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Part 38 :My Wish Come True


Part 38

Ridhima was lying with Ryan sleeping besides her holding onto her dupatta tightly.. She knew that her visit at the hospital and uneasiness at the school has worried Ryan a lot.. She moved a bit to get up without disturbing him but as soon as she put his head on the pillow from her hand he sat up straight looking at her.. "Ka hua mamma..??" he asked cutely caressing her face.. she kissed his hand nd shook her head saying "mamma bas paani lene ja rahi thi beta.." as soon as she completed Ryan jumped from the bed nd rushed out leaving Ridhima confused..

Part 5 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)

hi guys,i know jute chappal bahut kuch deserve karti hun,purey 1 year 2 months baad ud kar rahi hun,but i think mere ff ke readers kam hi hain toh koi jute chappal marne wala bhi nehi..hahhahha

but sorry to priyu for whom i wrote this ss.promise to ud regularly ,now enjoy.
link of last parts....

“toh ab tu kya karega?”rahul asked .

‘kuch samajh nehi aa raha yaar..usne toh milne se bhi saaf mana kar diya.”

“par teri engagement ho gayi na.”

Part 18: AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories

Aashiyan, lonavala,  8:30 pm

Everyone had ate the food. Dida went to make children sleep, where as Rodhima was reading some books as she needed to concentrate on her studies as well.

Armaan comes to the room.

As he entered the room he was mesmerised by seeing ridhima lost in her books with a pencil's end in her mouth and specs on her eyes tht suited her well and a messy bun with lil flicks making her frown but she was too engrossed in her studies to work on her hair a lil soo Armaan came slowly and sat beside her. First he smiled seeing her then he went closer to her and ridhima feleing hot breathes on her  nape looked at him and was startled to see him close. A shiver ran down her spine. He came more closer and then his fingres brushed her cheeks. She closed her eyes feeling this.

part 5 : pyari ma mumma

Riddhima thinks about this as she looked at the papers in her hands and she comes out from her thoughts as she heard the knock on door immediately she hides the papers. As she answered the door
R:" come in"
She said and then julie entered in the cabin and
J:" sorry to disturb you mam but actually there is some important courier has been come for armaan sir so I thought to give it mam"
She said giving the reason of her visit and riddhima nodded and she can see julie is still frightened, well armaan is such a nice boss but he can be really scary sometimes when he is angry so she stands up and then putting her hand on her shoulder she

part 17 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Hey everyone
I'm back with the last holi special
And I want to dedicate this part to tinker bell
Le yeh part tere naam kiya
Ab to khush ho ja
N yeh sare hue vegetable ki jaise faces banana band kar..

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..Shukriya..

Mile apne sare
Banaya holi ki rangin nazare
Shararat aur masti bhari paal
Ab nayi musibaat ka kya nikla hai haal?

Part 17

After riddhima told everyone her idea...
Riddhima: Papa to apko kya lagta hai yeh Chalegi na...
Shashank: Chalegi did u just said chalegi yeh douregi...i mean we can use extra food for some good cause also..


Hi guys
It's me humera
Writer of dil mein ho Tum...
Actually i am here to say something to all my readers
I am updating all my ff ss after ramzan
My sister is getting married next month
N i am busy in all that preparations
So can't give time to my ffs
I hope u all understand
But dnt wry after ramzan i will update in every week
 Loads of love

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AR/KASH siggies

a few kash/ar siggies from my collection..hope you will like them.

Part 1: Ekk baar…Phir se



 A tall 16 year old girl was sitting on the stool in the art studio. She had long black hair which landed near her waist. She was wearing black shirt over blue jeans. She had her glasses on and was lost in painting the canvas which she was working on from the past few months.

A 45 yr old lady came next to her with a writing board in her hand.

Lady: Very good Riddhima! What a nice painting!
Ri: thank you Mrs Rodriguez!!
Mrs Rodriguez: okay riddhima! I have next two periods free and since its lunch rght now im gonna leave! Main aap per trust kari hu ke art studio aap lunch ke baad lock karke apni classes par jayein!!

