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part 36 & 37:passionate love arsh

Part 36

Shilpa was doing duty

Armaan came from behind

Nd he said hey beautiful

Part 49: You actually love me or ...

She immediately moves towards his leg to see how much he gets hurt in his leg as soon she start moving towards his leg she feels pulled back and she looked back only to get fresh new tears in her

Part 24:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

As like everyday, today also it was a busy day in Sanjeevani… Abhi and Nikki decided to tell everyone in lunch time… Nikki told Riddhima at morning how happy Abhi was to know about her pregnancy… They didn’t talk more because the others join them and Nikki told her, she and Abhi will tell everyone in lunch time…

Lunch time (Café)

Everyone was present other than Nikki and Abhi… Anjali sitting next to Atul, whereas Muskaan sits next to Rahul… Riddhima was sitting next to Armaan and resting her head on his shoulder while Armaan pull her close by her waist holding her waist…
Anjali: Ridzy…. Ma is very excited to know we are going to have dinner with them…
Riddhima: Hehe… Di woh toh hongi na… Hamesha kehti hai ghar aaya karo… Hum log kam use milti hai…
Anjali: Sirf Ma nehi… Nani also say the same…
Armaan: Aur nehi toh kya… Ab dehko… Din main Ma aur Nani akele ghar main rehti hai… Aur Shashank dad toh ziyadha waqt hospital main ya out of station rehti hai…

Part 5 & 6:Lovers or rivals

Part 5

A wk passed.. Arman is now busy with his new project... Whole day he spends in office working on tha project.. It is his 1 st project n he has to give his bst for his ridhu..

Part 19: Ishq By Chance

Next day
Breakfast table pr sab log bethe hote hain …..

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Humrahi AR OS

"My first day as a wife, mother and daughter in law.. I thought as my eye opened lazily.. looking around I could see the suitcases piled at one corner.. a table full of heavy jewelry that was laden onto me yesterday.. My lips curled into a loving smile when I felt my little baby, Parth snuggling himself more into me, disturbed by my movement.. I looked over to find Nikki sleeping like she has slept after ages.. Don't be surprised it has been just a few hours that I am married to Armaan Mallik.. An Arranged Love Marriage.. and we're not even allowed share a room till we offer our prayer to one of the temples, his mother has great faith in..

I decided to take a quick bath and then get Parth ready before Armaan starts to run around for his things.. Knowing him for 4 years now, I knew once he gets up he is not going to let anyone rest in peace till we come back from the temple..

Getting myself  ready in a pink saree, I first went to get some milk for Parth..

""Good morning ma.."" I wished Armaan's mom taking her blessings.. ""Good Morning Beta.. tumhe kuch chahiye tha beta..?""

""Parth ki bottle.. phir usko bhi ready karna hoga na..""
""You don't worry beta.. parth ko main ready kar dungi tum jao aur thoda rest karo raat ko tum bache soye bhi der se the..""

""Nahi  ma.. mujhe ab neend nahi aayegi please..""
Seeing her pleading face Ananya couldn't help but agree.. As Ridhima went back to the room she saw Parth sitting by the pillow and rubbing his eyes.. picking him up gently she kissed his head lightly.. ""uthh gaya baby..""  He smiled looking at her saying ""mmaaa..""

part 23 & 24 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Part 23

Atul: armaan mere bhai me anjali se baat kie bina kese rahunga ??

Armaan; be a man champ kya anjali anjali kar rha hai dekh agar tujhe anjali ki attention chahiye

na toh ignore karna padega wrna bhul ja use

Part 15:AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories


As AR reached 'AASHIYAN' they parked the car.. They both were walkin inside as the ORPHANGE was in a big area...

They both needed to walk for 1 km to go...

They both were walkin when Armaan out of the blue held ridhima's hand. She was shocked and looked at him and they got drowened in eachothers eyes..Suddenly Ridhima stepped on a pebble and was abt to fell when Armaan as he was holding her from hand he pulled her back bt got misbalanced and fell on the grass on ridhima top of him!!

