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part 38: An Arranged Love Marriage

His eyes opened to the cutest sight ever. She snuggled in his chest; his fingers tangled his collar in a firm grip as if he would run away if she had let go; her other hand held his hand that rested against her waist. A prominent pout constant on her lips; and a frown adoring her forehead thanks to that notorious strand that kept tickilng her. Cautiously he got his hand out of her hold and erased the flick off her forehead on reflex remvong the pout and frown off her face.

part 1 and 2 : yaadein (arsh ff)


the guy sleepily opened his one eye with the loud ringtone of his mobile...and streched his arm to find his mibile...
on the other side...
guy2-(was fuming n said all this in one breath)abe saale kaha h bey...kabse call kar raha hu...aur tu ghore bech ke so raha h...main kabse se tujhse kuch puch raha hu...aur tu koi jawab hi nhi de raha h...
guy1-(in the sleepy tone)...kya kaam h early morning mujhe pareshan kar raha h...
n then snuggled more with his partner n kissed her shoulder...

guy2-(while taking a deep breath n controling his anger)...are yaar aaaj meeting h hamari imp client ke saath ek ghante main n u r sleeping...
guy1-yaar chilll rahoool...itni tension kyu le raha h...everything is settled...I have checked everything and relax...I vl be there in half n hour...
and den he cut the call without waiting for his reply...

Chapter 6:Welcome to the family

It's been two hours since we've come to the hospital. I'm sitting out of mommy's room, the baby still hasn't come out and I can hear screaming. At first I thought it was mum screaming because of the pitch of the screams but I went inside. It wasn't mommy screaming, turns out it was daddy, mommy was holding his hand too tightly and he kept giving out high pitched screams. The doctor pushed me out and I couldn't see what happened afterwards.

Armaan and Muskaan were still here and I'm glad, it's very boring in the hospital and I hate the smell if medicine, yuck! Two huge hands suddenly grabbed me and closed both my eyes.I panicked but then calmed down, I tried guessing by touching the hands, it was definitely male. I leaned back to touch the hair and it was curly and that was how I guessed who it was.

""Shubhankar mama!"" I said and he lot go of my eyes. I smiled as I hugged him. He's amazing, he's my mother's younger brother. He's 19, we celebrated his birthday last month. The cake was good. Anyways, he's like a cool uncle who always buys icecream for all of us.

""Did you bring icecream?"" I asked.

part 13:Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

So here goes the story ...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu...Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye...

Ek naya rishtan
Kuch khatti mithi rishtoon bhari pal
Kuch purani rishtoon ka
Anjaan bhadi mulakatoon ka intezaar
Kya layegi inki jindegi me khusi ya pareshani ka pahar...

Part 13

The person standing there was wearing a red dress which end up till her knee giving a teary smile hug them back tightly while saying: I so miss u guyss
Riddhima,rahul and minnie in union screamed: we miss u too

Part 9:Mohabbat hai teri nafrat se

Days had passed so quickly and in all these days rahul and muskaan had became very good friends … infact best friends …… while armaan always now maintained a rude behavior with riddhima which changed as soon as rahul enetered the house tongue emoticon …… and finally it was the day of rahul and riddhima’s engagement ……

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part 13:Vivaah…Ekk Nayi Zindagi


Muskaan came downstairs, all ready to go out with riddhima, to show her her fashion house. She glanced in the whole hall to see nobody there. Riddhima came from her room. Muskaan saw she wasn't ready and pouted.

~smoldering love~one shot

NOTE: this story has been posted in the old dmg blog. I have saved it on my pc .Just wanted to share this story here too written by an old blog member JYOTIKA MALLIK di.
Ar: chali jao meri zindagi se riddhima!! nahi karta main tumse pyaar.
Ri: (crying badly)armaan!...plz essa mat kaho,kahan jaungi main......tumhare siwa koi nahi hain mera.....amin mar jaungi.
Ar:koi kisi ke bina nahi marta riddhima!
Ri:armaan plz!!......holds his hand but he takes back rudely.
Ar:main tumhe pehle bhi keh chuka hu aur abh phir keh raha hu ki main shilpa se pyaar karta hu aur ussi ke saath apni zindagi bitana chahta hu...tum meri life se dur chali jao......
Ri:armaan nahi...plz armaan....armaan...armaaaaaaan...............

