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Part 20 & 21 . : AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories


Part 20.

Armaan- life mai kitna sab kuch ho gaya na....

Ridhima- hmm right...tumhe yaad hai humari date...

Armaan- yeh...
With this both drowned in the memories...


voice- bohut acha kiya yaha aakar beta..mai na kaha tha na padma yeh bhai behen ek dusre ka labhi saath ni chodte......

padma- ji...shashank.....

Part 5 : DMG 3

2 yrs later

Sir, sir plz you've got to hold still, otherwise the stitches won't hold, I'm telling you your wife is fine she just has a sprained wrist: said the frustrated nurse.

Ok I'll hold still just let me check on my wife: said Armaan, the nurse for the last fifteen minutes had been trying to stitch the gash up on his forehead let him go and said: second bed from the door.
Armaan rushed to where directed. They were in the Emergency ward of the Panchgani Hospital. Armaan and Ridhima had gone to Panchagani on a medical conference on their way back they had an accident. For the past two years both have been working at Sanjeevani for their post graduation and specialization. Due to their busy schedules and ambition both had decided to postpone starting a

part 18 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

I'm again back with new part
Chalo jayada bate nhi karte
Straight back to the part...

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..Shukriya..

Mulakat phir hui banke ajnabi
Holi k rang me rang gaye sabhi
Holi k din ka ant hua ab
Chalo dekhte hai koan ayi nayi jisse surprise hui sab

Part 18

Shi(with shock): Ap yaha kaise aye..(While the person smile towards her)

part 43 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Ananya looked at them perplexed as to why were they both been so hyper. Riddhima too frowned thinking on same lines; but what surprised her more was the look on Armaan's face. He looked too disturbed by the name for some reason.
Par Mom Dad ne use yaha kyu invite kar liya; kisi hotel main; ya rental basis pe bhi toh arrangement...
Armaan; ye kaisi baat kar raha hai? Tu jaanta hai Mr.Sharma tumhare dad ke itne ache dost hai. Aur fir Tia teri achi dost reh chuki hai; yaha rahegi toh she'll also not feel homesick. Koi hotel vegere nahi; vo yahi rahegi bas!

Part 377:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 377:

Maan: Kyun? Mujhe autograph nahi milega?

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Part 39 : Tu zindagi

tam was busy in some work when she saw arman was coming in her room.she noticed he was tensed a bit .tam stopped her work and looked at bhai who was standing near doorstep .

tam : "'kya hua bhai ,kuch chahiye?

arman : "ümmm..nehi..bas..tujhse baat karne ka dill chaha toh aa gaya.

Part 50:I will bring my basket back

She finished her work earlier today. Even Armaan was supposed to be free by now but he wasn’t. It had been a month she had been back and it felt as though life was finally on track. She felt too tired and just wanted to go home but not without him. After s while she got a call as she waited for him in the parking;

Riddhima baby you go ahead; mujhe kuch kaam hai toh mujhe der ho jayegi. Tum ghar chali jao ok.
Par Armaan tumne toh kaha tha ki......
I know I was almost done but kuch important kaam aa gaya hai can’t ignore it Jaan. Tum chinta mat karo I’ll be home in an hour. Driver hoga neeche tum chali jao ok.....bye........
Par Armaan.....meri baat toh.........
but before she could say anything else the line went dead. She felt goose bumps all over her body.
She was reminded of the horrendous day and a somewhat similar situation when she had pleaded that she did not want to go home all alone. He had never after that let her go alone; he knew her insecurity then how could he do that to her today. But then she took a deep breath and consoled herself.
Nahi Armaan kabhi aisa nahi karta if it wouldn’t have been important. I am sure kuch bohot jaruri kaam hoga. It’s okay.....vaise bhi usne kaha hai 1 ghante main vapas aa jayega........
After thinking for a while she headed towards her car and went home. She freshened up making sure that all the doors and windows were shut tightly. Parshu kaka was at home but still an insecurity and darkness seeped through her heart.



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Part 19. : AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories

Part 19.


