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part 34: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

After two hours armaan gained consciousness during those two hours shilpa hold him in her lap
And kept caressing his forehead
Armaan plz ankhe kholo mujhe btao na kya hua,?
She had tears in her eyes.
Armaan slowly tried to open his eyes.
And he was feeling sharp pain in his head
His head was still heavy
Shilpa ki jaan m jaan ajati hai
She made him sit carefully
Armaan aram se betho
Shilpa: kya hua tha??
She kissed his forehead
How u came here
Armaan slowly
Mumbled i i dont know who brought me here
I got an unknown call and someone said a girl is lying un front of my house
And then i got a sharp hit
Shilpa: bahut dard ho rha hai??
She hugged armaan tightly
Mere hote hue tumhe kuch b ni hoga
Armaan smiled in pain even

Part 28:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: Basket…
Armaan runs to her, why she was sitting on the ground… Again he was shocked… Baby girl was on her lap… Riddhima was tiring cloth in her knee… She tries to make her stop crying by talking babyish language… Armaan breathe relief and sit next to her…
Armaan: Kya huva Basket… Yeh ro kyu raha hai… Aur iski Ma ya papa kaha hai…
Riddhima: Woh gir gayi… dehko… chot bhi lagi…
Armaan: Lekin iski Parents kaha hai…
Riddhima: Baby… Aapki Mammi kaha hai…
Just then a lady came…
Lady: Angel… Kya huva…
She took baby girl from Riddhima… She tells her mom with her cute voice she fell down and how she was hurt… Armaan got up and help Riddhima to get up… Armaan was holding Ice cream on his one hand…
Lady: Thank you…
Riddhima: Its ok, but agli baar iska khayal rakna…
Lady: Main toh iske liye ice cream lene gayi ti… Yeh toh waha park main ti… Mujhe pata nehi yaha kaise aagayi…
BabyGirl: Mammi… Mela ice cream…
Armaan: Yeh lo… He gave one for her…

Part 373:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 373:

 Maan stopped, shocked. Ridhimaa had called him 'bhaiyya' in front of everyone. The others too were in shock. They were thinking all sorts of things between Ridhimaa and Maan. Maan turned around. Ridhimaa got up, rushed upto him and hugged him tight.

part 11:Life out of control(season 3)

"I don't know.."

"Lekin kuch toh idea hoga na basket."

"Armaan, I really don't have a clue! She was fine as soon as the door shut behind you! Perfect in fact, as though nothing had changed."

"Phir..?" Armaan questioned.

"Tumne usse kuch kaha kya?"

"Nice joke Basket, meri itni himmat? Even though you guys are poles apart, aap dono ka gussa ek jaisa hai. Aur mujhe iske beech mein nahin phasna!" he replied warily making her scowl.

"Humaara gussa? Uff Armaan! You know what. Bahar mein jao. I don't want to figure out why Anji was so rude to you. In fact, good she was! Achcha huwa!" Riddhima retorted as she stood in the balcony, enjoying the cool breeze.

"Basket aise matt kho na.." he flopped down on his bed holding the phone close to his ear. "Ohk, lets forget Anji for now. Kal usse nipat lunga."

Part 13 & 14:Is it love?

Part 13
A few weeks before their board exams...
Ud:Guys kisiki padhai hui hai?
At:Uday baat mat kar!Meri to neend hi haram ho gayi hai.
    Bohot padhai hai yaar!
Ben:Arre chill yaar!Is baar swine flu ka kahar tha na to
     is baar papers easy honge.
Di:Achcha tum itne confidence se kaise keh sakte ho?
Ud:Wo kya hai na Dits bechaare ko experience hai.
Mu:Achcha to Benji tu meri tution lega?
Ma:Wow Benji tumhari to kismat khul gayi.
An:Hey guys koi meri madat karo mujhe history ka 1 chapter
    samajh mein nahi aa raha.
At:Main hun na Anjali main tumhe samjha dunga.
Ra:Haan aur agar phir bhi samajh mein na aaye to main
    samjha dunga.
Mu:Tune sabka theka le rakha hai kya?Subah se dekh rahi
    hun bada hi "class sevak" ban raha hai.
Ra:To teri kyun jal rahi hai?
Mu:Oye khotya!Mujhse aise baat mat kar samjha na?

