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part 40 & 41 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 40:

Shilpa hold armaan tightly with loud sound of thundering of clouds
She slided her hands in armaan s back and hold him in her s arms totally
She switches on the heater and
Removed armaan s shirt which was wet she fully covered armaan and put her head in armaan s chest armaan was able to feel her hot breath on him.
She slowly entwined her fingers with armaan which made armaan feel better and hot
Armaan whispered slowly
Why u doing this shilpa do u trust me still?
He asked
In a little bit low tone

Part 13 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)

hi friends,thanks a lot for ur like tabs on this ff.specially thanks to priyu urf priyanka kundu for whom i started this ff,she always encouraged me giving comments on it.thanks to anu too jo itne busy rahne par bhi aaker comment karne ki koshish ki.

I  want to say something about this ss. i started this ff  on 24th march 2014,that time i thought to make it a comedy type funny ss but its hung for 1 year,and after one year when re started it, i lost my track and returned to my own style,(reality of our society, the confusion of a middle class girl about married relationship.its a fact in our society that a girl belongs to a middle class family ,has a lot doubt and terror about it .

meri riddhima ek middle class family se hai jiske dill me bhi dar samaya hua hai,chahe wo "Alone" film dekhe or ksg ko lekar romantic khyal me dubey par kisi ladke ke sath us had tak jane se darti hai aur shadi ke riste se dur rehna chahti hai.muskil tab hoti hai jab aisi ladki ke sath cheap jokes kiye jate hain ya galat tarike se kuch sikhane ki koshish ki jati hai,isse wo aur dar jati hai aur agar koi arman usey nehi mila toh itna khubsurat natural thing uske liye hate karne ki cheez ban jati hai...

i know most of ff's riddhima is very bold ,she is very free about it  but i belong to a middle class and have seen a lot girls 'fear about it...agar meri yeh ss kisi ek ladki ko bhi kuch sikha paye,its will be a  great achievement  for me.

part 5: Pyar ka dard hai

That day …

Riddhima : yaar muski …. Mujhe ghar chor de na plzz …
Muskaan : kyun ridzzyy anji kahan gyi ?
Riddhima : hyaar wo to meri car lekr akeli hi ghar chali gyi …

part 16:Life out of control(season 3)

The exams were drawing nearer and nearer, and everyone was now busy in their free time, revising, or doing extra duty. The excitement of Abhi and Nikki had already drowned within the week, while the interns could think of nothing but diseases their cures, various viruses, etc. Grudgingly, Armaan saw that his birthday was also looming up, unfortunately at a time everyone was too busy, so a party would be out of the question. In fact, everyone was so caught up in their own work that no one had even thought of discussing it. Time at the locker room was limited, and time with the one you loved was even more so. While Abhi and Nikki took to late night duties, and started pouring over books together, Riddhima and Armaan normally got away from the hospital area as soon as they could, and sat together in a coffee shop, or at Atul's house when no one was there, cramming the names of different drugs and muscles. Fights were getting more and frequent between everyone because of the over head tension and snappiness between everyone.
Muskaan and Rahul had not fought for what seemed like ages, however, they had not talked either for the same amount of time, which created a great aura of stressed conversation between the interns, when they had five minutes to themselves. No one could fail to notice the glowering looks between the couple, or the disappointed, longing vibe that sometimes travelled between them. But it seemed that their ego was a huge factor in prolonging this never ending cold war, where each tried to out do the other and prove them wrong. The mission to bring them closer had failed every time. That included setting up random dates, where one

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part 12: DMG 3

Part 12

Dr.Keerti: Dr Armaan and Dr. Ridhima, you two have to go to a village by the name of ****. There are chances of a epidemic of diarrhea, you need to go there with the much needed medicine and take care of the situation.(Dr. Keerti was briefing them in her cabin)
Armaan: per Dr. Keerti hum donon poore gaon ko kaise manage ker payenge. I think we'll be in need of more doctors.
Keerti: we do need doctors here back at Sanjeevani also. What we can do send Dr. Shilpa and Dr. Mayank along with you two, so that they can help expedite the process.(armaan and ridhima readily agreed, Keerti called shilpa and mayank and informed them of the coming trip)

Part 384:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 384:

 Ridhimaa found them all staring at her in disbelief.

Ridhimaa: Kya hua Papa? Maine kuch galat kaha kya?

Shashank: Wo... tum...

Happy Birthday nandini (10th july)

hi guys,today is happy birthday of  old blog member nandini ,let's wish her .

