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Part 7 : DMG 3

Shilpa! Shilpaa! Where are you? Armaan why isn't she answering the door: asked a troubled Ridhima.
Armaan: I don't know ridhima mein bhi tumhare saath ghar ke bahar hoon, I'm calling her cell but she's not answering.
Ridhima after a moment: I know lets go at the back there is a back door which opens into a patio.(they walked to the back door which was made of glass and looked in, they couldn't see Shilpa anywhere but faint music could be heard. Armaan tried the door as it was unlocked opened the door and walked in with Ridhima. As they walked in they could hear faint strains of a soft melody but no Shilpa. Ridhima: Shilpa! Kahan ho. Mein aur armaan kab se tumhare ghar ke bahar intezaar kar rahe thae. Shilpa!

Part 6:Teri meri Yeh Love story

“You can’t force love. I realized. It’s there or it isn’t. If it’s not there, you have got to be able to admit it. If it is there, you have got to do whatever it takes to protect the ones you love..”
-Richelle Mead

(Armaan’s POV)
While I was deep drowned in my thoughts, smirked and said “Miss Riddhima Gupta …be ready…You’ll be having a tough time in handling me… your Oh-so-Angry-Mr.Supercool""
After getting ready I decided to go down but as soon I saw Shanaya all ready sitting there waiting for no one but me, all my inner demons awaked and shouted for a big No..!! Indeed it was not at all a good idea to move down this time..It can turn tables against me, I gave a thought to it and ran back to my room just like a thief, before anyone could have seen me and I would have ended listening Shanaya’s so-not-sensible talks.

Shutting the door behind all panting I smiled at my little act full of stupidity..It was surely because of Riddhima….falling in love with her actually had put a break over my sensible thoughts. I chuckled at my actions but for a change I was in no mood to tolerate this Shanaya…My so-called-would-be-wife.

NOTE + PART 26 & 27:AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories

NOTE + PART 26 & 27
18 JUNE  was the first anniversary of

NSKKMLS....we have reaced a long journey........
I was too childish in the begging......but as the time goes by my writing style changed (for gud) and i had become matured a lil.......
I got many readers and closed ones....

part 28-29:super model

"Continues from last part..
After ridhima left armaan moved towards the swing n was bsy cursing RM's stupid fights on each n evry silly topic that interrupted AR's romance...
Armaan no doubt enjoyed watching RM fight on silly topics.. Till the time AR's privacy is nt disturbed.. Jst like today...
A : ye dono kyu ldte hai itna.. Vo bhi aisi aisi baton pr.. Ldte bhi hai toh har bar ridhima ko kyu pareshan krte hai... Vo kya koi problem solver hai.. Vaise hai bhi.. Indono ko ridhims se btr koi nahi smbhal sakta.. Jb in dono ke bache honhe vo kaise smbhalenge apne in tom n jery mumy papa ko.. Unhe toh cartoon dekhne ki jarurat hi nahi pdegi.
**** armaan’s imagination….!!!!!!****
Muskan is standing near the sofa holding a pillow in her hand.. She was crushing the pilow in both her hands as if its rahul's neck….!!!!!!
Rahul was standing opposite to her behind another sofa.. N was panting heavily..
Two kids one boy with curly hairs.. N  a girls with sikly smoth hair were jumping on sofas with wistle in their mouth..
Boy : goo momyy gooo..

Girl : come on dadyy u cant lose.. Run dad run..
Both kids were claping jumping n wistling seeing their parents fight like tom n jerry..
Muskan thew the cusion on rahul
Boy : yoo momyy or jorse..

part 27 & 28 : Vivaah…Ekk Nayi Zindagi

Part 27

The girls went and anjali was about to get up when Ananya made her sit.

An: kaha ki tiyaari hai?
Anj: aunty main bhi unki help-
An: koi zaroorat nahi hai! Chup chap idhar betho!!!

