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Part 44 : My Wish Come True

RECAP:  Everyone stays at Malliks for the weekend.. Armaan has finally taken leave to take care of his Ridhu.. Anjali saved Ridhima from facing Guptas.. Atul's mother intentionally stayed there to see if Anjali is capable enough for her son..

Part 44

It has been a week since the adventurous weekend has ended.. everyone except Armaan has left, sulking to resume their works.. those last 3-4 days were the worst for Armaan as everyone wanted to be with Ridhima.. Ryan acted like a glue to her too.. he has been left with a lot of warnings and dos & donts from his mother, while Bi stayed back as she knew it will be a lot easier to have an elder lady around all the time..


Anshu's creation



part 11 : pyari ma mumma

Armaan shouted her name as soon he saw her fumbling back and
And as soon she is about to fall armaan holds her in his strong arms preventing her to fall and riddhima looked at him as she do heard his voice in this all carouse and armaan looked at her as he saw his hands too start covering in  her blood he holds her close and
R:’’armaan main theek hun please’’
She said trying to hide her pain as she saw that worry lines on his face and armaan just did not believe her he can read in her eyes that she is in pain so

part 3: Back to You

Part 3
Ri-armaan tum aise soch bhi kaise sakte ho.. Armaan tumhe brain tumor hai vo bhi last
stage.. Aur u didn't told me....
Ar-sry ridhima.. Mein...
Ri-(cutting him) operation kab hai..
Ar-mein ne mana kar diya....
Ri-mein keerti mam se baat karti hun...
Ar-kis ko nahi pata is bare mein...
Ridhima look at him shocked...
2 days Before armaan's operation..
Ar-ridhima i need u to promise me something...
Ri-anything for u armaan...
Jo tum kahoge mein maanungi.. Par operation toh tumhe karwana hi padega..
Ar-mein operate karwaunga par ek shart par.. Aur kasam bhi
Ri-kaise shart.????

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Announcing OS competition

Hey guys...
how are u ...

i know sab bahut aache hain yahan... aur aabhi sab free bhi hain...
so i m here to make u all come back to work...

Here i m Thinking to arrange an OS competition once again....
There is not plot basis to be made for writing an of the OS...

But all i want is that  u guys write an OS from any of the scene from the Serial itself...
means take any of the episode from the DMG and the start writing from that episode giving a turning point to it other then what happened in the serial....

u can take any of the serial's episode....

It may Be Wedding point or Ridhima and Sid  Forcefully .....
It may Be Wedding point or Ridhima and Sid the Second time...

part 3: Pyar ka dard hai

Next day …
Break time at college …
Sab log canteen mein bethe hote hain …. Armaan apna guitar baja raha hota hai …. And sab uske aas paas khre hokr sun rhe hote hain ….. when he finishes his song …. Everybody claps and cheers …

Part 11 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)


At night when riddhima came ol ,her first word to arman was : “see arman,I know tumhari mumma means aunty bahut achchi hai,uncle bhi bahut achche ahin aur tum bhi…

Arman ,who was waiting for her eagerly ,wrote : “mai bhi kya?

Riddhima : “means tum bhi ek bhale insaan ho par mai shadi nehi kar sakti,u know na and as u promised tum kisi tarah is shadi ko rokoge.”

Arman sighed while wrote : “par kab tak riddhima?kya tum shadi karogi hi nehi?

Riddhima thought a while and answered : “ummm…aisa nehi,par abhi nehi,abhi is barey me socha nehi.dekhungi kabhi dill ne chaha toh..but mai apne mumma papa ko choder kahin jana nehi chahti.”

part 15 - 16 :lovers or rivals

PART ~ 15

Armaan : im taking them with me..
Ridhima : bt Armaan..
Armaan : i dont wana listen any more... From now kids will stay with me..
Muski can u plz drop their stuf at my place..
Muskan just nodded

Arman left with aman n ria.