He came out of trance when he heard the click on the door.....
He was ridhima coming....She smiled at him..he too smiled at her....
she came and sat on the bed...
Armaan suddenly got up a lil and put his head on her lap...she was startled but then relaxed and started caressing his forehead...and moving here finger in and out of his hair......
he too felt at peace...

part 13 - 14 : lovers or rivals

Part 13

Ridhima 's ward
Ridhima  was trying to eat her breakfast
Armaan: dont use ur rite hand u just got stitches..
Ridhima tried to eat with her left hand bt she messed up the whole food..
Armaan without saying a word took her plate n started to feed her...
After a few bites nurse entered..
Nurse : reports will be ready after an hr plz do.collect..
Armaan : ok..!! Could u plz fed her i got some work..
Nurse : sure sir
N armaan left..
Ridhima was shocked to see this reaction of armaan...!!!
2 hrs later
Doc : miss ridhima u r perfectly fine... U can take dischage any time u fell...
Ridhima : thank u doc..
Doc : u need complete bed rest for a wk.. N sply ur hand... Dont skip ur medi..
Ridhima : sure doc..

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part 36: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Armaan was feeling complete
With shilpa s touch
Unknowingly armaan s one hand reached in shilpa s hair and he start caressing her hairs
And other hand went to shilpa s waist
Armaan pulled shilpa more close and he was kissing her breathlessly
Unknown to the fact that riddhima has reached sanjeevani and she was witnessing this
Outside from fire escape
And she went from there angrily
Shilpa responded to armaan s touch as he touched her waist
Shilpa tried to protst but denying her protest
Armaan hold her hand behind her back
And shilpa moaned armaan s name loosing herself
In the mean time armaan got conscious what s happening nd he rememberd about the situation he gently hugged shilpa
With sense of security and love
Shilpa whispered lagta hai mujhe kuch jyada hi miss kia
Armaan tucked her hair behind her ear haan fiance ho miss toh krunga na
Muskaan came there suddenly
And she heard thing of engagement
Muskaan: oye chuperustam
Kiski engagement armaan

Part 7 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)

thanks a lot sanju and priyu for ur sweet comments. sorry 1 day late ho gayi..hope yeh part pasand comments plz..........

it  was the starting of a beautiful relationship..which named  'love''..which always starts with a friendship.arman kept his promise,he didn't disturb riddhima anyhow but riddhima started to like chat with share her like dislike with him.arman always talked casually with what is her fav food..fav place..or fav film.he got to know that someone 'sahid kapoor'is her fav hero.but he didn't know who was sahid kapoor so one day when he saw her page was full with some bodybuilder's  pic,he  got jealous and cursed a lot to the guy  ''sahid kapoor''  in his heart but gave like tab in every pic. but when rahul  brought to his knowledge that it was not sahid kapoor and showed his pic to arman...arman was like :"'huh!yeh tigna sa ladka riddhima ka fav hai!!kya choice hai uski!!and toh wo body builder koun hai jo uske fb page me apna body dikha raha hai?

Part 8 : Aur Pyar Ho Gya

That night in riddhima’s bedroom… riddhima was thinking about her first wish. She called armaan on his mobile. He picked up.
Armaan: hello … kya baat hai basket ..itna miss kar rahi ho mujhe …
Riddhima: Armaaan … wo mene tumhe apni pehli wish batane ke liye phone kia tha …
Armaan: han bolo kya khwahish hai malika-e-wish ki
Riddhima: malika-e-wish? Ye kya hai
Armaan: queen of wishes …
Riddhima: hahaha …. Acha ab bakwas baad mein krna pehle meri wish suno
Armaan: han g sunaiye
Riddhima: wo .. woo …ar..armaan who..

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Poster competition result

hi friends, sorry,kaan pakadke..late ho gayi competition result post karne me par kya karun itni busy rehti hun aajkal..anyways,1st i want to say  thanks to all participant .maine pehli baar blog me competition organize ki aur  socha tah shayad koi participate na karey but thanks to friends who did hard labor for making posters.all are awesome...superb..i liked all of them but kisi ek ko 1st toh hona hai toh as voting ..i am announcing the name of the winners.thanks.

part 39: My Wish Come True

Part 39

The Morning was not as pleasant as the evening was for all of them.. Everyone noticed the change in Ridhima, when sweet nd ever caring Ridhima was not talking to anyone else.. she busied herself with Ryan.. She sat with Ryan in her lap reading him a story when she felt someone's presence.. she turned expecting Armaan but shifted her feet uncomfortably seeing Anjali by her side..

