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Part 23:Ishq By Chance

Next morning …..
Armaan uthta hai to dekhta hai ki riddhima is sleeping in his arms ……. He smiles as he remembers the events of last night ………. Wo uth kr fresh hone chala jata hai …….

Saathiya (one shot)

                      It was very beautiful evening, its raining and he just come from hospital to his house just to saw all his family members were sitting in lawn having evening tea. Seeing him his mom comes
M:''areey armaan tu to bheeg gayya ruk mai towel laati hun tere liyye''
A:''yes mom yeh baarish bhi naa bas saraa kam kharab kar detii hai''
And hearing his comment his dad who was busy in his tea looked at him and shook his head
D:''ani yar ajeeb beta hai tumhara ise baarish nahin pasand its so romantic season yar''
And hearing his comment armaan's mom come and start drying armaan's wet hair who was sitting on chair beside his dad
An:''Mr.Billy Mallik for ur kind information yeh tumhara bhi beta hai''
Bi:''kahan yar he is so unromantic''
A:''dad kya unromantic baarish bhi koi romantic hotii hai dekhiye kitna saara paani zama ho jaata hai''
He said making a face
Bi:''yea Mr.Supercool Unromantic kabhie enjoy kar baarish ko fir pata chalega jaise hum karte the kyoon ani yad hai naa kaise hum baarish meiin bheegte the aur ekk hi bhutta khate the''
And hearing billy's comment ananya blushed
An:''kya billy tum bhi naa''

part 15 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Hey everyone...
I'm Buck with new update n I know its bit smaller this time also but I assure to give u all a longer part in next..
& one more thing i want to dedicate this part to someone very very very very n usse bhi jayda wali veryyy special person...
Apu its for u Embarrassed

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..Shukriya..

Rangon ki barsaat
Rishtoon ki pyar bhari sath
kya dono milega
Ya mulakat ab bhi adhuri hi rahega...

Part 15

Hearing atul Anji said: Are atul tum us waqt bahar gaye the na call karne tab pata hai kya hua?

seggies on kajen

part 23 : Vivaah…ekk nayi zindagi

Part 23

She then came out of her thoughts and looked at riddhima who gestured towards rahul. Muskaan forwarded her hand and rahul slipped the ring in her finger. She then slipped the ring in his hands with shaky hands. Everyone clapped and dinner was announced.


Riddhima was putting clothes in her cupboard. Armaan was sitting on the bed working on his laptop, resting his back on the headboard. His gaze fell on riddhima and he got lost in her.

Her hair were falling on one side, revealing the other side of her neck. She was bent towards the cupboard so her bare waist showed more.
Armaan was lost in her but came back to earth when his phone rang. He saw rahul's name flashing.

Ar: haan rahul bol!
Ra: yaar tujhe yaad haina ke humein canada jaana tha 3 week baad!
Ar: haan to?
Ra: woh canada wali meeting ki date peeche aagyi hai to abh humein kal subha hi nikalna hoga!
Ar: acha theek hai! Lekin kitne baje!!
Ra: subha 9 baje!
Ar: k!

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siggies on kash

siggies from anjali's collection

The Abandoned Child (one shot)

Ridhima Mallik despised festive season.. It was Christmas again and reminded her so much of what she has lost.. In this past one year, she felt irritated with joyous chatters, parties and gifts.. in short she hated holidays.. or to be precise it was just this Christmas holiday, that she wasn't liking at all.. It was her first Christmas that she would be spending alone.. ever.. and the very thought terrified her..

She was on her way to her friend, Muskaan's house.. Muskaan Grewal was a psychologist.. She has helped Ridhima in few of her cases as well as, over her personal griefs.. Ridhima entered her place only to hear Christmas video CD being played at high voice.. It was Muskaan's daughter, Khushi, a beautiful 4yr old girl.. Ridhima and Muskaan had a lot in common.. they both had a love marriages and had a very strong career lines.. They loved their husband and also gave birth to their babies in the same week four years back.. But the similarity ends here..