Riddhima wakes up wiz a jerk totally drenched wiz sweat.
It was a nightmare.
..........but it has also happened in reality!..........yes!Armaan had left her lonesome in this dark world.

Tears made their way in her moist eyes,she took her face in her palms & mumbles in painful voice""kyu armaan? kyu kiya tumne mere saath aisa?...kyu mujhe har pal til-til marne ke liye chod diya?..........

~tu hai ki nahi~one shot

~*~Tu hai ki nahi~*~ OS

<b>Mujhse hi aaj mujhko mila de Dekhoon aadaton mein, tu hai ki nahi
Har saans se pooch ke bataa de
Inke faaslon mein, tu hai ki nahi</b>


Ar-SHONA....ruk jao!! Warna mene pakad liya naw tumhe....then u will regret!

Ri-Uuuuuuuuuhhhhh.....meko pakdo! If u can....

Ar:Acha bacchu!!!

AR ""Not less than kids"" running like tom jerry.
RIDDHIMA MALLIK was running marathon from past 2mins chased by her lovey dovey hubby now turned red bull ARMAAN MALLIK.

Finally getting grip on her....he pinned her against wall with his weight. Holding her arms above head huffing against her flushed face...he smiled a victorious smile.
Ar:Hmmm....abh kya kare apka mrs. Mallik?

part 9:Childhood friends- love finds it way

sooo get ready to be boomed!!!!!!

clg khatam hogaya aur sab gjar aa gaye......
Ridz running inside the house
ridz run and goes towards shashank...yess shashank and padma had returned
ridz- dad..i missed u soo much and hugs padma- mom i missed u soo much
shashank- i missed u too and padma too
padma- soo kaisa raha clg ka pehla din
ridz- aweesome....aapko pata hai hum gang sia bhi miley
padma- jaanti hoon tabhi toh itni khush dikh rahi hai.......
voice 1- bilkul sahi kaha padma yeh tumhara beta bhi toh isiliye khush hai
voice 2- princess iss nalaek nai tumhe pareshaan toh nahi kiya
voice 3- kyaa dad aap bhi apki princess nai jyada pareshaan kiya
ridz- tum toh chup hi raho.............bestie..... and goes hug her  (nandani voice 1)
voice 2- apne buddy sai nahi milogi (yess he is karan)

Part 8:Ishq By Chance

Armaan aur riddhima neeche garden mein chale jate hain ….. garden me unke illawa koi aur nahi hota … aur bas unke samne ek table pra hota hai ….. wo us table kee kareeb jate hain … to dekhte hai ke uspe ek chocolate cake para hota hai … jispe shadi Mubarak likha hota haiii …. Dono shock ho jate hainn

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part 3 : Death Before BetrayaL ~ Arsh ss

(ShiLpa Bed Pe Bethi Hoti Hai Lekin Armaan room Mein Atay Hee Gussay Se Door Band Kar Deta Hai Aur ShiLpa Ki Taraf Barhta Hai)
Armaan: Sari Raat Yaheen Bethne Ka Irada Hai Kya...?? Mere Kapry NikaLo Wordrobe Se...

Part 17:My Wish Come True

recap: ryan was unwell nd ridhhima took care of him like a mother.. both ridhhima nd armaan missed eachother as armaan went to lonavla for his project.. ridhhima answered anjie on her bad remarks.. anjie somehow impressed with atul..  ryan was fine nd armaan saw ridhhima's caring attitude towards ryan.. ridhhima helped armaan about the deal when he unknowingly said 'i love you'..

part 17

It was Raining heavily since last evening.. This was Ridhhima's Favourite Season.. She Loved that 'Gili mitti ki khushboo..'.. She woke up with a sweet smile nd looked at Armaan sleeping next to her.. she closed her eyes once as if taking in the beautiful sight of him.. she never knew when she started moving closer to him..

