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happy birthday Tanisha (14th march)

hi guys,today is bd of our blog member Tanisha,let's wish her happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Tanisha..May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Part 16 : My Wish Come True


Part 16

At night had Ridhhima woke up when she felt Ryan moving.. he was whimpering non stop.. Ridhhima checked his fever, it was rising.. She caressed his head nd made him have spoonful of his medicine.. She rubbed his chest nd comforted him till he was calm again.. She didn't knew herself how she was managing to calm him down coz seeing him so restless nd in pain even she was not at peace..

Not knowing for how long had she kept water strips on his head to provide him with some relaxation as due to high fever even his eye were burning.. She herself dozed off in half laying position..

part 37: An Arranged Love Marriage

She hid in his neck taking in his feel; his touch; his comforting hug. He too did not bother to interrupt her comfort session; he was more than happy to finally have her back in his arms. After many worst moments of their lives this moment had come and they wanted to cherish it fully.

prologue : yaadein (arsh ff)


we see a very crowded station...that is of
mumbai...n a girl is shown claded in a simple
salwar kameez with the braided hair...n wearing
specs. waiting outside the station...c is checking
the time again n again n looking very nervous as
if waiting for someone...n just den we hear a
voice of a guy...
guy-golu chal hume taxi mil gayye...
then he takes the luggage n sat in the taxi...
girl- kya hum mahi di ke ghar ja rahe hain...
guy- nhi hum pehle tujhe hostel chorenge...fir
the girl was looking at the view and just praying
to get back her maahi di...
n on the other side...
a big bunglow is shown...n a master
room...where a guy is sleeping...half na**d...on
his front...with his arms a girl...

hey guyz its an arsh story...
hope u all like it..mand do tell me should I write more parts


Part 6:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

After two days ……
At the breakfast table……
Natasha : han me to tum logon ko btana hi bhool gayi ….. kal hamein breakfast ke baad nikalna hai Chandigarh ke liey …….

Friday, 13 March 2015

Part 27 : Tu zindagi

Shilpa left mumbai,left aunty’s house,left sid ..arman ..her friends and her study too. she returned shirdi  without saying a word to her friends and to aunty. Sid had left home that night and came back after a week when shilpa  had gone . sid’s mumma was very angry on sid but she understood it was her fault too. she should have told him before…she understood that this incident  did hurt shilpa so much cause when she requested her to stay with them like before,shilpa refused and left their home. She made understand her that she couldn’t leave her study incomplete but shilpa didn’t say a word  about it,only asked her permission to go from there. aunty had no courage to stop her.

Part 100:Always With You

In last part we saw.....

Armaan an dridhima wedding night with full of love and care...
Next day AR get up in eachother arms and armaan confrontation to  ridhima about billy's act. the day they reache Gupta house. How armaan felt when billy stood for him for first time....


Recap- Armaan's Accident, Abhi Nikki Together. Competition Canceled.

Riddhima sat in the Canteen as she looked back on the few days that had Passed. How far they had come from the people they were. First of All Armaan's Accident after her Mom's Party Had left everyone shocked and restrained. She didn't know where her idiot Lil pain In the Ass was going that night. And Something that Confused her Even More was that the way Armaan had described the truck turning his way Again after he had dodged it the first time. But then she thought of the other things like if it was really a Attempt to kill armaan then how was the truck to know Armaan was going to Leave at That Time. On that way! And that too alone. But there weren't any less weird things Going on in their life... First the Attack On her then the feeling of Being Followed and Watched. and then Armaan's description of the Accident. As she Thought of them all together now all of them were aimed at them and that was really very Weird. And at that moment she felt someone's eyes on her. She didn't know who it was but she scanned every face in the canteen but couldn't find anyone out of place. Everyone was busy doing what they all always did. Eating, Talking and Making Noice.

Part 6:Ishq By Chance

Billy : wo shashank …. Humein tumhari betti riddhima hmare bête armaan ke liye bohat pasand aai hai ……
Shashank : whaat !!! ….. ye to bohat hi achhi baat hai …. Mujhe aur padma ko bhi armaan bohat accha laga hai …… in fact we were also discussing the idea of armaan and riddhima’s marriage …..

