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Part 35 : My Wish Come True


Part 35

His eyes wandered at the curtains that were preventing the sunrays from entering their room.. If he was asked about the most satisfying moment of his life, he would undoubtedly take yesterday's event into record.. him being so scared as if he'd lose her if he tells her how Anjali tried to be close to him.. then her Love nd Trust she showed in him.. Things have been the other way round since the time he has returned home.. Firstly Ridhima was being supportive while he was in panic.. then He was insecure while Ridhima showed her complete devotion towards him..

Nd Now.. for the first time she was asleep in his arms after their loving night while he was wide awake nd all the while kept stroking her hair, gazing at her.. he looked at the watch it was 9am nd they were still in bed.. He smiled recollecting last night.. he looked at her when she stirred nd held him.. he adjusted her head properly on his chest while her arms around his waist gripped him themselves.. he thought of first letting her sleep but then knowing that she would not like anyone to knock the door to wake them up he kissed her head with love mumbling "Ridhu.." she moaned nd turned her back to him..

part 61 : maybe Someday

GUYS! if you want to read the previous parts the link is as follow :-
part 1-60

 Recap- Names of the Killers spilled. Riddhima tried to escape but couldn't. All are going to rescue Riddhima.
N ab aage..

How long will it take us to reach there?
N- Just 15Mins!

Armaan patted his Hand Unusually. He was impatient they had been driving for about 2Hours now. He couldn't Take Any more Days Away From Riddhima. He was going to Kill Them Two.
As if Hearing his Minds Wish Nihal Muttered Correcting him

N- There are 3 Kidnappers. Vivek And Sumedh Are Just Helping! Their Boss is Different.
At- What ? who is he?
N- I'll Only Tell When I'm Sure. No arrows in the Air.
Ra- Please! Tell us we don't entertain secrets!

Part 9 & 10:Is it love?

Part 9
Lo aa gaya aap sabka hero heroine ke ghar par....
Ridz opened the door and found him in a mess.
Hair dishelved ,part of the shirt was tucked in and he was
leaning on the wall and sleeping!!!
Ri:[barely able to suppress her laugh]Armaan!
Ri:Armaan utho!
Now she couldn't take it any further and brought a jug of
icy water and........
Ar:AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Baarish !baarish! nahi snow !snow!
He said all this with his eyes closed
Ridz puri lotpot hokar has rahi thi ROFL

Part 371**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

 PART 371:

 Ridhimaa was stunned and so was Armaan. Tears were glistening on Ridhimaa's cheeks like diamonds. Armaan could not believe his eyes. Was the person standing before him, Ridhimaa? She was looking so different. Her revealing short bustier, the maroon jacket, her jeans and top of all, her curly hair. Surely he was making some mistake. She was not Ridhimaa, she couldn't be Ridhimaa. But then, her face, her eyes, her tears were all like Ridhimaa's.


Girl -aaj phir vo hi din aagay....
vo din jab tum aur mein alag hua the... kyun alag hua hum.. kyun nahi rah sake hum saaath... kay mein
Tumhe yaad bhi hongi.. kya tum mujhe yaad bhi karte honga jaise mein tumhe karti hun...... kya tum bhi
meri tarah hi ......

Her thoughts break with the sound of her mobile phone.....

Tring tring.....

Girl -hello....

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part 33: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Armaan kept his face between his both arms in between his legs and thought to himself

God pehle pyar mila ni tha

Part 27:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Voice: God… Couldn’t u see where u r going man…
Armaan and Riddhima look around to see who it was… Armaan was surprise to see who it was while Riddhima was angry how rude the person talks to her husband, her Armaan…
Riddhima: How dare you… He said sorry… Couldn’t u see where u r going…
Man: Ammy…
Armaan: Mohit…
Armaan hugs the guy….
Mohit: Where has u been Man…
Armaan: Main toh yaha ta… Tum… Yaha… Mujhe laga tum London main hai…
Mohit: Haan… Main kuch kaam ke liye kaha aaya…
Armaan: Ahcha…. Woh tumhara GF… Kya naam ta… Sanaya…
Mohit: GF nehi… Wife bolo…
Armaan: U got married Man… Not bad… Congratulation….
Riddhima was shocked to see both Men hugging and talking like this…
Mohit: Aur ye koan… Looking at Riddhima… GF hai kya…
Armaan: Nehi… She is my wife… pull her close to him by her waist… Riddhima… My love… My Jaan… Kiss her forehead from side…
Mohit: Really… Hi Bhabhi… Kaise ho aap…. Forward his hand…

