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nehi samne tu vm on AR/KASH

hi friends,this video mix is for keddie ,its a bd  gift from her punam di on her birthday. its on keddie's and of course mine favorite pair "KASH/AR.

love u keddie..
punam di

Happy Birthday Keddie (4th April)

hi guys,aaj humare blog ki senior member,bahut hi pyari ladki ,meri shona sis aur shilpa fan keddie ki happy birthday hai. jab mai blog me aayi thi toh mai bahut darti thi,dar lagta tha pata nehi koun mujhse baat karey,koun naraj ho jaye..par mujhe kuch logon ne bahut welcome ki,himmat di thi jisme keddie hai jo mere poem ki diwani thi.sach kahun toh wo jane ke baad maine poem likhna hi chod di.she is like  "shilpa" for me. and yes..she is the writer of "Dostana" a kash ff..keddie ne dmg character ke real names ko lekar ff likhe ..toh chalo usey wish karein.i know wo blog aayegi aur apna bd post dekhegi...

You are the best sister that I have ever had. Even in my imagination. Happy Birthday sis.

I don't talk to you every day any more, but you are still in my heart every day. Happy Birthday Sister.

part 6: Death Before BetrayaL ~ Arsh ss

**************...ONE MONTH LATER...********

AtuL: Koi Bhi Armaan Ka Case Lene Ko tayar Nahi Hai...
Armaan Ko BaiL MiLna Bhi MushkiL Hai...

Part 63: We Belong Together

The Morning seemed bright.... Light sunrays spreading its brightness all around making the world bright wid its rays??.. Birds were singing with there beautifull voices??. The winds were blowing softly, making the atmosphere cool, Sun's rays pepped inside the hut throught the window, disturbing the beautifull sleep of the lovers who slept peacefully in each other's arms..... There faces looked calm and innocent in the sleep..... Armaan's back was facing the window and so the rays

Part 356:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 356:

 That evening, Armaan picked up the last call for the day at Radio Station.

Armaan: Hello... who's this?

Friday, 3 April 2015

Part 31 : Tu zindagi

padma uttered slowly : "beta,arman yahin  hai mumbai me.

hearing it shilpa got up with a jerk . 

padma : "aur tum jahan kaam karti ho,its owner was not only mr. gupta but also late mr.mallik too.
shilpa stunned hearing it. she was not able to understand anything.

padma  uttered like a lost voice : "kabhi sochti hun yeh duniya kitni azeeb hai.meri shona kisike liye itna important ho sakti hai,mai soch bhi nehi sakti ."

Part 12:Pyaar, Muhabbat, Ishq

Rahul: (watching Armaan as he entered the house..) Armaan..finally tu agya..!!

Armaan: Tu kyu mujh say milney kai liye itna utawla ho rha hai..??

part 36:Humari Pyar ki kahani

He leaned closer towards her face and looked at her luscious lips. He mumbled a I love u on her lips and smacked her lips again. This time the kiss got passionate.

Riddhima needed breath so she broke the kiss. She saw Armaan staring at her with pure love visible in his eyes. She shied and was about to go when he held her hand from the back.

Ri: (blushing) Armaan haath chodo!
Ar: abhi to chod Raha hun Lekin SHAADI ke baad-

He purposely left her hand and she ran away without listening to his full sentence.


Party was going on a full swing. Riddhima ran inside and bumped into the girls. Nikki saw her lips swollen and she had an evil grin. She signalled Anjali and Muskaan who also had evil grins.

Ni: bhabz abh humein samaj aaya ke aap aur bhai shaam ko KISS chakar ki baat kare Thay!
Mu: haan wakay mein niks abh samaj mein aya ke yeh KISS ki baat kare thay?