Muskaan's daughter had been born heathy and whole but Malliks' Prince was just a little angel who came to teach them what happiness is.. Aryan Mallik was merely 3 weeks old when he was diagnosed of a fatal disease.. and he died just a few days before his fourth birthday..

Part 46:I will bring my basket back

The teddy was targeted and so began the story. Cuddling it; she sat holding it tightly expressing her sad story to him.
?Dekha yaha pe toh kisi ko meri parvah hi nahi hai. Koi mujhse pyaar hi nahi karta. Sab mujhse ghussa hai. ?
All of this was heard and observed from the corner of that blued eyed person whom it was intended for but still he never responded back.
So she continued with her story.
?Hmm?? pehle toh baat baat par mere liye badi badi baatein hoti thi; surprises hote the par ab ye sab kyuu hoga. Ab ye sab koi kyu karne laga?
Agar main thodi der ke liye bhi baat nahi karti thi toh puri duniya idhar se udhar ghuma di jaati thi; meri ek smile ke liye; lekin ab aisa kuch bhi hone se raha.
Ab meri importance jo kam ho gayi hai na!
Ab toh sirf tum hi mera sahara ho teddy. Tum kabhi mujhse aise naaraz nahi hooge na; mujhe pata hai; tum kabhi mujhe akela nahi chodoge! Tum hi mujhe samajh sakte ho; aur koi nahi samjhta mujhe yaha!
VOICE: Haan haan kal agar kuch ho gaya toh ye teddy hi tumhari dekh bhaal karega na! Dard hoga toh isi ke gale lagke rona fir; haalat kharab hogi toh isse hi kehna fir! Ye jaroor tumhe khush karega; smile karvayega.Haina Mr.Teddy?
He poked the teddy and with one push he fell flat on the bed.

Part-6 ~And she left me actually~

Hello to all. M sholly for this so much late update. I have actually dropped the idea of continuing this ff but then my bestest di....told to plz complete it. Thing is i actually dont get time to write the part in btwn my studies. Whenever m home i update but now despite not being home i wrote it by typing on my phone just for punam di's request. Love u di n sorry too. I know me bohot lazy baccha hu. Par me kya karu....tym hi ni milta. So much burden on my small shoulders of 30
Well as all must have lost the tract of this ff (me too) here z the thread of previous part (part-5)

                                                 part 1-5


White curtains waving in morning breeze were making no efforts to stop sun rays peeping in the room , disturbing armaan in his sleep.Slowly he opened his eyes still lying in same state.
Riddhima.....a word so familiar to his soul engulfed his heart making him close his eyes softly reminsing the movements spend with her. He just want to be in his shona's memories for ever.
 Something made movement near him....he looked down to see vinika curling more close to his torso. Armaan moved his hand around her to give her feeling of coziness. She slept again quietly. Armaan smiled looking her cute smale face n bent down to kiss her forehead.
He looked at the wall clock to know its his time for geting ready for hospital.
He got up from bed not letting vini's sleep get disturbed.

Part 3 : Betrayal Ar/Arsh

Chapter 3 : Memories

It's been a week since Shilpa's funeral....Riddhima refused to go in that old house where she lost her that one weekshe caged herself in a room of harry's rented house....she never felt as vulnerable as she was that day

Clutching her picture with Shilpa she cried bitterly thinking about the day they were talking about their wedding


"Shilpa riddhima you both need to stop relying on each other this way" Harry said while munching on her chocolate muffin and looked at Riddhima combing Shilpa's hairs

"Why so you idiot?? Me and Riddhima di are always staying together ..right di" Shilpa bent her head asking to riddhima with a pout on her lips

"Well never leaving you and i won't even let you leave me" she hugged her

"SO You are taking this little brat as dowry ridzi after getting married ? harry said making riddhima laugh and shilpa grow a hawww

"You stupid harry" shilpa yelled throwing pillows on harry

"Shonuu!!You will kill him" Riddhima interfered as shilpa's pillow attack grew hard

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Part-1 : Arsh:Enemies Partners Or Lovers (Season 2)

Enemies partners or lovers



"Divorce...Back to enemies??"