Part 3 : Aur Pyar Ho Gya


Atul: Arre guys jaldi karo agar me late ho gaya to trinzy , pinky , susan sab bura man jayeingi …..
Armaan : Hey champ ye sab kon hain .. teri girlfriends …. Rahul:Tu to bara chuppa rustam nikla han…..
Atul (while turning into a deep shade of red from head to toe) : arre nahi yaar … ye to mere plants ke naam hain
Muskaan: oye tune apne podon … ke naam rakhe hue hain ?
Anjali: chorr na muskaan … he has lost it ….
Riddhima: Guys … game shuru krte hain nahi to break khtm ho jaye gi …..
Armaan: han han wese bhi kuch logon ko harne ka bohat shauq hai ….
Ridhima: han han wo to hai hi …. But mujhe nahi tumhe ….
Armaan: but mein ne to tumhara naam lia hi nahi ……..
This made riddhima even more angry and she gave armaan a murderous look seeing which an unusual smile popped on armaan’s face. He did not know why but for him irritating riddhima had become the most interesting thing to do ….
Anjali: acha guys pehle hum gayein ge …. Ridzy chal gaa …

PART 5 A :Teri Meri Yeh Love Story

My Angel's Eyes

Dancing aglow
With love and wonder
Sparkles and flashes
Of lightning and thunder
Dreamlike states
They cast me headlong
Piercing with brilliance
Weaken, yet strong
Smiling and dazzling
Hypnotic and warm
They hold my gaze
With their grace and charm
Caressing and comforting
As warm blue skies
I'm hopelessly lost
In my Angel's brown eyes!

- Joe Roach -

Tears made their way out of my eyes as i realized what I was doing..One more step and Its over...But he never let me to take that one step...I looked at him and instantly hugged him tightly...and sobbed when I felt his hands circling around my waist and holding me close to him...That time I felt something different...It was not only comforting hug...but something more to it...As if..this hug was more out of fear...I couldn't exactly make out of it as that time I was busy in searching for my solace... As i realized the situation I took a step back and stared into his eyes...

His eyes were saying volumes...were showing the traces of fears of losing someone...someone... Is that me...It is the feeling of losing me...I don't know to what extent it was true...but mere thought of going away from him will surely take my life...So not thinking about anything...I hugged him Again...this time even more tighter...

part 15 : fought for ur soul

A girl is running in collage n finding someone in all corners n rums...
She opens the door of rum n shouts..

Girl : riddzzz...
Ridhima : tanya chila mt..(tanya one of ridhima's frnd in clg..)
tanya: ridz tu yahan art rum main kya kr rahi hai..
Ridhima : tanya main kam kr rahi hn.. don’t disturb me
Tanya : bt ridz hall main auditions chal rahe hai n u are sitting here..
Ridhima : i have changed my mind mujhe chear leaders ke auditions nahi dena.
Tanya : wat are u mad.. U wanted to do this.. N even in  high scul u were the bst..
Ridhima : soo wat tanya.. With time choises of people change.. N meri bhi hogyi..
Tanya : tu thik hai na..
Ridhima : tanya im perfectly fine.. Ab kya main aona kam krlun..
Tanya : okiee..
Tanya leaves from there n ridhima resumes her work..

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part 45 & 46:passionate love arsh

Part 45

Aryan: toh ab smjh agya hoga na so miss sorry mrs shilpa armaan malik if u love ur hubby toh

use kuch btana mat

Part 51: You actually love me or ...