Ridhima was confused when Ryan gave a toothy smile to Anjali.. Ryan then looked at Ridhima saying "mamma.. mashi hai.." pointing at Anjali.. Ridhima was mystified at his remark when Anjali spoke "Sapna ne sikhaya usko.."

After sometime Anjali saw Ryan running out to play and Ridhima was about to go.. Anjali placed her palm on her shoulder "Mujhse bhaag rahi ho Ridhu..?"

Part 4 : DMG 3

The week just flew by and before anyone knew it the wedding day had arrived. Ridhima couldn't believe where the week had run away and finally the day when she and Armaan were finally going to be bound together forever had come. When the day had started she had felt a bit nervous as to if every thing was arranged properly or not but by 12 noon an hour or so before the wedding was suppose to start she felt reasonably calm. She was in the process of getting ready. Anjali was doing her hair and make up as she had refused to let anyone else touch her baby sister on her important day. With hair and make up done ridhima was getting into her wedding clothes. She had chosen red lehenga with gold embellishment and emerald green trimmings. The duppata that went with the lehenga was emerald green with red edging. With less than half an hour to when the baraat was suppose to arrive ridhima was busy wearing her jewellery. As every thing else was done she alone in her room putting the final touches to her jewellery and make up, when her cell rang. Smiling and thinking that it would be armaan asking her if she was ready or not she picked up the phone without looking at the name flashing on the screen and said: Haan armaan mein tyar hoon, tum kahan ho
There was a pause on the other end and then: Ridhima mein hoon

part 2 : Ekk baar…phir se



A 23 year old girl, dressed in a sleevless anarkali churidaar was sitting on her bed reading a novel when a 13 year old girl came and sat down next to her. She threw her school bag on the ground.

Girl 2: riddhima didi!!!!

The riddhima looked up and smiled. She picked up the school bag and put on the bed.

Ri: kya hoa minnie?
Min: uff i just hate School!!
Ri: kyu kya hoa?
Min: woh rohit haina! Uff! This is our first year in grade 7 means high school ki shuruwat!! And woh abhi se girlfriend banana shuru hogaya! 2 k saath yo breakup bhi karlia!!
Ri: kahin tum jealous to nahi horahi ke ussne tumhe aapni girlfriend nahi banaya??
Min: ekkk second! Ewwww! Jalti hai meri jooti!!

Part 376:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 376:

 Armaan was not at all expecting this question.

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A young …. Beautiful girl was running around the college like maniacs chasing a guy …… the girl was wearing a ripped jeans with mickey mouse t-shirt and her hairs pulled up into a pony tail ….. whereas the guy was very handsome … tall … muscular and dashing …..
girl breathing heavily : uffff … bas armaan … ab … mere se aur ni bhaga jata ….. dekho meri assignmentmujhe de do ……
armaan : no no no ….. arre riddhima mene ni bnayi ye assignment …. Plzz copykrne do na …..
riddhima : armaan …. Wo miss Sharma hai miss Sharma …. She wont take a second to realize ke tumne assignment copy ki hai aur phir hmesha ki tarah mujhe b tumhare sath punishment mile gi …..
she made cute pout…..
armaan giving up : okay … ye lo rkho tum apni assignment ……me ksi aur se mang lung a ….
He gave her the assignment … and faking anger left from there …. While riddhima thought he was really angry …. As it was the first time she had refused to give him her assignment …… armaan had walked some steps when ….
Guy : hey armaan …. Kesi best frnd hai teri yaar … ek assignment bhi nahi deti ?
Armaan angrily : woah dude …. Chill …. Best friend meri hai ya eri …. Don’t u dare say something about her …..

Part 15 & 16:Is it love?

Part 15

The gang reached Riddhima's home
Ri:Thank God tum log aa gaye.
Mu:Tune jis tarah phone kiya tha to aana hi pada.Btw hamare
    "jiju" kahan hain?
Ar:Hum yahan hain.
Ri:Milo tumhare "jiju" se.
Ar:Riddhima tumne kabhi bataya nahi ki tumhari friends itni
    khubsurat hain.
Ri:[making a sweet face]Armaan maine kabhi ye bhi nahi bataya
   ke mere dusre friends bhi bohot handsome hain.
At:Thanks Ridzie!
Ri:You are welcome Atul!
The milna-milana session gets over.Armaan soon mingles
well with them and together they looked like childhood
Gu:Riddhima hum sab yahan aa to gaye hain par Aditya
   disturb ho raha hoga na?
Ri:Don't worry wo pehle hi apne dost ke ghar chala gaya.
An:So guys kya karen?
Ni:Haan 1 hi din mein bore ho raha hai.

