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Part 4(Last):WHEN I'M WITH YOU

Part 4.

It had been a Month Since the Incident and Both armaan and Riddhima behaved like! It was the world war 3 Again. The entire Office almost knew about their Rivalry. The only Question that rose was. Why wasn't Mr. Mallik Firing her or why was Riddhima still bearing him and working when she could've easily resigned. Little did they know that even through the fights and the huge misconceptions, they had become too used to each other that now they could imagine fighting with each other every minute but if one didn't turn up one day the other would go in frenzy. They couldn't live without each other. But ego- Heads that they were! How could they even talk about anything other than work.

Part 26:My Wish Come True


Part 26

 As the sun shone through the curtains Armaan stirred abit nd hid himself in the veil of Ridhhima's hair, tightening his grip around her waist.. Ridhhima's expressions turned into frown from peaceful as his fingers dug into her waist.. ""umm hmm.. Armaan.. chodiye.."" she mumbled nd shifted abit as her back was facing him.. He too frowned nd pulled her closer by wraping his leg around her aswell.. Ridhhima was now wide awake firstly coz of his movements nd hold nd secondly coz he was sleeping, leaning onto her with her pressed under him now..

part 10:Childhood friends- love finds it way

As he left the door open in a hurry bt anji could't see anything bt as the window was opened she decided to peep whts goin she saw inside it was a musical room with a hall 10 people could sit and with a corner with sm exercising machienes.....
AR scene noo ani disturbance will show her POV seperately as her POV
Armaan moved to ridz
Armaan- m sorry shona
Ridz moves away
He gain goes towards her
Armaan- plss manja naa...
Ridz- nahi nahi nahi...still tears falling which r of anger now
Armaan- tujhe pata hai ki kisis sai mai kuch kahoon na kahoon tere sai sab kehdeta hoon shona chahe tujhe bura lage yaa acha kyonki i feel ki mera tere par inna saa toh haq hai....maaf akrdena riddhu
Ridz- (clears her tears now with anger) toh toh toh...mai kyaa karun...u know maine sab kinni mushki sai arrange kiya hai...u know mai sirf tumhe surprise dena chahti thi aur kamra isiliye saaf kiya taaki jab hum ek saath ho we don't need pay nay heed towards anything just we will talk talk and talk and final touches to uuu

Part 362:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Ridhimaa: Mummy... aap please mat boliye... aapko dard ho raha hai...

Rachna: Ye dard bhi khatam ho jaayega... Ridhimaa... tum kehti thi na ki tumhara mujhse, Maani se koi rishta nahi hai... lekin main jaanti hoon tumhara mujhse kya rishta hai. Tum mere pati ki beti ho... Prakash ki beti... lekin dekho... Prakash mera nahi raha... aur tum meri kitni apni ho. Mere ek baar phone karne par tum yahaan chali aayi. Maine tumhe Maani ki madad ke liye bulaaya tha aur tumne bina kuch maange, bina kuch poochhe hume itna kuch diya ki... aaj Maani jo bhi hai tumhari hi wajah se hai. Tumhi ne use hausla diya ki wo apni chhoti si job chodkar apni hobby me mann lagaaye... apne paison se tumne na sirf humara ghar chalaaya balki mera ilaaj bhi karaaya. Itna to koi bhi kisike liye nahi karta. Tum meri beti ho... aur Prakash ko jo saza hui hai... wo tumhari wajah se nahi, uske khud ki wajah se hui hai. Tumhari koi galti nahi hai...

Part 21 & 22:Mohabbat hai teri nafrat se

Part 21

Riddhima crying : arrmmmm ……. Armaan me .. mene aisa …. Mene aisa kuch nahi kiya trust me …….
Armaan showing his hand in order to stop her : bassss ….. ab aage ek aur word bhi nahi ……

Friday, 17 April 2015



Just like a baby!