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Dmg siggies

anshu's creation

part 4 : pyari ma mumma

As armaan puts the receiver down two fat tears fell from his eyes and he slumped on the chair beside him and riddhima looked at him she feels so bad seeing him so she holds his head as armaan puts his head on her stomach
A:''riddhima dekha tumne meri ma mujhe kitne ache se jaanti hain koi kaise keh sakta hain meri ma meri mumma nahiin hain. Meri ma tou meri halki se awaz se hi pechna leti hain ki main khush hun ya nahin kahin main pareshan tou nahiin, tou yeh kaise ho sakta hain ki meri ma nahiin hain riddhima sirf ma hi aapnein bachon ko aise pechan sakti hain na''
He looked at riddhima and then riddhima nodded her head in assent she knows he is saying the truth and
A:''tou fir kaise riddhima mujhe kuch samajh nahiin aa raha yeh sab mujhe pagal kar dega riddhima''
He said putting his hand frustratingly in his hairs and he is about to pull his hair in frustration when riddhima stopped him doing him so and then shakes her head as

Part 48:I will bring my basket back

Coming out fresh from shower she placed the towel on the rack neatly and looked up into the mirror. That cringe on her long sleeves disturbed her; she her other hand instantly moved up to do the needful. She sat down on the stool and grabbing the tiny stud she placed it against her ear when her eyes met his through the mirror.
She turned around instantly with her eyes wide open as she was surprised to see him standing behind her admiring her beauty for God knows how long! Maybe all the while.......
Armaan? Tum kab uthe.....aur kyu?
He picked other earring from the dresser and tucking her hair stand behind placed it in her earlobe hole.
Good morning to you too Basket....... he placed a small kiss on her cheek and sat down in front of her.
She bit her tongue and looked down at him;
Good morning Armaan; par tum uthe kyu itni jaldi; so jao na main jaate waqt utha dungi tumhe.
Tum mujhe jabardasti sulaogi kya ab? Had hai matlab; shaadi kya ho gayi; main apni marzi se uthu bhi nahi?
She rolled her eyes at his early morning melodrama.
Fine mat so; tumhari jagah main hoti toh apni beauty sleep enjoy kar rahi hoti; but anyways.....
Vaise acha hua tum uth gaye!
Grabbing her mobile she started walking towards the door; when she heard him comment;
Chalo shukar hai; late hi sahi kam se kam she feels it?s good that I?m up!

part 16 : fought for your soul

note..  ok guys sabse pehle main thoda sa brief kuch btana chati hn.. regarding doubts
armaan - he is nt exaclty dead.. uski atma (soul evils ke kabze main hai
ayaan - so that ridhima ka re birth ho sake he sacrified his life n apni powers ridhima main trasfer ki ayaan ne..
kunki jb armaan ka soul capture hua tha ustm ridhima died..
atul anji ka upcuning parts main pta chalega.. unki death ridhima ko is new birth main bachte hue hue..


PART ~ 16

Shilpa : ridhima come lets have lunch.. Kitna time hogya ek sath khana khaye.. Islie maine n sid ne bahar lawn main lunch ke arrangements kie hai..

Ridhima : mujhe bhok nahi hai tum log khalo..

Shilpa : aise nahi chalega.. Kitni week ho gyi hai tu..

part 16 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..Shukriya..