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part 39: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Shilpa put mug on the table and armaan stood from the bed
As he waa going shilpa said kaha kaha ja rhe ho??
Armaan sneezed and said bahar
Shilpa: bahar barish ho rhi hai armaan
Armaan: janta hun barish hi hai bahar lekin ander toh tufan agya hai hamari jindagi me shilpa kya tumhe mujhpe jara sa b trust ni hai shona
Shilpa: bahar jane ki jarurat ni hai
Armaan: but mujhe jarurat hai bahar jane ki
Shilpa me tumse pyar karta hun and me tumhre lie kuch b kar skta hun
Agar tumne dhyan se video dekha hoga toh tumhe pta chalega me use hold kar hi ni rha tha wo ro rhi thi me bus console kar rha tha mujhe ni pta kisne video bnayi or uske baad mene riddhima ko push kia tha piche wo toh record kia ni sirf hug record kar li
Shilpa saw him with a hurt look and brimmed eyes.
Armaan was feeling yet guilty even he did nt do anything wrong.
Shilpa hold collar of armaan and said y armaan aise kyu kia??
Bolo na me tumse itna pyar karti hun or me tumhre bina ji ni skti
Thik hai i trust u ki tumne hold ni kia lekin usne hug kia or tumne roka ni
Armaan: shilpa mujhe expect hi ni tha aisa kuch hoga
Shilpa saw with concern look and made him sit on bed

Part 9 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss

thanks a lot anshu,priyu,aleena,aayu and rup for ur sweet comments...hope u will like this part too..ab thodi jaldi me likha hai,kuch galat ho toh "kaha suna maaf"...hahhahahha



recap--arman took her in his room and riddhima surprised to see the whole room…she mumbled : “aisa kaise ho sakta hai?
How is it possible!!!
now --

riddhima mumbled in amazement : "aisa kaise ho sakta hai? yeh toh mere room ka carbon copy hai,i mean ditto..same is mine..

part 1 : Just A Bend Not An End

He looked into her eyes as he tried to read them, but today he could not find anything in those beautiful orbs. No love, no pain, no sparkle, no sorrow they seem so blank to him. For the first time he was unable to comprehend her eyes. Ridhima  Malik lay quietly on her bed, starring lifelessly at the celling, her husband Armaan Malik sat beside her caressing her hair. He looked at his loves condition and involuntarily a lone tear escaped his eye. He could not believe the game that life had played with them. As he sat, caressing her hair, he began to recollect the past few days that had changed everything in their lives.

Armaan and Ridhima had been happily married for the last 2 years. The last 2 years had been the best time of their lives. Their life was simply perfect, they had the best of everything after all they were the proud owners of Malik enterprises and hence commanded a great position in the society.   Their love for each other seemed to grow stronger with each passing day and they were soon going to be blessed with their love bud. Both Armaan and Ridhima were elated with the news and hence they decided to announce it to the world. Thus, a grand party was arranged. Armaan  had personally looked over every arrangement; after all he was very excited to share this news with everyone.

part 8 : pyari ma mumma

Riddhima feels earth snatched under her feet as she saw that papers in her hands. Her eyes got teary as she looked at those photographs and then  she finds a letter attached to it. She is going to open it with her trembling hands but at the same moment she heard a knock on the door and she immediately stuffed the things in her bag and then she heard one voice that always brighten her world as
A:''riddhima chalein mumma intejar kar rahi hain dinner ke liyye''
And hearing him she composed herself and then she replied taking deep breaths
R:''han armaan tum chalo main bas abhie ati hun''
She said and armaan is surprised what is taking her so long as she is not the person who takes like ages to freshen up so instantly he got worried for her then
A:''riddhima tum theek ho na? Everything fine?''

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Part 6 : DMG 3

A week had passed since they had returned from Panchgani but neither Armaan nor Ridhima had spoken about Shilpa to Shashank or Padma. Ridhima was in a denial mode she refused to listen to anything relating to Shilpa, Armaan tried and broach the subject but she would just leave when asked. Armaan on the other hand could not forget the look on Shilpa's face when they had left, he kept remembering countless incidents from the past where remarks had been made relating to family and parents and shilpa's reaction to them. He felt guilty for the part he had played in not disclosing the truth and also frustrated by Ridhima's attitude towards the truth about her relationship with Shilpa.
One day as they reached Sanjeevani all senior doctors were called into the conference by Dr. Shashank.

part 7 : pyari ma mumma

As finally riddhima breaks the hug and then nandini looked at them and then she
N:''acha chalo aab aap sab fresh hokar jaldi aa jao main khana lagati hun ok''
She said and everybody smiled and nodded and
K:''ok vaise i guess nandu kuch special hain khane meiin right''
N:''ooske liyye karan aapko khane ke table par ana padega na''
She said and karan looked at her then

Part 23 to 25 : AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories


Part 23.

Aashiyaan,  Lonavla

They both came out of the memories of thr date.........
They both smiled lookin at eachother.......