A very very happy birthday nandini,On this special day, i wish you all the very best, all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, tomorrow and the days to come! May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

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part 46 : An Arranged Love Marriage

All his ease went to rest as Rahul uttered her name;
he kissed her head softly and suggested;
baby tum jaake change karlo main...jara baat karke aaya abhi!
Kya hua Armaan... sab theek...
Haan haan don't worry; bas aise hi kuch important baat hai is liye; don't worry you go change hmm!
She nodded her head and walked away.
Kya hua Rahul...bol!

Part 12 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)


Riddhima completed her B.A .arman completed his M.B.A. and preparing for going abroad for further education.actually arman’s dad billy established a few branches of his company in Australia which was managing by his younger brother who was settled there with his family .arman wanted to join with him there. billy and ananya didn’t agree for it but arman became adamant ,why they were not able to understand.

part 4: Pyar ka dard hai

next day ...

Armaan abhi college nahi aya hota .... and baqi sab college ki entrance pr khare hote hain ....

Atul : arre yaar .... ye armaan abhi tak kyun nahi aya ?
anjali : arre atull .... acha hai na .... armaan aye ga to ... phir ridzyyy darr kr chup hokr beth jaye gi ....
muskaan : oyye anjii .... riddhima ko koi dar varr ni lgta armaan se ...

part 10: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

"happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birthday dear riddhima... Happy birthday to u."
All comes up to wish riddhima singing birthday song.AR instantly comes out of the hug and armaan moves one-arms distance from her.everyone laughs.they all are surprise and shock to see the terrace decorated so beautifully. They all came in the garden hearing so many crackers sound where abhi nikki were already watching AR's confess.then they moved to the terrace to wish Riddhima.They all wish riddhima one after the other.and moves near armaan who is standing at the corner by now to hide his embarassement.
Muskaan:ahem ahem...bhai ap to bhot romantic ho yar.
Atul:ha yar armaan hume to pta hi nahi ki tu itna kuch plan kark baitha hai.
Armaan blushes bowing down his head.
Anjali:awww u look soooo cute when u blush man...
Everyone laughs.
Rahul comes and hugs armaan.
Rahul:i am very happy for u bhai.
Anuraag,ananya are hell shock to see this part of armaan but at the same time happy for him.the workohlic armaan mallik is changed to a sweet romantic armaan mallik...padma and shashank are happy for their daughter and are more happy to know that she too loves armaan.
Anuraag:to shashank tayari shuru kro,hum tumhari dusri beti ko bhi lene aa rhe hai.
Shashank:ha ha le jao... Ab meri pyari si princess meri kaha rhi,ab to wo apne prince charming ki ho gai hai.

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Part 45 : My Wish Come True

RECAP: Armaan stays home as Atul joins the business.. Anjali gets into an argument with her parents and leaves gupta house.. Naina asks atul to stay off Anjali for a while.. Ridhima suffers a bad morning sickness.. Shashank and Padma visit Ridhima with the eatables that are prohibited during pregnancy.. Armaan Ridhima go to beach to take Ridhima's mind off Guptas..

Part 45

part 11: DMG 3

Part 11

Shilpa lowered the gun and thought finally it was over. She had always known that this was how it was going to end she just wanted to avoid it. As these thoughts were racing through her mind she kept staring at the still form of Akshad lying on the floor. As she had pulled the trigger shooting him straight in the face at point blank range, ridhima had screamed and along with it the cavalary had arrived. Shilpa had called Inspector Angad the moment she had received call from ridhima's cell, he was the inspector incharge of her case from the start. Her house was swarming with police, Angad walked over to her and shilpa handed him the gun.
Angad: are you alright?

Part 36:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Riddhima: Aap koan…

Man: No need to know who I am… Armaan…

Riddhima: Kya…. Armaan kyaa…

Man: Armaan ki accident hogaya… gabraane ki koi baat nehi hai… Chota sa accident ta… Main Armaan koh uski ghar le aaya…

Riddhima: Ab Armaan kaise hi…

Man: Tik hai… Usne kaha aapko inform karne koh…

Riddhima: Bolo Armaan koh main abhi aa rahi hoon…

Before whoever he was, say anything Riddhima cut the call and make her way to go and meet Armaan… She didn’t bother him to ask why he didn’t take him to the hospital… Riddhima knows Armaan will not agree to go maybe that’s why he took him home…


Armaan was waiting for Riddhima to come… He was lying on the bed with blanket up to his chest… Bandage was on his forehead… Closing his eyes, he was listening to the silent around him, waiting for his basket to come… He knows he had to answer so many questions of Riddhima…

