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Part 17:I'll be ur destiny at every step u take

ridhima looked at the person n that person smiles wide

ri - aap

part 25 &26:Arsh passionate love

Part 25 

Armaan hit on the steering

Wheel saying damn it what the hell is wrong with me what m doing m myself is confused y m

punishing shilpa just coz of my madness but i cnt let hurt shilpa but me kya kru

Part 67 :Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

And hearing nandini mom's calling riddhima turned and looked towards her
Ri:''jii mom''
Na:''andar aao na bacha''

Part 2:Baatein Yeh Kabhina

part 2

like this 9 years passed.... Everyone pursuing thier aims.....Ridhima in canada as doctor,nikki in mumbai as doctor and muskan in paris as a fashion desighner. But the bond they share is totally undefined. They had a heart to heart connection bt now they r independent soo they decides to meet somewhere. Fortunately Muskaan had work in sydney for her fashion show and Nikkita too as their is a conference there so ridhima too decided to come there. Ridhima would come after 1 week and then muskaan,ridhima and nikki decided to stay there for 10 days.

happy birthday gauri (11th april)

hi friends,today is happy birthday of gauri . let's wish her.

'I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

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New SS Note - Love Gets Its Destiny

Hey people this is Me..
haww.. don't say uu forget me in small span of time..
NAHIIIII ye nahi ho sakta..
mujhe bhul gaye mera FF khatam hote hi...

hahaha okay.. i was just kidding..
i know mera ko koi nahi bhula... and me knowing to be bigest pagal and drama-queen and also one and mostly know as POUTING QUEEN ahhaha ..
and i love all these name.... and
specially the name Aayooo andspecial name by Cheeku for me.. haha name nahi bolungi...  thenga.. hump

hihiih acha meri bakwas bad mein..
Guys i m back with the small SS aka Short Story.
This SS is dedicated to Cheeku aka anamika
and to Poo did aka Punam di..

part 11 & 12 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Part 11

Shilpa was staring armaan s locker and as soon as armaan came aside..
Shilpa asked armaan
Kese ho tumhri chot kesi hai??
Armaan: m fine thanks
In the mean time riddhima also came and behind her
Sid also came

U are the air i breadth - OS

Armaan and Riddhima 2 body but one soul.....
this is the story of the pure and eternal love of two people who are madly in love with each other... they
can't see each other in pain.... they smooth-en each other soul and pain by just one love fill touch and
whispering sweet nothing to one other... give strength to each other.... they can't see each other
suffering.... and if by any indirect way they are the reason of the pain for the other then.... what is the
solution if their presence make them in pain.... and what will be the strength if they themselves is
weakening inside....

Part 21:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Riddhima: OMG Nikki toh… Mujhe use abhi bata na hoga…
Riddhima goes to her cabin and call Nikki… Then she looks at the report again and re read it…
Nikki: Riddhima… Kya huva… Lunch nehi karna hai kya… Chalo café main… Coming to Riddhima cabin….
Riddhima smiling to her goes and hugs her… Nikki was shocked to see her behavior…
Nikki: Kya huva…
Riddhima: Got ur report…. Here you go… Riddhima give her report file…
Nikki: Iske liye tumne mujhe yaha bhula liya… Riddhima tum bina…
Riddhima: Ek baar dehko toh sahi… Smiling boardly…
Nikki thought ‘yeh Riddhima ko kya huva hai…. ‘She looks at the report and then looks at Riddhima surprisingly… She doesn’t know wht to say…
Riddhima: Nikki…
Nikki: What… Are you sure…
Riddhima: Haan Nikki…

part 359:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

 Armaan had entered into the canteen and made his way resolutely towards Ridhimaa, who was sitting there, lost in some thoughts. Armaan came and sat down before her, on the ground and took her hands into his. Ridhimaa looked down, surprised. Armaan was not looking at her. He raised her hands and started slapping himself, with full force.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Part 24:My Wish Come True


**Guys aisi jagah actually mein hai.. nd the view nd other things would be true aswell.. to aisa nai sochna ki main aap sab ko apni kisi dreamland mein ghuma rahi hoon.. Patnitop exists nd so does all the views nd places I'd be mentioning.. I visited this place thrice in different seasons nd now m describing my fav. Here.. **

part 8: Death Before BetrayaL ~ Arsh ss

ShiLpa: Arshman Kahan ChaLay Gaye Thy..?? Kab Se  Dhond Rahi Hoon..
Arshman: Mamma Main To Bahir He Tha Garden Mein... BasketbaLL KheL Raha Tha Kun Buddy..??
(Arshman Armaan Ko Hi-5 Karty Huwe Kehta Hai)
(Armaan Arshman Ki Is Closeness Ko Dekh Ky ShiLpa SmiLe Deti Hai)

Part 1: Baatein Yeh Kabhina

Hey guys its me first time writing a FS................This story contains real convos in the start bt later all is my imagination...soo do not bash it in any form...