They both were close really close..Ridhima felt his hot breath on her lips. A shiver ran down her spine and she closed her eyes. Armaan was holding her from waist and as she was wearing a saree her bare waist was in contact with Armaan's hand. He carresed her waist while lookin at her intensely and was enjoying her reaction, she shivered under his continious gaze and well nervous on his sensous care session on her waist. He pulled her more close and said just close to her lips - open ur eyes Ridhima...

She opened her eyes and felt nervous on him being soo close. They were close and an inch far from eachothers lip. Armaan moved a lil closer to her lips when she closed her eyes. Armaan smiled seein her this reaction. He was hapoy tht she trusted him. Bt he did not want to take a step in thr relationship untill each and every mystery solve untill they share thr pasts with eachother. He didn't want to take advantage of her trust and so he kissed her in her forehead and this was the purity of thr relation. So he kissed her in her forehead. She opened her eyes and looked him with trust and love bt with a mixed emotion of...fear...yess fear... He stood and made her stand and again walked holding her hand. and she was lookin at him still with same emotions bt also with respect.

part 38:Humari pyar ki kahani

Pandit: Bohot hi shubh muhrat nikla hai!
Na: bataye na pandit jee!
Pandit: beti in bacho ki kundliyan bohot achi hai!
Pad: woh to theek hai lekin dates bataye!
Pandit: inn dono ki shaadi ki date hai agle mahine ki 30 tareekh, yaani 30 may!

Everyone hugged eachother and pandit took their leave. Nandini and padma hugged eachother while shashank and karan hugged eachother. Nikki and muskaan hugged riddhima tight while anjali kissed her forehead. Rahul and Atul jumped and hugged armaan!!

Sh: arre 30th to wakay bohot shubh muhrat hai!
Ka: kyun shanky kuch khaas hai inki shaadi ke elava?
Sh: yes ronnie! Tujhe pata hai 30th may ko riddhima ka birthday hai! So inki shaadi aur riddhima ki birthday ke hi dinn hogi!!
Ka; omg really! Phir to wakay bhohot shubh muhrat hai!

Riddhima blushed while armaan smiled widely hearing that their anniversary was going to be on the same day as her birthday. Riddhima felt lucky that on her this birthday she was getting the best gift of her life, her love, her desire, her wish, her ARMAAN.

Part 26& 27:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se


muskaan : no no no ridzzyy ..... mujhe shimla nahi jana ... i mean shimla ? wahan me friends ke sath 1000 baar gyi v hun ....

riddhima : muski yaar plz ..... mene kabhi nahi dekha shimla and i wannnaaa seeeee ...... anji di aap kuch bolo naaaa .....

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part 34 & 35:passionate love arsh

Part 34
As doc came and shilpa nd armaan parted from their hug

Doctor: you both are going to be well soon

Ur medication needs some changes me nurse ko bhej deta hun wo apko de degi ohk??

part 42 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Everyone was sitting at the breakfast table waiting for some yummy yummy breakfast to be served soon. Armaan who was busy on his cell phone checking his schedule for the day startled as Rahul walked in with over the top energy levels.

Part 1:Is it love?

Note:-I n my FF Armaan is a 17 year old boy and Riddhima is a 15 year old girl.....The basic storyline is on true life incidents.So some of the things will be real but I will add many fictitious things as well
Hope you all like it

"Oye ! Kya kar rahi hai? Marna chahti hai kya?"
She was horrified at what she was about to do...........


She was angry at her best friend nowAngry
"Muski !! Main kuch nahi kar rahi thi.Kyu bekaar mein darra rahi hai?"
Muskaan had now burst into peals of laughterLOL
"Arre! Tu kar to rahi thi...tu soch rahi thi.Agar tu apne
itne chote dimag par zyada zor degi na to phir to....khachaak!!!!"
She indicated with her hands as though she would be dead.Ouch  LOL

Riddhima Gupta and Muskaan Chaddha were best friends.
The whole class knew about them and though they pulled
each others legs no one would dare mess them when they were 
together.Big smile
By now even Riddhima was smiling.Smile
Ri:Muski,tujhe pata kaise chalta hai ki main kab upset rehti hun?