Part 30:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: What…
Anjali: Don’t worry Armaan… Bas aise hi check up… Dr.Kreeti wants to know if she has injured any other place…
Armaan breathe relief… He once thought something happen to her…
Armaan: Anjy… tumhe toh mujhe dara hi diya…
Anjali: Sorry Armaan…. But she was calling only ur name…. and asking for u… Issiliye…
Armaan: It’s ok Anjy…. Ma… Aap ghar jaake araam karlo… Main ab yaha hoon…
Padma: Beta… Aapne breakfast ki…
Armaan: Nehi ma… Main baad main karunga…
Padma: Armaan….. Mujhe pata hai Riddhima ki bina tum kuch khayenge bhi nehi…. Anjali beti… tum ek kaam karo… Meri saat tohdi derke liye chalo…
Anjali: Ma lekin Ridzy….
Padma: Anjali…. Armaan haina… aur waise bhi Riddhima koh uski pyaari husband se milna hai…. Chalo…
Anjali: Chalo… Armaan… Please takecare of Ridzy…
Armaan: Ofcourse Anjy… I will…
Padma give a kiss on Armaan forehead and leave with Anjali… Armaan waits for Dr.Kreeti come out… After like 5mins, Dr.Kreeti comes out….
Armaan: Dr.Kreeti…. Riddhima kaise hai…
Dr.Kreeti: She is fine… After sometimes, I will shift her to private room…
Armaan: Can I see her…

Part 2:DMG 3

Dr. Shashank was sitting in house in his library pondering over the days events. On one hand he was happy that his daughter Ridhima was finally staying back in India and not leaving them. He knew that she hadn't been happy the last couple of months and he knew couldn't  solely blame Armaan for it. Somewhere they all were to blame even Ridhima. In all of this he felt bad for Sidhant who for no fault of his had gotten hurt, even though it pained him he knew it was right decision by Sidhant to leave India. Just then Ridhima walks in and says: Papa, yahan akele baithe kya kar rahen hain. (with that she walsk across the room and sits on the floor beside his chair.)
Shashank: soch raha tha ke main kitna khush hoon ke tum ruk gaye ho aur ab apni zindagi main age barhaney ka faisla kar rahi ho.

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Kash siggies

hi friends...a few kash siggies from my collection. hope you will like them.thanks.

PART 27 : Supermodel

part ~ 27

Later in the evening..

Ridhima was siting on a swing on terrace..

Armaan came there n saw ridhima lost in her own thoughts..

Armaan moved towards ridhima n pushed the swing..

Armaan : kin khayalaon main khoi ho madam.. Main toh yahi hn..!!

Ridhima took a few minutes to recover from the shock given by armaan..

Ridhima : armaann.. Tum.. Ye kya tareka hua.. Dra dia mujhe.. Abhi heart atak ajata..

Armaan moved forward n sat on swing..
Pulled ridhima towards himself by putting his hand around her waist..

Ridhima's heart was beating at a faster rate coz of sudden push of swing by armaan..

Armaan : relax jaann.. Tumhare is dil pr main kbza krke betha hua hn.. Itni asani se ise kuch nahi hoga..

Part 53: You actually love me or ...

As riddhima saw their princess is snuggling closer to his dad's chest more and more her eyes have tears seeing that and that sight just takes her back to the memory lane of the day when she is waiting for armaan in the Sanjeevani

Part 6 : Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Next day in sanjeevani locker room all the interns were present due to which riddhima could not talk to armaan. And same was the situation during the briefing time.
That day during the break all the interns were present in the canteen.
Muskaan: waiter !! ek cup coffee….
Rahul : aaj to hitler ne kuch zyada hi kaam de dia ta …..
Muskaan: mera dil to nahi kar raha kehne ka … par ye kamina hai na zindagi me pehli barr sahi bat kr raha hai……
Atul: arre han yaar guys …. Pata hai issi waja se to trinzy bhi mere se naraz ho gayi hai … me uss bechari ke sath time hi nahi spend kar pata …. Tch..
Anjali: shut up Atul !!
Ridhima by now was getting restless she wanted to thank armaan. Just then an idea popped into her mind she took a tissue and scribbled smthng on it. She stood up to leave the place and dropped the tissue in armaan’s lap. Armaan read the letter which said “ 5 minute mein fire escape mein milo “

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Part 37 : My Wish Come True


Part 37

The informal coffee date was very confusing for Anjali.. She wondered if she acually deserved so much love nd trust.. But thinking of Atul, she knew Atul deserved all the happiness.. She wanted to let Atul stay happy but she was not sure if she was the one for him.. she was sure of his love but was not sure of her own feelings.. She never knew when she drifted off to sleep thinking of him..