Muski : ridhima plz control urself.. V both will make him understand dont worry
Ridhima : muski u knew it rite.. Y did not tell me b4..
Muski : from the day one kids became very close to arman.. It felt as if know each other scine ages.. I didnot want to hurt u thats y...
Ridhima : bond is obvious.. Afterall he is thier Father..
Muski : lets go home..
Ridhima : ok..

part 7: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

"bhai dadddd...."
Rahul was shouting but why...lets see.hmm coz his "Sweet ennocent" wife has turned into"kaali Mata".she is sitting on his stomach and pulling his hairs.No one dared to stop her and come in between them.They were laughing till their stomach ached.
Muskaan:tune mujhe chipkali bola,ab dekh mai kya haal karti hu tera.. Kaankhajure...
Riddhima:(trying hard not to laugh)bas..bas muski,ab kya jaan legi uski.
Armaan:(giving hand to muskaan to get up)chalo chodo use,baki ki WWE kal kar lena.bhot rat ho gai hai.
Muskaan:(holding armaan's hand getting up and looking at Rahul)Aj room me aane ki sochna bhi mat.sad jaak store room me.Bandar kahika...
This was not the first time that RM were fighting and all others are laughing at their childish was now commom for them.The day client has given them 1 week time, they all started working was routine to see RM fighting for some or the other thing and then koochi-kooing in any corner after sorting out the fight.Riddhima has caught them kissing after their fight 2days back
Riddhima:ahem ahem.. See the angry love birds.abhi aisa lad rh the ki ek dusre ko kha jaege and now busy in romancing haa....
Nikki:are u both sure ki tum dono ki love marriage hai?? Means i have dought.
RM was very embarassed but was happy when everyone laughed at them.

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Siggies on DMG

a few siggies from my collection,hope you will like them.thanks

part 45 : An Arranged Love Marriage

Armaan had planned that once he was done with all the important schedules; he would cancel the not so imp. Appointments and get going to meet his dear wife; but to his luck it could not happen. But that did not upset him much as the next day was Karva chauth; and he had taken an off to look after her so he was anyways going to get an entire day with her!
Around 8:30 he entered the house but he found only Billy sitting and watching tv while the maids were busy arranging things on the dining table. He sat besides Billy and Joseph instantly gave him water;

Part 25 [Final part]:Is it love?

The years went by in a click.....
Everyone became what they intented to be....Doctors....

Though Armaan wanted to be a sound engineer,destiny had other plans for him.He was joined by the gang in the same institution and hospital 2 years after he joined them.He had become a senior doctor when the rest joined as interns.

They relived the moments they had spent as teenagers,quite often teasing each other in codes which only they knew.
The other hospital staff was always amused seeing them.They were always upto some or the mischief but they took care to see that it did not take toll on their patients or the hospital.

Shashank was now the dean of the hospital and Padma had retired.Aditya's interest lay in engineering and was busy pursuing it.

People often wondered how Uday and Dia became doctors coz they were never interested in Science.But they had become serious about their future and had cleared the exams with flying colours.

part 2 : Back to You

Part 2

Fire escape
Armaan-mein ridhma ko kaise bataunga..
Nahi mein usse nahi bata sakta.. Nahi mein nahi bataunga....
Tym passing now every frnd of armaan know his behaviour throughout the day he was stressed
out and thinking of ridhima....
Armaan went home at night today ridhima didn't went to hospital as she just return from
confress so get 2 days holidays. So waiting for armaan...
Arman arive home n straight went to his room n put his file in his cupboard hiding it...
Ridhima felt something odd as armaan alway comes to her firsth then he was to go to his room
after ridhima force him to leave her....
Arman arive home n straight went to his room n put his file in his cupboard hiding it...
Ridhima felt something odd as armaan alway comes to her firsth then he was to go to his room
after ridhima force him to leave her....

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part 10 : DMG 3

Part 10:

With passing days Mayank had forged friendship with Armaan, Ridhima and Shilpa, especially with Shilpa. They were often seen during breaks in cafeteria sharing coffee or going through case files. They even seen going on morning runs together. Every one saw their growing closeness, where everyone could sense Mayank's growing fascination with Shilpa reading Shilpa was much more difficult. Armaan and Ridhima were also aware of the recent developments but knowing shilpa refrained from saying anything but made a concerted effort to get to know Mayank better. It was easy to like Mayank, he was a likable guy, charming, intelligent, ambitious and friendly. A couple of months had passed everything had been going smooth, shilpa was her usual mysterious self. Even though she spent a lot of time with Armaan, Ridhima and Mayank there were times when she disappeared without letting anyone knowing about it.