Part 367:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

 That night, at the dining table.

Maan: Riddhi...

Part 18:Ishq By Chance

Next morning …..
Armaan so kar uthta hai to dekhta hai ki riddhima bed par nahi hai phir uski nazar dressing table par prti hai …. Riddhima ek blue sari me dressing table ke samne khari hokar apne baal sukha rahi hoti hai …. Armaan is smitten by the sight ….. lekin jese hi riddhima usse dekhti hai wo apni nazar usse haata leta hai ….

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Part 29 : my wish come true


Armaan woke up nd found himself alone in the bed.. he frowned as Ridhhima was up before time today.. he again laid on his stomatch with Ridhhima's pillow tucked under his arm.. He turned when he heard her payal.. he looked up nd could help but giggle at her state.. her hair were covered with dust nd she looked quite funny..

"kis baat pe itni hasi aarahi hai aapko..?"
"tum pe.. apni shakal dekho zara.." he giggled nd got up when she frowned.. He took her by shoulders nd took her to the mirror.. She was shocked to see her hair like that.. she quickly went for a bath mumbling things to herself nd making Armaan laugh even more..

She came out nd found a saree placed on the bed along with a sunflower.. She smiled nd went to get ready.. she came out when she heard some sounds from the store room.. she moved in nd found Armaan going through old stuff that she had left there to ask Tara before shifting.. "Kya dekh rahe hain aap..?" she asked him, keeping a hand on his shoulder.. He turned nd smiled at her.. "kuch nai.. tum kya karogi yahan..?"

part 21& 22 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Part 21

Armaan at nurse station

Muskaan put hand on his mouth oye hero ae ki hoya tenu??

Part 3 & 4:Lovers or rivals

Part 3

Friendship day nite.. This nite was to bring two people together bt destiny played its own game

A girl dreased n a beautiful royal blue coloued one piece cumming upto her knes.. Running in hospital crying.. N reaches in front of ot

SS part-1~CoMeDy dAyS WiTh 1st yEaR~


[[ THIS STORY IS BASED ON TRUE EVENTS....modified lil.]]
NOTE: This ss is purely for entertainment. No wrong sense of education or teachers is intended to be created...just have fun reading it.

So here starts the SS........

'FIRST YEAR.............maintain silence, plzzz dont bray like donkeys' a huge lady literally on verge on crying,screamed the words.
 A class of 67 students busy in chit chatting heard the word BRAY and.....
Dhiiiiiiiinchuuuuu dhiiiiiinchuuuuu......producing the sound claimed tht they r real dockeys having only features like humans.

 'Shut up class or else u all will b marked absent for a week' the same lady sitting on the chair opposite to students spoke fuming with anger....kaan-naak se dhua nikalne ki kami thi bas.

The Sentence silenced only the  'darpoks' of the class who are actually  in minority in this 1st year batch of mbbs in Sanjeevani University,known to be in
 the top ranking universities.

Ma'am:Me kya karu tumhara first year.....y u all behave like illiterates! Itna shor! Kabhi shanti word nahi suna kya tumne?!

Part 366:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

 Armaan turned and found the others staring at him.

Armaan: What?

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Let me be your voice...{an ArSh OS}

From the very beginning, the girl's family objected strongly on her dating this guy. Saying that it has got to do with family background & that the girl will have to suffer for the rest of her life if she were to be with him.

Due to family's pressure, the couple quarrel very often. Though the she loved the him deeply, but she always ask him: "How deep is your love for me?"

As he was not good with his words, this often causes the girl to be very upset. With that & the family's pressure, the girl often vents her anger on him. As for him, he only endures it in silence.

