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part 46 & 47 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 46

All were teasing armaan
Atul: tune meri best friend ko chura lia
gasp emoticon
Armaan said samne toh khadi hai shilpa kha churaya hai??
Muskaan: are budhu
Tu na thoda space de use agr aise karega na toh tujhe nind b ni ayegi
Kyuki tum dono ki shadi se pehle char din tk tum ek dusre se ni mil skte
Armaan opened his mouth widely

part 8: Back to You

Part 8 

i love u armaan ..... i miss u ........ our baaby too miss u n love u ... 
having dinner she went to their room.... 
taking out armaan's shirt she wear it felling armaan's arms rapping around her n slept 
hugging his pillow as if she could smell him in his pillow... kissed pillow as if kissing 
armaan .. 
ridhima -love u armaaan ... miss u.... 
**touching stomach** 
ridhima -good nyt babby... papa n mumma love u alot...... 
After 2months... 

Part 15:Aur Pyar H o Gaya

Armaan and riddhima arrived at a place which was the perfect place for their date…. The park where ridddhima loved to go …..
It was empty today …. Only arman , riddhima and some caterers were there. On one side there was a highly decorated table for two….. it was mainly decorated with white and red roses….. which of course riddhima loved….. there was soft romantic music being played all around…… riddhima simply did not have words to describe the place……

part 48: An Arranged Love Marriage

Within a minute Sophie came out with a bowl and handed it over to him. "I'll take your leave sir; Good night , goodnight ma'am." Both of them greeted her back with a smile as she left for the day.
She turned her attention back to him as he sat down on his knees in front of her. "Aap neeche kyun baith rahe hai; yaha khursi par baith jaiye na."
But he was Armaan afterall; he had to retort! "Nahi aise hi theek hai; so's time for some dessert." That is when she looked at the bowl's content and squealed loudly; Rasmalaiii!! His eyes widened as he nearly had a heart attack due to her outburst.
"Shhh... kya kar rahi ho; sab ko jagaogi kya!"

Part3 : No love for me

Next day
Ridhima was trying to wake up nikki from past 15 min. But in vain. Finally she poured jug full of cold water on poor  nikita.
Nikita got up with a jerk
N- ridz have u gone mad ? Aisa koi kisi ko uthata hai kya?
R- I had no other option  dear... its 9 am . Abhi will be here in half n hour ....
N- omg I'm late . Jardine kr  nikki agar am late hui to us sadu ko tujhe phir se chidha ne k chance miles Jayege ...

With this she rushed to get fresh n change n so did ridhima
After a drive of  around 2 hrs they reach their destination

As they enter they are greeted by an old lady

Woman- hello my darlings how are you?
Nikki nd ridhima hug her and

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Part 15 (last part) : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)

thanks a lot to all readers for reading this ss. thanks a lot priyu jo har part par comments sad its ended but ss hai bhai jyada kheenchna thik nehi na. hope you will enjoy the last part too.

@priyu,last part for me was a long part..u wrote short but mai isse long toh likh hi nehi pati.part 14 likhne ke baad mai proud feel kar rehi thi ki maine kafi long likha hai...hehe..


Riddhima’s sleep broke with the knocking of the door. She got up with a jerk and  looked at the couch but arman was not there. she heard ananya’s voice from outside : “beta,uth gayi kya? Mobile check karo,Padma kab se phone kar rehi hai.tumne nehi uthaya toh usne mujhe kiya. Aap mumma se bata karke fresh hoker neeche aao beta,it’s too late.”riddhima checked her mobile and saw that 10 miss calls from mumma.she got it was 9 o’ clock at morning. She shyed thought that pata nehi sab kya sochenge. Suhagraat ki subeh itna late uthna..shayad natural ho par sharam ki baat toh hai.”

Part 38:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: Tum…
Girl: Haan Main…
Armaan: Main toh tujhe chodungi nehi…
Girl: Pakadke toh dehko…
She makes face to Armaan, who runs towards her… They keep running in the terrace and she makes her way inside the house… She runs to the bedroom… Armaan was running behind her… When she enters the bedroom, he goes after her and closes the door… (Ab toh pata hi hoga woh koan hai… Haina ;))
Armaan: Ab tum kaise bachungi meri haatse BASKET…
Armaan goes and hold her from her waist and lock her in his arm…
Riddhima: Armaan… Chodo mujhe…
Armaan: Kyu…
Riddhima: Armaan…
Armaan: Basket… Tumne mujhe aaj bohot tang ki… Ab meri baari… Tumhe suna hoga jab maine kaha main chodungi nehi jisne woh mazak meri saat ki…
Riddhima: Jaan… Tumhe kya laga… Sirf tum mazak kar sakti ho…
Armaan: Aaj toh pata chal gaya… MRS. MALLIK bhi bohot ahchi mazak karte hai…
Riddhima: Mujhe pata hai…

part 7: Pyar ka dard hai

About a week later ….