Yeh kahani hai do doston ki jo ek dusre kai best frnds thai aur kab unme sai kisi ek ko usse pyaar ho gaya pata hi nahi chala.................
Dono humesha ek sath thai par kismat nai unhe alag kardiya......
Yeh hai unki pyaar ki daastan....

Part 17:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Armaan jese hi room me enter hota hai ….. wine ki ek bottle nikalta hai and usse mun lga leta hai …… thri der baad riddhima armaan ko pita hua notice krti hai wo uske kareeb jakr usse rokne ki koshish krti hai ….
Riddhima : armaan … choro … isee ….

happy birthday maria and nandita (9th april)

hi guys ,today is bd of our blog member maria and nadita ,so let's  wish them..

happy birthday girls...May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Part 110:Beintehaan

Files slipped frm armaan's hand n shattered on floor while tears rolled down continously frm his eyes n shouted on z top of his lungs " yyyyyyy  soniyoooooooooooo"

wen armaan ws in z pool of tears arnav ws nt able to see his pain n knelt down..... placed his hand on armaan's shoulder n ws about to say smething bt armaan jerked his hand angrily while saying in wet tone "abh khus hona tum arnav ...u alwys wanted me to stay away frm my soniyo ...(he shouted)abh khus hona tum ....."

part 8:Life out of control(season 3)

“Shit I’m late!!” Riddhma muttered to herself as she hurried along the corridor, at 9.00am sharp.
“Sirf teen din huwe hai, and already late? Keerti aaj pakka tera khoon pee legi!” Armaan was mumbling to himself as he rushed into the hospital himself.

They both ran towards the nurse station and collided with each other, to everyone’s surprise.
“Ouch!!” Dekh ke nahin chal sakte kya?” Riddhima snapped, while Armaan replied in the same tone,
“Agar tu dekh ke chal rahi thi toh phir hum takraaye kyun?” Both rubbed their heads in frustration, before noticing the environment around them. Muskaan and Rahul were giggling at them openly, while Nikki was trying to subside her laughter along with Abhi. Anjali, however, just shook her head at them while Atul and Sid looked on, amused. However one person was not amused at all. With her eyebrows raised up, and a deadly look on her face, she glared at the watch, as though cursing it because it didn’t go any faster.
“Just on time Doctors..” she stated. “Next time, I expect more mature behaviour. And, if you had been here 5 minutes earlier, this might not have happened.”
“Sorry ma’am.” They both mumbled with their heads down.
“So, Dr Sid and Dr Muskaan, you are going to Lonavla orphanage tomorrow evening. The children need vaccinations for yellow fever. Everyone else, usual duties. Disperse!” she commanded and they all flee from her like bees, except Muskaan.

Part 358:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

 Ridhimaa was so shocked that she stopped trying to free herself. She came back to her normal self at once. All, including Ridhimaa were looking at Armaan, who was looking horror-struck. Armaan had slapped Ridhimaa! They were all looking at the pair unbelievably. This was something which had never happened before. Armaan looked at Ridhimaa and she looked at him, both thunderstruck. Armaan pulled Ridhimaa into a hug once more, repenting his mistake and Ridhimaa, who had not shed a single tear when Armaan had slapped her, was now crying out of guilt.

part 11:Ishq By Chance

Sab shashank ke ward me bethe hote hain ....
. Shashank : Armaan ridhima .... Beta thankyou .... Hum Sab ki khwahish poori krne ke liey .....

Billi : aur kal Shashank ke discharge k bad Hum Sab tum logon ki shadi .... Ki datę gud krein ge ......