Mulakat phir dhuri reh gayi
Milte milte nazar aghuri reh gayi
Jane kab hogi phir mulakat inka
Baki sab to mil gaye ginke waqt tinka tinka
Aur masti bhari paal baki hai
Janne k liye part padna jaruri hai
 Part 16

Mu(with shock): tu yaha kya kar rhi hai?
The other person (with shock): Tu yaha kya kar rhi hai?
Mu: sawal pe sawal na kar jawab diya kar?
Other person(imitating her): Badi ayi "jawab diya kar" tu yaha kar kya rhi hai meri friend k ghar pe?
Mu: kya bola tune tere friend yeh mere friend k ghar hai infect yeh mere badi mumman bade paapa ka ghar hai aur main yaha kuch bhi karu tujhse matlab?Tujhe andar ghusne kisne diya..
Other person (with shock): What???????
While Ridz watching them talking from far comes towards n said: Muski u meet rahul..N rahool its muski our another friend
Muski n rahul said together actually shout together: no way
Scene faded in their shocked face

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Part 38 : Tu zindagi

thanks a lot to those readers who gave like tabs (excellent) to this ff. this ARSH romantic part is for them.hope you will like it. if possible please give a comment too.

in a second, something  happened which was  beyond their thought..neither shilpa could imagine about it nor arman. arman smacked his lips on her soft pink  as he couldn't control on his desire but within a second he detached himself quickly as he understood it was wrong...wrong to touch her or kiss her without her permission.

shilpa was froze what happened in last 30 sec. now they were sitting in the car like unknown person. arman kept quiet as he was ashamed of his idiotgiri and shilpa was feeling discomfort.

after some time arman uttered in a pleading voice : "sorry shona,don't know mujhe kya hua tha,i am really sorry.i didn't want to hurt you.."'
shilpa replied slowly : "its ok."'
arman uttered in an apolozise voice : "mai aisa nehi karna chahta tha..mai hun hi idiot.''
shilpa didn't reply.

Part 26:Ishq By Chance

Shadi jaldi jaldi ho jati hai …. Lekin riddhima ke liey har har lamha eke k ghante ki tarah hota hai …… kyunke she is eager to know about armaan’s surprise …….
Muskaan MM me achuki hoti hai ….. aur thri der usse tg krne ke baad riddhima usse uske room me chor aati hai …..

Part 52: You actually love me or ...

And as riddhima said this looking at armaan and then the little bundle of joy in her arms tears fell from her eyes as she heard the cry of their princess got high she quickly placed her hand on her chest to calm her as she try to sooth her

Part 4: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya


Next morning in locker room all of the interns were present except armaan. Muskan , anjali , rahul and atul were standing in a group talking about the bet. While riddhima out of tension kept herself busy in finding stuff she even didn’t need in her locker.Just then Armaan entered there … everybody greeted him but riddhima. This didn’t go unnoticed by Armaan. He went upto riddhima.
Armaan: kya hua basket … kafi chup chup lag rahi ho …… apne boss ko good morning bhi nahi kaha ….
Ridhima: Good… Good morning Armaan…
Armaan: ahan .. armaan nahi sir bulao mujhe …. Tameez nahi hai kya apne boss se bat krne ki ..
vestiges of tension were clearly visible on riddhima’s face after hearing this.
ridhima: sorry sir…
Armaan: gud…
saying so he went towards his locker……. Just then an announcement was made for the interns to report at the nursing station. Atul , anjali , rahul and muskan had already left… ridhima was about to leave when armaan stopped her…
Armaan: hey basket kahan jaa rahi ho..
Ridhima: nursing station
Armaan: but ab tum canteen jao gi

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Part 36 : My Wish Come True


Part 36

Its been a week since their first Anniversary.. Life couldn't be better for Armaan nd Ridhima.. Armaan loved the way Ridhima was now showing her love while for Ridhima she was living her best dream.. How Armaan's family loved nd respected her.. How lil Ryan would go crazy without his mamma around him, pampering him.. nd How Armaan loved her with his soul.. It was all she could ever wish for.. She was in the kitchen making Armaan nd Ryan's fav kheer when she felt herself pulled into a hug.. Armaan was encircling her waist from back while sleepy Ryan clung to her legs..

part 26 : supermodel

PART ~ 26
(i hve nt checked spelings n dramatical mistakes..  kindly ignore..)

Every one left for their respected houses with smiling faces n hopes for a good n successful future..