College ….

Arman : han baby … tum iss duniya ki sabse khoobsoorat larki ho …. 
Girl : acha ? to phir tum kal uss shanaya ke sath kya kr rhe the …
Armaan : shanaya ? oh acha … hum to bas friends hain …. 

Part 14: DMG 3


Part 14
Armaan sat with his hands clasped infront of him while Shashank looked over the test results of ridhima's blood samples along with other medical reports. Ridhima while looking at her father's and husbands face knew that all was not well. On the other side of the desk stood shilpa in a ramrod posture as if a sergant reporting to their general. Shilpa's reaction to dr.shashank presence always amused ridhima but today shilpa's solemn face and professional demeanor made things serious. It had been a whole day of extensive tests following the initial blood test report, which had some problems with the white blood cell count and some other inconclusive results. Even though shilpa had downplayed the results initially, her follow up questions about her health had not gone unnoticed as they all were doctors.

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part 44 & 45 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 44: 

All interns in sanjeevani
Armaan was watching shilpa chup chup ke
Muskaan came and said oye hero kabhi toh apni heroine ko hamare pas b choda kar
Ye toh galat baat hai yar see
Armaan shyed and saw other side
Anjali: dnt worry armaan shilpa ani toh tumhre pas hi hai
Anjali teased him

part 7: Back to You

part 1: Back to You

Part 7 

ridhima -hain guies mein theek hun.... 
muski -ridhz... 
ridhima -mein bilkul theek hun... bus aapne armaan ke baare mein aapne baby ko bata 
rahi thi....... 
*touching stomach n looking down* 
ridhima -di mein ghar ja rahi hun... abhi toh juniour armaan ko aapna ghar bhi dikhana 
bye guyies......... 
atul -ridhima,.... 

AR VM by Anshu

Anshu's creation



Part 386:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 386:

 Next morning, Ridhimaa woke up with a start. She had again seen that dream.

Ridhimaa: Armaan... Armaan...

Part 16 :U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!!


Siddhant was trying to call Shashank from last ten minutes but Shashank number was busy... Siddhant was walking around his hotel room from one end to other... He was furious thinking how closed Riddhima had been with Armaan, as she never let him get so closed to him when they were in relation...

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VMs for anamika (BD gift)

hi anu,maine tumhare liye 2 video mix banaye kyon mat pucho.achcha puch liya toh bataye deti hun. i am very happy kyonki kisi saitan ka aaj happy birthday hai,so maine khush hoker bana liye ..hehe. 1st vm is on "tu chahiye"on kasu kyonki tumhari yeh sukriti wali riddhima arman ki dham dham pitai karti hai toh mujhe badi cute lagti hai ,hahhahahha..but see...phir bhi arman keh raha hai....

Haal-e-Dil ko sukoon chahiye
Poori ik aarzoo chahiye
Jaise pehle kabhi kuch bhi chaaha nahi
Waise hi kyun chahiye

Dil ko teri mojoodgi ka ehsaas yun chahiye
Tu chahiye, tu chahiye
Shaam-o-subah tu chahiye
Tu chahiye.. Tu chahiye..
Har martabaa Tu chahiye

Jitni dafaa.. zidd ho meri
Utni dafaa.. haan, Tu chahiye (os for Anu)

hi guys,this one shot is a gift for anu. u all know that anu is an awesome comedy writer. i tried to write ,agar thoda bhi us jaisa ho..(finger crossing).don't know padhne layak bana bhi ki nehi.

anu and my all lil sis..please jute chappal mat marna as its a bd gift.hehe.

College canteen (break time)

Boys and girls were sitting there,some were busy in chatting,a few were busy in having snacks and cold drinks, some girls were busy in making masti,noise…some boys were busy in staring the girls but 2 lovers were busy in a great job!they were fighting like tom and jerry and rest boys and girls of their gang  were busy enjoying it.