Was the only thing Riddhima could whisper when she entered the room to see her utterly handsome boss sprawled on her bed. She remembered the previous night when Muskaan and She got him home drunk and left him in the bedroom at night. But something was irritating Riddhima and she went to check up on him. She peeped through the gap between the doors and saw him sleeping but not very comfortable. She moved in and understood the cause was the half removed blazer stuck in his hand.



Love is crimson red
It smells like addictive cologne
It tastes like chocolate fudge cake
It sounds like birds chirping
It feels like being in someones tight embrace
It looks like heavy cold rain in the morning
Love is like getting drenched in cold rain and shivering!!!


The house was big with two storey..and it was painted in white and dark brown had a shape of a canopy from one side and in front of the house..there was a huge garden...with lots of flowers blossoming under light sun and windy whether.

Part 20:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Next day …..

Riddhima shower lene ke baad bathrobe pehen kr room me ati hai ….. her wet hairs left open on her shoulders ….

happy birthday rashmi and safaq (17th april)

hi guys, aaj humare blog ki bahut hi sweet 2 member safaq aur rashmi ka happy birthday hai,toh chalo unhe wish karien...

happy birthday girls..many many happy returns of the day...On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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part 15 & 16 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

love is life Armaan said wo sab chodo tum batao tumhe kesa lag rha hai sanjeevani me??
Shilpa: its pretty good
But tumse thoda dar lagta hai
Armaan: why do i bite you??
Shilpa: ni aisa ni hai bus aise hi
Armaan also smiled with her
Shilpa: kya tum apni life me kabhi aage badh paoge??
Armaan was sipping his coffee he did his gaze up
And looked in shilpa s eyes

part 41: An Arranged Love Marriage

She stared back into his eyes as he kept looking at her facial features closely without blinking his eyes; all of a sudden he bent down and whispered against her earlobe; I told you ki jab tak bacho ki tarah treat kar raha hu good for you agar apne umar ke hisaab se behave karne lagu toh pachtaogi......kaha tha na maine!

part 9:Life out of control(season 3)

Riddhima had just finished stuffing her small bag up in the compartment when she felt someone's presence behind her. Somehow, that feel was NOT familiar, she thought to herself as she disregarded her first thought of it being Armaan. The same person then bumped into her, making her twirl around as fast as she could.
"Sorry.." The man replied, scratching his stub. Riddhima eyed him, judging his red bandana, slightly long hair, and brown jacket, with a red t-shirt inside. His dark brown eyes had some sort of amusement in them, which sent the creeps through her, and she automatically looked around for Armaan, whose back was turned as he was helping an elderly man put his bag up. Her heart warmed up at that action, as she felt her eyes get glued to him. His perfect profile just made her melt, and she wished she could hide herself in it like she had done before.
"I'm sorry.." The guy in front of her repeated, bringing her out of her reverie. She tightened her own jacket around her, and smiled very slightly at him, her smile not reaching her eyes.
"It's fine." She replied, and immediately excused herself stepping over an old lady's feet and placing herself on the inside seat. From the corner of her eyes, she could see the guy's eyes still on her, and turned her face, to look out, feeling herself boiling in rage. What was wrong with these people? Couldn't they keep their stupid, good for nothing, evil eyes to themselves, not to mention getting rid of their sadistic thoughts and minds! The guy finally went and sat on the opposite aisle, just across the lady. Riddhima could still make out the guy staring at her, and felt like punching his guts out! Wouldn't he give up already? She felt the bus jerk, and move forward.

Part 361:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

 ONE AND A HALF MONTHS LATER ## ~*~*~*~*~*~*~

22nd January, 2009. At 7:00 a.m.

 Ridhimaa came downstairs, after taking a bath. She glanced around and then made her way to the dining room-cum-kitchen.

Part 13:Ishq By Chance

Riddhima tayyar hokar neeche hall mein ajati hai …. Usne ek light pink color ka ghagra choli pehna hota hai …… usne apne hairs ko halka halka curl karke khula chora hua hota hai …..