Thursday, 12 March 2015

segment 20: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

Arman  reached orphanage..his heart was beating loudly. His eyes were searching is lady love while he entered in the orphanage.but riddhima was not there but  Bua came and welcomed him : "aa gaye dr.arman!'..ander aao beta'.

Arman : "ji aap?...

Bua: "mai bua hun..'.bachchon ki dekhbhal karti hun'

Arman : "ji bua..riddhima?.

Bua : "wo udhar garden mein hai...'bachchon ke saath...'meri riddhima to itni pyari hai ki bachche unhe chodna hi nahi chahte'.

Arman’s heart  said smilingly : yeh toh dr.arman ko ab pata chal gaya hai,ab uska bhi toh dill nahi karta apni shona se alag rahe.
Bua : "kuch kaha aapko?..

Part 45: You actually love me or ...

She just called him to say something when armaan jsut stated
Ar:''yeh kya pehen liyya hai riddhima tumne aaj party kee liyye?''

part 11 : Pyaar,Muhabbat,Ishq

Rahul: Acha sun Muskaan....(while walking through all the guests..)

Muskaan: Kya hai??

Rahul: Aisa kartey hai jaldi sai dulhan aur dulhay sai mil kar yaha sai nikaltey hai...

Muskaan: Aur wo kyu?? Mujhey to abhi nachna bhi hai..!!

Rahul: Nachna hai?? (Surprisingly..) Tujhey dulhan ka naam bhi yaad hai..?? Ayi bari naachney wali..!!

Part 350:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 350:

Armaan: (not having words to describe Ridhimaa) Wow!

Ridhimaa heard him and shook her face even more.

Part 5:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Kal ke slapping event ke baad armaan riddhima ke sath thra nice ho jta hai like he is with his family …. Leaving riddhima all confused …….

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Part 106:Beintehaan

Armaan freshen up n threw z towel angrily on bed while cursing himself "riddhima sey argue karne ki kya jarurat thi ....abh bhukto ......riddhima sey bina baat kiye mai kaise rahunga ....par i hve to be strng warna vo iss janam mey i luv u nahi kaheygi ...par kehne ki kya jarurat hai ....vo pyar karti hai ye mujhey pata haina phir kyun maine khamakha ....arrey kyun jarurat nahi hai ....dill ki baat jaban pey lane mey kya prob hai use....itni akdu kyun hai yaar ..."

Anshu's creation

part 44:I will bring my basket back

He immediately placed her in the car without wasting a second and rushed home. By the time they reached home her shirt had some blood stains as the wound had opened up. He took her to the room and placed her on the bed very carefully.
A: Parshu kaka...Parshu kakaaa...
Par.k: Jee baba; kya hua?
A: Garam paani le aaiyein abhi!
Within few minutes he got a bowl of warm water and sat down besides her.
A: Let me check; pata nahi aise achanak kyu...
He slided her shirt a little up and very slowly opened the dressing. It was bleeding as it had opened up and he realized that it had opened up from some long time.
A: Tum...bas leti raho and relax okay. Ise saaf karna padega; par ise kaafi waqt hua hai shyad khulke; tumhe pata kaise nahi chala?
R: Vo... mujhe...thoda dard ho raha tha subah...par maine socha theek ho jaayega.
She said meekly while groaning in pain.
A: Tum na Riddhima...
He gritted his teeth as he realized that she was feeling the pain for the entire day but she never bothered to tell him about it.

Part 58: We Belong Together

The bottle pointed Riddhima......... Everyone cheered while Riddhima looked shocked.... Armaan's mind popped an idea.

Part 5:Ishq By Chance

Next day
Sham ke waqt ….
Armaan aur usski family billy ke dost yaani shashank ke ghar jane ke liey nikalte hain …. …..

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Part 26 : Tu zindagi

But its like man proposes and god disposes. Shilpa was awaking that night for sid but sid was not at home. She asked aunty but she didn’t know where he gone…shilpa was feeling restless…didn’t know when she sank into deep slumber . her sleep broke hearing thunderstorm .she saw that rain started and rainwater coming from the window which was wetting the books which  kept on the table beside the window. She got up hurriedly and  tried to shut the window but her eyes went on a person who was standing in front of their house.she tried to see the person who was drenched in rain fully and stunned to recognize that it was arman!she gulped hard..why arman was standing there? she looked at the wall clock and got it was 3 o’clock at night. did he come for shilpa? Just then arman turned on that side and seeing shilpa gave an innocent smile….shilpa couldn’t able to think what she would do…she remembered muski’s words: “wo raat ko tumhe milega shilpa,wahi tumhara true lover hai..hum toh kisiko bhi chun lete hain par humari jodi toh heaven se banayi hoti hai..”