"i hate him mom...i hate him like anything...and am not going back to him...its decided am divorcing him"

"Shilpa pagal hogayi kya???? aise kaise were madly in love with him now you are claiming that you hate him???? i just dont get it"

"padma relax" Shasank finally broke his silence looking at his daughter laying on her bed...he knew there must be something troubling her...Divorcing armaan??
agreed they hated each other in past....but then they both taught each other the meaning of love....who can forget when armaan left how painful was it for shilpa to handle herself now divorce??

Teaser & part 1: Aur Pyar Ho Gya


Armaan- Basket .. I mean riddhima … ridhima I … I … I love u very much … mein tumse bohat bohat bohat zyada pyar karta hun … pata nahi kese par ho gaya tumse pyar na chahte hue bhi ….. ridhimaa……. Kya tum bhi ….

ridhima – Armaan …. Armaan …. I ….. I ……

Few Days Later

Ridhimaa – Mein … mein aap ko Armaan Bhaiya keh kar bula sakti hun kya bhaiya ??

Armaan was shocked and didn’t know what to do but he controlled his emotions and said … Nahi … hum to dost hain na aur dosti me koi bara chotta nahi okay ?

ridhhima – okay ….

Saaya Hun Tera (one shot)

As we enter the scene we saw a man and a girl... u might be thinking that the couple would be in love
...But the more clear view of the situation was not so welcoming... The couple standing there was not in
love but one of them is behind lust greed and inhumanity....
And other one was the reviving one of all the hate-rate inhumanity all the torchers and discrimination....

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part 33 : my wish come true



Armaan reaches office nd calls all his team that's working on that deal.. he has thought of getting a man ready to go on his behalf, but for that he has to be very Confident and loyal.. Armaan discussed the deal with his team but still was not able to spot one of them who was efficient enough to bag the deal.. he sighed assigning them some area of the deal to work on..

Distressed Armaan came back to his cabin and found Anjali sitting there going through some file.. "Aren't you supposed to wait outside when I'm not in my cabin.." he almost barked at her in frustration.. he looked at the file in her hand and it was his file, nothing confidential yet he fumed seeing HIS file with HER.. her snatched the file nd threw it on the table with anger.. "Just get the hell out of my office and my life.."

I am coming there too - OS

That was the only thing he could to feel. Everything was ruined. He knelt next to her, her stained head resting in his lap........and her wrist too colored with her blood.........

"You can't leave me……..please.…not now"

Hot tears ran down him face but they were wash away by the rain. He brushed her hair off of her pale face.

"You.. you are going to heal from this right!…'re going to be ok!"

"Please please tell me you are going to heal from this!"
Behind him their friends watched on in pure shock at the tragedy to had happen.

The corner of her pink almost white lips turned up a little. She look up at him with slightly hazy lavender eyes.
"I'm sorry... I don't think I can."

Part 66: We Belong Together

Sitting in the car Armaan and Riddhima drove from the Mallik Mansion to the Gupta House.... The Way back journey was unusually silent... A slow music was playing in the car while both Armaan and Riddhima sat in the car utterly silent..... Their minds lost in deep thoughts...... Armaan's mind was

part 2 : pyari ma mumma

And riddhima looked at him as he speaks this to her and her heart breaks in thousand pieces hearing him she don't know how to handle him and as she did not replied to him armaan again asked from her as

A:''riddhima bolo na merii mumma meri ma nahiin hain''
And riddhima looked at him she is so so confused don't know what she can reply to him as those bloody papers say something like this but what she saw from five long years nandini ma's love for armaan, that can never state anything like this, she loved him like anything, he is actually her Jaan and she saw this from her own eyes so calming herself she speaks up as
R:''nahiin armaan aisa kuch nahiin hain nandini ma hi tumhari mumma hain, koi bhi stupid se papers tumhare aur ma ke rishte ke aage kuch bhi nahiin hain aur kisi ne aise hi ghatiya mazak kiyya hoga tumhare saath armaan''

poster competition --last reminder

hi guys..came again to remind all of you for poster competition.its last date is 15th may.please mail ur siggies if you want to participate .thanks.