Armaan- chalo ab sojaate hai...
ridhima - hmm..par usse pehle mumbai phone kar lete hai...
armaan- yeh...


"tring...tring...tring...tring..." rahul's phone buzzed... "kaun hai raahul??!!"keerti asked.."mam armaan ka phone hai" muskaan said who peeked into rahul's mobile...
He picks up the phone....."aur bai raaahool??!! kaisa hai bey" as rahul picked up the phone armaan said......
"mujhe do mai bhai sai baat karungi"piya said...."nahi mereko di sai baat karni hai"abhay said....."chup bay di kai chamche...."said nikki "mai baat karungi di sai"shilpa said...."mai chotu sai baat karunga" abhi said.............

Part 10 : Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Armaan: shhh …(putting his finger on he lips) mein btata hun riddhima…. Mein btata hun basket ke sach kya hai ….. hum dono sirf dost nahi hain ….. balke ….. (he took a long pause) balke hum to … hum too best friends hain …. With this he again started laughing …..
Riddhima wasnow pretty much angry with her she was about to leave when armaan held her hand.
Armaan: acha baba …. I am sorry …
Riddhim: its okay …..
Armaan: acha ab agar tum ja hi rahi ho to mein bhi aa jaata hu
They both left the fire escape and went to general ward 1. Riddhima agin went to the same patient to complete his check-up.

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part 38: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Armaan opened the door
And delivery boy asked for shilpa malhotra
Shilpa asked from inside.
Kaun hai armaan
Armaan: courier hai
Shilpa: le lo na tum
Armaan: tumhre lie hai
Shilpa: ohk m aayi
Shilpa came outside signed paper and hold the packet.
And kept on table delivery boy went after taking courier charge
She opened the packet
And was shocked to her wits
She was not moving
She got hugging pictures of armaan so intimate and
She got a mobile in it.

Part 378:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 378:

 Ridhimaa was silent for a few moments.

Part 19 & 20:Is it love?

Part 19
At night before dinner
An:Hum log kal kya karenge?
Ni:Haan main bhi wahi soch rahi thi.
Ar:Kyun na hum kahin bahar jayen?
Mu:Haan ye achcha idea hai.
Ra:Par jayenge kahan?
Abhi:Hamare saath koi bada bhi nahi hai.
Mu:Armaan hai na hum sab se bada.
Ri:1 min!Nishant bhaiyya hai na.Wo aa sakte hain hamare
Ar:Lekin unka office?
Ri:Kal Saturday hai na?To unhe chutti rehti hai.Main abhi unhe
   phone karti hun.
Ar:Riddhima ruko,wo aayenge theek hai par hum jayenge kahan?
Ri:Tension kyun lete ho?Bhaiyya suggest karenge na.Main unhe
   phone karti hun.

Sometime later
At:Tumhare bhaiyya ne kya kaha?
Ri:Wo aa rahe hain.
Nu:Chalo tab tak table set kar lete hain Nishant bhaiyya ke
    aane tak to ho jayega.
Gun:Haan ye theek rahega.

part 2 : saton janam tre sang

2014..!! Present
A girl around in mid 20’s is siting in her room…
n talking to someone on call..
Other side. : kl subha 7 bje ready rehna... Its a surprise...

girl : neal pr vahan kyu jna hai btao toh..

Neal : are baba.. Kidnap nahi kr raha hn tumhe.. Its a surprise priti... Gud nite baby love u..

N he cuts the cal

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Part 40 : My Wish Come True

Recap : A day at beach.. Ridhima gets uncomfortable and AR have their first ever heated fight.. Armaan manaofys ridhima.. Ridhima accepts Anjali as her sister again.. Their first fight ending at a romantic note..

Part 40

Armaan Ridhima as planned stayed back leaving rest of them to go out, while they get sometime to romance.. Around afternoon Ridhima realised that its been too more than 12 hours that they've been staying in their room and for sure others will tease them now.. moreover her empty tummy was asking her to get ready and get something to eat.. She tilted her head abit on his chest and mumbled his name "Armaan..?"

