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part 27 & 28: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Part 27

Anjali: shut up atul

Tum ab kuch bolna hi mat

Atul: but anjali


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Part 5:Is it love?

Next day...
(Yaar inki school mein bohot free periods hote hain. Ye padhte kab hain?)LOL
Nu: Hmm. To Riddhima aaj bhi free period hai. Chal continue.
Mu: Haan yaar bata tere "engangement" ke baare mein.
Ud: Ridz ring usi ne tumhe pehnayi?
Di:Obviously Dodo.
Be:Nahi Uday mere bhai uske mama ne pehnayi thi.
Ma:Stop it guys.
An:Continue Ridzi.
Ri:Shaam mein jab engangement ho gayi to sab bade hall mein theaur Armaan aur main mere room mein. Wohi badbad kiye jaa raha tha.
Mu: [typical Muskaan style] Hehehehe LOL
Di: To wo kya bol raha tha?
Ri: Wo mujh se sawal kar raha tha.General questions. Tabhi mera knight in shining armour aa gaya.
Ud: Fiance ke alawa bhi koi knight in shining armour hai?

part 45:I will bring my basket back

As decided they all went to Lonavla orphanage the next day. Check up for the kids was done by all of them and soon they all gathered up now left with no work to do.
Mu: Internship ke din yaad aa gaye na. Kitne maje karte the hum sab yaha; nahi?
An: Haan?..aaj luckily kitne dino baad hum sab ko yaha aane ka mauka mila hai.
Ab: Haan?.aur ab toh saari tensions bhi khatam; presentation bhi ache se ho gayi kaam bhi poora ho gaya toh ab shaanti se hum sab aaram kar sakte hai.
A: Exactly??kya baat hai Modi?..kabhi kabhi sahi baatein bhi kar leta hai yaar tu! Vaise Champ kaha hai?
An: Vo kamre main haim; apne naye touch me not plant ko paani dalne gaya hai.
A: Ye champ bhi na!
An: Toh tum dono miyaan biwi ka jhagda khatam hua ya abhi bhi world war jaari hai?
N: Kaisa jhagda Anjie?
Mu: Arey Nikki bhool gayi; vo junior hulk v/s hitler wala jhagda!
N: Ohh??haan vo?.hehe?..
Ab: Kya?.kaun junior hulk aur hitler?
A: Oye Modi chup na jyaada dimaag mat lada tu; vaise hi kam hai tere paas bina vajah ghutno main darad hone lagega.
Aur Anjie tum kyu tension le rahi ho; tum toh apni behen ko jaanti hi ho na; jab tak attitude nahi jhaadti use kaunsa chain aane wala hai!

Part 21:Ishq By Chance

Armaan uss ladki ko paas hi pari hui ek chair par bithata hai …. Aur uske chehre par pani chirakta hai …….
Armaan : surbhi !! surbhi utho ……

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part 40:passionate love arsh

Armaan was passing from the locker room and he saw the scenario

Nd his blood boiled that y shilpa is not doing anything

Baby from heart

Armaan and riddhima a newly wedded couple... Were on their honeymoon....
Enjoying the togetherness and the blooming love they carry for each other arms the feeling is more of
love as now no one can separate them....

Their love has given many tests that are thrown in their way from life from family from friends from
But very time their love won over everything. Every hate rate. Won many hearts. Won the happiness
and agreement for themselves from Riddhima an Armaan parents....

Now the couple is finally one and Armaan have taken Riddhima to their honeymoon on the same night
of the wedding....

Pandit -Aaj se aap pati patni Hua....

Part 369:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Maan: Tumhe pata hai... kaise? Tumhe bhi Armaan ki singing pasand hai? Mujhe to bahut pasand hai... I'm a very big fan of his... uski puraani album ki bhi CD hai mere pass... iski bhi booking kar deni chahiye... hai na? Fir kya pata... stock me ho, na ho... excuse me... excuse me...

part 14 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

I know I know I’m super late for the holi  n I not even updated for about one month but as compulsory yaha holi k liye ek nhi balki 4 special parts hogi
& all parts in my style ;) :p
Chalo boht baat karli
Ab chalo read the part
Here goes the first holi special part………..
So here goes the story ……….
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha ha, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai, Aur Isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahunchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain, yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhad hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga.Iske liye authority ya ni ki writer ya ni ki main uske liye jimiddar nhi hu…Kripa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekh lijiye…
Ek aur nayi kirdaar
Aur dher sara pyar
Kuch khati mithi masti
Ek choti si mulakaat
Ab ane wali hai dher sari rangoon k barsaat
So happy holi to all chalo khelo holi sare apno k sath…
Part 14
Actually hua yun subah suabh wo dono kannya ne jab abhi so raha tha to bari hi pyar se uspe rangoon ka paint bana diya i mean rang daal k bhoot bana di..
Abhi come out from his room & come to the hall room...
He saw padma is nowhere to be seen only atul & anji was in couch while muski & riddhima & minnie putting colors in thaal 3 of them were in their previous day’s cloth only...
All was there already..