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Beintehaan - Thank you note

Namesty guysssssss aaj mai aap sabsey dheer sari baatey karne ayi hun ....soo plzz bear me hahaha ... by now aap sabko samjhmey agaya hoga ki 110th part of beintehaan is z last part.... 26th jan 2014 mey ye ff shuru ki hahaha mre zan a year bt u knw guys feelings lke kal hi toh shuru i wanna thnk z admin team who edited my parts wiz lots of efforts kyun ki u knw guys i type wiz my single hand so mai kafi shortcuts n mistkes karti hun unn sabko correct karkey post karna kitna muskil hai...thnks a ton admin team wiz out u guys co operation n support i wouldnt  have reached upto zis part muahhhh luv u guys ....

 Iss ff ko maina aayushi(jaan)keyliye shuru kiya usney meko ek anmol cheez wapas ki jo mujhey laga khogayi i literally hve tears at zat moment n usi waqt maine decide karli jaan ko bohot rulaungi hahaha basically mai ek comedy writer hun hardly senti stuff likh pati hun bt abh jaan ko rulane ki kassam khali toh shuru ki beintehaan hahaha...maine kabhi bhi kisi sey ye ek intense luv story hai karke nahi bolah nahi aise koi intense scenes maine likhey phir bhi few ppl misunderstood it .....through zis ff maine ek msg deyne ki khosis ki jo unfortunately bohot kum log samjhey :(:( bt bt vo bohot kum logon mey sey 50 ppl cmnted n n n dheer sare silent readers hai ....u knw guys jab maine 50 cmntrs hogaye hai pata chala i ws lke yepieeeee hahahha un sabko special thnks boli hai at z end of zis post .....pehley hum iss ff key barey lil baat actually lambi baat kartey hai hahha

Beintehaan naam suntey hi ek romantic feel ati haina bt kabhi kabhi ussi beintehaan mohobbat key peechey kitne ansoo aur kitna gehra dard chupa hota hai koi samjh nahi pata ......beintehaan vo kahani hai jisey kaise ek admi apney pyar ko pane keyliye tadapta hai apni galti ki maafi keyliye till till jaalta rehta hai ....kaise vo khud ko badalta hai kaise apne pyar ka intezaar karta hai binah kisi umeed key .....galti har insan karta hai n jab pakda jata hai ek simple si sorry bas baat khatam bt aise nahi hota galti ko dill sey accept karkey jhuke maafi mangna bohot muskil hai n maafi key saat sazza mangna aur bhi muskil .....sare muskilon ko par karkey kaise ek bigdahuva ladka apni manzil tak acha banke  pohanchta hai dekhane ki khosis ki maine iss kahani mey ....

Part 25:My Wish Come True


Part 25

 Armaan woke up first.. he saw how his head rested near hers nd his hand was around her waist.. he smiled looking at her sweet face.. he lightly brushed her hair off her face nd blown away the remaining flicks.. he sighed at her babyish face when she got disturbed nd pulled him closer hiding herself in his chest.. he hugged her till she again went into deep slumber.. when he was sure that she was in comfortable sleep.. he disentangled himself nd got up kissing her head lightly..

Part 2:when I'm With You

Months Passed. And Riddhima had made herself very Important in the Office. Everyone Adored her from her co-workers to the Canteen boy. It was as if she was a ray of light in this boring workaholic hole that Mr. Armaan mallik had created. The only place she didn't manage to stamp her flag was Mr. Armaan Mallik's Heart. Or she thought so.

Part 46:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

mallik mansion

6 am

ridhima was sleeping peacefully in armaan's arms n asusually he was admiring his baby love
how cute she looks when she sleeps sooo peacefully without any worries...

Part 19:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Next day….
At the breakfast table ….. sab bethe breakfast kr rhe hote hain ……. Except armaan and riddhima ……. Armaan akr bethta hai and juice pee rha hota hai …. Tbhi riddhima bhi wahan akr beth jati hai …….