Ridhima forced maliks to stay at her place.. She refused to agree that they will live un a hotel as niki lived in hostel n armaan with rahul n a small apartment.. Maliks could not refuse to Ridhima.. As she litlary ordered them..

Armaan was driving the car.. With Ridhima seating on passenger seat.. Mr n Mrs. malik on back seat with niki in between them..
Who was speaking nonstop n telling her parents her experience with every one that she has not shared on phone...

They reached Ridhima's house..

Mr malik folowed ridima towards the house while armaan was taking out his parents luggage from the car n Mrs. malik stayed with her son..

Mrs malik puts her hand on armaan shoulder..

Mrs malik : armaan kaise ho beta.. Ek bar tumhe apne mom ki yaad nahi ayi..

Part 5 B : Teri Meri yeh Love Story


"There is something beautiful about the past,

And about the way it haunts us.

The way we pass through moments like walking through doors.

The way we shut some out, and the way we welcome some to stay.

Our memories are ghosts, and they will remind us of all the things,

We no longer have.

-       R.M. Drake

 It was late in the evening. He was standing near the window when his eyes travelled to the petite figure in the rain. Though it was all dark everywhere still he could recognize that figure dancing and playing in the rain just like a small child do. He couldn't help but smile at his angel. Steadily he made his way out and passing through the garden he reached near her. He knew that she had probably felt his presence as she stood still.

Part 372:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 372:

Anjali: Friend? Kab se?

Maan: Well... main Riddhi ko jaanta to 11th December se hoon lekin friends hum log shaayad 23rd Jan ko bane... right?

Part 11 &1 2:Is it love?

Part 11
Few more days passed and soon it was time for Armaan to
In school
Mu:To, kaise chal raha hai sab kuch?
Ri:Theek hai.Aaj Armaan ja raha hai.
Sam:Hmm.Shaam me?
Ri:Nahi.11 baje.
Gu:11 to abhi 1 ghante me baj jayenge.
Nu:Gunjan,ab wo itne din raha hai to Ridz ne to use subah
    hi bye-bye kar diya hoga nahi?Aur uske wahan na rehne
    se koi pahad thodi na tootega.
Di:Haan use bhi pata hoga ke Ridz to school mein hoti hai
    us time.Use koi time nahi mila kya?
Ri:Guys!Zaruri hai kya ki main use send off karun?
At:Umm nahi.
Ri:To bas baat khatam wo aaj ja raha hai.
At:Hey guys!Kuch dino mein Valentines day hai.
Ni:Hume pata hai Atul.Tum kisi aur ko batana chahte ho
   kya?[eyeing Anjie]

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part 40 : Humari pyaar ki kahani

"PART 40

They were indulged into the kiss when thr moment was broken with the bell on the door!!
as they came out of the kiss ridhima was blushing badly...armaan smiled looking at her and then moved to open the door...

As he opened the door....two mouths were left hanging in the air and one had eyes that they will come out any second....AR were blushing badly and the lil one was confused like hell!!
Seeing thr face Armaan closed his eyes and started miving backwards!!!

one mouth closed and- Hawwwwww bhai.....tum yaha...hum toh tumhara intezaar karte karte thak gaye!!!(this is nikki)
anjali smacked him- tu meri behn kai saath tha....kyaa kar raha tha..haan??!!!
armaan - ouuch!! (rubbing his hand)
atul closed his mouth- abe tum ladna baad mai pehle armaan tu bata tu humare ko phone kar deta...kuch chala jata....
armaan- wo..woo...wo bhai yaad ni raha!!
nikki- kyon...kuch kar rahe thai kisi kaam mai vyast thai jo yaad ni raha...they she remembered something.....and shouted- haaawwwwww
anjali looked at nikki and spoke- tu vahi soch rahi hai jo mai sich rahi hoon
nikki- haan...
and both shouted- haawwwwwww kyaaa tu/aap armaan/bhai aur ridzi/bhabi kuch kar rhae yhai....
armaan eyes popped out and he said- noo..nahiii....nhaiii...kuch nahi kar raha tha,......