Part 20:Ishq By Chance

Next day in the morning
Armaan riddhima abhi bhi so rahe hote hain …… achanak armaan ki ankh khulti hai to wo dekhta hai ke riddhima is laying on her stomach aur uska ek hath aur ek tang armaan ke ooper hain …. Armaan is amused to see her in such a position ….. armaan usse dekh raha hota hai ke tbhi wo karwat badalti hai aur bed ki dusri trf chli jati hai … now laying straight ….. armaan bed pr uth ke beth jata hai … wo riddhima ki taraf dekhta hai …… riddhima ke face pr kuch baal aye ve hotte hain …… armaan riddhima ki taraf thra sa bend krta hai aur apni fingertips se uske face pr se baal hata deta hai ….. wo uske beautiful face ko bs dekhta hi rehta hai aur apni fingers se riddhima ki cheeks ko caress krta rehta hai ……..

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The lost memory

""Shilpa??? riddhima"" she replied looking at the face...when she realized she recognized it

""oh my god so it means Shilpa is dead!!!!"" he whispered

part 31:My Wish Come True


Part 31

Armaan looked at Shashank entering his cabin he quickly put the call on hold nd requested Shashank to wait outside as he is discussing something confidential nd personal.. Shashank frowned nd nodded.. he went out gritting his teeth mumbling under his breath..

Part 3 & 4 :Is it love?

After awhile outside the lab.....
Mu:Arre wah! Aaj to maza aa gaya.Ma'am ne is kankhajure ko achcha daanta.
Ra:Haan haan rehne de.Sab teri wajah se hua [we all know the reason right?]
Rahul went to the boys while Muskaan went to the girls.
Mu: Ridz! Kya hua? Phir se kuch aankh mein chala gaya kya?
Ri: I'm sorry Muski.
Mu:??? Sorry? Kyun?
Ri: I'm...[turns away]
Sa:Main batao?[asks Ridz]
Ridz nods
Mu: Arre hua kya?Koi mujhe bataye ga?
Sa:Wo Muski Ridz ki engangement ho gayi hai.
Muskaan is standing still not knowing how to react.
Sa:Wo aaj maine bhi Ridz ko uski ring ke baare mein poocha to usne sab bata  diya. Wo usne kal tujhse jhoot bola tha. Aaj bhi jab tune poocha to wo batanahi paayi.
Mu: Lekin...
Sa: Wo keh rahi thi usne aaj tak tujhse jhoot nahi bola aur kal se ro rahi hai ke usne tujhse jhoot bola aur maafi bhi nahi maangi.

Part 30(last):Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Rahul and Muskaan ki shadi ho jati hai .... and they are living happily ...... but armaan ne abhi tak apna love confess nhi kiya .....

armaan riddhima ko shopping ke liey lekr jata hai ....

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Part 35 : Tu zindagi

Arman uttered in a shaken voice…shona!!

And she turned…turned to arman and looked at him but said nothing. Arman felt that the epitome of beauty was in front of him!!…she was looking the goddess of beauty with her long silky knee length hair ,big almond eyes framed by long lashes, were a bright, emerald-green and seemed to brighten the world. A straight nose, full lips - she seemed the picture of perfection. She wore a simple red anarkali  dress  with a red - white dupatta … falling brilliantly over her chest. Her face was milky white kissable cherry lips. she was stunningly gorgeous, like a painting of a goddess brought to life. She smiled sweetly at him, her eyes sparkling like stars flaunted on the night sky.


Okay People..
I came up with the Note For the blog..
I have been here and there a lot.. Reading and writing the stories is one of my Hobbies but it should be of AR or something related..
But do u People know that it took lot of time and mind from writers side to right a simple part too then Writing Long and perfects parts like Rihla Haws di  . punam di . jennifer di . nikki di . Anamika di . rucha di. And many more humaira . aayushi. amna . sanju . megha . shal…
Writer People all are making efforts And I have been noticing a lot of deactivation from blog now a days.. people please do come up with comments on the Updates..
When u take out time to read all the short as well as length part then Took one more min with it and put up ur reviews on it may be it a one liner or one para as u wish to leave the comment..
I know many are not god at words but all u can do is.. tell writer that its good . Awesome. awful aur whatever u feel but when u are disappointed then Do tell sensible reason I mena while telling ur disappointment people bring it only on Fights like  on KaSh or KaJen… but tell then ur disappointment were u felt disconnected with the FF so they can improve it but  not to Put it in such a way that writer get discouraged.. Okay I m getting out of my Path…

Part 22:Vivaah…ekk nayi zindagi

Part 22

Nikki and muskaan hooted while the beautician smiled. After a few minutes, all three girls were ready when anjali came in. Anjali was wearing a beautiful green saree with a golden blouse which had a halter neck.