Riddhima is startled feeling the touch on her soft skin and she knows the person who is belonged to this touch and who has the soul right to cause this much shiverness in her body just with his mere touch but

siggies by Aayushi

JEEVAN SAATHI (one shot)

"Ridhima!!!" someone shouted......"di...bhabi" another voice comes.....
"Ridhimaaa!!!basket!!!.......di...bhabhi....Ridhimaaa...di..basket...bhabhi......ridhimaaaa.....di......basket...bhabhi" both the person kept shouting.....
Ridhima irritated by this shouted "bassss......kyaa hai hai.....pareshaan kardiya"
"bhabhi wo.....ridhima wooo" both the person came forward to say bt... "stop it....tum dono bacho sai kam nahi ho"ridhima said while scoldin both.....

"sorry bhabhi" the eprson said with head down and hands on hear askin for forgiveness.....
Ridhima's face softened.... "hey kiddo.....its kk...its just i was fed up with ur and ur bhai's regular fight...common i need too someone to fight bt u two keep fighting on your own"
"di..bhabhi.. Armaan bhai is like tht bt he loves u soo much u know naa" the girl (armaan's sister) said...
Armaan surpressed his smile....

megs creatins

kajen edits

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happy birthday Rucha (20thmay)

hi friends,today is the happy  birthday of our sweet girl  rucha ,the writer of "my wish come true" and many more beautiful ffs,os's..she is an amazing siggi maker too.let's wish her...

 I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

Part 36 : Tu zindagi

shilpa was lying on the bed but sleep was far away from her beautiful eyes .she was still lost in the dreams which she lived today evening. she remembered how arman was amazed to see her,how he hugged her tightly as they will not be  separated anyhow,how his tears wet her he became adamant to not to leave her..

a shy smile crept on her lips remembering when she fed arman bd cake and how arman kissed her finger hiding it from everyone's eyes. she took out the pic of arman which she kept under her pillow and uttered looking at him: "maine toh socha tha bade sharif ho tum....abhi se saitani suru ho gayi tumhari ?"

Part 24:Ishq By Chance

Next day …..
Armaan calls surbhi ….
Armaan : hello han … surbhi …..

Part 7(b) & 8:Is it love?

Part 7 [II]
Flashback continues
Phir shaam me Armaan aur uski family ko dinner par invite
kiya tha mujhe nahi pata kisne kiya.Phir dinner ke baad
Nishant bhaiyya ne sabko bataya ke main itni jaldi ye sab
nahi chahti aur iski wajah se mere studies par asar ho raha
hai.Sabne socha phir....[pauses]

Phir mujhe nahi pata.The next thing I knew mujhse ring
waapis maangi aur engangement toot gayi.
Flashback ends

At:Haila! Armaan ne kuch nahi kaha?
Ri:Uske chehre par jo expression tha wo mujhe samajh nahi aaya
Ud:I think I know.Bechara dukhi hoga.Pehli pehli engangement

Part 47:I will bring my basket back

Hey beautiful how are you? Kya chal raha hai.....
It had been two days now; Riddhima was sitting back at home getting bored while Armaan used to be in Sanjeevani the entire day.
It were strict instructions by him that till the time her wounds aren?t healed completely she won?t enter Sanjeevani and for the first time ever Shashank Gupta had given his complete approval for his decision!
Padma had come over to stay with her for a few days as she had missed her daughter terribly and after the horrible days that had made her daughter suffer to no ends; she wished to pamper her a little and provide her with proper care.
Pa: Kuch nahi Armaan; bas teri Riddhima ko ye dudh peene ke liye keh rahi thi par ye hai ki maanti hi nahi!
He smiled at the way she addressed her as his; such a small thing but had so much to it!
Pa: Par beta tujhe aaj kuch jyada hi der nahi ho gayi!
A: Jee vo thoda paper work pending reh gaya tha vo pura karne ke chakkar main time ka hosh hi nahi raha.
R: Arey rehne do na Maa; Khud ka hosh reh jaye vohi badi baat hai aap kaha isse waqt ka pooch rahi ho?
Padma glared at Riddhima as she found her giving deadly glares to him.
Kyun use aise bol rahi hai Riddhima; dekhti nahi bechara kitna thak gaya hai fir bhi sab chodke pehle tujhse milne aaya hai.
A: Arey kaha beautiful; main toh aapkse milne aaya tha; is hitler ke muh lagne thodi!
He smirked as she rolled her eyes at his comment but gasped the very next moment as Padma held his ear;
Tum na bade badmash ho. Kitna chedte ho meri bachi ko?