Part 31:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Voice: Kis baare main kisse baat karna hai tumhe Armaan…
Armaan and Riddhima look towards the door to see who it was… Shashank, Nani and Anjali come smiling to them…
Riddhima: Papa… Nani…
Armaan leaves Riddhima side and give space to others to meet Riddhima…
Nani: Meri bahchi… Kaisi hai tu… Nani come and give side hug to her and kiss her forehead…
Riddhima: Main tik hoon Nani… Papa… Then she gave side hug to Shashank who respond and touch her hair softly caring it….
Shashank: How r u beti…
Riddhima: Fine Papa…
Anjali: Ridzy… Yeh loh Khana… Nani ne tum dono ke liye laayi…
Armaan: Nani… Kya zaroorat ti…
Riddhima: Armaan…
Nani: Zaroorat hai… tumne breakfast nehi ki na abhi tak…
Armaan didn’t say anything, lows his head like an obedient child…
Shashank: Waise Armaan tum kis baare main baat karna chahta hai…
Armaan: Dad woh…
Shashank: Chalo… Hum cabin main chalke baat karte hai… Ma, Anjali... Aap dono yaha Riddhima ki saat ruhkiye…

part 9 : Love Gets Its Destiny

Armaan And Riddhima were getting ready for going to the party that Armaan's And Riddhima school
friends And Riddhima's college friends were through jointly.....
Armaan And Riddhima after getting ready were on car ride going to the venue to enjoy with friends for a
reception party..... Armaan was some where happy And some where sad with the turn of event....
Sad as Riddhima got hurt with the Sid act And was happy to she her smile due to their friendship leading
there pure relation......

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part 35: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Shilpa: why r u crying armaan??
Armaan: bus aise hi
Ki tumhe mujhpe itna vishwas hai m so lucky to have u in my life shilpa.
You are really only angel of my life.
I did not get love of my parents phir meri life me friends aye.
Or phir meri life me riddhima ayi
Expression of shilpa changed.
And then armaan said plz tum sad mat ho meri baat puri toh hone do
Pyar aya toh sahi lekin return ticket ke sath
Riddhima ki shadi sid se hogyi me pyar se.
Naraj sa rehne laga tha but then u came into my life and i got a ray of hope.
And u made me to feel love again.
Shilpa smiled seeing this.
And said bus ab tumhe rest karna chahiye.

Part 6 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)

thanks a lot priyu for ur sweet comments..hope u will like this part too.

riddhima  was very angry on anjali di cause when she asked why she sent their engagement pic to muski,anjali answered casually  : "mujhe kya pata tu apne handsome fiance ko apni chrail doston se chupana chahti hai.

riddhima uttered angrily : ''na wo handsome hai aur na mere friends churail hain.''

anjali replied waving hand : ''okay,phir tu apni saheliyon se jakar puch.dekh ab tak sab mar rahi hogi arman par...dekhte hi ..hayye!itna handsome"'boli ki nehi?

riddhima remembered muski's word and their exciting face seeing arman's pic .she came in her room stomping feet and threw herself on the bed. she felt someone whispered in her ears: "'kya riddhima,achchi khasi zindagi chal rahi thi,yeh kya musibat mol le li.ab toh yeh chrail friends chodenge nehi tujhenge..pagal kar denge us arman ke barey me puch puchkar aur tease karke.."'

Part 49:I will bring my basket back

After having a coffee and chit chatting with her for an hour in the canteen all of a sudden he excused himself as he received a call. The moment he returned he told her that it was quite late and they should get going; which was the same thing she had been telling him from so long!
Anyways considering it as his usual weirdness she followed him and sat in the car for their journey back home. But he looked a little too happy rather excited about something which rose her curiosity;
Armaan; what?s the matter/ Tum itne excited kyu lag rahe ho?
A: Main? Nahi toh......bas ghar laut rahe hai na toh I am happy; finally some rest right!
R: Uhuh......
she nodded her head not fully convinced though.
Their car halted and she came out and started walking; but he was still standing in the same place.
R: Kya hua Armaan? Chalo!!
A: Haan tum jao; main bas.....1 call karke aata hu! You go ahead.
She reached the doorstep but to her surprise the house seemed dark. No lights were on.
R: Par Parshu kaka toh ghar pe hi honge na......
she looked down but even the door wasn?t locked which meant he was inside the house!
She looked back at Armaan who looked too busy in his cell phone. Concluding that maybe there must be some light problem she opened the door;
The lights suddenly turned on and she heard a loud chorus;

Part 375:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 375:

 Armaan was in a dilemma.