Part 7B:Pehla Pyaar Pehla Ehsaas


Armaan after jogging came back to mansion to see it all empty as he saw shanky passing he called him as

Part 17:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan and Riddhima wake up early to leave to roam around the city… They will be going back in two days time… Riddhima tells Armaan she needs to shop tomorrow so they wouldn’t be going anywhere tomorrow… She needs to pack all the gifts, they bought for others….

They leave after taking their breakfast… They went every famous places of Paris… They walk hours and hours holding each other hand… They took pictures together and took pictures of many places… They had lunch from outside… They keep walking and looking everywhere they can go and see…

It was around 6 they came back to the hotel… Manager asked them to join dinner, as there was a special dinner organized for the customers… They both agree and ask when the dinner begins and they said they will be there… They went back to their rooms to fresh up and get some rest before they go to the dinner… As it was a party… They decided to enjoy and be there for sometimes meeting others…

Part 8:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Armaan ne bohat xyada sharab pee li hoti hai ….. ananya atul aur anjali party se jaldi chale jate hain ….. and riddhima bhi rahul ke sath bas party se jaa hi rhi hoti hai …. Armaan drinks table pr betha aur xyada sharab piye jaa rha hota hai ke tbhi muskaan wahan ati hai …..

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segment 53 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

hi guys...after a long time ,updated ek hazaron me on the request of shagun specially..hope you haven't forget the story,i am giving link  to remember the story..hehe...hope u will like this part..thanks.

manvi’s chemo was finished but this time she got more pain than last time.sometimes she was feeling suffocated like not able to take breathe,as she was not be able to survive more. Riddhima was not allowed to be with her in the room but arman was there,holding her hand as he was assuring her never leave her anyhow. after chemo,manvi was shifted in her cabin where  riddhima was waiting for her with a tensed face. arman and mayank assured her that manvi was fine and because of medicine,she will sleep at least for 2 hours.

Part 107:Beintehaan

Riddhima was hell busy whole day n cme home lately ....she checked on sunny who ws sleeping calmly in his room ....zen instead of going to her room ...ridz went to z study as she has some work n dnt wanna disturb armaan n thought to hve dinner aftr finishing her work .....On z other side armaan ws waiting for her n wen he heard car sound he peeped from z window n smiled widely n ran out of z room to do sme arrangement .....after finishing his work ...he cme back to z room to call ridz bt shocked to see z empty room ...he luked here n zer fr her n thought fr a while n realized wer would he gt his wife n went to z study....

part 12:Vivaah…Ekk Nayi Zindagi


Armaan walked into his office. He was full of anger. It was nothing new for the workers, they had always seen him angry like this. Like always they thought that something was wrong with the deal or clients, but today the reason was something else. Armaan was angry at his own sister. His sister, Muskaan, who he loved to the core. She was his best buddy, supporter, helper. He couldn't believe that she broke his trust.

Part 352:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

 Padma knew what was on Shashank's mind. She knew Shashank was possessive about Ridhimaa. The others, were eagerly awaiting the kiss. Padma pressed Shashank's hand slightly to tell him it was OK.

Part 7:Ishq By Chance

Shashank : billy …. Mujhe to armaan bohat pasand aya hai …… bara handsome aur acha baccha hai …..

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Happy birthday Prachi (17th march)

hi guys,today is the happy birthday of our old member prachi patel..let's wish her...

happy birthday prachi..On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Part 4 : Teri meri yeh lovestory

“I thought love was just a mirage of the mind,
It’s an illusion, it’s fake, impossible to find.
But the day I met you, I began to see,
That love is real, and exists in me...”

I just hope…Destiny entwine our lives too….I never believed in Love at first sight….But after meeting him…I probably understood those sentences of that romantic novels….which told what it feels when you meet someone first time….Whose eyes speak volumes….Whose nearness create a sensational feeling inside you….Whose smile can turn your day more brighter….and whose one tear can make you cry as well…..


Days passed and I started falling for him irrevocably..…I was head over heels in love with him….But sometimes his nearness with Shanaya made me cry….Doesn’t he feel the same….or its just one-sided love….But he never said anything about them….neither he said anything about us….