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sun sathiya on ARSH

its a beautiful song on a beautiful pair kash/arsh.hope u will like it.thanks


~Far From The Maddening Crowd (One Shot)~

“NO! it’s not Tuesday today, its Sunday..” said the beautiful, blue eyed lady stubbornly for the umpteenth time. “ but maam Sunday was day before yesterday, today is Tues…” the already scared maid flinched in her place even before she could complete her sentence after hearing a loud crash sound..she covered  her ears with her palms and looked at the floor were the broken pieces of the flower vase was scattered…”You think I am a fool…when I am saying that today is Tuesday, then it must be Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday and….”she went on justifying herself when a handsome young man aged around 27 came running down the stairs hearing all the commotion, he glanced at the broken glass on the floor and then at his wife who was busy yelling at their maid. “Ridhima  what happened sweetheart?? Why are you so angry? And how did this flower vase break??” asked Armaan  her husband. “Armaan, thank God you came…look at Maria..I am telling her that today is Sunday but she is just not listening. She keeps on saying that today is Tuesday” Ridhima complained,

Intro : Hamari Dastan


Ananya & Billy Malik : Very Happily Married couple. Have 3 children Rahul, Armaan & Nikita.
Though they face ups and downs of life but always together and a great family.

Rahul Malik: The eldest son of Malik family of age in family business. Happily married to his lady love Muskaan.

Armaan Malik: Handsome young boy of age 24. Also work in family business. He's very sweet and caring.....possessive also. Loves his family and friends a lot. Do he?

Nikita malik: Princess of her family. The youngest child of age 22. First year of MBA. Has a secret boyfriend abhimanyu modi.

Parma & Shashank Gupta: They were Happily married but shashank died at d age of 48 due to liver failure and left his wife to nurture their 3 children.

Kirti Shah: Eldest daughter of Gupta's. Her father died when she was 21. She is 30 and had done fashion designing. Happily married to shubhankar Shah who is doctor. They have a cute baby girl antra of age 7.

part 9: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

"abhi to party shuru hui hai"
All are busy in party.RM,AA,AN are dancing in a slow romantic number lost in their is loud but still they can hear their soulmate's heartbeats taking their names.they are talking,romancing,and creating a new page in their love life.
Rahul:(huskily)Muskaan,aj tu bhot sundar lag rh hai,maan kar raha hai tujhe hi dekhta rhu...
Muskaan:(blushing)to dekh na Rahul,mana kisne kiya hai..
Rahul:I love u muskaan...
Muskaan:I love u too Rahul...
And they are lost in each other.
Atul ask Anjali to have some rest and made her seat on the chouch.he cares for her like a mother caring for her child.

Abhi-nikki lost in each other.
Nikki:aise kya dekh rh ho Abhi?
Abhi:(romantically)dekh raha hu ki mai tumahari in badi badi aakho me kitna sama sakta hu...
Nikki:(happy yet tensed)kya matlab hai tumhara?
Abhi:(rolling her in his arms so that her back is touching his chest and he comes very close to her ears so that his lips are on her earlobes and speak huskily)matlab ye nikki...(coming more close so no air can pass between them) I love u...
Nikki:(lost in the moment) I love...(but before she can complete she comes to the reality as the song ends and everyone claps for all the couples.)

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Part 41 : Tu zindagi

anjali's wedding day was arrived. her relatives were reached ,shilpa,padma ,asha ,sid all were busy to welcome them,to arrange all things but our super hero was busy in something ,it was to  keep sumit away from shilpa. for it,he was making new plans everyday  and  getting scolded by was anjali's mehendi ceremony,she was very happy  seeing atul's name in her palm.

shilpa : "di,aapki hatheli bahut khubsurat lag rehi hai,jiju ka naam jo likha hai .

Part 12: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Armaan waiter se kehta hai : ek lemonade de do …..
Waiter armaan ko lemonade deta hai … leamonade pakar kar armaan jese hi ridhima ki taraf murta hai to shock ho jata hai …… riddhima wahan nahi hoti ……
Armaan usko dhund hee raha hota hai ke piche se ek gana start hota hai.

Its Got Me Drinking High In My Body Yea
I'm Drinking Not Every Shot In This Party Yea
Ab Kya Suroor Chaa Raha Mujhpe Iss Kadar

Part2 : No love for me

At night
After s long masti ka session... ridhima was in hall going through some files while nikki was in kitchen cooking.and looking at time now n den as today being saturday night someone was go to join them for dinner...
Nikki finished cooking and went to change

'' ting tong'' ridhima opened d door
A guy of around same age withsame age as them entered
He was wearing a sky blue shirt with black jeans and dark brown coat.
R- hey!!! Abhi come inside
Abhi took ridz in a friendly hug
They seated on sofa waiting and started chatting
Abhi eyes were searching for nikki which was noticed by ridhima

R- fake cough... nikki change krne gaya hai. Aati  hogi

Abhi smiled sheepishly
A-  ma.. main uska tho di wait karugi rahu. Wo to Bohot bhuk lgi hai aur yeh little miss. Attitude abhi tak tyaar nhi hoi...