Part 14 :Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Next day in locker room all the interns were present. Just then all the interns were asked to report at the nurse station. They all left.
At the nurse station….
Kirti : dr.riddhima pathlab , dr.atul and dr.muskaan general ward , dr.rahul OPD , dr.armaan and dr.anjali special ward…… now get to work
Anjali , muskaan , rahul and atul left while riddhima turned towards armaan to talk to him.
Riddhima: armaan ….

part 20 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Hey guyzzzz
I’m bck
I hope vule nhi mujhe
Yr kya karu…
Boht busy thi…
plz ignore the mistakes…
N n n today is one of my most close friend ki birthday hai..
Jiske kehne pe I start this ff
N jo na hote to I might not ever write…
My all time great inspiration..
My all time life sever…

Happy Birthday Anu (15th july)

                                                 "' May your road be smooth and clear
May your smiles outnumber tears
May your friends be true and strong
May your life be good and long
May your charm open any door
For this year and many more''

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Part 46 :My Wish Come True


Part 46

Armaan sat in the lounge with the new scrapbook that he was maintaining.. it had pictures of his family but mostly of Ridhima who seemed to be changing week after week.. he looked at her wedding pic that he had copied and pasted from their wedding album.. she looked so slim, fragile and shy.. next his eyes traveled to her pic when she was a month pregnant.. she looked troubled and weak.. all coz of him.. he cursed himself for hundredth time for scaring her so much that time.. he now knows that it is all coz of Shashank and Padma's scolding and screaming voices she has heard since childhood that she still flinches with any sudden clatter sound or even thunder..

part 6: Back to You

nikki -ridhz is pregnent......
atul,muski,anji -what!!!!!!!!
anji -par.... abh....
abhi -thats good news....... ridhima bahut khush hogi...
nikki -abhi abb... vo akele kaise....
shashank -mein baat karunga ridhima se....
anji -par dad.... ridhima kabhi nahi manegi.....
shashank -usse maana hoga.... vo akele ye nahi kar sakti... koun uska dhayan rakega....
anji -par dad vo armaan ke baby ko kabhi bhi...

part 6: Pyar ka dard hai

Next morning ….

They both wake up in each others arms in armaan’s house …. Armaan smiles at riddhima …. While she blushes a bit …. She turns to go but armaan pulls her back and kisses her on her lips ,…..

RIddhima House …

part 13: DMG 3


Part 13
They had returned back to Mumbai as soon as shilpa was able to make the trip. On returning back shilpa had taken one week leave to recover from a 'hiking' accident. She returned back to duty as most of her injuries had healed, the ribs were taking a bit longer. Month had passed since the accident on the surface everything was normal but below the surface a lot of emotions were simmering. All four of them still used to hang out but there had been a slight distancing on the part of shilpa. She acted normal, laughed like before, talked the same but her eyes gave her away. The look in her eyes had changed, their was a hesitation that everyone could sense. Armaan and Ridhima were worried for shilpa. They had insisted shilpa to come and stay with them so that she would not stay alone. But shilpa refuse to budge. They all tried to keep the mood light to make shilpa her usual self, even the people at the hospital were sensing that something was up. One day they were all doing their rounds it wasn't a particularly busy day.

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AR-OS Humari Adhoori Kahani

Note: Guys this os is about my own life… and as my story is yet to go on … so this ff has an abrupt ending …. But u will enjoy this ff … as I am playing the role of riddhima in this ff only tiny bit parts are altered. This whole story is set in Pakistan where I reside so yeah here it goes.

Riddhima had just offered her Namaz and raised her hands to make invocation.

RIddhima : Allah g … why are you doing this to me … aap se kaha hai na please … if he is not meant for me to uska khyal mere dimagh se nikal dein …. Wo chala gya pr uska khyal nahi … ye kya baat hui … Aap to mere Best Friend hai na … to phir meri mushkil hal kr dein na ….

part 42 & 43 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 42:

Love is life
Rahul came near armaan and said kya hua??
Thk hai na tu
Armaan: haan thik hun yar lekin ye abhimanyu hai na isko toh me chodunga ni
Rahul: tu kar b kya sakta hau
Dr kirti ka ptahai na
Koi panga mat lena tu smjha
Abhi b warning de ke gye hau
Armaan: chill mar