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

part 7: Death Before BetrayaL ~ Arsh ss


(Kuch He Minute Mein Sub Cars Aik Mension Mein Enter Ho Jati Hai
Sub Cars Ky Doors Aik Sath Open Hotay Hain Sub Bahir NikaL Ky Kharay Aik Dosre Ki Taraf Dekhte Hain
ShiLpa Gari Se Bahir Aa Ky FiLes Aur Black Coat Hath Mein Liye Unki Taraf Barhti Hai)
ShiLpa: Yaheen kharay Rahay Gay Aap Sub Ya Andar Bhi Ayen Gay..??
(ShiLpa LiGhtLy SMiLe Dete Huwe Kehti Hai)
Shashank: Woh Beta Hume SamaJh Nahi Aa Raha Thanks Kese Karen..??
ShiLpa: Mr MaLhotra Please...Thanks Ki Koi Zarorat Nahi...
(ShiLpa Ki Munh Se Papa Ki JaGah Mr MaLhotra Sun Ky Sub He Shockd Reh Jatay Hain

Part 64: We Belong Together

After few minutes, Shashank and Riddhima broke apart, Shashank kissed Riddhima on her forehead while Riddhima smiled.

Part 357:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

 Armaan and Ridhimaa jumped apart. Shashank was at the door. Armaan was terrified. Ridhimaa was very embarrassed.

Shashank: Dr.Gupta... agar aapka kaam khatam ho gaya ho to mere cabin me aaiyega. Mujhe aapse ek case discuss karna hai.

Part 16:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Next morning ….
Armaan jaldi uth jata hai … and riddhima ko dekhta hai …. Jo floor pr so rhi hoti hai …. Armaan usse ignore krke shower lene chala jata hai …. Wo shower lene ke baad dressing table ke samne khara hokr apne baal set kr rha hota hai ki tabhi darwaze pr ek knock hota hai …. Riddhima ki ankh khul jati hai …. Wo jaldi se uth kr door kholti hai …..

Happy Birthday Amna (7th april)

hi guys,today is happy birthday of our blog member Amna..lets's wish her.

I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Part 32 : Tu zindagi

anjali was busy in seeing her emgagement photoes,suddenly shilpa came there like running. she was panting heavily. anjali was shocked seeing her states and asked worriedly : "kya baat hai shilpa ? itna hamf kyon rahi hai? "

shilpa tried to say but her voice choked totally.

anjali came to her and uttered holding her hand : "baith jao shilpa? don't worry ,i am with you..batao kya hua?"

her lips trembled and  only a name came out of it : "arman...

part 10 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Armaan came to in his room
armaan hold shilpa s hand tightly and slammed the door
Against lock
Nd said how dare you
To stop beating sid
Kaun ho tum meri??

part 40 : An Arranged Love Marriage

The night was spent with utmost peace and a smile plastered on their lips. Armaan had the perfect remedy for her everyday medicine drama now; as she had her own personal sweet solution available right next to her! He had been a little cautious at first thinking; that night she might have given into his desires and kissed him back but then his doubts were cleared when she blushed at his mere touches. She was a beauty to treasure and he would never forget that!

Part 20:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Sun rise to the world… Birds singing and flying all around the world… Winds blowing… It was a beautiful day… Not too hot…. Not too cold… Both love birds were sleeping in each other arms…


Alarm rings… Riddhima hide her face in Armaan chest, pull his more to her… She was disturbed by the alarm, whereas Armaan was disturb by the suddent closeness… Armaan knows Riddhima was hugging him…
Riddhima: Armaan… Alarm band karna…
Armaan smile to hear this… As alarm clock was on Riddhima side, Armaan make Riddhima back rest in bed and half his body was on hers… He reached his hand to the clock and switch off… He looks the clock and look at Riddhima who was under his body…. Her hands around him and her head resting on his one hand… Her face was hidden with some of her hairs…
Armaan push the hairs from her face and care her cheek… She smiles to feel his touch…
Armaan: Good Morning Jaan… Then he kisses her forehead and both cheek…
Riddhima leave him, but the next second she put her hand around his neck…
Riddhima: GoodMorning Baby… Then pull him down to reach his cheek and place a kiss on his cheek…
When Riddhima pull him to her… He hides his face on her neck…. He starts to place kisses on her neck, throat and collar bone… Riddhima keeps pulling his hair which makes him go crazy more… They got lost in each other they didn’t know when an hour passes…

Part 15:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Next day …… 
Aaj koi aur din nahi balke armaan and riddhima ki shadi ka din hota hai …. Har taraf tayyarian hi hor rhi hti hain …..

Riddhima room ….

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Part 23:My Wish Come True


Part 23

Next Morning
Armaan woke nd found Ryan sitting on his chest, drumming it with his tiny fists.. Armaan lazily pulled Ryan into a hug nd then sat with Ryan in his arms.. ""good morning baby.. itni jaldi uthh gaye aap.."" Armaan kissed Ryan lightly brushing his head lovingly.. Ryan smiled cutely nd kissed Armaan's hand, making Armaan smile wider..

part 17:Vivaah…ekk Nayi zindagi

Part 17

Atul and Anjali went out and Riddhima went to sleep. They went in the hall to see Ananya nikki and Armaan sitting down on the sofa. They both  went and sat down. Anjali's eyes were swimming with fat tears. Ananya went and sat next to her and took her in her arms, while Anjali sobbed on her shoulder.

part 56:Maybe Someday

Recap: Riddhima restless. Armaan restless. AR moments (many of them).