Part 25:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Everyone: WHAT…
Riddhima smile nodding her head…
Muskaan: Nikki is preg…
Riddhima: Haan…
Armaan and Rahul: Yeyyyy…. Go and get hold of ABHI…
Anjali and Muskaan hug Nikki… Everyone was happy to know this…
Dr.Kreeti: Congratulation Nikki and Abhi…
Dr.Shubankar: Congratulation both…
Anjali: Waise ye sab kab pata chala…
Nikki: Yesterday…
Armaan: Aur Basket koh kaise pata chala…
Nikki: She is my doctor toh… Doctor koh pata chalenga na…
Anjali: Nice… Lekin tumhe kab pata chala Nikki… I mean shak huva…
Nikki: Mujhe nehi… Riddhima koh shak huva… She told everyone what happen yesterday and she told Riddhima not to tell anyone as she wants to tell Abhi first…
Muskaan: Yaar… Main tumhare liye bohot khush hoon Nikki… Hugs her…

Part-1 : AR/ARSH SS:Betrayal

Somewhere in london...two sisters in an apartment

" riddhima it necessary for you to go???" she whined looking at her sister packing up

" know right if it wasnt necessary tumhe chorke kabhi nahi jahti"she hugged her twins sister feeling nostalgic

They were riddhima and shilpa gupta...they were twin sisters...the exact copy of each other in looks...but in personality they were both different...while shilpa was more bold...riddhima prefered to stay shy and timid...riddhima was always tbe responsible daughter...while shilpa wasnt

Riddhima was born just a few seconds before shilpa....but shes always riddhima di for shilpa....they are both the favorite of each other

Part 368:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Everybody started staring at Ridhimaa.

Maan: Kya hua?

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part 25 & 26 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Part 25

Armaan parted from hug a little bit

N said what were u doing sitting at the edge of roof

Part 7 & 8:Lovers or rivals

Part 7

In pub ridhima drunk..

Ridhima : mr malik i hate u how could u do this..

Part 29:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

next day ....

muskaan apne room me udaas bethi hoti hai ..... tabhi usse rahulka phone ata hai .....

rahul : hello ?
muskaan : hello ... rahull ... rahul dekho dekho i am really sorryplz.... rahul ... me tumse bht pyar krti hun plz rahul ......

part 4 : Love Gets Its Destiny


the car stopped just behind Armaan a feet distance between Armaan And the car.... Armaan still was
unaware of all the happening And keep walking towards gupta house....
The man in the car came out to blast on Armaan with all his anger..
Man -hey excuse me....
Armaan was just walking not hearing...
man *ran upto him.. -hey behre ho kya sunai nahi deta kya....
Armaan sit walking...
man -mein tumse baat kar raha hun... marne ka itna shock hain toh kisi au......
Man stopped in between in his talks When he saw the man who was walking without hearing a single
thing was non other then Armaan walking in the middle of the road. as the man turned Armaan around
pulling his shoulder......

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Part 34 : Tu zindagi

sleep was far away from arman's eyes.after deciding  to leave mumbai after his birthday,he was  feeling restlessness . this desicion was not so easy for him but he had to do it. usey ab sabko chodkar jana hai burna yadein usey jine nehi degi..mumma papa ki yadein,friends  ki yadein,shilpa ki yadein...par dur jaker bhi kya wah in yadon se dur ja payega? Wo toh dill me reh jayegi. Suddenly he started to miss his mumma whom he used to tell everything about his life ,always ran to her whenever he was in any problem or confusion. He felt that mumma was telling him : “beta itne me hi himmat haar gaye? Tu chala jayega toh hum yahan khush kaise rahenge,tamanna akele re jayegi beta….usne tere liye jo kiya wo shayad koi dusri behen apne bhai ke liye na  karey.phir apni choti behen ko chodkar sirf pyar ki khatir tu bhag raha hai? mera beta itna toh darpok nei tha.

part 38 & 39:passionate love arsh

Part 38

Shilpa: armaan wo naya aya hai tum uspe gussa kyun horhe ho??

Give him sumtime

Realisation of Love - OS

It has been 1 year now for rahul muskaan's separation. Both are trying hard not to think about other one.
In PAtiyala, Muskaan has became really matured. She has engrossed herself in her work so that she doesn't get any free time for other things.  While in US, Rahul has became short tempered. He can crust on anyone without  reason. He knew reason behind this but he doesn't want to accept it. One thing was sure that they still love each other to the core. But as it was Rahul's final decision to separate both were helpless.
But destiny has written something different for them. As their parents wanted them to marry previously, they still want them to marry and this time they hadn't left any option for them especially rahul. Because he didn't want to tell his parents reason and he couldn't even resist them. They did all blackmailing and melodrama. He thought he will talk to muskaan and she will say no and things will get sort out. so he dialed her number,

In India 10 AM morning, Muskaan was in hospital checking her patients.
Tring Tring ****
""excuse me , main abhi aayi"" she came outside ward.
""Hello"" she picked up call in hurry.
""Hello muskaan"" he said.
She felt her heart pinched. She was starving to listen his voice and today he called but why? she was no more the phataka muskaan who would have fired him 2 4 galis. She was matured, composed girl.
""Hi Rahul"" she smiled with tears.

