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Part 381:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 381:

 In the I.C.U, the atmosphere was getting much tensed.

Shashank: Dr.Rahul... injection...

Part 1:An offer you just can't refuse

Life is strange. There are times when you have no other way than to hurt the one person you love the most.

Riddhima Gupta had no intention of accepting the big fat check when her boyfriend Armaan's snobbish mother offered her $ 10,000 to break up with him. There was no way in the hell her love was venal. And that money minded lady had to get this in her pea head. Nothing, Absolutely nothing could have separated them. And what bothered Riddhima the most was despite of being well aware of how much Armaan loved her, his mom wanted them to part their ways. She knew Mrs mallik never liked her and trust her if she says, the feelings were mutual..but this was certainly discourteous and uncouth on her part.

Then she discovered a secret that made her think again. There are moments in life when you need to make toughest decisions of your life and zoya knew it was the time to make a choice. And so, she did.
Riddhima Gupta took the money, and left, swearing to never look back and to always love armaan

Now, 10 years later Riddhima worked as a journalist and was living in NYC. Call it a twist of fate or just simply destiny, One fine day, a certain mr. kell, who happened to be one of the most famous directors of Hollywood came out of no where in her office and decided to launch her as a new actress.

part 4: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

After dinner,Malliks were ready to go home except Muskaan.She is going to stay with riddhima today as she needs to know the reason behind riddhima's sadness.Riddhima can hide her pain with everyone,but with muskaan,it was impossible n yes ofcoure with Armaan too.They know each other in n out.After Mallik's went,everyone was on their bed.Muskaan was with Riddhima lying on the bed.
Muskaan:chal ab bol kya bat hai jo tujhe preshan kr rahi hai.??
Riddhima:(frightened)tu.,tujhe kaise pata mai pareshan hu?
Muskaan:meri shadi ho gai iska ye matlb nh ki mai apni best friend ke man ki bat nh janti.chal bol jaldi..
That was enough for Riddhima to remember all her past again which she was trying to forget.She was eagerly waiting for Muskaan to talk to her and she can pour her heart infront of her.She herself was not able to go and tell her as she didn't told muskaan about her being in relation with someone for more than 5months.
Riddhima:(looking down)maine tujhse ek bhot badi bat chupai hai muski.mai tujhe btana chahti thi par mauka hi nahi mila.(she looks up to muskaan who ask her to continue. So she start telling her.)mai 6month phle ek project pe kam kar rh thi.

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part 44 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Riddhima was no more upset with Armaan and he was more than happy as she looked very much excited about the fast. That only benefited her as thanks to that she kept proper care of her appettitie and her medications so that the reports didnot show any negative factors! And all her efforts were fruitful enough as the reports stated improvement in her status.


PART 64!*!

Recap- Riddhima Rescued. padma Angry on Armaan, Some AR Moments.

Armaan and Riddhima were done with their Dinner. And everyone was sitting deciding what was the sleeping arrangement. As Riddhima has ordered that no one would go home and they would spend some time with each other.Everyone had agreed. And was already laying down pillows to sit and some popcorn. To enjoy. They had come to a decision of watching a good Movie together. First all were in favour of a horror movie when riddhima declined. And seeing her uncomfortable armaan tried convincing everyone too. They in the end came to a decision to watch a chick flick romedy as the girls argued and even used deadly weapons like their stares to scare the boys. Armaan was walking along with pillows in his hand to the room. When he suddenly heard some sobs coming out from some room. He found Aarav and Shaan heading to the place he was supposed to go. And called them to take the pillows in his hands saying he had something important to do. They nodded as they walked ahead cracking jokes and invalid remarks. Armaan walked in the direction of the sound and was led to Padma's Study. He saw her sitting on the chair. Her hands on the table holding her head as she sat their softly sobbing. Armaan was shocked at this sight in front of him. He moved slowly ahead to her and taking all the courage in the world, Hell he wasn't even this afraid when he went to rescue riddhima. But after padma's outburst today he was really scared to approach her. But he still put his mind to it and moved closer and slowly placed his hand on her shoulders. She looked up with tears in her shocked to see armaan there she quickly wiped them. And stood up. She smiled looking at him. Now armaan was a hell confused. These two ladies! Would never fail to convince him.

Part 21 & 22:Is it love?