While on the otherhand Armaan nd Ridhima were not their chirpy self.. Armaan was thinking of trapping his suspect while Ridhima was thinking of Armaan nd Ryan.. She came out of her trance when she felt Ryan moving from her lap.. she held him "Kahan ja rahe ho beta..?" Ryan stood up nd jumped off the bed moving to his room saying "Lyan katti.. mamma baat ni kalti.." It was then that Ridhima realized that she was not responding to Ryan's talks that's why he felt dejected nd angry.. She held her ears making a sorry face nd opened her arms for him to hop back.. Ryan smiled nd quickly settled back in her lap, hugging her asking "Ka hua mamma..?"

Part 11 : Childhood friends- love finds it way

part 11.

The movie started......

They were sitting like... Nupur and muskaan together on couch with mayank and rahul either side..
Gunjan sitting down on the floor front of couch with samrat on his side and she rensing her head on his shoulder..
Atul ,abhay sitting with piya and abhi and nikki on either side on the floor with the support of cushion in pillows in hand..
Anjali sitting down on a couch which was for one person.....

And thr was evenother people in the room with a cuute sight on the biggest cpuch in room.....Kripa on the couch with her back towards arm rest , ridhima sitting with her head on her stomach and armaan with his head on ridhima's legs as she was sitting in indian style and angad resting his head with kripa and legs on armaan.

Part 17 : AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories

Part 17

Aashiyan, Lonavala

They went into thr room.......

In the room as they reached Armaan opened and made ridhima sat alond the bed post..
Armaan- tum aaram karo ..mai shower leke ata hoon aur samaan ajayega tohplss mere kapde nikaal dena
Ridhima smiles to him- kk ^_^ bt....wo....hum aaj kahi ghumne jayenge??!!!
Armaan- kyon tumhe jana hai??!!
Ridz- naa...nahi...wo agar jate toh kapde dusre nikaalti...tum batao..
Armaan- tumhari abhi tabiyat kharab hui naa.....isiliye nahi...raat mai walk kai liye chalenge.....toh tum mere normal kapde nikaal do..
Ridhima smiles at his concern and said- okk...
Armaan moves to bathroom bt remember something he moved backword and said to ridhima who was abt to open the luggage which came recently....
Armaan- ri..ridhima...
Ridhiam- haan... and looks back
Armaan- wo...tum red suit pehen lena...theek hai!!
Ridhima- hmm theek hai...kk...kyon...
Armaan- wo mera fav colour hai aur tum usme achi lagti ho....
Ridhima- ohh...kk and she looks down all being shy....

part 11-12 : lovers or rivals

Part 11
In plane
Ridhima: excuse me.. Is there any vacant seat i want to change my seat..
Airhostes.. : sorry ma’am flight is ful
Ridhima : plz try if any other passenger is willing to change..
Airhostes : sure ma’am ill try.. After the plane takes off plz take ur seat..
Armaan n ridhima ignored each other..
After about 2 hrs ridhima felt asleep n during her sleep ridhima’s head rested on armaan shoulder...
Armaan (to himself) ridhu u are still the same.. Y all this happen b/w us.. As much as try to hate u.. try to keep u out of my life.. Something or the other reminds me of u.. Our  happy times... U know ridhu i made 2 new frnds n they both always do something that reminds me about our times... I’m sure if u will meet them u will have same feling like i get...
Armaan also drifted of to sleep with his head on ridhima's
Ridhima sleep was broken with airhostes voice.. Ridhima felt something heavy on her head n then she realized what it was... She was surprised that she slept on armaan’s shoulder n he did not say anything...
Ridhima  adjusted armaans head..

Part 374:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 374:

 Anjali was trying hard to pacify Ridhimaa. Ridhimaa was trembling. She did not notice the conversation between Armaan and Maan.