Part 15:My Wish Come True


Part 15

""Ohoo.. see mom I told you.. Bhai ko koi kaam nai hai.. bas bhabhi ke saath time spend karna thha issliye bahana banaya unhone.."" Nikki said when AR entered with sleeping Ryan in Ridhhima's arms.. Armaan quickly tried hiding those shopping bags but he was caught before that.. ""Stop hiding bro.. Chalo ab mujhe, Mom ko aur Padma aunty ko dikhao ki kya kya liya aapne.."" Nikki said making him sit..

part 36: An Arranged Love Marriage

Riddhima.....tum yaha kya kar rahi ho.....tum room se kaise.....
He looked back at her room and then at her; the distance wasn?t a small one and she wasn?t even standing on her own since the surgery. He wondered how she had managed to walk all the way on her own!

part 33:Humari Pyar ki kahani



It was holi today,  two days later would be AR engagement. For armaan, these 2 days wee like 2 decades but Riddhima was enjoying we time., because she knew after the engagement he isn't gonna leave her cuz rght now he's not allowed to her as per her bet.

Riddhima walked the kitchen. She was wearing a white churidaar, with dark pink dupatta. She had a fist full of yellow powder behind her back. Padma was making breakfast. She was wearing white and gold saree.

Ri: good morning maa!
Pad: uth gayi!

Riddhima walked behind padma and quickly rubbed her cheeks with the yellow powder. Padma turned around and put her one hand on her waist.
Pad: riddhi beta holi bahar jaake khelo na!
Ri: mom kya hoa! Bura na manao aaj holi hai!
Pad: Lekin beta-

part 4:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Riddhima : acha bhai…. U know me jabse india ai hun …. Me ne mandir visit nhi kiya … so I was thinking ke aaj chali jaun ….. aap chalo gen a mere sath ?

Monday, 9 March 2015


"Chalte chalte yuhi rukh jaata hu main..

Baithe baithe kahi kho jaata hu main

Kehete kehete hi chup ho jaata hu main..

Kya yahi pyaar hai. Kya yahi pyaar hai.

Haa yahi pyaar hai haan yahi pyaar hai.."

Armaan whistled the tune while he drove his baby. A smile playing on his lips thinking about Riddhima. Something flashed in his eyes and he looked up only to find a pair of headlights coming his way. He turned his bike in time.

A: Phew that was close.!!

He was about to go further when somehow the truck that he was about to collide with before turned his way once again and he was thrown off in the air. He fell on the ground with a thud!! The helmet somehow released and he hit his head. Before ArmaAn could decipher what happened his world blurred and darkness covered his vision.

part 17 (B) : the right choice

Part 17 B- Mission,movies,matches and madness.

Abhi-Nikki's place.

Riddhima got up early morning and yawned.She tied up her hair in a pony and kissed Armaan's cheek softly.She shook her head to see him smiling dreamily and clutching the pillow.She went down to make something for breakfast as nikki would have morning sickness and would want to eat something and Armaan would also leave for Sanjeevani.She was making the coffee when somebody entered the kitchen.She turned back and looked at sid, ackwardly smiling at him.
Riddhima: Do you want coffee?
Sid: No it's okay!I'll make it myself...
Riddhima: It is okay sid!I am making it for myself,will make it for you!
Sid nodded and looked at her as she placed water for boiling while on the other gas she was putting coffee in the milk.
Sid :This is for bhabhi?(he pointed at the boiling water)
Riddhima: No!That is for Armaan,he drinks black coffee...(her back was turned towards him so she didn't notice his changing expressions)Nikki will drink lemonade due to the morning sickness.
She handed him his cup as he curtly nodded at her.With a final glare at her he went off as riddhima looked on confusedly.