Part 21

The boys were enjoying in the pool when...
At:Hey guys! Mujhe Anjali pool mein dikh rahi hai.
Ra:Kya bakwaas kar raha hai Atul!Wo refreshments ke liye
   gayi hain.Aur saari ladkiyan ek saath aayengi.Muskaan to
   khaana dekhkar aadha ghanta wahin rukegi.
Abhi:Mujhe Nikki dikh rahi hai.
Ar:Ye hamara wahem nahi ahi.Ladkiyan sachmuch pool mein

They turned to see the girls....They were decently dressed
in a large top(waist lenght) and 3/4ths looking beautiful as
ever.The boys swam to the place where the girls were.

Ar:Humse jhooth bolkar tum sab pool mein kya kar rahi ho?
Ri:[with ease]Aaram!
Ra:Oye![to Muski]Tu to refreshments ke liye gayi thi na?
   Yahan kya kar rahi hai?
Mu:Ridzie ne bataya na?Hum aaram kar rahe hain.
Abhi:Lekin tumne humse jhooth kyun kaha?
Ni:To hum aur kya karte?Tum log hume pool mein aane nahi
    de rahe the.Aur hume aana hi tha...
An:Either by hook ...
Ri:[completing it]Or by crook.



Riddhima was sitting in room looking outside from the window... Riddhima hand was busy playing with her chain, which Armaan has given her in Valentine day... Riddhima was sitting with her back resting in soft pillow, stretching her legs forward while her free hand was on her chest crossing giving support to the other hand as it was holding the chain around her neck...
Riddhima eyes were fixed the view out but her mind was busy thinking about her life... She has a slight smile on her lips as her eyes were twinkling remembering the moment she has spend with Armaan and Ray along with their families and friends...

Part 12 : Childhood friends- love finds it way

Armaan- raat mai toh bada maza aya...?
kripa- sahi mai...
ridz- aur mere pairo ka jo haal tha uska kyaa??!!!...aur mere kandhe..
angad- sahi mai yaar...truly so uncomfy position...
anji- to kisne kaha tha aise sone ko..common ridz ab toh natak karna band kardo...
nupur muttered - ho gaya kama..subah bekaar karwani ho toh isse kaho...
nikki listened and said- what do u mean...huhh...!!
mayank- shut up guys..subah subah shuru honjate ho..chalo nupur...chalo yaar ...aaj bohut kaam things everything new new...
muski- haan haan chalo...

Princi office...

Princi- okk fest hone wala hai...Maharashtra and Delhi medical colleges and Arts colleges sai students ayenge...soo lets get prepared for that...coz i want my Student Body council to be part of it with handling other duties as well...soo get started with auditions...

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Part 42 : My Wish Come True

Part 42

Armaan finally let go of his fears  letting things take its own course.. though he felt Naina Joshi might be helpful in knowing about Ridhima's parents as she was very influencial but decided against it as it might harm Atul an Anjali's relationship.. He couldn't ask his dad to help him as it would look like he was directly asking his father to go against his friend.. FRIEND.. Was Shashank Gupta really a person to be referred as a friend..? he was so engrossed in All that he was doing to know about Ridhima's parents  but he never has really given a thought of what his father might feel if he is proven wrong..

Part 51:I will bring my basket back

She ran; threw pillows at him and messed the entire room in order to save herself from her dear hubby as he was in no mood of letting her go at any cost! The room was in a state as if a torrando had hit hard; and ultimately the prey was caught.
As she opened the lock in an attempt to run out of the room he reached and locking the door back; pinned her to the door. Both were panting hard trying to catch their breath; and their heads joined in order to get a grip on themselves.
Mrs.Basket Mallik ye tumne theek nahi kiya! Mujhe itna dara diya bina vajah!!
Toh tum mujhse baat kyun nahi kar rahe the; mujhe aur koi raasta nazar nahi aaya toh... vaise bhi har baar tum pranks khelte ho is baar maine khela! Varna tum toh pata nahi aur kitne waqt muh phulakar baithe rehte!
Toh tumne harkat hi aisi ki thi!
Par fir maine sorry bhi toh bola tha na tumse; tum meri baat sun hi nahi rahe the!
Khair job hi hai; khabardaar jo dubara aisa koi majaak kiya...
Tum fir mujhe daant rahe ho; main karungi majak... toh... toh kya kar loge haan?
With her hands on her hips she challenged him like a two year old not realizing that it was her second biggest mistake of the day!