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Part 1:when I'm With You

What the Hell Dad! Do you think I'm so irresponsible! That you have appointed a PA for me?

Yes Son! Have you even seen your Office Room? 100files scattered everywhere. How do u even sit in that place. It's like it's filled with garbage! But the difference is that! This is important Garbage! And stop this Disco and Parties and drinks! Every Night you are with a different girl! And come to most of the meetings late ! And you ask me Why have I Appointed a PA? Replied Billy.

In the blues - One Shot

Hey guys...
Ap sab ko toh pta hai me exam leave pr hn ajkl.. Bt kya krun AR se jda der tk dur raha ni gya.. So here im with an OS of mine.. In The Blues...!!

Im a bit disaponted reading it kunki jo maime imagine kia tha i couldnt expres that in the same way.. Bt still im sharimg it with u guys.. Hope u guys enjoy... No maime imagine kia may be u could conect to it..!!

No more bk bk..
Here goes my os...!!!

Love in the air.. Bahut purana hogya na... Lets change it.. Love in the water... Wat say..??


one of the best academy in mumbai.. it was a ful furnised building which had all the basic n mordern facilities required by a swimer.. gym, medical facilty waiting are..large changing rums for both male n female members..with clean showrers n locker facilityit had quest rums for families n couples... it had coman large pool n small pools which were given to members on booking..
one could feel the smell of clorine water from reception area...
it was a large pool with high hygiene level.. even the botom tiles of deep side were clean n shiny...from kids to teenagers n even elders were enjoying them selves in the pool laughing and splashing in the water... some of them learing to be profesional swimiers.. n others were there for fun n exercise... parents sitting at the side with laptops, iPads, iPods, e-readers, books, magazines some were holding cameras n recoding fun time of their kids n family members...


Part 18:Vivaah…ekk nayi zindagi

He opened the door and went downstairs with Riddhima in his arms. While Armaan was going down the stairs with Riddhima in his arms, he was lost in her eyes while Riddhima was lost in his.



Its been a week after AR confession, they had been meeting in every where they could and spending as much time as they could... Neither Gupta's know about them being in relation and Mallik's have a clue where Armaan has been going every day in different times...
Armaan and Riddhima was very happy with their new relation and they thought to tell their parents after few more weeks not knowing how they could be reacting to know they were in love who first has been bickering a lot if they suddenly confess... Also they wanted to enjoy some times together hiding from both families and being in so much love, they didn't get the time to talk their parents...

character sketch & part 1 : Love Gets Its Destiny

Character Sketch

Armaan -a very lucky And happy go men And a very charmer.... his charmer works not only on girls but

on children’s And old people too... He came from California after complete His MBA from Top University

Of Asia And now he will be opening his Own company.. He believes to stAnd for himself..... His best
friend is Riddhima And Abhi And other frndz are Anjali Nikki And Muski And Atul was like small brother
to him
Shashank -A Proud Father And CEO of Gupta enterprises....
Happily married to his love Padma.....

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segment 54 : Ek Hazaron Me Meri Behna Hai

at evening manvi came home with virat,riddhima and arman but she was very angry on virat as he behaved rudely with her shona di in the hospital.

on other side arman was feeling guilty of the hospital incident. he shouldn't insist riddhima to go with him.if virat wouldn't come there,he was not imagining  what would happened with manvi.

so after coming home,when riddhima was in the kitchen arman went there silently  and stood behind her .after a while riddhima noticed and asked : "arman,tumhe kuch chahiye?
arman nodded in na.

part 13 & 14 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Armaan was watching shilpa from door and he slowly came near shilpa
Without letting her know that
Armaan came near shilpa and stood right behind shilpa
Shilpa was playing with kids unaware of armaan s presence but her heartbeat started to rise and slowly became eratic