Armaan: Wo main...

Part 7 : Aur Pyar Ho Gaya


Doctor: dekhein aap pareshan nah on …. Is tumor ki ek treatment hai …. Aap ka operation ho sakta hai …….
Riddhima : aur uss operation me risk hai hain na ?? agar me bach bhi gayi to ya mein coma mein chali jaun gi ya phir memory loss hain naa??
The doctor kept silence. Ridhima: kitna time hai mere paas ?
Doctor: aap ke paas zyada se zyada 1 and a half month hai ……
Listening to this riddhima picked up her reports and left for her house. In the rikshaw she was thinking

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One ws molesting a girl in a public place ...girl ws crying fr help ...zer r soo many ppl who heard her heart wrenching cries bt non cme forward to help her.....few r watching z scene a zeir fav daily soap n sme r busy in running fr zeir jobs ......wen z girl lost hopes of getting help n ws about to shatter on zen all of sudden a teenage girl in z jogging dress cme zeir lke a strom n started punching zat guy wiz all her strength ...she rained punches on him till he fell down on ground ....she had nt gve him any chance to recover frm her strong punches n react .....she kept her feet on his throat n while crushing his throat under her shoes she said while grinding jaws

part 6 : pyari ma mumma

As armaan comes out from the rest room getting fresh up he saw the adorable sight in front of his eyes his father hugging his riddhima he simply adored this fact that she is so close to his parents. He always loved this that she shared such a beautiful relationship with his dad and his mumma he knows she will be the best daughter in law for them, but he did not tell her this till now. Then he heard his dad's voice as he saw armaan on the door looking at them adoring them he knows he is admiring them as he knows he has that corner for riddhima in his heart so he grinned as
K:''kyun ma ke laadle meri princess ko vahin se dekhne ka irada hain kya?''

part 12:Life out of control(season 3)

"Riddhima, Anjali aur Atul aaye hain." Riddhima heard her Mum call from downstairs. Immediately, her heart increased pace. Anjali was here, that meant one thing. She would want to talk about Armaan now. And if they talked about Armaan, Riddhima wasn't sure if she could act up to any more drama, emotions and shouting roller coasters. Especially with her sister! Sighing and very hesitantly, she still headed downstairs in her pyjamas. She found her PJs so comfy that she changed into them as soon as she got back from work!

She wondered to herself - had she forgiven her sister already for what she had said about Armaan? That wasn't the point, or was it? Riddhima thought to herself. She didn't need to forgive her sister for anything. Anjali hadn't done anything tremendously wrong! Why was life so difficult? Why did everything have to happen at once? Couldn't Anjali have never found out what Armaan did? Wouldn't this have made life a lot simpler? But if it was simple, it wouldn't be life would it?

"Di.." Riddhima forced a smile. True, she wasn't feeling exceptionally warm towards her sister, but she didn't have any complains against her either. She was looking out for her after all, wasn't she? Then how could she be angry at her?

Part 3 : DMG 3

Shilpa was busy signing discharge papers of some patients as for the last six months she had been working in a hospital in Panchgani. She had convinced her heart that Armaan was not meant for her. All she wanted from him was to firstly tell Ridhima the truth about both of them being sisters and last for both Armaan and Ridhima to be together forever.
As she sat in her cabin going through a case file her cell rang without looking she picked up the phone and said: Hello,(on the other end there was a pause and then): Shilpa
Shilpa who was earlier frowning over the findings of the case stopped and smiled suddenly and said: Sid, kaise ho aur achanak aaj kaise meri yaad aagaye abhi teen din pehle to baat hoe the tum ne kaha tha ke next week call karo ge.

Part 68: We Belong Together

She proceeded towards Armaan's direction, Armaan smiled watching her coming towards him, Riddhima walked along and then she was asked to stand beside Armaan..... Standing with Armaan, Riddhima felt herself safe and secure while Armaan's eyes were still on her, watching all her little little move's...