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part 41 & 42:passionate love arsh

part 41

muskaan and rahul were quarelling over and aryan came in btw

oye chuchudar tu kaun hai???

Part 6 & 7:Is it love?

part 6

Ri: Pata nahi yaar mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya.
Mu:Aayega bhi kaise?Itna   handsome ladka jab saamne hoga to dimaag ki batti gul hogi nahi?
An:Chalo guys bohot hua lets go now.
At Riddhima's place
She opens the door and is welcomed by someone very eagerly
Ri:Rexx!!! Hahaha stop haha
Rex is her pet German Shepherd who welcomes her by licking her face everytime.
Rex leaves her then she goes to freshen up
Adi:Main aa gaya.
Ri:Koi pooja ki thal lekar nahi aane waala.Pata hai tu aa gaya.
Adi:Huh!!!Rehne do.Kisiko is veer ki koi kadar hi nahi hai.
Ri:Keep dreaming....
They have their usual bro-sis verbal fight...
(Mujhe nahi pata kitna time lagta hai bhai -behen ki fight mein I'm alone you see)
At night

Part 50: You actually love me or ...

As riddhima comes back in just a minute as she can not let armaan stay alone in that state for even a single second what a irony the person who is love of her life and whom she left for 11 months

Part 370:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Maan: (happily) Hotel Ridhimaan... yahin to main ruka hua hoon...

Armaan: (glowing) Really?

part 5: Love Gets Its Destiny


In evening

Riddhima was sitting on a stole in front of the big long mirror And few beauticians helping Riddhima
putting up the make up And doing hairs making her wear jewels..... Riddhima was all the time blushing
thinking her life with Sid.....
Soon Riddhima was all ready just putting the dhupatta over head was left when girls arrived all ready for
the D-Day....
As soon as they came near Riddhima.. Riddhima's phone buzz...
before Riddhima can pick up her cell phone And see who the caller is... Nikki picked up Riddhima's cell
And saw Sid calling.....
Nikki -oh hooo dekho toh.. kitni bechani hain JIJUUU ko.....
Riddhima -Nikki de na....
Muskaan -Nikki bechani toh isse bhi ho rahi hain ...

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Part 1 -- Pyari Ma Mumma (ss)

Armaan looked at the papers in his hands and tears start coming from his blue oceanic eyes he is not his mom’s son how on the earth is this possible and suddenly one voice beamed in the cabin as she walked inside and then seeing him

R:’’armaan sab tayari ho gayyi hain kal nandini ma ko surprise den eke liyye jaise tumne sab plan kiyya tha sab vaise hi hua main abhie check karke ayi hun as per your instructions, nandini ma ka cake jaise humne decide kiyya tha tum aur main milkar bake karenge so baki mom ka gift bhi ready hain kal deliver ho jayega armaan ok na’’

She blabbered but she is surprised as she finds him not reacting to her even one word infact he did not even turned to her she moved towards him and facing him she speaks up as
R:’’armaan are you even listening maine kya kaha armaan’’

But as she look at his face and seeing his state seeing the tears in his eyes she panicked and immediately cupped hia face in her palms

R:’’armaan kya hua tum aise kyun ro rahe ho hua kya hain armaan please batao mujhe bahut dar lag raha hain armaan’’

part 29& 30 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Part 29

As armaan was leaving

He blew a flying kiss to shilpa

And shilpa shyed and blew a kiss to armaan as well

Armaan murmured oye hoye

And suddenly armaan collided with a table

Shilpa said dhyan se

By her actions

He start rubbing his head

Waving bye

Will call you

Shilpa smiled

And get back to work

Happy Birthday Dershu

hi guys,aaj humare old blog ki ek bahut pyari member,ek great writer aur meri pyari sis dershika ka happy birthday let's wish her..

happy birthday dershu shona.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

part 39 : humari pyar ki kahani

They all boarded the plane for Delhi and from there they would go to Hill Station by car.