part 1: Pyar ka dard hai

Part 1

Delhi Medical College

Ek sports car college me high speed me enter hoti hai …. Wo ek sharp turn lekr parking lot me park hoti hai …. And a handsome young guy moves out of it …… usne ek white t-shirt with a green jacket and blue jeans pehna hua hota hai …. He takes off his sunglasses ….
Guy : hmmm …. To yeh hai mera medical college ….. girls …. Get ready to fall for me ….
He smirks and looks around him only to find girls shrieking in excitement …..the guy moves forward towards the college …..tabhi Ek larki college me enter hoti hai …. Wearing ripped blue skinny jeans with a simple bright T-shirt …. Her hhairs were left open … with earphones in her ears …. She wasn’t looking forward …. Bcz she was busy stuffing in books in her bag ….. and then it happened ….. wo ussi guy se takraa jati hai …. And dono niche gir jate hain …..
Girl : aaaahhhh …. (resting on her elbows and still laying o the road… she looked up at the guy’s face) u idiot dekh kr nahi chal sakte kya ?

happy birthday Annie shona(16th june)

hi friends ,to day is happy birthday of my fav sis annie who is the senior member of our blog and a great writer too. let's wish her on her bd.

Part 33:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Before Riddhima could say anything, her phone started to vibrate… She excused herself and leaves the café…. She looks at the caller… Armaan was calling her… Riddhima took the phone…
Armaan: Basket… Im waiting for u outside, r u free…
Riddhima: Hmm…
Armaan: Kya huva… Tum tik toh hoon na…
Riddhima: Haan… Im coming…
Before Armaan could say anything or ask anything Riddhima cut the call… She wasn’t happy as Armaan didn’t tell her where he goes… Riddhima go and get her belonging and make her way to go outside…

In Parking Area,

Armaan was waiting for Riddhima… He has been busy with work outside from hospital for the past week… Now as the work was done, he was happy to spend sometimes with his Basket without any tension… No works to disturb his thoughts… Armaan was standing near the car, his back resting… Looking towards Sanjeevani front door, waiting to see his basket after a long working day….
After sometimes, he saw his basket coming out from the hospital… Armaan smiles to her, but didn’t get back her lovely smile…
Armaan: (In Mind) Lagta hai Madam naraaz hai, but why…
Riddhima come and without saying anything she open the door and sit on the car…. Armaan was shocked to see her behavior… Armaan goes and sit on driver seat and drive to go their home…

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Part 8 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)

.                      this time a short part ..priyu,i will ud next part most probably on friday .sorry..haan.



Riddhima got to know that arman watched “alone” movie with his friends.when she came in recreation room for practice of their trinity..saw that muski was whispering something to nikki .when she asked about it,muski uttered : “u know ridhz,yeh boys ‘alone’ dekhne gaye they..shaaram nehi aati inko?”

Nikki : “waise muski tu overeact kar rahi hai.agar hum dekh sakte hain toh wo kyon nehi?”

Muski  uttered stretching her eyes..:’tu toh boys ka side hi legi nikki.okay,unhone dekha,doesn’t matter but yeh rahul kya keh raha tha tumhe pata bhi hai?

Nikki gave her a question look.

Part 22 : AR FF North South ki khatee meethi love stories



all of the gang stood jn a line and then loosed thr arms and shouted- ishqqqq hayeeeee (while opening thr arms in SRK style)

Nikki and piya ran to them..
nikki- welcome back mam,sir
Piya- hey mam sir...deepansh aur navneeta kaha hai??!!
(yes they r kirti and shubhankar)
kirti- hey interns...wo doni ghar sab kaisa chal raha hai??!!!
anji- mam kuch acha ni ho raha...
shubhankar- kyun kyaa hua??!!

they all settled in chairs thr and they all started telling the whole.......

Part 9 : Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Next morning in sanjeevani locker room all the interns except riddhima were present.
Armaan: hey anjy basket nahi ayi …
Anjali: tumhe kyu aaj kal uski itni fikar hai .. ghar bhi wo tumhare sath hi aati hai…
Atul: arre haan armaan yaar aaj kal tum dno hamesha sath sath rehte ho ….
Armaan: arre yar aisa…..
He stopped as he saw a hot girl entering the locker room. It was none other than riddhima. She was wearing a green dress which was above her knees. Her hairs were a bit curled and dyed in green color at the ends. She was first time seen in make up by the interns. Her beauty was mesmerizing. She was looking like a fairy from heaven.