Happy bd sanaa and ishka (6th july)

hi friends,aaj humare old blog ki 2 important member and writer  sanaa and ishka ka happy birthday hai.let''s wish them...

a very very happy birthday sanaa..many may happy returns of the day.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

happy birthday ishka,many many happy returns of the day.  I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

part 4: Back to You

Part 4
Here is part
rid-tumhari himat kaise hui mera armaan ko....
(holding doctor through his collor)
Tum aisa kaise kar sakte ho ki vo mujhe chod kar chala gaya.....
Vo aapni basket ko kabhi chod kar nahi jayega.....
Samjhe aap.....
Aapko sharam aani chaliye aisa bolte hua....
Nikki-ridhima sambhalo aapne aapko...
Rid-dekh na nikki ye dr kya anaab-shanab baatein kar rahe hain...
Muski-sambhal ridhz aapne aapko....
Ridhz-chalo na guyies armaan ke pass vo mera intazar kar raha hoga....
(losssing balance of mind)
Aagar nahi gai toh naraz ho jayega....

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Part 383:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 383:

Armaan: Ridhimaa... idhar dekho... main zinda hoon... mujhe kuch nahi hua... dekho...

part 15:Life out of control(season 3)

"Give me everything tonight..For all we know we might not get tomorrow so baby tonight.."
"Calm down Nikki..yeh lo, tera ghar pohonchgayya." Abhi sighed as they finally reached Nikki's house.
"No, no Mujhe ghar nahin jaana!" She complained stubbornly, in what anyone could tell a very drunken state. "Mujhe dance karna hai. With you.." eyes closing shut, she leaned forward placing her lips on Abhi's, who immediately withdrew.
"Nikki, you're drunk, please go inside. You need your rest."
"Ok! But you come with me!" Nikki's grin widened as this apparently brilliant idea hit her head, but Abhi groaned. How the hell could he come inside, her dad would probably murder him! Firstly, for dropping Nikki home at two am, AND drunk! Plus in her drunken state, who knew what she would say?
"I love you Abhi.." and with that she threw her arms around him. "I love you more than anyone else in the world."
Abhi looked at her amazed. He knew about her past, about how she had been deprived of love thanks to her father. But she had always expressed deep love for him, after all he was her father at the end of the day, and probably everything he did was unintentional anyway.
"Nikki.." he whispered, astonished.

Character sketch prologue and part 1 :No love for me

Ridhima Gupta - . An onchologist  working at Medicare hospital , London
Kind, loving, selfless always puts others happiness before hers.Little modern but belives in indian culture n values
Strict in terms of her profession. Gets hurt easily.

Nikita malhotra - beste of ridhima and works with her in Medicare London as an gynacologist. In love with abhimanyu. A bubbly girl. Caring

Abhimanyu  modi- a psychiatrist at Medicare hospital
like a brother to ridhima nd loves nikita alot.

Arman malik -  An onchologist working at Sanjeevni hospital , mumbai. A pampered son of rich parents.  A hearthrob. Has girls drolling over him.
A flirt. For him true love dosent exist.

part 8: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Its a beautiful sunny day filled with happiness and joy.
Mallik mansion is almost up-side-down.everyone is running here and there doing some or the other work.yes they got the deal.the clients were impressed with the designs and want to do more deals with Mallik's.Anuraag has held a celebration ladies are preparing for food and snacks.all men are busy in arrangments.Rahul is checking the catering,Atul checking for decorations.Abhi is out checking the security.Anuraag inviting all the guest.but where is Armaan?...
Rahul:mom bhai kaha hai?
Ananya:wo to subh se dikha hi nahi.
Muskaan:ha mujhe bhi nahi dikhe bhai.
Anuraag:bhai mere bete ko kaun chura ke le gaya...??
All started laughing but riddhima was upset,she is happy for armaan that he will get his love soon,but sad for herself....she is lossing him forever.
Muskaan:rizdi mere room me chal na.mujhe thoda kaam hai.
Riddhima:ha chal.
They go to RM's the hall all are sitting and talking.
Ananya:ye riddhima ko kya hua aj? Itni shant q hai.roz to itna hasti rehti hai.
Anuraag:preshan hogi...
Rahul:mom ap tension mat lo.wo muskaan k sath gai hai na.haste huye hi aaegi.
In RM's room