Finally after a long ride from Delhi to Hill station, the gang reached the cottage they had rented. The boys were taking out the luggage from the car while the girls were roaming around the cottage.
The cottage was a small yet beautiful. It was a two-story cottage. On the first floor there was kitchen, a small hall, and three bedrooms. On the top floor were 2 bedrooms.
Mu: (yawning) hayye main to itne lambe safar mein thak gayi!!
The boys who were done brining the bags came and sat on the sofa while girls sat next to them.
Mu: arre hero yeh to bata do ke humari rooms kaha hai? Subha 3 baje se jaag rahe hai!!!
Ar: Muski aur Nikki tum log woh saamne wala kamra lelo, aur Atul Anjali tum dono ka woh wala kamra hai! And rahul yaar inn dono ke saamne wala room tera hai!!!
Muskaan and nikki took their bags and left to their room to sleep as both were hell tired.
Anj: well guys main bhi bohot thaki hoyi hu aur waise bhi arav ko bohot neend arahi hai!
Anjali and Atul too retired to their room while rahul also went. When riddhima was about to go to girls room, she was pulled back by Armaan. Armaan who was sitting on the sofa his his back on it and riddhima fell on him.
Their faces were inches apart. Armaan caressed her face while riddhima shivered.
Ar: tum kidhar jaarahi ho?

Part 22:Ishq By Chance

Next day in MM
Armaan ki family ne gupta’s ko lunch pr invite kiya hta hai … wo sab log beth kr baatein kr rhe hotee hain …..
Billy : hahahahaah … han yaar shashank … college ke bhi kya din the …. Maza agaya wo zamana yaad krke …..

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Part 32 : My Wish Come True


Part 32

On their way home, Ryan told Ridhima about what he did in school.. Sometimes she giggled at his animated expressions while sometimes she was amazed to see him talking so enthusiastically.. She frowned when most of the time he kept talking of his new girlfriend.. she kept listening to him nd made a mental note to talk to Armaan about it..

Till the time they reached home tiered Ryan was asleep in Ridhima's embrace.. Ridhima carefully picked him up nd took him to his room.. she let him rest as she knew he has already had an ice cream.. She sat by his side nd brushed his head lovingly.. she smiled when he fisted a corner of her saree nd slept peacefully..

Part 16 : AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories


As they knocked on the door , an old lady opened it. She was in her mid 60s

Lady- ji
Armaan- aap bhul gayi naa
Lady- beta mai sach mai nahi pehchaani
Armaan-  pehchanengi kaise iss naacheez ko aap 6 years baad jo dekh rahi hai...yaha sai chaligayi aur ek baar nahi milne ayi na 'Dida'
(she is his mom's muh boli behn as u can say best frnd turned sister..She didn't marry and was handling Aashiyan from past 30 years. )
Dida- Armaan beta tu (she with trembling hands and tears of happiness touched hi cheecks)
Armaan- haan dida mai (he holded her hands on his cheeks and then took her palms to his lips and kissed)
Dida- kitna waqt beet gaya tujhe dekhe arsa ho gaya.... (tehn she looked at ridhima and points to her and ask ) yeh kaun hai??!!!
Armaan - aapki bahu..
Dida looked at Armaan and then Ridhima . Ridhima looked at her and smiled and then bent down and touched her feets. she blessed her by
dida- jeeto raho....and made her stand.