Part 382:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 382:

Shashank: Aap ICU me hain...

Part 35:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: Maine aapko kahata… Mujhe phone mat karna… Main aapse baad main baat karunga…
Armaan cut the call… From his voice, Riddhima knows he wasn’t happy with something, but what…??? Armaan turn around to go in but was shocked to see Riddhima standing near the door… He got tense… Armaan look towards Riddhima who was looking at him with all question asking from her big green eyes…
Armaan: Basket…
Riddhima: Itni raat koh tum kisse baat kar rahiti Armaan…
Armaan: Koi bhi nehi… Coming to her and hold her by her waist…
Riddhima: Armaan…
Armaan: Ok baba… Hospital se call aya… Kissi patient ki baare main pooch rahata…
Riddhima: Toh bahar kyu… Andar bhi baat karsakti ti na…
Armaan: Basket… tum so rahiti… Issiliye main baahar aagaya… Moving some hair which was on her face…
Riddhima: Lekin…
Armaan: Shh… (Touch his finger in her lips…) Basket tum kitna bolti ho… So na nehi hai… I have so much work to do tomorrow…
Riddhima: Lekin Baby…. Kal toh Sunday hai…

part 6: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Its a busy day in office today.Everyone is working and rushing to complete their works by's deal is very important for Malliks.Anuraag and his PA is arranging for the meeting.Atul is busy with his paper works.Rahul and Muskaan are selecting the best designer dresses to present.But Armaan is not working,actually he is trying to work but is lost somewhere.he is restless as Riddhima has called him to meet her.why she sounds so low he thought,is there any problem.does she needs me now.he was not able to concentrate so thought to go home and rest.he asked Rahul to handle the deal.Anuraag first was surprise that his WORKOHOLIC son is taking a day leave but than he was ok with it.
Armaan went home and slept for evening he called atul to know about the deal.
Atul:ha Armaan bol?
Armaan:how was the meeting?is the deal signed?
Atul:nh yaar.meeting 6bje ke liye postpone ho gai hai.the clients are going to come late.
Armaan:ok.if need any help just call me.i'll be their.all the best for the deal.bye.
Then he get ready and went to cafe as Riddhima has told him the place,time and asked her to come their directly and she will come after finishing her work.
He went in the cafe and sat in the corner table,she didn't come yet so he asked the waiter to bring some magzine.he was reading magzine,when he felt someones continues gaze on him.he looked up only to see riddhima standing infront of him wearinga simple purple colour churidaar,glaring at him.he was confused that niether he is late nor he did any mistake then why she is shooting How-dare-u look.

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Part 43 : My Wish Come True

Recap : Ridhima feels unwell so gets herself checked.. Anjali confirms her pregnancy.. Armaan is disturbed because his father wants to merge his business with Guptas.. Armaan scolds and ignore Ridhima and Ryan badly.. Ridhima is down with high fever and Anjali tells Armaan about Ridhima being Pregnant..

Part 43

Armaan sat by her side with Ryan in his lap.. Since the time he got that call from Anjali saying Ridhima was not well, he had been dying of guilt.. though he knows now that she is not in any danger and their baby is fine too.. but still his heart was thudding faster not able to feel her love around.. He tried keeping Ryan busy but after every few minutes Ryan would give a waiting glance to his mamma..

Part 23 & 24:Is it love?

Part 23
It was night now and everyone had finished their dinner
quite early.The girls were watching their favourite serial
(strange,all of them loved the same serial) and the boys
doing the dishes and stuff.
(Don't be surprised.When girls usesd to cook boys used to
wash the dishes and vice versa.In fact all the household
chore were divided in the same way even though they had
a maid to help them.)

After all that...
Nu:Ab kal kya karen?
Gun:Kal hum ghar mein hi rahenge.
An:Ok.Par karenge kya?