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Part 34 : My Wish Come True


Part 34

Sapna nd Muskaan were happy to see AR back to their koochi-kooing mood.. when Armaan would tease her in front of everyone nd she would either hush him off by a sharp glare or herself move away blushing to herself.. Armaan came with Ryan nd settled on the sofa with a thump..
"pa lucky shaath khelna hai na.." Ryan said trying to hop off Armaan's lap.. Armaan giggled looking at Ryan's wrinkled nose.. he for once smiled nostalgically as Tiya would always wrinkle her nose whenever she was concentrating on something or acting like a baby herself..

part-8:~And she actually left me~

Armaan's cabin

He was pondering on something eyes closed.
How can she b there. No its gud she is there but what....what was tht happened 3 yrs back...
After that how can a person come again.
Aaah.....kuch b h.....riddhima mere pas wapis h bas aur kuch ni chahiye....shayad mujhe bhul gayi h coz of amnesia. But MAIN usse yaad karaunga...
He looked up thanking his stars.
He smiled in tears brimming in his eyes.

He took out his wallet n caressed the small pic of riddhima in it...
Pata h kitna miss kiya h mene tumhe shona......m very lucky ki tumhe ek baar khone ke baad fir paya h. Me adhura hu tumhare bina jaan.Bas abh jaldi se waapis aa jao mere u sweetheart.
He smiled n hugged her pic as if hugging riddhima.

part 25 : supermodel

Recap   fashion show n ridhima's appearance as designer

PART ~25

Later at night..

Ridhima was sitting on swing at terrace lost in her thoughts...

Armaan came holding two cups of hot coffee..

Armaan : ridhima..

No response

Armaan : ridhima...

Armaan after putting the coffee on the table..
Sat on swing n made ridhima look at him...

Armaan : kya hua ridhima..

Ridhima : kuch nahi..

part 6 : Love Gets Its Destiny


Riddhima was sitting there on her bed all lifeless with Letter still in her hAnd in tight grip. Shashank And
Armaan looked at Riddhima And then at each other al helpless. Armaan have tears in his eyes seeing
Riddhima in this state. Controlling over himself And keeping the check on his emotions Armaan moved
towards Riddhima And knelled down on the floor beSide Riddhima's leg.
Riddhima was staring on to the letter with no emotions on her face only tears where Swimming in her
eyes but she never let then cross her eye lid. After few minute of all silence Armaan spoke
Armaan took Riddhima's both hAnds in his while sitting there only. He looked in her eyes.

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poster competition (voting time)

hi friends,came with the beautiful posters for the poster first i want to thank to all participant who made those posters with hard labour and giving their precious time for it.

I  got 15posters,among them 3 posters are not fulfilling this category and 1 is not opening,so posted 11 posters.u can vote on 6 . last date od voting is 31st may.

categories are---(u can  give more than 1 siggy in each category)

1) most clean and perfect 
2) match with the theme
3)most comedy
4)most beautiful


part 31 & 32 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Part 31

Armaan hold shilpa s hand and stopped her going to play holi.

Armaan caressed her hair lovingly and huskily said shilpa

part 9 & 10 : lovers or rivals

Part 9...

Armaan : friends..
Aman ria : yess..
N shake hnds..

Aman : umm... ur name arman malik i dont like it can i cal u buddy

Armaan: sure champ..

Muskan : (thinking) thak god ridzi just left.. If she would have seen arman with kids.. God knows wat wpuld have happened..

( muskan chadha urf muski.. Ridzi bst friend after she left arman. She knows every secret of ridhima... Kids are very close to her and often come to her olace to play..)