part 8: DMG 3

Part 8
After the club incidence ridhima wanted to know if shilpa was involved with someone. She asked shilpa this once they were sitting at shilpa's place alone.
Ridz:shilpa tumhara koi boyfriend nahin hai kya?
Shilpa:di! Yeh boyfriend kahan se aagya. Meray paas boyfriend ke liye time nahin hai.  
Ridz: per what about the hunk you met at the club (seeing shilpa frown) yaar tum meri behan mein bhi chahti hoon ke tum kisi se pyaar karo, tumhari shaadi ho
Shilpa: pyaar aur mein, not possible.
Ridz: kyun tumhein kya hoa jo pyar  not possible (she looked at shilpa inquiringly)
Shilpa: love is not for me.

part 2: Pyar ka dard hai

A few days later …
Armaan and riddhima ka clash is constant … roz kisi na kisi baat pr larai ….. and both hated each other ….
College …
Riddhima class k eek table pr beth kr paper aeroplanes ek corner se dusre corner pr phenk rhi hoti hai …. And the rest of the students are also chatting , hooting , and playing ….. well armaan was constantly gazing at riddhima …

part 3: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Armaan was happy and was eagerly waiting for his next meeting with Riddhima.After getting a conformation from Ananya he was ready to take a step forward n be friendly with Riddhima.He has never been friendly with anyone other than Rahul and Atul.They are his best friends.Muskaan is just like his little sister and his only girl-friend who always tease him for having no girlfriend at this age also.Armaan has always been a calm and quite child.He is his dad's pride and mom's superstar.But now his this quiteness is troubling his love life.And nw he has to change a little,change for better,change for his love n life.

Here Riddhima is much calm then before.She is trying to come out and moves on from her past.Nikita is helping her by keeping her busy with some or the other work.Muskaan has called her some time to check whether she is fine or not.She has also told anjali about riddhima's this behaviour.They have planned to talk to her and ask what is troubling her.

Its a sunday and everyone is free from their work.So Padma has invited Mallik's and Joshi's for a get-together.Gupta's and Mallik's have a very good bond because of Muskaan.Muskaan's parents died when she was 5yr padma being her only relative took her responsibilies and is happy to see their 3rd daughter happily married and wants same kind of happy family for Riddhima too as Anjali is already happily married with Atul

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part 3: Just A Bend Not An End

~Same Day, Midnight~

Armaan kept on looking at Ridhima for what seemed like eternity and eventually drifted to sleep himself...It was about 4:30 amwhen Armaanhabitually stretched his arm out on the bed. No sooner did he do that than he frowned as he could not feel Ridhima beside him.  He opened his heavy eyes with the hope to see his love but panicked when he found the place beside him empty. He immediately got up and went towards the washroom with the thought that Ridhima might be there but his frown only deepened when he saw the door of the restroom open.  He searched for her frantically around the room and balcony "Oh God were can she go?? She can barely stand on her own after her miscarriage...I just hope she is fine, she is not even in her senses...Oh God pls, pls keep her save" he thought  worried about Ridhima...He searched the whole house but all in vain...frustrated, scared and tensed he closed his eyes sighing deeply. His heart was pounding heart against his chest, his face was covered with sweat beans and his forehead was tightened...just when he was about to lose hope he saw the door of the nursery which the two of them had fondly decorated for their baby open...slowly he walked towards it and the field of vision in front of him made his heart bleed...He saw Ridhima laying on the floor curled up like a ball, holding a doll tightly against her chest sobbing bitterly...His eyes welled up seeing her in such a state...haltingly he walked towards her and sat just beside her head, he heard her mumbling something in between her sobs and bend down to hear what she was trying to say "Pl..pls am't leave me..pls"..Armaan's

Part 380:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 380:

Anjali: Dad... ab to Ridzi theek hai na?

Part 15 : U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!!

Gang who was on the floor look towards the store room seeing suddenly it opens and was shocked to see Anjali and Atul standing there with shocked expression... No one move and just stay like that as if they had seen some ghost not understand how to react to see them together that too in the store room...

When no one speak or move, Anjali and Atul came out from the store room, they saw people staring at them as some were still trying to control their laugh seeing the gang on the floor... Gang just stay like that, staring at Anjali and Atul with questions in their eyes... It was Armaan who push Rahul who was over him and standing making everyone trace break...
As soon as Armaan stood up, everyone else also got on their feet wiping their cloths... They gave a fake smile to the people around them while Armaan and Riddhima acted as if nothing happen... Anjali and Atul keeps staring at them waiting for them to ask question or clear what was going on...

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part 3: Ekk Baar…Phir Se

Muskaan left with the file. While riddhima continued with her work.