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part 37: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

Anjali took riddhima in side
Ridsi what were u doing??
Riddhima: mene kya kia di
Jo b kia armaan ne kia
Anjali: ridsi plz armaan ko b hak hai move on karne ka
Tu aise kaise kar skti hai
Riddhima: di m armaan se naraj jarur hun or kyu hun aap b smjh sktr ho
Anjali: i understand ridsi par
Ab shilpa or armaan ki engagement hochuki hai
Unhe apni nayi life ke lie wishes do
Naki armaan ko blame kro he is right this time.
On other side
Armaan was trapped in thoughts ek traf se maya ki tension ek traf se riddhima ek dum se wapis agyi
Armaan jaye toh kha jaye kese in sabse shilpa ko hurt hone se bchaye armaan ye soch hi rha hota hai k shilpa ajati hai and armaan ke samne khade hojati hai tb b armaan respond ni karta toh shilpa loudly bolti hai armaaan

Part 32:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan reach room and make her sit on the bed… But Riddhima got up with a jerk… Armaan was shocked with her action… He don’t know wht happen, he keeps wondering wht happen to Riddhima, when Riddhima make her way to the wardrob…
Armaan: Basket…
Riddhima: Kya huva Armaan….
Armaan: I told u, u r not going to do anything and tum wardrob ki paas kyu jaa rahi ho...
Riddhima: Armaan… Mujhe yeh dress change karni hai…
Armaan: Haan toh… Mujhe nehi kehsakte…
Coming to her, who was now infront of her wardrob…
Riddhima: Armaan… Main itni bhi bhimar nehi hoon… Main yeh sab kar sakti hoon…
Armaan: Basket…
Riddhima took her night dress and go to change…
Armaan: Yeh Basket koh huva kya hai… She is behaving strange… Ek baar dehka bhi nehi…
Armaan change his cloth and went downstairs to get himself a coffee and Juice for Riddhima… Armaan was in the kitchen he heard Riddhima calling him…

In Room,

After changing, Riddhima comes out to see Armaan no where… She goes and looks at the balcony but he wasn’t there… Riddhima came near the door and call Armaan…

Part 17 & 18:Is it love?

Part 17

Everyone was suitably horrified at the seen before them.
Armaan was trying to ..........
He was trying to cook!!!

The room they had entered was the kitchen,which was now a
There was flour everywhere,including on Armaan and Riddhima's
face!!!A few burnt pieces of God alone knows what lay on
the floor and the pan in Armaan's hand had turned black.
And Riddhima looked horrified at the state of her mom's
beloved kitchen.

Ri:Armaan!!!Ye tumne kya kiya?
Ar:[looks at the pan n thinks she is saying 4 that]Oopsscha!!!
    Kuch zyada hi jal gaya.Main doosra bana deta hun.
Riddhima was too shocked to respond to anything.
Ma:[in a calm voice]Par Armaan tum bana kya rahe ho?
Ar:[grins]Aloo ke parathe.
Ma:No wonder aloo ke chilke tumhare sar par se latak rahe hain.
Ar:Oh woh rehne do ye sab is jungli billi ka karnama hai.

Riddhima had heard that and now she was back in her "fighting"

part 13:Life out of control(season 3)

She sighed as she turned over in her bed. Before leaving the hospital, she had whispered a quick thank you to her sister, given her a long hug and a kiss on her cheek for being so understanding while Atul kept looking on with a small smile, until he received a loving hug from her too. But now something was missing. After so much drama in her life it suddenly felt sort of, empty ' was the only word she could describe it as. And though it was after all life which had its ups and downs, Riddhima had gotten used to the emotional sense which she had been dealing with for the past months. But then, with Armaan, things always managed to sort themselves out. Just how much did he love her? Just how much did she love him? A lot, was her answer. She enlarged a photo of him on her phone and stared it, feeling a slow smile creep up on her face. She really was acting like a teenager with her first crush wasn't she? But this wasn't a crush. It was love. Her love which just multiplied every second.

Armaan stared outside the window at the sky aimlessly. He looked down at his phone, wondering whether or not he should call her. However, she must be asleep by now. That was if she was used to sleeping without him by her side. He remembered how she used to dose off in his arms every single night when he went to visit her. What rubbish, of course she would be used to it. He had left her alone for two whole months! The thought struck like lightning in his heart, increasing his guilt. But then, distance makes the heart grow fonder right? And he was so sure the love between them had increased by a million folds. His mother was right! Amazing as she was, he used to think she was so wrong when she insisted Riddhima still loved him. How stupid he had been to never think of it before! His mother was a woman. She'd obviously know more. He couldn't keep the distance anymore with his basket. He would call her and if she didn't pick up, he'd probably send her a message.