part 11: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Mid night.
Armaan is sleeping in his room,maybe dreaming about his lady love..his face,his smile can tell that..
After sometime his phone buzz,he without looking at the caller id picks up the call.
Voice:hello... Armaan,its me...
He gets up with a jerk.
Armaan:riddhima...kya hua??tum itni tense q lag rh ho??
Riddhima:hmm... Armaan...wo..mai...
Armaan:kya hua baby? Koi prblm hai??
Armaan:bolo na kya bat hai,itni pareshan q lag rh hu??is everything ok??
Riddhima:ha armaan wo..mujhe le chaloge...
Armaan:wat?? Shopping,don't tell me riddhima tumne bs ye kehne k liye mujhe phone kiya...
Riddhima:ha maine yahi bolne k liye phone kiya hai..
Armaan:ohh riddhima, u scared me yar.. I thought ki koi problem hai..
Riddhima:ha to prblem hai na armaan... Mere pass koi dress nh hai aur mujhe ye suits nh pehna goa me... I don't have time to design also...
Armaan:(laughing)tumhe itni rat me shopping ki yad aa rh hai...
Riddhima:(making a baby face)tum has rhe ho...yaha mai itni badi prblm me hu aur tumhe hasi aa rh hai... Jao mai tumse bat hi nahi karti..

part 47 : An Arranged Love Marriage

She sat surrounded by Sapna and Muskaan who had just come in to visit her; the mehendi girls were busy filling her hands with beautiful design of dark brown heena. Sapna and Muskaan were enjoying her blushing face to the fullest as it kept turning brighter as they teased her. Just 24 hours and a small approval of hers had changed their world upside down. His absence was having a weird effect on her; she was missing him but at the same time was relieved he wasn't around as things had turned a bit weird. She had no clue how to face him anymore. She was teased even before; but today all the teasing felt too different. But she for sure thanked God that he wasn't around; since he wasn't allowed here between all the girls function and preparations; or else he would have left no stone unturned to tease her further. Tia the one and only villain of the scene had gone out for some chilling as she couldn't bear all those functions and pooja thingy!

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Part 37:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: Basket…
Everyone was holding their breath not knowing wht will happen next… Armaan waits for Riddhima’s shout but to everyone surprise, she leaves from there without saying anything…
Anjali: Armaan… Yeh Koan hai…
Armaan: Anjy… I swear mujhe nehi pata…
Muskaan: Lekin kiski himmat hongi tujhe aise roses and card bhejne ki…
Armaan: Don’t know yaar…
Atul: Armaan… Meri bhai… Jaakar Ridzy koh dehko… Pata nehi kaha gaya hai…
Anjali: Haan Armaan… Kahin kuch karna de…
When Anjali says like that, Armaan run away to look where Riddhima was…

Riddhima’s Cabin,

On the other hand Riddhima was on a call…
Riddhima: Thank you so much…To a short notice, aapne meri khaam kardi…
Riddhima was listening to other side replying and smiling again she thank and cut the call… Then she takes the card which she kept in her table, which she took from Nikki…
Armaan: Basket…
Riddhima look Armaan who just came inside… Riddhima who was sitting on her chair got up and turn her back to him… Armaan came infront of her but she got busy with some files…
Armaan: Basket… Ek baar meri baat sunno…

Part 14 : Is Dill Ka Kya Karun (ss)


part 14

riddhima's sleep broke hearing the sounds which was coming from out .at first she didn't understand where was she. this room was new for her,surely not her room.she got up slowly and tried to remember where she was and in a while remembered that she was married and it was her mother in law's  room. she sighed and got down from bed but again sat not getting what to do. she had to freshen up but where is her things,her dresses?she had no courage to go out of the room as she didn't know anyone.

part 5: Back to You

Part 5

ridhima-kyun armaan kyuna gaye tum mujhe chod ke.......
mein tumhare bina nahi ji sakti armaan nahi ji sakti tumhare bina..... plz wapis aa jao
armaan .... aapni ridhima ke passs.... tumhne mujhse wada kiya tha na ki tum hamesha
mera saath raoge....... plz armaan wapas aa jao.......
crying uncontrolably ridhima fainted
anji -ridhzy...
nikki -ridhima
muski -ridhzy....
anji was holding her.... slaping her cheeks softly ridhzy... ridhz ....
keerti -jaldi inhe ICU mein le chaliya.....
dr. nikkita aap mera saath aaiye.....
nikki--ji dr. keerti
all moving with her to ICU

Part 13:Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Next day in sanjeevani locker room all the interns except armaan were present. All were busy when suddenly armaan entered. Seeing armaan riddhima lowered her head with guilt. Armaan noticed this and felt sad. All the other interns were noticing this unusual silence between armaan and riddhima.
That day in the canteen all of the interns were present. Armaan and riddhima were not looking at each other nor were they taking part in any conversation. Just then riddhima’s pager rang and she left. Anjali , atul , rahul and muskaan signaled each other and they rounded up on armaan who was confused…..

Part 385:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 385:

 No one questioned him now. Armaan did not move from his place.

Padma: Armaan... tum bhi jaakar aaraam kar lo...