Aur phir sabhi mahan log apne kaarya which means kaam mein
magan hogaye.Kaun sa kaam?
Duniya ka sabse bada kaam....

part 19 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Hey Everyone
Plzzz everyone wish my friend madiha
It was  her birthday yesterday (sorry for late)..
I lv u yaaarrr
N I misss uuu
But above all wish u a very very very happy birthdayyy
Will not say sorry as I know u will understand as u see I'm little bit busy n not well enough
I wanted to dedicate part 20 for u but as I couldn't manage to post this part also
So both part are dedicated to u
So this is ur temporary gift
Wait for the main dhamaka sweetheartWink
I don't know when I'll post next but for now for the first time I'm not doing any coloring n editing so plz ignore the mistakes...

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..Shukriya..

part 1: Back to You

Part 1

Armaan n ridhima are wedded n it begins like this....
More twist n turns
Armaan-hello jaan kaise ho..
Ridhima-armaan aabhi toh tum gaye ho 5 min pehle....
Armaan-jaan 5min pehle tumhe pata hai 5min mein 300sec hote hain...
Aur tumhare bina 1sec bhi 1 saal lagata hai.....
Ridhima-(blushing) aacha batao kyun phone kiya....
Armaan-oyee hoyyee...
Pata hai tum sharmate hua bahut aachi lagti ho...

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AR OS VM (a gift to madiha)

With loads of love....!!
Hope u like the gifts...!!!
Sanju and Humaira...!! ^_^

Happy bd gift promo for madiha

With loads of love....!!
Hope u like the gifts...!!!
Sanju and Humaira...!! ^_^


( a sneak peak of the OS.....Before reading this do prefer watching this....!!)

We enter a big hall. Beautiful paintings were hung on the wall. Red net curtains were hung on the pillars with some beaded strings. A lady in her 70s was doing pooja when a lady cladded in a beautiful orange saree came next to her.

Lady 2: arre maa! Aap kya kari hain? Doctor ne aapki zada chalne phirne se mana kiya hai!
Lady 1: arre padma beta pooja hi to kari hu! Aur waise bhi abh meri jaane ka time aagaya hai! Abh meri ekk hi khawaish hai ke main aapni riddhima ke bache dheko!
Padma: oh ho maa! Kitni baar kaha hai ke aisi baatein na kiya kaare!!! Baghwan aapko laambi umer de!! Aur agar riddhima ko pata chala ke uski naani aise baat kari hai to woh bohot naraz hogi!!!

part 9: DMG 3

Part 9

A week had passed since the news incident. Even though Dr. Shashank hadn't taken any action against Shilpa, she was under scrutiny. Shilpa was least of all bothered, she knew she was right and she was not asking for anyone's approval. Ridhima when found about the incident and the subsequent argument with Dr. Shashank was upset and wanted Shilpa to talk to Shashank again. Shilpa refused on the basis that whatever had needed to be said was said already. They argued which led them to not being on talking terms at present. Ridhima was sulking big time, she wanted to to talk to shilpa but shilpa was not paying her any heed. Infact she was upto something nowadays, she was talking on the phone with someone and laughing a lot. After duty hours she was not at home, she knew b'coz last night she went over to her place to talk but she wasn't home. She called her at home later in the evening and had still gotten her answering machine.


'Riddhima...' Armaan call Riddhima while she move not able to see whatever she has seen the moment she enter the room..
Armaan thought Riddhima would break seeing him like that with Raina but when his eyes met with her, he felt something he wasn't expecting in a girl eyes to see at the situation... Riddhima move ahead and cross Armaan moving towards Raina who was still shameless on their bed...

Armaan stood not understanding what to do when Riddhima pull Raina up holding her arms making Raina and Armaan shocked... More then Armaan, Raina was shocked as Armaan felt somewhere in his heart that Riddhima wouldn't trolate Raina none sense as she had been aware of Raina trying to get close with her husband...

part 5: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Armaan is sleeping with a charming dimpled smile playing on his face.Riddhima comes near the bed to wake him up.He wakes up to see his Riddhima wearing his favourite sauce wala laal colour saree,mangalsutra with little make up on her beautiful glowing face.She seats beside him n strokes his head playing with his hairs.
Riddhima:utho na Armaan,sab niche breakfast ke liye wait kar rhe hai.
Armaan:(putting his head on her lap)nahi Riddhima,mujhe tumahare sath rehna hai.aise hi.
Then he pulls her suddenly so that she is lying on the bed and he is half lying upon her.he puts her hair back to ears and comes closer.his blue orbs fixed to her green orbs.he comes more closer and looks at her lips,then again looks in her eyes.their lips were an inch distance.He close his eyes and was about to kiss her.When muskaan shouts. ap kya kar rhe ho.wo Rahul hai Riddhima nahi...
Armaan listening this opens his eyes only to see Rahul lying their with closed eyes and hand on his mouth,horrified.Armaan gets up with a jerk realizing he was dreaming.Rahul runs out of the room all shock.Muskaan and Ananya laughs standing at the door looking embarrassed Armaan and horrified and shocked Rahul.