Part 22:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: Basket tum rukho…
Armaan goes and open the door… When he saw who it was he smile… Other was in there seat not moving an inchi… They held their breath… They couldn’t see Armaan and whom he saw from that view… They heard Armaan talking… A cheerfull voice of man replies him…
Armaan: Hey Buddy… Hows u…
Man: Hey Armaan…. Im good… Hows u doing…
Armaan: Good good… Come na… Everyone is inside…
Man: Nikki hai kya...
Armaan: Abhi… Maine tujhe phone karke bataya na… She will stay with me and Riddhima if u doesn’t come…
Abhi: Haan…. I was really tense for her… Thank god tumne manaliya…
Armaan: Phar faida kya hai… Tum toh aagaya… Ab usko samalna… Chalo andar…
Armaan take Abhi inside…. Everyone surprise to see Abhi… Nikki was happy to see her husband back… She got up and run towards him and hugs him…

character sketch:when I'm With You

Character sketch -

Armaan mallik- A flirty good looking boy! Lives with his Dad Billy Mallik. Doesn't know or understand the word love. He is too cool for being committed. He is currently working as the CEO of the Mallik enterprises.

Part 18:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Next day….
Ssab rahul ke ghar jane ki planning kr rhe hote hain …. Tbhi riddhima ati hai ….
Riddhima : mein bhi aun gi aap sab ke sath …

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The Healing Touch-One Shot

""Stop crying baby.. Diana would be fine.."" Armaan Mallik said trying to console his 6yrs old son, Aditya.. ""No daddy.. she is in pain.. she would leave me alone just like mom did.."" Adi said crying nd brushing feathers  of his lil duckling who laid quacking on the grass..

part 57:Maybe Someday

Recap :- everybody Studying at Riddhima's place. Armaan and Riddhima enjoying their own moments.
N ab aage..

Nikki- Guys! idea! Abh Itna toh Hamne Padh liya he! Kyu na Hum thoda maza Karle?
Atul- tum kehna kya chahti ho Nikki?
Nikki- Areh matlab! Let's play a Game or something!
Abhi- Game or Abhi?
Riddhima- Nikkie! Tum hamare Night out ka main Reason bhul rahi ho! Padhai Padhai Padhai!
Rahul- Right!! Aur Tumlog Toh Kabse Kar rahe Ho Mujhe Aur Muskaan ko aake toh bas 3ghante hogaye he!
Muskaan- Oye Chup Kar Khotte! 3Ghante padh padh ke Mera Dimaag ghumne laga he!!! Mujhe Chakkar Jaise horaha he ! Kahi me Pregnant toh nahi hogayi!
Rahul- Oye Muskaan! Kabhi Toh soch Samaj ke bola Kar! Kya kuch bhi bolti he bina soche samjhe!

Everybody started laughing at Muskaans Dumb joke. While Muskaan smiled as she was embarrassed remembering what she had blurted out. She looked at rahul Shyly and Winked! Rahul Surprised couldn't control his Blush!

Armaan- OMG Muskaan Rahul! kahi Tumlog ne... You know something something! Cummon Guys Shaadhi Tak Toh Ruk Jaate!
Riddhima- Armaan!!!
Rahul- Armaannnnn!! chup Kar nahi toh Mar khaega Aisa kuch nahi he!
Muskaan- Rahul bilkul sahi bolra he! Isne toh abhi Tak Mujhe Kiss Bhi Nahi Kiya he! Thoda Bhi Kareeb ata he toh he shivers! As if me usse Khajaungi!
Rahul- Toh Aise Bhootni jaise Chehra ko dekh koi Shiver Nahi Karega toh kya!
Muskaan- Oye Pani Zabaan Samal Nahi toh kheech lungi!

Part 360:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

 That evening, Tamanna and Matthew were ready to leave. All had gathered in Armaan's house to see them off. At last, Tamanna and Matthew reached Ridhimaa and Armaan, both of whom were looking miserable.

Tamanna: Ridzi...

Part 12:Ishq By Chance

Engagement ceremony se do din pehle pura gang shopping ke liey nikalta hai ………
Mall ponch kar …….
Anjali : so ………. Kahan se start krein …..