Part 19:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan was about to enter the house, Riddhima came outside… She hides her face in Armaan chest and hugs him tightly… Armaan leave the bags and hugs her…
Armaan: Kya huva Basket….
Riddhima: Armaan…. Woh …. woh….
Armaan: Riddhima… Woh who kyaa… Aage bhi kuch bholonge bhi ya nehi…
Riddhima: Armaan woh andhar koi hai… Coming out from the hug and look at Armaan’s face…
Armaan started to laugh to see Riddhima’s scared face…
Riddhima: Armaan…. Maine kaha andhar koi hai aur tum yaha has rahi ho…
Armaan: Aur nehi toh main kya karunga Basket… Still laughing… Apna chehra dehka hai… Pointing her face…
Riddhima: Haan haan… Haslo… Baad main mat kehna jab kuch nehi milti to, maine pehle bola nehi…
Armaan: Chalo andhar chalte hai… Control his laugh and took the bags, he makes his way to go inside…
Riddhima was scared to go inside… She holds Armaan by his arm… Both came inside to see no one was there… and all the windows where closed from inside….
Armaan: Dehka… Yaha toh koi bhi nehi hai… Tum kaama kah pareshan ho rahiti…
Riddhima: Nehi Armaan maine dehka hai… woh sidi ose neeche aa rahiti…. Aur pata hai… woh toh kuch bol bhi rahiti…

Part 14:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Next day ….
Breakfast table ….
Sab breakfast kr rhhe hote hain in silence …….. 

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Part 22 : My Wish Come True



Next Morning
Armaan woke up to see both Ridhhima nd Ryan missing.. He quickly rushed to see them.. He came out of the room nd saw Ryan playing around in the lounge with Lucky.. Armaan picked him up nd kissed him.. "Good morning bacha.." Ryan smiled nd kissed Armaan on his cheek.. Armaan settled Ryan back on his feet nd asked "Mamma kahan hai.."

part 8 & 9 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 8
love is life

as armaan is upset he will not gonna let come near him.
shilpa hold armaan and said armaan please tum aise mat karo
kuch ni hua hai tum mujhe bata bhi toh ni rahe ho
armaan: tumhe kya pata kya hua hai or kya nahi

Part 47: You actually love me or ...

And armaan smiled she is so damn his and he so loved her and with his these thoughts he just

DMG Siggies

Anshu's Creation

Happy Birthday Sonali (2nd april)

hi friends ,aaj humare blog member sonali ka happy birthday hai,let's wish her...

Happy Birthday Sonali...May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Part 30 : Tu zindagi

shilpa wanted to get him back again in her life. she understood that sid was her crush but arman was  her love ,whom god ji sent in this world only for her. she had told sapna to not to meet arman in mumbai again but her heart desired to see his innocent face again,to  see his blue eyes,but not sad only happiness ,only pleasure in there.she wanted to hear "shona" from his mouth as she understood that he is only her ,he was  that person who captured the special place in her heart.

anjali's engagement day was arrived. last few days,shilpa was very busy as after duty anjali  insisted her for shopping and all. shilpa noticed that mumma too very happy nowadays.whenever she asked about it,she avoided .

Part 62: We Belong Together

Armaan was driving on the highway, Riddhima was watching outside and enjoying the weather, It was all blue-black outside, Riddhima smiled at the weather. The cold wind was hitting her, making her shiver, Riddhima closed her eyes feeling the wind, She so loved these weathers...... Armaan was driving and was enjoying watching Riddhima who had closed her eyes by now, a beautiful smile playing on her face, Armaan smiled brightened watching her...... As he drove faster and faster in the empty road, enjoying the drive, They drove for 3 continuous hours, enjoying each other's company and the beautiful drive with each other......

Part 355:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Rahul: Ab ye tu kaun sa topic leke baith gaya?

Armaan: Tune kaha tha na... ki koi kab tak intzaar kar sakta hai...



Riddhima was sitting on her bed looking outside, her bed was place next to the window as Riddhima love the view outside which shows the beach side... Riddhima was sitting with her back resting on bed post with her knee close to her chest and her chin resting on her hand which was place on her knee...
Riddhima was staring outside but her mind was occupied with the scene she has witness in Mallik Mansion that night... Seeing how close and a new person Armaan was around with his family, not like the person he was being intro to the world in media...