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Beintehaa Pyar Hai (os)

riddhima sanjeevani locker room me enter hoti hai ….not alone ….but with a guy ….. sab interns usse dekh kr heraan ho jatte hain …… especially armaan ……
Riddhima : hi guys …… oh .. yea meet him …. Ye hai Arnav….. mera .. umm … mera boyfriend (she said slightly blushing)….
Armaan was crestfallen ……
Anjali : what ?? ridzy tu …. Tune to kbhi nhi btaya …..
Muskaan getting happy : chor na anjy …. Btaya ya ni btaya …. Ab to bta dia hai na ……
Atul : arre hann anjali ….. hi I am atul …..
Arnav : hi I am arnav ….. riddhima ka arnav …..
Everyone greeted him except armaan ….. he started to make his way out of the locker room when arnav stopped him ……
Arnav : hey … u must b armaan … right ? riddhima ne btaya tha tumhare barre mein ……
Armaan : yeah … well pleased to meet u arnav …..

Part 29:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Car goes and Hit a tree… Armaan look around to see if Riddhima was ok…
Armaan: Riddhimaaaaaa….

Armaan took Riddhima to the hospital as soon as possible… As his car was broken, he took a taxi from there… Some people came as the accident happens… Help Armaan to get a taxi… Riddhima was injured… Blood was all over her face… Some places from her hand also were cut… Armaan was hell shocked to see Riddhima injured and blood coming from her face and body…


Armaan reach Sanjeevani…. He took Riddhima in his arm and took her inside… He shouted to call Dr.Kreeti when nurse came running to him…
Nurse: But Sir… It’s an accident case…
Armaan: God dammit… She has loose so much blood… Get Dr.Kreeti… I have informed police…
Armaan took Riddhima to the I.C.U… Nurse came back with Dr.Kreeti…
Dr.Kreeti: Armaan… Yeh sab… Kaise huva…
Armaan: Dr.Kreeti we was out with others and going back to home… Please check her…
Dr.Kreeti: Did u inform the police…
Armaan: Yes Ma’am…
Dr.Kreeti: Armaan… Don’t worry… Riddhima koh kuch nehi hoga… Please tum baahar wait karo…
Armaan: Lekin Dr.Kreeti…
Just then Shubankar came…

Part 8 : Love Gets Its Destiny

After What Riddhima have offered their friendship back to Armaan he was too happy. And the old
Armaan was back defeating this new silent Armaan within him.
Armaan moved in And saw Riddhima wearing saree.
Armaan -arye Riddhima ye kya pehna hain.
Riddhima -kya hua... saree toh pehni hain...
Armaan -vo toh mujhe bhi dikh raha hai hain...
Riddhima -toh phir puch kyun rahe ho.
Armaan -arye yaar aisa lag raha hain jaise kisi dAndi par cloth rap kar diya ho.
Riddhima mouth left open
Riddhima -kya.. kya kaha tumne..

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Teaser and character sketch: Pyar Ka Dard Hai


armaan cafe me enter hota hai ..... wahan rahul aur muskaan bethe hote hain ......

armaan rahul ke paas jata hai .......

armaan : heey ... yaar rahul kesa hai tu .....
rahul does not reply .....
armaan : wese aaaj wo miss mirchii nazar nahi arhi ....... 

part 26 :Vivaah…ekk nayi zindagi


Now armaan was in a dilemma. He thought for a while and a beautiful dimpled smile came on his face.

Ar: dude…
Ra: hmm bol?
Ar: u were right! Im in love with my wife!!!

Rahul looked at armaan as if he was a ghost. He got up and stood on the bed making armaan confused. He started jumping high making armaan startled and confuse.

Ar: rahul yeh-yeh kya kara hai?
Ra: (shouting) omg!!! Armaan mallik ko pyaar hogaya!!!!!!!!!

part 23 : And we are made to be one

As armaan was asked to fill ridhima's/Ria's mang with the Sindoor from panditji armaan looked confusingly to ridhima. Confusion would not be proper word to say what expression his face was displaying as it was more of shock, pleading, guilt and feeling of betraying his love RIA.

Ridhima was no way behind armaan in the way of emotional tsunami inside her...
She was feeling betray, guilt, cheater towards the people who are loving her irrespective of the truth.

Suddenly Armaan got up from the place where he was sitting earlier and then walked towards his room. And ridhima looked at him going.
Shashank and pandit ji were left shock behind. And ridhima who knew the reason of armaan's sudden walk away got up to check on him. Soon Shashank to get up to check upon him but ridhima asked him to let her see...