Muskaan was sitting in the lounge, looking at a magazine when padma came and sat next to her with a plate of fruits. She started to cut the fruits.

Mu: arre mom aap fruits kyu kaat rahi ho itne saare?
Pa: beta woh aaj appetizer keliye salad aur fruit salad serve karenge shaam mein!!!
Mu: ohhh! Kab aana hai billy uncle ne?
Pa: unki flight shaam 6 baje land honi hai aur tumahre papa 5 baje nikle ge ghar se!
Mu: (thinking) 3 hrs till he comes! Idk what will be riddhima's reaction!
Pa: arre yeh riddhima kahan hai?
Mu: mom uski night duty thi na to woh so rahi hai!!
Pa: usse jagah de! Unn logo ke aane mein sirf 3 ghante hai! Air yeh minnie kaha hai?
Mu: woh aapne room mein bethi padh rahi hai!!  
Pa: acha jao jaake riddhima ko jaga do!!!

Part 10 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)


Riddhima returned home in a very fresh mood. She liked arman’s family and his house too. Now she was feeling arman’s house is like her own house.her heart desired to go from there,to sit in the balcony,to stare sea shore spend time with arman.she felt her heart was lost somewhere.riddhima was humming a tune just then Anjali came in her room .riddhima looked at her and smiled.

Anjali : :”arey wah!aaj lagta hai meri choti si behen ka mood bahut achcha hai?kya baat hai ?

part 2: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Armaan is waiting for riddhima in his car as she is being pampered by Ananya n Muskaan.Both the ladies giving her instructions like she is a kid going school for the very first day. Armaan enjoying the scene.
Muskaan(hugging Riddhima):Apna dhyan rakhna ridzi.aur haa time pe khana khaiyo.
Ananya:Aaram se jao beta.aur yaha jab bhi man kare aate rhna.
Listening this Armaan looks at his mom who grin at him.He is in heven now as according to him things are going correct.
Riddhima comes and sit on the front sit.She bids bye to Muskaan N Ananya.Muskaan is worried for Riddhima because she knows that something is there that is untold to her n she has to know.
The ride to home was very quiet for AR.He was stealing glances from her and she never noticed it as she was busy thinking n lost in her thoughts.He thought to break the silence.
Armaan:hmm Riddhima??
Riddhima:hmmm...ha boliye?Armaan:Ap thik to hai na. I mean kuch preshan lag rh h ap.Is everything OK??
Riddhima:(tensed)Ha ha thik hai.
She felt foolish of herself to show him the emotions so clearly but the thing she was not knowning was that Armaan can read her face and eyes.
He droped her safe and went his office.
In the office

Part 34:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Riddhima: Armaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan…
Armaan heard Riddhima shouts…
Armaan: Basket…
Armaan run out from the room calling Riddhima… Armaan goes to the hall, she wasn’t there… Then he went to see the kitchen, but she wasn’t their either… Armaan make his way to the terrace… His heart was beating fast… He keeps calling Riddhima’s name… But she wasn’t answering him…
Armaan go to the terrace to see it was decorated… Simple but beautiful, Round table middle with White cloth on it… Red and White Candles around the terrace… Armaan goes near the table… Dinner was ready for two, with Armaan’s favorite dishes… There was a rose and a card… Armaan took it and look around… Riddhima wasn’t there to see…
Armaan open the card and read it…

‘Baby… Im really sorry i hurt u… I didn’t mean it… Sorry Jaanu… But I can’t see tears in your eyes… Please Baby mujhe maaf kardo… Please…

Your’s and only your’s

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Recap: Armaan reaches the spot. Truth finally out. Riddhima rescued but still in shock

The pain in his arms had worsened by the time they reached home but ignoring it Armaan climbed out of the car and went towards Riddhima. Before he could even reach her she got out and began walking inside the house completely ignoring him. Yes that hurt a little,even then he followed her into her house. The door was open and as he entered after Riddhima he found his friends and Padma, keerti and Shashank present there. As soon as Padma spotted Riddhima she ran towards her and engulfed her in a hug. Riddhima just stood there like a statue not moving or responding. Padma took her and made her sit on the couch beside her.
Atul, Abhi and Nihal came beside Armaan. That's when the others noticed him standing by the door.
Anjie,Muskaan and Nikki too rushed to his side.
Anj- Armaan Sab theek toh haina??
Musk- Haa Armaan. Yeh Riddhima itni chup chup kyu hai??
Nikki- Kya sach mein iss sab ke peeche mayank ka haath hai?

part 3 : meri duniya hai tujhme kahin AR Ts


Its been more than  an hour since Naina called Riddhima and still now thay were not back..she was getting tensed up and all other family members were there..both Raaj n Anuraag were trying calling them..but there phone was switched off..Anuraag was about to call the police when his phone rang..he saw it was from Sanjeevani…so he picked it up and then what he heard had left him shocked..he cut the call and said to Raaj ‘dad..armaan ka accident ho gaya hai..’ hearing it all ran to hospital and also informed Guptas on there way to reach there.