Happy birthday Madiha & Faiza (29th june)

hi is the happy birthday of  my sweet sis and a great writer and an amazing siggie maker MADIHA and happy birthday of  our blog family member Faiza jahangir...let's wish them on their bd..

A very very happy birthday madiha dear...many many happy returns of the day.I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

A very very happy birthday faiz..many many happy returns of the day.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

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Part 29:Vivaah…ekk nayi zindagi


She shrugged and went back to the mirror and started to do her makeup.

Nikki walked into to the room. Riddhima turned around and went towards her.

Ri: nikki kahan bagh gayi thi tum?
Ni: (confused) bhabhi main mom ke paas gyi thi?

Part 11: Aur pyar Ho Gaya

Next day in locker room all the interns were present.
Anjali: oh han guys mein to bhul hi gayi thi …. I wanted to tell you ke kal raat tum log sab invited ho hmare ghar pe ….. meri birthday hai ….
Muskaan: arre wah …. Mein to zarur aun gi
Atul: haann … anjali ne jo bulaya hai … to hum sab hi ayenge naa …..

part 14:Life out of control(season 3)

"You're so beautiful, but that's not why I love you, I'm not sure you know, that the reason I love you is you, being you, just you, yeah the reason I love you is all that we've been through, and that's why I.."
"Baassskkett..!!!" Armaan sing songed her name, bringing her out of her song that she had been quietly singing to herself. Seeing him, a smile automatically plastered on her face as she sipped her juice to hide it.
"Kya gaa rahi thi?" he asked, taking a seat next to her on the canteen table. She frowned in response. How did he hear that? Anyways, it wasn't a big deal was it? No, he would make it a big deal. Maybe not? "Riddhima..!" he persisted.
"A song, Armaan!" she replied back, leaning her head on his shoulder, realizing how drained she already was and it was only lunch time with no one to be seen around.
"Which one?"
"I love you."
"I know sweetheart I love you too." He replied cheekily making her grumble.
"That's what the song is called. It's on Avril's new album."
"Doesn't mean I don't love you."
"No seriously.."
"I wonder with this open PDA and fighting, why people are still blind to your relationship." Sid muttered as he came in, watching them wistfully.

part 10 : pyari ma mumma

Next morning riddhima gets ready early in the morning she has to leave for bank to get the money done and she wants to run before armaan as armaan surely going to insist to drop her and all and moreover after yesterday's confession he wants to spend time with her and she too wants to spend time with him but
R:''mujhe jaldi se jaldi nikalna chahiye armaan ke oothne se pehle agar armaan ne mujhe dekh liyya tou vo kahge ki bo hi mujhe drop karega aur ma bhi mujhe osi ke saath jaane bolengi aur main chah kar bhi ose na nahin keh paungi, mera jhooth tou minute mein pakad lega armaan mujhse zayda jo janta hain mujhe. I am sorry baby mujhe jaana hoga armaan kal ke bad main tumse ek minute ke liyye bhi dur nahin hona chahti hun par mazbur hun but I promise baby ek bar yeh solve kar dun tumse ek minute ko bhi dur nahin hoyungi armaan I love you so very much''
Finally kissing his picture she rushed downstairs grabbing her bag as soon she reached down stairs she saw nandini mumma there holding Pooja Thall in her hands and seeing her she comes towards her and Riddhima takes the Aarti then she takes her blessings wishing her morning

happy birthday sadaf & liza (28th june)

hi friends ,this is the happy birthday of my lil sis and the old member and a great writer sadaf and my fav shona sis liza ksk ..let's wish them  on their  bd.

happy birthday sadaf...I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

a very very happy birthday liza shhona..many many happy returns of the day.On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!