Part 26:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

ArmaanRiddhima Mansion…

Riddhima was changing… Armaan changed to his night cloth and was waiting for Riddhima to come… Armaan standing near window, looking outside at the cloud… He was thinking what happen tonight in Gupta house…
Riddhima changed to her night dress after taking a warm bath… She comes out from the washroom to see Armaan near window, lost in his thought…
Riddhima: Armaan… Abhi tak soyi nehi tum….
Riddhima goes near the dressing table to comb her hair… Armaan came out from his thought when Riddhima calls him… Armaan look around to see Riddhima infront of dressing table and combing her hair…. Her back bare was seeing as she put her hair side to comb…
Armaan make his way to her… Riddhima saw Armaan coming to her from the mirror… Riddhima saw his naughty smile on his cute face… But she didn’t give any interest to him and his naughtiness… Riddhima cont. with combing her hair…
Armaan comes near her and hug her from behind… He hides his face on her neck taking the smell of her beautiful fragrance…
Riddhima: Kya huva… Kya soach rahi ti…

part 10:Life out of control(season 3)

The sun blazed onto her, its rays making their way through her closed eyelids. Involuntarily, she smiled as she smelt a similar fragrance next to her. Her body was slightly stiff due to the position she was in, but heck who cared? Unlike other times, she knew exactly where she was, and with whom she was with. Her Armaan! She could barely feel the thin, worn out cushion underneath her but who gave a damn? For the first time in ages, yes, it seemed like years, she had woken up with a smile on her face. Her heart content, she gripped tighter onto his shirt, as she placed a kiss on his neck.

“Subah Subah bohot pyaar aaraha hai?” His voice startled her slightly, but she hugged him tighter in response. How was he awake? They barely had any sleep! And she was trying to get the most she could of being with Armaan, before anyone woke up! She looked at the time on her watch. It was 6:30!
“Shit,” she whispered as she quickly disentangled herself from him. What would the caretakers say if they saw them like that?
“Kya huwa, basket?” he asked yawning in the process.
“Sab kya sochenge if they see us?” she whispered, and got up to go away, but he was too quick for her. Grabbing her hand, he pulled her down onto his lap, and rested his face on her neck.
“Yehi, ki hum ek doosre ko bohoooot pyaar karte hain. Aur koi bhi humme kabhi juda nahin karsakta.”
“Lekin, they won’t deem it right Armaan.” She whispered back, feeling safer than ever. If anything happened, Armaan would take care of it. She was sure of that. She felt her lips curve at the thought of it. They were back together! Her Armaan was with her. And dare anyone even try and break them apart, be it Armaan himself, she would not take it!

'My Desire' (one shot)

It was a bright afternoon and some of hotel people were putting pamphlets of their new hotel chain at people's houses. They were doing their job when suddenly one of them a boy was unknowingly bumped with someone and all the pamphlets were scattered around them and a bag was fell down from the another person's hand and the boy looked at the person with whom he bumped, it was a girl and she was looking at him with anger in her pretty eyes and the guy could not help but admired her and
G:''oh hello mister chodenge''
And the guy immediately left her and the girl start collecting her books which fell from her bag when she bumped with this guy
B:''hey I am sorry come let me help u''
G:''no thanks tumne merii pehle hi bahut help kar dii hai tum log aapna kam dekh kar nahin kar sakte ya doosron ko pareshan karne meiin tum logon ko maza ata hai''
She said in complete anger and the guy looked at her in disbelief, ok his fault but he did not do it intentionally and here he is offering her help but she was yelling at him
B:''look miss I am sorry I did not do it intentionally''
G:''tum to aisee bat kar rahee ho jaise ''sorry'' bolkar ehsan kar rahee ho mujh par''
He was shocked she is in complete anger he could not believe how someone can be so angry just because a little mistake
G:''oh 'The Famous Mallik Hotel Chains' kamal hai itnee ache hotels aur kaise-kaise log hire kar rakhein hai''
She said while reading one of pamphlet which was in her hand and hearing him one of the another guy was about to speak when the guy who bumped with the girl signaled him to keep quiet
B:''well mam I am really very sorry but still I did not done this with any intention''
He said softly