms after their close encounter in the swimming pool. Riddhima was standing infront of the mirror in her room, drying her hair. She was lost in her thoughts thinking about their encounter, when she heard a loud shrill of her ringtone. She picked it up only The girls to be heard to the other side.

Ri: Hello!!!
An: (sadly) hello ridzy!
Ri: Kya hoa di itna sad kyun ho?
Ni: ridzy bhabhi!!!
Ri: Kya hoa hai niks?
Mu: ridzi!!!
Ri: Kya hai koi mujhe batayga ke Kya hoa hai!!!

Just then armaan banged into her room screaming her name. She closed her eyes and put her hand on his mouth. But to their unfortunate luck. Girls had heard everything now they were ANGRY!!! But the controlled their anger. Armaan took the phone and put it on speaker, while he kissed riddhima's wrists. Riddhima was giving him deadly glares.

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part 29 : Inteqaam(the unique revenge)

thanks to all readers  for reading and commenting on  this ff,and specially thanks to LOVELY MUSKAN,a new reader and my new friend , who  have read all parts in 2-3 days,thanks muskan..hope you will like this part too.

thanks to anu who always encouraged me discussing about this ff and giving a long comment from dill se..hehe..

now only one part left,it will be finished  in 30th part. thanks again to all readers.

Anjali was standing near the window .it was raining outside. Anjali looked at the dark sky and heaved a long breathe. Today which had  happened in her life she never ever imagined about it. At morning when she was in her cabin,dr. soham called her and said that an emergency and very critical case came in hospital and only dr. anjali had to manage it. dr. soham said her the victim got shot in his head ,he had need a surgery immediately . Dr.anjali nodded and rushed to the ICU where the patient was but she flabbergasted  to see him.she felt that the whole world was revolving around her. the man who was lying on the bed ,it was raghav. He was unconscious. His head got injured and bleed a lot. Anjali felt that she will fall on the ground. She came out of the OT and ran to her cabin. 

Part 102:Beintehaan

Ridz while resting her back to z bed post caressing sunny's hairs who ws trying to sleep n lost in her thoughts .....she wanna go to hospital ...very much worried fr armaan though atul told her zat armaan  is fine n he would be wiz him bt still she wanna be wiz armaan n thinks atul ws lieing ....wanna cry loud she cant as sunny would gt scared if she broke down infront of him ...unknowingly couple of tears escaped frm ridz eyes n fell on sunny's forehead.

Part 11:My Wish Come True


part 3:Life out of control(season 3)

Armaan was lying down on his bed staring up at the ceiling pointlessly. It had been an hour since he returned from Riddhima’s house at sharp mid-night. And sleep was evading him completely. How could he put through in words, the torture he was enduring? Every touch of hers sent the blood pumping around his body ten times faster!
And every time he saw the depth of pain in her eyes, his heart burned to give her back that one smile that was wiped away from her face, for which he held himself responsible for. Feeling water droplets fall on arms that were behind his head, he realized that he was crying. Armaan Mallik was crying for a girl! And not even once or twice. For two whole months! Every second away from her was tormenting him. He remembered how he used to stand by the window in his sky high apartment in Australia, looking for the moon, just to get that similar feel of Riddhima as he used to get back in Mumbai. But the moon there was empty. It didn’t have his ‘Basket’ in it. He went back to how suffocated he felt in Australia. Heart screaming with anguish, he suddenly got up from up from his bed, thinking he would surely die if he reminisced his moments in Melbourne. But he had to get used to it. After all, he was going there for good now wasn’t he? Shutting his eyes tight, he remembered the pain he had seen in her eyes, when they were all leaving. How didn’t the others notice it?! Surely they must have done something to cheer her up? Surely Sid had made her smile sometime while he was here?!

Episode 42:ARFF Second Chance


(riddhima window pr khdi armaan k word yd kr rhi hoti h...alaur uski ankhon me ansoo hote h...vo khti h..)
riddhima - nhi armaan me nhi pighal skti hu tumhari taraf...tmne jo mere saath kiya uski tumhe maafi nhi ml skti h me kitna bhi chah me tumhe maaf nhi kr skti hu...