Part 69 :Dhadkan ban gaye ho tum

 Armaan puts his head on her shoulder as he encircled his hands on her waist and riddhima shivered under his touch, first she is startled as she did not expect this at all but then feeling his touch she calmed in his arms. And armaan smiled and then he kissed her nape sending shiver in her spine and she mumbled


hey ppl...wassup...
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taht i'm buzy in wedding in my family...
so i;ll try to upd8 soon...
afetr my exams n before teh wedding...
till tehn wait...
and sorry for inconvinience...

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Part 30:My Wish Come True


Part 30

Ridhhima let Ryan explore his new room nd gifts while she prepared for breakfast.. She got ready in a beautiful blue saree nd then took out Armaan's clothes.. placing them on the bed she entered Ryan's room only to see him nd lucky playing with ball.. She smiled nd picked him up surprising him nd twirled him making him giggle..

Because You Loved Me-One shot

"He entered the house nd went to his angels room to have a look at her.. He smiled when he found his 1yr old daughter awake nd playing with the chime attatched to her cot.. he picked her up nd hugged her lightly kissing her head.. ""Hey mela bachha.. kaisi hai meri Aru.. papa ne aapko bohot miss kiya..""

He was satisfied as she made some groogling sound nd kept patting his shoulder with her tiny fists.. He went to Ridhhima nd found her on call with someone.. he waited as she was giving their address to someone.. as she finished she was surprised to see him standing at the window with Aru.. he was pointing at stars nd Aru was busy gazing at them.. he smiled when he felt her palms on his chest from behind.. she sighed placing her head on his back while he asked ""Kya baat hai.. aaj bohot mood mein ho..""

He chuckled as she sperated from the hug nd smacked his back lightly..

""Kya Karein.. One of us has to be romantic to keep our relationship fresh.."" she said teasing abit.. ""Ohh.. so you think I'm not romantic anymore.. hmm.."" he asked turning to her as Aru was busy playing with his collar.. ""Nai.. maine aisa kab bola.. yeh tum khud keh rahe ho.."" she played along smiling seeing his shocked expressions..

""Achha bachu.. chalo theek hai.. Aru ko so jaane do, aaj raat ko batata hoon madam basket, ki main kitna romantic hoon.."" he teased seeing her blush.. ""Armaan.. Aru.. aaj yahin soyegi na.. itne din hogaye usse apne Mama Papa ke saath soye hue.."" she said trying to cursh his plans..

Part 2:Is it love?

Next day....
Mu:Hey Ridz ! Good mor...kya hua?

She saw her best friend crying.Her red nose and swollen eyes showed that she had been crying for a long time.Cry Sapna was trying to pacify her.

Sa: Kuch nahi yaar.Madam ki aankh mein kuch chala gaya aur iska water tank leak ho gaya.

Mu:Specs hote hue bhi kuch chala gaya?  [typical Muskaan style] heheheLOL
Waise main chata laun?
Ri,Sa: Huh? Chata? Kis liye?Confused
Mu:Arre,ab jab iska water tank leak ho gaya hai to bechaare neeche ke cheetiyon aur keede-makodon ka kya?Makeup waale baarish ki aadat to I doubt unhe hogi.Tch tch [looking down] Main tumhare saath hun.Himmat mat haarna.I don't know duplicate products ki tumhaare liye acid bhari baarish kaisi hogi par...
Before she could continue Ridz had started laughing and hitting her.LOL

Ri: Stop it yaar par...achcha tha
Mu:Kya? Bichaare keedon par daya aati kya? [mimicking her] "achcha tha"....
Ri:Yaar Muski jab tak tu mere saath hai to mujhe kisi aur ki zarurat nahi.

part 20 & 21:Vivaah…ekk nayi zindagi

Nikki and muskaan were taking out dishes while ananya warm up the food. They had banned anjali from coming into kitchen making atul confuse. Riddhima put the dishes on the dining table and all waited for armaan.

Part 28:Mohabbat Hai Teri Nafrat Se

Next day …..
Sab log ghumne bahir jate hain …… but riddhima aur Natasha kisi aur hi kaam ke liye nikle hote hain ….


Riddhima hands on her hips : too … ye hai wo orphanage ?
Natasha : han …. Yehi orphanage hai wo …..