N ab aage

*Next Morning*

Riddhima opened her eyes at the sudden noise of the door opening. She tried to move but couldn't. She came face to face with a sleepy Armaan. She wondered at how cute and sweet he looked while sleeping. She couldn't imagine it she had actually slept in Arman's arms she would always love to wake up like this.she remembered their last night moments and blushed. Her heart soared with all the love she had for her Agapi. And she placed a soft kiss on his lips. Snuggling closer she just kept looking at him. Slowly after taking the entire scene in she got off the bed slowly and started walking towards the door. Then she hit her forehead reminding her she can't use the front door! What if Billy uncle saw her!
Slowly she walked towards the window and without making a noise was moving out when she felt strong muscular arms going around her waist and a strong broad chest against her back. She felt his smile on the back of her neck and instantly smiled. Placing her hands on his.

part 7:Life out of control(season 3)

Riddhima’s eyes opened as the sun seeped through the window, directly onto her face. She closed them again, and turned to the side where she felt something soft and silky tickle her cheeks. Opening her eyes again, she realized she wasn’t in her bed! Wait then where the hell…? The events of the previous night came flooding back to her, and sure enough, she was on the sofa. She got up to see Armaan on the floor, his head close to where hers had been. Weren’t they both sitting on the sofa together? A slow smile crept up on her face as she thought of what he had done. Her heart yelled at her to get close to him. Very hesitantly, she stretched and let her fingers sift through his beautiful hair that had tickled her moments ago. He shuffled slightly due to the hardness of the ground and immediately, she withdrew her hand. But he did not wake up. Getting up, she checked Sara’s pulse rate and in the 3 hours she had slept for, it remained the same. Her family was still sleeping around her. Carefully, she left the room and went to freshen up. She was grateful for the extra pair of clothes she had left in the changing room for emergencies. Soon, she stepped inside the ICU in a red chooridar to see everyone still sleeping.

Sara looked so frail, as though the slightest touch would break her apart. There was nothing much Riddhima could do now so she just stood there, next to Rahul, and continued gazing at Sara. The machine was still beeping, but because of the hustle and bustle outside, the sound seemed drowned. Sara moved her head to the right, and coughed slightly in her sleep. She had been such a wonderful friend. The teenagers Riddhima knew right now were all stroppy and big headed. Obviously, being a teenager herself once upon a time, she knew exactly what it felt like when ‘no one understood’ you. But she had always put her parents first before everything. And Sara just surpassed everything. She had managed to be her growing brother’s best friend, her dad’s ideal daughter, and her mother’s first confidante. If she was loved and needed so much, why was He taking her away from them? Despite everything, Sara still had the perfect attitude around her. She smiled at every obstacle, laughed when she fell, and picked herself up to continue living. Yet here she was, so helpless. Riddhima heart went out to her, seeing her in this condition. Suddenly, she felt a figure stand beside her and when she looked, sure enough, it was Armaan.

Part 2:Socha Na Tha

As everyone headed inside the exam hall, the instructor was going to give them a quick run through. Riddhima spotted Anjali and Sunita and decided to head their way.
Anjali, standing with Sunita and another friend named Raj, finally saw that Ridhimma was here and heading their way.

Anj - (to Raj and Sunita) Guys vo dekho, thank god meri behen pohonchgayee...voh jaise bahar itni zor zor se chillarahi thi,I thought ke koi chance hi nahin hai ke security guard usko andar aane dega, maine socha ke agar uski problem mein main parh gaee, tho mera tho reputation kharab ho sakta hai, you know, I mean ek late student ki behen and all. (Sees Riddhima approaching and stops talking).
Rid - Hi guys
Sun - Hi Ridhimma!
Raj - Hey Ridz!
Anj - (quickly seems concerned) Tu kahan rehgaee thi Ridzi?
Rid - vo di actually, maine aap ko bulayaa tha, lekin aap ne shayad suna nahin.
Anj - WHAT? Are you implying ke maine jaan bhuj ke tumhe nahi suna? I would never do that Ridzi!
Rid - Nahin Di, of course not.
Anj - Thik hai Thik hai (feeling guilty), we should take our seats now.