Part 10:Ishq By Chance

Riddhima rona band kr deti hai kyunke doctor use properly assure krta hai ki shashank ab bilkul theek hain ….. wo sad hoti hai …… lekin use pata hota hai …. Ki ye hi uski qismaat hai …. Wo O.T ke baahir hi bethi rehti hai …..
Sab log O.T mein shashank kea as paas khare the hain lekin armaan ek corner me khara hua … apne hi khayalon mein gum hota hai …..

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Trust Matter in Relationship-One shot

It was a dark stormy night......a girl was walking aimlessly on the road when a bright light fell on her eyes..she was soo whocked thta she couldn't even make a move when suddenly someipne pulle dher.....
as the boy looked at ehr face he was shocked to wits...she was much he tried to find bt was not able and here she is in front of his eyes...
boy- ridhima!!
yess the girl was ridhima...
ridhima was mumbling armaan.......she touched the boys face still her eyes closed...
ridz- Tum agaye...
boy- haan....
bt then suddenly some one came out pf the car and saw thr she was....she was lookin soo pale...
boy2 - ridhima....kyaa hua
boy1- dekh kar nhai chala skate thai car...agar kuch ho jata toh...aur tum kaise jaantebho ridhima ko
Boy2- yehi sawaal tumse puchu toh....
Ridz- armaan....slowly murmurimg
Suddenly boy2 looked at her..
Boy2- haan ridhima....
yess the man from the car is armaan...
armaan- hana ridhima mai hun yaha...kyaa hua.....
and he went and took out a waterbotle from his car and sprinkled some water on her face
she woke up...
Armaan- araam sai...

AR OS - Tum ho toh sab Khwaishein Puri

Hey guys its me sanju..............This is my First ever OS...

This starts when sid took ridhima with him to the cottage when she fainted nad armaan left.
armaan realizes that ridhima returned only for him after he realised that she was really iill when he took out the payal and he went back and in time when sid was goin to give her his body warmth he stopped him and injected a sleeping solution aur ysse vo 4 ghanto kai liye so gaya ...and armaan took ridhima in his arms and took her to the cottage and put her on the bed and he switched on the heater after wraping her in warm blankets and closing the door........soo guys i guess m writing a lot in english aur mere ko ajeeb lag raha hai as i writes in hindi usually soo now m wrin in hindi..,


Recap: Riddhima shares her Point of view. Atul's plant shiela dies.
N ab aage.
*One Night*
Her guts twisted suddenly making her restless.
You know when fear creeps out of nowhere and settles in your tummy. Yes that was what she felt right now. She couldn't understand what happened all of a sudden. Her heart rate increased and she began breathing heavily.
Twisting and turning in the bed were doing no good. Finally giving up she began pacing in her room. How much ever she paced it felt less. There was a minute pain in her calves making her pace even faster.
Adrenaline pumped into her blood making her want to run or fly or swim or anything except for sitting in a place. She tried calm herself down by taking a deep breath. But to no avail. Taking a. Sip of water from the glass beside her bed she tried regaining the oxygen back into the body. This worked a bit and she sat back down on her bed. She felt A drop of sweat forming on her eyebrow and soon her body rested. She went to the washroom and splashed cold water on her face. Without wiping it she went and stood directly below the fan and let her face dry.
Her eyes found the clock and she realized it was late night. Way past midnight. She knew she would not be able to sleep anymore. And gave up the idea of sleeping. Instead she went near her bookshelf and looked for a book to read. Soon she found her favorite book and with a smile began reading it.

part 16:Vivaah…Ekk Nayi zindagi


everyone was sitting eating breakfast. There was an awkward silence between all five of them. Riddhima siding dare to look towards Armaan because of the moment they shared a few minutes ago. Ananya thought to break the silent so she coughed, all looked at her.

Happy Birthday Diksha Batula(31st march)

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki ek senior member Diksha ka happy birthday hai.let's wish her...