Part 5: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya


That day all the interns were present in the locker room after completing their duties.
Anjali: ridzi chalein?
Ridhima: nahi di me ajaun gi…
Anjali: aise kese aa jaye gi …. Chal na ….
riddhima: (hiding her smile )wo di Armaan sir ne kuch kaam die hain…..
Armaan: what ?? mene kab … mene to koi kaam nahi dia .. jhooti …
Riddhima glared at him and went up to him and said …: aapne hi to kaha tha … ice-cream ….
Armaan(now understanding): oo haan …. Han han mene hi to kaha ta … tum log jao mein riddhima ko drop kr dunga kaam ke baad ..
Anjali : u better do so
saying so anjali left and so did all the other interns except riddhima and anjali.
Armaan: wese basket tumne jhutt kyun bola ?
Riddhima: kyunke agar hum di ko bta dete to wo bhi aane ki zidd krti … aur phiir mujhe ice-cream sahi se khane nahi deti…
Armaan: kyu wo tumhari ice-cream cheen leti hai kya ? he asked smilingly
Riddhima glared at him and then said: wo mein ice-cream bohat zyada khati hun na … to..
Armaan: oh okay okay … ab jaldi kro … wrna der ho jaye gi ….

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Part 27(Last):Ishq By Chance

Doctor reports muskaan ke hath me deti hai ……. Muskaan jaldi se reports kholti hai aur prhti hai ……. Uski ankhein shck se bari ho jati hai …… riddhima on the other hand is terrified seeing her reaction ……..
Riddhima : muskaan ….. kya hai reports me ??

part 7: Love binds our destiny

They keeps on looking in each other's eyes their trance breaks as nandini speaks as she is the one breaks the silence as she speaks up
Na:"maani beta chalo thalli ko side par karo aur riddhima ke liyye rasta banao"
That brings riddhima and armaan to the reality and he nodded to his mom and then  sided the thall in right side and riddhima bends to pick up the thall and slowly and gradually she is about to pick the thall as she has abherviation thinking what is the future of their relationship will they have smooth journey and with all these thoughts and a high heart beat she picked up the thall without creating any noise and that brings smile on everyone's faces as she did that and then one of the ladies speaks up as she

part 1 : DMG 3

The story is going to start from where the show ended with AR reunion and every one happy about it.
Armaan couldn't believe that after every thing they were together "Armaan and Ridhima" were together. He kept touching her to convince himself that she was real and not a hallucination of his mind. Ridhima also on her part was thinking the same thing especially with Sid being present there also gave her a jolt. On one hand she was happy that she and Armaan were back together but on the other looking at Sid gave her a pang of guilt. Armaan had an arm around shoulders keeping Ridhima to his side as if afraid that if he stopped touching her she would vanish.


That girl!!... yes the one with hazel eyes; smooth silky hair; flawless skin; those rosy pink lips had his world upside down! Being working under him since past 2 years now; they had started with fights and never come out of their silly bickering. Joined as an intern she had somehow tolerated him for a year; but the day she was supposed to leave as she finished her internship he had offered her a permanent post. And believe it or not she had agreed to stay back and work under HIM!!
Entire office was very well aware of their cold fights; silly bickering; huge arguments and tiffs but they all were amazed when every single time that they had worked on a project they had bagged it every damn time! HE was MR.MALLIK... yes you guess it right THE ARMAAN MALLIK and this girl of his was none other than RIDDHIMA GUPTA!! No doubts Mallik empire was where it was today only because of Armaan but he couldn't deny the fact; that it only kept growing since the day Riddhima had stepped in!
Now the problem weren't these fights... as trust me everyone enjoyed them and sat with a bowl of popcorn everytime they fought. Let me tell you Mr. Balvinder Mallik (Armaan's father) and Mr. Shashank Gupta that is (Riddhima's father) too were included in the audience list. Both Billy-Shashank were school time buddies and Shashank was more than happy if Riddhima continued this job under Mallik empire. He was running a hospital and he knew Riddhima had no interest in medical studies so the day she had finished her graduation he had himself suggested joining Mallik empire and Billy was also very much happy to have her in the company!