part 3 : pyari ma mumma

As soon armaan speaks on the phone he heard his mom's panicked voice as she says that
A:''hello ma''
N:''maani beta kahan the aap? ap theek tou ho na bacha? aap aapna cell kyun nahiin ootha rahe the bacha. Aapko pata hain na bacha jab aap phone nahiin oothate mumma kitni pareshan ho jaati hain. Manni beta aap bol kyun nahiin rahein ho?''
She fired lots of questions as she is so much tensed for him and armaan has his eyes tears filled with tears hearing his mumma's concern how anyone can say that She is not his Mumma, and then he again heard his mumma's panicked voice as
N:''maani beta main abhie office aa rahi hun mujhe mera bacha bilkul theek nahiin lag raha hain''
She said and she is on the verge of cutting the call when armaan finally speaks up as
N:''han bacha''
A:''mumma main bilkul theek hun aap chinta mat kijiye I am fine mumma aur please tension mat lijiye mumma aapka b.p. badh jaayega na mumma''



Armaan and Riddhima was sleeping peacefully holding each other as sheet was hidding their body leaving Armaan upper half and Riddhima shoulder part visible... Sun was peeping inside the room as the ray disturb Riddhima sleep when it hit on her face... Not wanting to move her tired body and open her heavy eyes which was filled with sleep, Riddhima turn around hidding her face on Armaan bare chest feeling his warm...
Armaan who was sleeping on his back as Riddhima laid on his arm a while ago turning to hide herself in his arm make him change the position as well he move holding Riddhima securely in his arm hiding his face on her hair which was spread around...

Part 7 : Love Gets Its Destiny


Armaan And Riddhima to retrieve to Riddhima's room as Armaan
Armaan Riddhima were now married in front of all the guests. Armaan was stAnding with Riddhima
looking at Riddhima from the corner of his eyes. Shashank Padma decided that they will do Riddhima's
for all rituals sake And after taking a round around the city they will come back as Armaan too live there
in Gupta house as their son. So as decided Shashank did bidai of Riddhima for time being And each every
guest too left from there after bidai. Armaan Riddhima sat in the car And the car moved away from
gupta house. Armaan looked towards Riddhima who was sitting there without any word without any
emotions on her face. Armaan sigh looking at her And then looked forward he too didn't have any thing
to say to her.

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part 47 & 48:passionate love arsh(last part)

Part 47
shilpa requested aryan plz armaan ko chod do aryan u want me na y u took him here??

plz gun hatao

she did a gesture to remove gun point

part 25 b : supermodel

PART ~25(B)

voice : main kruga arrm fasion house ko finance..!

every one turns towards the entrance their stood a couple in late forties both of them formally dressed

Dk : mr malik.??

Armaan : dad...!!!

Dk : mr malik how can u do that.. Last wk toh apne mera proposal accept kia tha n u gave an appointment for funding my company for its expansion...

Mr malik : sory to disappoint to dk i never accepted ur proposal i jst agreed to go through ur proposal.. N appointment was for some face to face communication regarding ur comanpy n its policy.. Bt now i have changed my mind..

Dk : u cannot do this to me...

Part 25:Ishq By Chance

Waqt bohat jaldi guzar raha hota hai ….. aur aaj rahul aur muskaan ki mehndi plus sangeet hoti hai ………. Riddhima apne room me tayyar ho rhi hoti hai ….. usne ek green aur yellow ghagra choli pehni hoti hai ……. Tabhi armaan kisi se phone pr baat krte hue room me enter hota hai ……..

Part 67: We Belong Together

Billy: Lets go Sunny ?........ He asked Armaan nodded his head.......

Billy: Stop, he stood just behind the main door,........... Armaan and Parag looked at him confused.