Muskan : hey are u arman malik ??
Aman : yes di he is the one aunty was talking about to mumma
Muskan : move inside u two.. Who keeps their quest standing on door..
Ria : chill di he is our buddy...
Muskan : hello im muskan... Plz come inside
Armaan : hi..

part 24 : Vivaah…ekk nayi zindagi


An: isse kya hoa?

Riddhima and nikki ran to Muskaan's room followed by Ananya. They entered the room to see muskaan sitting on her bed crying. Riddhima went and sat next to her while Nikki sat on the other side. Riddhima put an arm around her shoulder and Muskaan cried on her shoulder.

Ri: muskaan kya hoa hai? Tum ro kyu rahi ho?
Mu: b-bhabhi I-I lost m-my best f-riend! Bhai mujhse nafrat karte hai!! Woh mujhse abh pyaar nahi karte! Kya main itni boori hu? Maana ke maine galti ki hai! Lekin meri galti ki saza itna badi kyu hai?
Ri: Armaan tumse naraaz nahi hai muskaan! Woh bus thoda thoda ghussa hai! Woh tumse nafrat nahi karte! Tum to unki favourite behan ho! Woh bohot pyaar karte hai tumse!! Dont worry sab theek hoajyga!
Mu: Sach?
Ri: Much!!

kajen seggies

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part 43 & 44:passionate love arsh

Part 40

Armaan hugged shilpa more tight and huskily said in her ear

Armaan: shilpa and he slided down his hands in hands of shilpa and twined his fingers with her.

Part 2 : Aur pyar Ho gaya


Both of their eyes’ widened when they saw each other.
Ridzy: mein nahi tum… tum yahan kya kar rahe ho … Looser kahin ke
Armaan: dekho mujhe looser mat bulao … mein yahan par new intern hoon ….
The others were staring at them astounded.Just then Anjali spoke : Ridz tum isse janti ho kya ?
Riddhima: nahi di wo bas ye looser basketball me mila tha ….
Arman: Whoaa!! Ye Dr.Basket tumhari behen hai kya ??
Anjali smiled and said: Han hai to but you know we both are very different…
Armaan: lag bhi raha hai … he said this while looking at ridhima which ridhima noticed.
Ridhima: kya … kya kaha tumne 
Anjali: Ridzy chor naa… Anyways hi .. I am Anjali
Armaan: hi I am Armaan … Armaan Malik
Then one by one he greeted everybody and now it was turn of Rahul.
Armaan: Oh .. Rahoool … Tu yahan kya kar raha hai meri shikayat lagane aya hai kya 
Rahul: Mein yahan intern hun Armaan …..
Muskaan : Oye hero tu iss kaankhajure ko janta hai ?
Armaan: han wo dadoo .. I mean rahoool mere sath college me tha …. Then he turned towards ridhima who was fuming with anger…. He smiled slightly and said: hey basket…
Ridhima: Ridhima … Ridhima naam hai mera ….
Armaan( Acting as if he was scared) : ooooooo ……

part-7 : ~And she actually left me~

Vini plzzz baby have something of it naw...niki was pleading to  vinika for food who was busy with her teddy JERIN rolling its arms. But she was not even looking at the plate of food in niki's hand. Whenever niki try to put a bite in her lil mouth she either lock her lips in mouth or put jerin in front of her face making niki irritated.

Vini aapne kal se kuch ni khaya h baby....plz thoda kha lo naw ....

Naaaaaa.......jerin.....aaaaah.....vini tried to open the teddy's mouth to make it eat...making niki frown.
Niki was busy pleading in her front when the main door flung open showing armaan in peculiar state.
Nikita kept the plate on site sensing something wrong with him. She took vinika in her arms n went towards him but he was already near the stairs to reach his room when....

Ni:armaan ruko....kya hua ? Everything ok.....itni jaldi hospital se waapis aa gaye...
But he seem to b less care giving to answer her....n walk upstairs.
Vi: daaa.....Daada...
Vinika playing with her fingers having her lips curved in pout looking at he dint smiled at her or even looked her. How can vinika tolerate tht behaviour of him!

siggies on KASH/KAJEN/KASU