After a couple of years, the guy finally graduated & decided to further his studies in overseas. Before leaving, he proposed to the her: "I'm not very good with words. But all I know is that I love you....I love you very much more than myself.... If you allow me, I will take care of you for the rest of my life. As for your family, I'll try my best to talk them round....Will you marry me Shilpa?"
she was so happy...she nodded...and hugging him tightly said:"yes Armaan...yes...i too love you a lot...and words are not needed...i am just a fool to ask you for the explanations and term our love in words....its just...i am sorry...i love you a lot..."
There shilpa agreed, and with armaan's determination, the family finally gave in & agreed to let them get married. So before he leaves, they got engaged.

part 14:AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories

As punam di said ki auro ki love stories start kardo varna AR kai bache bhi hojayenge aur baakiyon ki LOVE STORY bhi shuru nahi hogi tou.....taking this point into consideration.......its now truly gonna start NORTH SOUTH KI KHATEE MEETHI LOVE STORIES

Ridz and Armaan toom leave from others and left for road...
Thr was silence in the car with a song played.....PHIR MOHABBAT

Jab jab tere paas mai aya
ek sukoon mila

[♥Singnal showed red....soo car stopped with a halt..ridz held armaan's hand for support...♥]

jisse mai bhulta aya vo vajood mila
jab aye mausam gam kai tujhe yaad kiya

[♥both looked in eachother eyes realizing a different feeling..Car again started♥]

jab sehme tanaha pan sai tujhe yaad kiya
Dil Sambhal jaa zara phir mohabbat karne chala hai tuu

part 10 (last part) : Mini AR FF: Cross connection

"Thanks yaar Rahul! Agar tu nahi batata to mera kabhi Riddhima se cross connection nahi hota. "

"Anytime buddy!"

It was Armaan and Riddhima's wedding. The gang was elated to know that it was Armaan who was doing it all along and were also happy for Riddhima.

She had finally found a perfect partner for her.

Riddhima and Armaan were visibly glowing when they had reached Sanjeevani after confessing to each other. They had edited out everything for their parents and told that they were ready for the marriage which was fixed the following week.

After the rituals in their room.

Part 17:Ishq By Chance

Aaj riddhima aur armaan ki shaadi ka din tha ….. aur wo dono ghore bech kr so rahe the ….. subah ka waqt tha ……

part 3 : Love Gets Its Destiny

Riddhima -tum jante ho Armaan tum badal gaye ho....
And hearing this from Riddhima's mouth Armaan looked at Riddhima......
but then turning away from Riddhima Armaan said...
Armaan -waqt ke saath insaan ko badalna padhta hain Riddhima......
Riddhima -par waqt ke sath badalna jaruri toh nahi......
Armaan -hain jaruri toh nahi par rishton ke badalte toh insaan ko badalna padega na....
Riddhima -kya dosti rishta bhi aisa hain jo baaki rishton ke niche daabne lage....
Armaan -dosti ka rishta toh sab se majbut hota hain.... usse toh koi rishta nahi thoda sakta.. jab tak....
Riddhima -jab tak kya Armaan....
Armaan -jab tak dil juda ho.... tuta hua dil kAbhi koi rishta nahi nibha pata......
Riddhima -par tuta hua dil aapni dost ko ye toh bata sakta hain ki vo tuta kaise....
Armaan -tuta dil kAbhi kuch beyaan nahi kar sakta Riddhima... bus dard deta hain...
Riddhima -dosto ke gam mein aur unke dard mein bhi khushi ki milti hain.....
Armaan -nahi Riddhima.. is baar tum galat ho... tute hua dil ko sambhalne jaogi toh tute dil ke tukdo se

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Part 33 : Tu zindagi

the day arrived when shilpa had meet to her her life. she was so much excited but  hell nervous too. kal arman se milna hai aur aaj usey bilkul need nehi aa rahi..kya kahegi arman se? uska kya reaction hoga? kya usey pata hai?nehi nehi ,anjali di ne bataya ki usey is barey me kuch pata nehi.wo toh beechara dukhi aatma banker ghum raha hai,actually ghumta bhi nehi,bas apne room me rehta hai aajkal. kisise baat tak nehi karta,na jane kahan khoya rehta hai...when shilpa had  asked anji di : "kahan khoya rehta hai wo di?"