Indeed he had become a great friend to me….I don’t know…whenever I see into his eyes…some unknown kind of warmth engulfed me…I don’t know what his eyes showed….As if he was hiding something…but let it rest for the time being….May be Shanaya is right…I am no one to ask him…

Well leave this…Let the topic rest for sometime…You know what…When sometimes I just sit alone and think hard about my life..!! What life I was living before I met him…I never thought that the man I desired would be standing in front of me….But all I could do is stare at him….all I could do is dream about him…I don’t know what destiny has planned..Or what the next morning is going to bring for me…But What I know is…I have found my soul mate…and he is him..Indeed….This is the truth of my life…And if it means to live in my dreams forever…then I can spend my whole life dreaming about him…without any regrets…
Again my thoughts were broken and I turned to look at the person checking me at this hour of night..I smiled warmly and gestured her to come in.

Part 59: We Belong Together

The next morning was more pleasant.......... Armaan and Riddhima in their rooms, packing their bags and all the needed things for a week long trip, very excited to go to lunavala,, Riya was in the kitchen ordering the servants to pack snacks for Armaan and Riddhima on the way........ Soon Armaan and Riddhima rushed towards the hall where Riya gave them all the snacks, Armaan and Riddhima both had their breakfast early in the morning........ Armaan and Riddhima bid goodbye to both Parag and Riya, they walked towards the exit............ Sitting the car, they waved bye to both Parag and Riya....... They drove off from the Mallik Mansion to Lunavala........

part 2 : Death Before BetrayaL ~ Arsh ss

ShiLpa Armaan Ko Us Raat Ky Bad Ignor Karna Shuro Ho Gai Thi...
Armaan Aur ShiLpa Ki FamiLy Mein Buhat Pyaar Hai
ShiLpa Ky Papa Shashank MaLhotra Ki Choti Behan ShiLpa Ki Bua Ki Shadi BiLLy MaLik Se Huwi Thi...
Armaan ShiLpa Bachpan Se Hee sath Sath Rehty Thy...
ShiLpa Ghar Mein sub Ki LadLi Thi...BiLLy Annanya ShiLpa Ko Apni Beti Manty Hain
Bachpan Se Hee ShiLpa Ko Buhat Importance MiLi Dono FamiLies Se
Is Baat Se kabhi Kisi Ko Koi Aitraaz nahi Huwa..

Part 7:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Next morning ….
Riddhima uthti hai ….. to dekhti hai ke armaan couch pr so raha hai ….. riddhima usse dkh kr thra confuse hojati hai ….. wo uthti hai aur washroom jati hai …. Washroom ka door band hone ki awaz se armaan uth jata hai ….. wo bed ko dekhta hai aur riddhima ko wahan na paa kr panic ho jata hai …. Wo uthta hai aur usse pure room me dhundne lgta hai ….

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part 22:And we made to be one

Next Morning

Ridhima woke up in the earlier time then every day... She was feeling fresh then ever...  She Remember last night moments that took place while she was talking with Soo much authority over armaan... And he too never felt bad but was looking happier to her more than ever he had been in her presence...

After Putting He feets down on the floor ridhima made her hairs in a messy bun and moved towards wardrob to get her cloths for the day to be wored after getting shower…
And ridhima for the day selected red dress… being in

part 1 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Character sketch
Armaan malik: senior doc in sanjeevani
Shilpa malhotra: new intern
Siddhant modi:intern
Riddhima: senior doctor
Dr. Kirti:senior doc
Dr. Shubhanker: senior doc
Nikita malhotra armaan s best friend
Atul: senior doc
Anjali: senior doc
Rahul and muskan

This story is basically aboutHow armaan s heart broke after knowing
about Riddhima and sid marriage. Rest u will know later,there was a party for reunion of all the
doctors of sanjeevani .Armaan and riddhima came and in this ff shilpa does not know armaan.

this ff will start on a new note for arsh

Part 16:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Next day also goes like same as yesterday…. Armaan was not leaving room…. He keeps Riddhima with him on bed… They keep talking about everything and nothing…. Riddhima tells Armaan how her days were in Paris without him, as Armaan told her about his days… Talking, Romancing, teasing, pulling each other leg… laughing…. They spend the day…. They had their breakfast, lunch and dinner in room….