Part 379:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 379:

 Armaan heard the soft thud behind him and revolved around to find Ridhimaa lying on the floor. Her head had hit the door side and a fountain of blood was rushing out from it.

Happy Birthday Mandira (22nd june)

hi is bd of my best friend mandira who is an old member of this blog and an amazing writer too. let's wish her on her bd.

Happy Birthday Mandira...many many happy returns of the day.You are special and I hope that you float through the day with a big smile on your face. Happy Birthday!

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Part 40 : Tu zindagi

Anjali went from there saying :’do continue arman..all the best.

As soon Anjali went from there,arman stretched arms inviting shilpa but shilpa nodded in na and turned to go  from there.arman caught her dupatta and sang: “abhi na jao chodkar ki dill abhi bhara nehi.”

Shilpa uttered rounding eyes : “tum itne bade noutankibaaz ho mujhe bilkul nehi pata tha.chodo mera dupatta ,mujhe jane do arman.”

But arman nodded in na and hugged her from back while : “abhi abhi toh aayi ho,bahaar banke chayi ho,fiza zara mehek toh le,hawa zara behek toh le…

Part 41 : My Wish Come True

Recap : the gang goes for a trip to Goa where AR had their first serious fight and then make up as cutely as they can.. Atul and Anjali finally disclose their relationship to everyone.. Ridhima and Anjali are ALMOST back to normal.. Someone play a trick by sending Ridhima a picture of her parents with all the bank details on it.. Anjali calmed Ridhima and Armaan took care of her well till her mind was balanced and off that lousy plan..

Intro & part 1: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Riddhima gupta:25 yr sweet,cute n caring gal with innocent smile n preety green eyes.A fasion designer working in her own botique

Armaan mallik:27yr old handsome man with a charming smile n beautiful blue eyes.CEO of Mallik garments co. Ltd.

Siddhant modi:27yr old guy works in his father's company.

Rahul mallik:Armaan's younger brother.married to muskan 1yr before.
Muskan mallik:Rahul's wife n riddhima n anjali's cousin.

Anjali joshi:Riddima's elder sister n married to atul joshi 2yrk.
Atul joshi:Anjali's husband.Armaan's manager n a cute loving n caring guy.

 Shasank gupta:Riddhima's father.loves both his dauther very dearly
Padma gupta:Riddhima n Anjali's mother

 Anurag mallik:Armaan n rahul's dad.
Ananya mallik:Armaan n Rahul's mother

part 2 : Just A Bend Not An End

Armaan entered the room and saw Ridhima  sprawled over the ground. He immediately rushed towards her and took her head in his lap. He tapped her cheeks to wake her up but she dint move an inch, he called for help but because of the loud music his screams remained unheard. He called out her name but she dint budge, he looked around and saw a bottle of sleeping pills scattered on the ground "Ridhima, baby...wake up baby pls...pls wake up" he kept on saying this as his tears were continuously spilling from his eyes. He took her in his arms and rushed downstairs as the guests saw the couple they were shocked beyond words. Shashank came rushing towards him "Armaan what happened to Ridhima  is she alright?" he asked worriedly "I don't know dad..I...I don't know...driver get the car quick...hurry up" he placed her in the back seat with her head in his lap and rushed towards the hospital.

part 9 : pyari ma mumma

Seeing riddhima standing at the end of stairs nandini called her as
N:''arey riddhima beta aap vahan kyun khadi hain yahan aayiye na hum aapka hi intejar kar rahe the''
And that brings riddhima back to reality and then she smiled lightly and
R:''ji aunty''
As soon she walked towards them karan smiled and then patted seat next to him opposite to armaan and
K:''rimmy mere pas bacha''
And riddhima smiled and then nodding her head she go and sit beside him and
K:''nandu aab tou rimmy bhi aa gayyi now please khana kha len''
R:''dijiye aunty main serve karti hun''