Part 15:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: Yeh hamesha galat time par kyu baj ta hai yaar…

Let go of Riddhima who giggles and go and took her phone… She smiles to see it was a call from home…

Armaan: Kis ka phone hai Basket… Sitting on the bed…

Riddhima: Ghar se…

Armaan: Uta oo…

Riddhima received the call and put loud speaker on… Padma speak from the other end…

Padma: Hello Beti… Kaise ho…

Armaan stop Riddhima saying anything and tell her not to speak, he will answer…

Armaan: Hi beautiful… Kaise ho…

part 11 : Vivaah…Ekk Nayi Zindagi


Riddhima woke up and saw Muskaan getting ready for work.  She looked at the time and it was 8:30 am. Sh sprang out of bed and went towards Muskaan.

Ri: Muskaan tumne mujhe uthayi kyun nahi?
Mu: woh bhabhi aap raat ko itna late soyi thi aur waise bhi aap itne sukoon ke saath so rahi thi to Mann nahi kiya!
Ri: Acha suno bohot der hogayi hai Main Zara change karr aaun phir nashta bhi banana hai!

Part 4:Ishq By Chance

Next day …… in the noon ……
Shashank aur padma living room me bethe hue hotte hain ….

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Part 105:Beintehaan

After 4 hrs peaceful sleep in armaan's arms.... ridz opened her eyes slowly n saw armaan staring her wiz lil smile playing on his lips ...she smiled sleepily n asked "aise kya dekhrahey ho ..."


"Hey everyone!!! Last week we (sanju,madiha,humaira) posted MUGAL SARAY KAI CHUGAL we didn't got a grt response.......
Only 2 cmts were thr.......we had prepared 3 post further bt as we didn't got any big response...we just want to ask would u like us too post further or we should stop it here!!!
We conducted awards and only 2 told us thr opinions....we couldn't make any decision on 2 opinions!!!
maidhia di is really busy due to her exam bt still she is taking time for this.....
do tell us what we should do!!!

with luv

part 10 : Pyaar,Muhabbat,Ishq

Rahul (to himself) : Humey teen bajey tak marriage hall pohnchna chahiye tha...aur yaha 3:30 ho rahey hai...!! Galti kiski..?? Muskaan ki!!! Usai kuch kahu gaa to wo sara ilzaam mujh par laga dai gi..!! Aik to pata nahi yai ladkia itna time kyu lagati hai tyaar honai mai? Ufff..kitna aur time laganey wali hai yai Chipkali...wo to acha hua humaarey offices mai separate wash rooms hai varna pehley ghar jaana parta...!! Bas..ab lagta hai khudi gaari sai nikal kar laana parey gaa is bhootni ko!!

part 13:AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories

part 13

armaan came back from her memories
he went outside
nikki- kaisi hai ridz
armaan- hmmm so gayi hia!!!ab tu mujhe bata ki kya hua hai
nikki- dekh ridz hi tujhe sab bataye toh theek hai
armaan- nahi plss bata........
nikki- theek hai.....sunn............. shilpa,abhay ridhima aur anjali asli bhai behen nahi hai....ridhima ki mom nai 2 marriages ki thi unki first marriage was with ridz and anjali's dad
after that in an accident he died....unke in laws nai unki shaadi shashank gupta yaani shilpa and abhay kai papa unse kar wa di.....abhay jab hua tab padma aunty nai vo apni behn ko de diya aur bata diya ki this child was born dead....phir shilpa jab hui tab shashank uncle ko laga itwould be boy bt it was girl...... And jab larki hui to wo buhat ghussai mai a gya and then he started beating Padma aunty...thts the reason ki ridz did her clg cmplt with shilpa and abhay.........phir padma aunty ki tabiyat kharab hogayi soo they got abhay back par tab tak they had divorced.........ridz unki haalat dekh nahi paati how shashank used to shout on padma aunty sooo bas vo depression mai chalo gayi thi aur isiliye police came to know abt them soo they divorced.....maine aur anji nai hi ridz ko sambhala hai......

part 10:Vivaah…Ekk Nayi Zindagi

Mu: I'm sorry bhabhi!!!! Plz mujhe maaf kardijye!!! Plzz!!! Aap… aap kareingi na mujhe maaf?