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Part 37 : Tu zindagi

yeh aapko bilkul shobha nehi deta arman..".

arman ,who was sitting in front of padma,bending his head..looked at her once and again started looking at the ground.

shilpa was trying to save arman.."mumma..wo...arman ki koi galti..

but padma stopped her and uttered with a fake anger : "tu usey bachane ki koshish mat kar shona. mujhe nehi pata tha arman aisa ladka hai..i mean..

arman  looked at padma and uttered helplessly : "äunty,ab mai kabhi aisa nehi karunga,please is baar mujhe maaf kar dein,please mujhe shilpa se dur na karey..mai..mai jee nehi paunga..""his voice choked.

padma felt pity seeing his condition but again uttered with same tone : ""beta arman,is tarah raat ko kisi jawan ladki ke kamre me koi chupke se aaye ,achchi baat nehi na.meri beti badnaam ho
jayegi ,koi shadi nehi karega usse."

Happy Birthday Deepika

hi friends,aaj humare blog ki ek bahut pyari reader and member aur meri pyari sis choti si sis Deepika ka happy birthday hai,let's wish her..

a very very happy birthday deepika . I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.


Recap: Nihal tells Armaan Mayank I'd behind the kidnapping. Padma guilty. Mayank tells his story.

Riddhima sat there in the corner of the room. She was disgusted by Mayank. Her best friend. Never in a million years had she thought that he would turn out to be like this. Armaan or any of her friends for that matter would not even consider mayank as a kidnapper. Everyone trusted him. Even her mom. She trusted Mayank to keep Riddhima safe at all costs. Kya beetegi mama par jab unhe yeh sab pata chalega??
And Mayank..her face scrunched up in distaste. The Backstabber. Now his behavior dawned on her. Always with her like a shadow. Prying information about Armaan and indirect questions about Billy uncle's business at that time they didn't seem odd but now everything was crystal clear. He was just using her for information.   Riddhima didn't know if she could ever trust anyone else now. Whatever maybe the reason for His Parents death, he had no right to punish anyone. The door to the room opened and Mayank entered, flicked a switch and the only bulb in the room turned on lightening up the room a little. His face looked a lot more evil with the florescent light falling on it, a wicked smirk plastered on his face and he was holding a plate in his hands.

Mayank: Vaise yeh tumhe denaa toh nahi chahata tha. Par kya kare tumhe zinda rakhna meri majboori hai. Lo chup chap khaa lo.
Rid: Nahi chahiye mujhe.
Ma-khaana padega.
Ri- Nahi.

part 25 : Vivaah…ekk nayi zindagi


Ar: sry niks aaj baat nahi karr sakta! Jab tumhari subhe hogi tab baat karenge!! Tum sojao!! And yea aapni bhabhi ko mera number de dena!!

He closed his laptop and left for the meeting with rahul.


Armaan and Rahul were sitting in the Famous Tim Hortons coffee shop. Rahul bought a honey dip donut and Iced cappuccino while armaan bout double double coffee.

Ar: riddhima ne call nahi ki!
Ra: (smirking) ohhh riddhima ne call nahi ki!! Idiot! Wahan raat hai! Kaise baat karegi!!
Ar: lekin jab waha dinn hoga tab to humari raat hogi! Abh kya karu?
Ra: (dramatically) Kya karun hayye…kuch kuch hota hai!!!

PART 3: AJANNE DEWAANE (last part)

 part 1 & 2

M: *angryly* u know what rahul? Ur a jerk! A total jerk! And who gave u the right to interfere in my life.. As long as i knw, everything is finish between us.. And I am happy with this.. Stay out of my life.. And never show me ur face..
R: muski plz listen to me.. I cant see ur life ruining.. U knw that..
M: tum pehle hi barbaad kar chuke ho aab baki reh hi kya gaya hai jo yeh sab bol rahe ho.. Get lost..
R: par muskaan..
M: go away Rahul!
R:  par muskan tum aisa kaise kar skti ho
M:  kiyu nhi yeh meri zindagi hai tum hote kon ho bolne wale

After some days rahul gets to know that muski is getting engaged to sid so he came back in her life to show her true colurs of sid. However he was unknown to the fact that he might be wrong.
Coming back to AR
Ridzi’s mum heard their convo and was willing to help them out. After ridzi ran away armaan and padam (ridz’s mum talked)
Arman did’nt know about padma being there and know abt them