anjali uttered smacking on her head lovingly : "pagal ladki,itna bhi nehi samajhti? apne shilpa jaan ki yadon me devdas bana hai wo.."

anji di's words made shilpa beet root  red....but she was very happy in heart.arman uspar naraj nehi hai,usey pyar karta hai toh wo jab uske samne jayegi,wo khush hoga..usey maaf kar dega uski nadani ke liye..."

part 32 & 33:passionate love arsh

Shilpa lovingly touched armaan s forehead nd said m really sorry

Armaan: oh plzx dnt b silly in fact mujhe tumhe thank u bolna chahiye u saved my life tum toh

supergirl ho yar

Part 68 :Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

 as soon armaan heard her moan as she 

Part 25:Mohabbat hai teri nafrat se

next day .....

sab log breakfast table(BT) pr bethe hote hain .... koi kisi se baat nahi kr rha hota hai ...... tabhi armaan wahan ata hai ready to go for office ....... armaan natasha ko dekh kr wahan se jane lagta hai .......

Happy Birthday simmy and aditi k (27th april)

hi guys,aaj humare blog ki bahut hi special and old members aditi k and simmy ki happy birthday hai. they are the  senior members of our old blog. means  simmy toh mere se bhi pahle se is blog family me hai aur aditi meri choti sis,mere aane ke kuch hi din baad aayi thi.. so wish them happy birthday ...

happyi birthday Simmy...May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Happy Birthday aditi... I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

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Part 28:My Wish Come True


Part 28

"Ridhu.. jeeju tujhe yahan khud kaise chod gaye aaj..?" Sapna teased Ridhhima when armaan dropped her over to Sapna's place.. "Di.. vo office gaye hain na to raste mein humein yahan drop kar diya.."

Part 1 & 2:Lovers or rivals

Part 1

A small girl enters a new house with her parents. She is surpired on seeing her new house where they just shifted as her father decides to start a new business in a new city..

Part 23:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Riddhima: Armaan… She calls him…
Riddhima was scared not to see Armaan next to her… She goes and looks at the washroom whether he was their or not… But washroom was not locked… To conform, she opens the door and didn’t find Armaan… She goes near the window and it was open a little… She looks out at the balcony whether he was there, no luck… She couldn’t see him Armaan in the room anywhere…
Riddhima makes her way outside… She goes out from the room to see lights were coming from the stairs side… She goes near the stairs to see candle lighten in every stair case end of both side… Red rose petal was on the stairs…
Riddhima: (In Mind) Yeh sab Armaan hi kya hoga… Lekin kyu… Aaj toh kuch khaas din bhi nehi hai… Kahiin main bhul toh nehi gayi na… Nehi nehi… New Year toh gaya… Velantine day ke liye toh abhi 3weeks hai… Toh aaj koansa din hai…
Riddhima make her way down… She was wearing her red night dress which was coming upto her knee… Her hair opens… She stops at the last stair and look around the Hall which was decorated… But Armaan was no where to seen… She looks around to see rose petals on all over the floor, with red heart shape balloons… White candles… Centre on the room there was a table…

Happy Birthday Sweety (ekta)

hi guys,aaj humare blog ki ek bahut hi sweet si member ekta ka happy birthday.she is an old member. meri sabe fav commenter ,jo har ek post par comment kiya karti thi. let's wish her....

Happy Birthday Sweety,On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

Part 16:Ishq By Chance

Competition shuru ho jata hai ….. sab log bohat excited hote hain ….
Anjali : to guys …. Hum ek toss krein ge …. Aur jo toss jeete ga uski baari pehli hogi….. to we request our chief guests … that is hmare dulha dulhan to come on the stage …….