Next day…

Riddhima got up around 8am…. She has to visit hospital to discharge her patient and collect her belonging before she leaves… After that she and Armaan are going for shopping… But still Armaan is not awake… Riddhima has been trying to wake him up for past 30mins….

Riddhima: Armaan… Please uto na… Mujhe der ho rahi hai… 9 30 tak mujhe hospital poach na hai…

Armaan: Basket…. Sone do na…

Riddhima: Armaan please jaldi karo… Aur shopping bhi toh jaana haina…

Armaan: Basket… Can’t we go tomorrow… Im really tired…

part 15:Fateful love in an arranged marriage


A new day, a new AR
as they confessed their love with each other
but hey
its not like they r cuchi cooing Rite now

One shot--Love is not for me


It had been months since she had left Sanjeevani, but the pain was still there. She had gone there with only one motive, to reunite with her sister but ended up only getting herself heart broken.

(A Shilpa story, from DMG)

Relationships - one sided ArSh, AR, one sided Sid-Riddhima.

Genre- Angst


She remembers her mother. Her mother died of cancer when she was seven and the only piece of her mother she had left was the bracelet on her wrist. Throughout her life in the orphange, she yearned for love. Sure, there was Maasi, but Maasi had other children too under her wing.

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part 1 : Death Before BetrayaL ~ Arsh ss

hi ,I am Sammiya,its my first post in blog,hope you will like it.please give a comment how it is.thanks.

  ***Death Before BetrayaL***
Yeh Kahani Hai Do Cousens Ki Jo sath Mein Roye Sath Mein hansay Saath Mein Baray Huwe...
Aur Sath Mein Larty Thy... Jab Yeh Dono Larty Thy...Tab Kisi Ki Himmat Nahi Hoti Thi Ky Koi Beech Mein Aa Ky Larai Khatam Karwa De...

part 5:Life out of control(season 3)

“Armaan puttar, aao baitho.” Muskaan’s Dad called them over. Riddhima came out of her thought. For once she had had other things on her mind apart from Armaan. Sara’s condition. She looked up at Armaan, who was smiling hesitantly at Muskaan’s parents. He looked amazing in his black and blue checked shirt. She closed her eyes.
“Enough Riddhima!” She reprimanded herself. “He probably doesn’t give a damn about you and here you are…” But somewhere, some part of her mocked her at that thought. Yeah right! After seeing the amount of care and love there was in his eyes in the parking area? She opened her eyes and looked up to see him staring at her.

Armaan’s eyes had been drawn to her the moment he entered the place. Obviously, the tension of the situation was beyond his control, however, as soon as he saw her, his heart lifted. She looked breath taking (what was new?) in her green and white, slightly fancy, chooridar. It was sleeveless and had heavy embroidery down the front, leaving the rest plain. He could get lost in her forever.

Riddhima looked away after a few seconds of their gaze. She didn’t want to be caught staring at him 24/7. Taking out her mobile, she pretended to text someone, but the only thing that came in her mind was a racing game. Well, she needed entertainment, and here it was.

Part 351:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Tamanna: Chalo jao... ab mujhe rulaane ki koshish mat karo. I'm very happy today!

 Armaan left her. Ridhimaa too prised herself away from Tamanna.


As rahul goes from there not even looking at his armaan bhai and armaan looked at his retreating back he feels so bad that his rahul did not heard him more than that he feels bad that he hurt his rahul his most important relation and then his new friend riddhima and then seeing armaan standing there sadly vivek grinned and thinks its his chance to get back to rahul and make armaan against him as rahul somehow always comes in his evil plans and somehow he never able to gain his trust how much hard he tried showing his fake concern and care and then moving towards armaan he plastered a fake sad face and then puts his hand on armaan's shoulder and brings him to reality as armaan looked at him he speaks up