On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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part 6 & 7 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 6


Riddhima and sid reached sanjeevani
After going home armaan also reached hospital
He was in locker room he said hi to anjali and atul
Atul and anjali: hi armaan they smiled
Armaan greeted sid too.
Sid also smiled and in the mean time shilpa also reached
Sorry sorry me late hogyi
Anjali said agar do min late or hojati toh dr. Kirti sidha lecture de deti
Armaan said excuse me

Part 21 :My Wish Come True



Armaan nd Ridhhima came out of the room as if nothing happened inside the room.. yet their shining eyes were deceiving that serious look.. Ridhhima was happy seeing Armaan paying so much attention to her happiness nd needs.. while Armaan was happy coz whenever he gets close to Ridhhima he sees those deep green eyes full of love for him..

part 35:Humari Pyar ki kahani

He left winking at riddhima who blushed while the girls hooted. In no time they all ran upstairs to get ready for the long awaited engagement of the beloved couple.


The girls were getting ready in riddhima's room.

Anjali was wearing a beautiful purple saree with silver shimmering sleeveless blouse. She was wearing pearl earring and a pearl beaded necklace. Her hair were tied into a beautiful bun. She was wearing her silver long heels.
In her hand she was wearing a simple diamond bracelet and a beautiful expensive diamond ring which was her wedding ring, which Atul gifted her in their suhaahraat.

Muskaan was wearing a silver net saree with a purple blouse, showing all her curves. Her pallu was faded into two colours, silver and purple. She was wearing long purple earing with a purple pendant. She had her hair straightened and tied into a lose fish braid on the side. She was wearing purples wedge heels. In her hands she wore a big fat purple bangle with some thin silver ones.

Library Love-One Shot

"""Damn you Rahul! You wanna go to the library then go. Why the hell are you dragging me?"" Arman screeched as the car came to a stop.

""Didn't I tell you to shut your mouth?"" Rahul replied calmly, as he got out of the car.

""What is so special in this library? We have one in college as well!""

""Yeah but the book I need is not there. Maybe I'll get it here."" Rahul replied, stepping the stairs.

""Damn you and your book"" Arman cursed as they entered.

""Stop your blabber now."" Rahul shushed him, as he made faces.

As Rahul moved towards the science section, Arman's eyes wandered here and there to find something of his interest.

But dude! Arman's interest, in a library? What a joke!

Part 13:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

After breakfast armaan kahin bahir jaa rha hota hai k muskaan usse rokti hai …
Muskaan : bhai aap kahan jar he hain ?
Armaan : usse sab kuch sach sach btane muskaan ….

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Part 109:Beintehaan

Riddhima ws walking along z corridor of orphanage while talking wiz tammana about orphanage .....all of sudden her foot steps stopped wen she heard someone crying in a very low n weak tone ...she can sense z depth of pain in zose sobs n hiccups .....she walked towrds z source of crying while asking tammana in a concern tone "ye kaun roraha hai tammana ..."...tammana had nt replied her n followed ridz silently ....ridz entrered one of z room of orphanage frm where she heard crying bt non ws zer ...she luked around n finally found a lil girl of around 3 or 4 yrs old under z bed who ws crying while curling on z floor n hiding her face in  palms .... ridz knelt down n while bending lil held  girls hand n asked  "kya huva beta ..bahar avo ...."

Part 16:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

recap - in last part we saw AR romancing
n then because of some colg photos of armaan ridhima get upset with him
he tried to manaofy her but Nthng works
Armaan get to know abt ridhima's accident n he rushed towards her n blasted on maid n then very lovingly he takes care of her

ab aagey


part 15:Vivaah…Ekk nayi zindagi

When she entered the room she was shocked seeing nikki in that state. Her room was messed up. Clothes were lying around the floor, perfumes were thrown down the dressing table. Everything was unorganized. Nikki was sitting on the floor, near her bed. Her face was dug in her arms. Riddhima heard her sobs, she was sniffing.

part 34:Humari Pyar ki kahani

Engagement Day!!!!

Riddhima's room

Riddhima was pacing around in her room, while Nikki, Muskaan, and Anjali were sitting on the bed looking at her. Riddhima started to walk faster and played with her hands. Muskaan who was getting pissed off, got up and held Riddhima by the shoulders.

Happy Birthday shreya (29th march)

hi guys aaj humare blog ki ek bahut pyari sis shreya ka happy birthday hai,let's wish her ..

I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.