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siggies on kash (AR)

Anshu's creation.hope u will like them.

Part 16 : DMG 3

Shilpa was sitting alone in the tv lounge in the gupta household. It was the middle of the night, shilpa had her arms wrapped around herself and was roching herself back and forth. A month had passed since ridhima had passed away but it seemed as if it was just yesterday. Shilpa closed her eyes as if by closing them she could forget what had happened but the images were seared into her mind. The uncontrollable crying by padma and shashank, armaan sitting as if totally lifeless. Shilpa was left to handle the cremation ceremony and the other rituals that follow it. She handled all the arrangements and the people coming over to offer their condolences only making it necessary for shashank and armaan to perform their roles at the rituals.Padma had been unable to cope with the tragedy, she had remained unconscious for two days. Even after wards she had remained inconsolable which had led shashank to have further break down during all this armaan had shut himself in his room and was of no help to shilpa. Shilpa had also let him be as she was busy with the upkeep of the house and trying ti figure oiut how to get through to shashank and padma.

Part 48 :My Wish Come True

Part 48

Ridhima looked at him pacing around adjusting all her things close to her so that she doesn't have to get up.. unlike other days he was not that satisfied or happy with what he was doing for her.. rather he seemed to be deeply disturbed.. just when he came to her with her medicines she caught his wrist instead.. "Gussa hain mujhse toh  daant te kyun nahi hain..? khud ko kyun koss rahe hain..?"

part 21 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..Shukriya..

Finally they meet
With proper intro n proper set
Milke dono kiya bhi kuch kaam
Ab dekhna hai yehi haal chalegi ya badal degi kuch yeh rangin shaam

Part 21

part 14: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Next morning

The gang in the morning planned to go south goa today.they have heard about palolem beach and there rides,so they were ready to rock.resort manager has arranged the cab for them and the cab driver was more than happy to get such friendly passenger.they all were playing damsharaad that to in pairs...
Muskaan:rizdi,tumhari turn ab..
Riddhima:(thinking)hmm...(singing)pal pal pal pal har pal har pal kaise katega pal har pal har pal...dil dil dil dil me machi hai machi kaisi ye halchal halchal halchal kaise katega pal har pal har pal...
Rahul:chal meri sherni,shuru ho jaa..
Muskaan:(shouting) laila mai laila,..kaisi hu laila...har koi chahe mujhse milna akela...
Rahul:oye pagal,tujhe chillane nh bola tha maine...
Muskaan:oye bandar,tu chup kar..
Nikki:come on guys,not again plzzz...
Anjali:guys tum dono ek bhi din bina lade nh rh skte kya?
Atul:(putting hand on anjali's shoulder)haa, humari tarah..
Rahul:(doing same as atul,pulling muskaan more close)humari to ladaai me bhi pyar hai..(and he kisses her cheek)
She blushes hard.
Armaan:(teasing)saalo,kuch to sharam kro..bado k samne romance kar rhe ho..
Rahul:look who is talking...(teasing back)choto ke samne ap beach pe kal romance kar rh the tab apko sharam aai thi kya?

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part 10: Pyar ka dard hai

Part 10
Next day …

Riddhima Anjali ke sath college aati hai …
Muskaan : ridzzy … tujhe kya hua hai … lag rha hai jese saari rat soyi hi nahi hai tu …
Ridhima : nhi muskaan … wo bas aaj test hai na uske liye tension ho rhi hai ….
Muskaan : are tujhe kis baat ki tension …. Tu to life me har cheez me jeet jati hai …

part 52: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 52

At armaan s house
All relatives gather and atul and rahul was with armaan.
Atul: armaan tu toh mera bhai hai
Me chahta hun teri skin sabse jyada glow kare
Armaan: are but thoda lgana mera chehra isse khrab hojayega
Rahul: oh tujhe pta b hai haldi ka paste hai khrb ni krta pagal on one cheek atul was applyig haldi paste and on other hand rahul was doing
Armaan s expressiin was like ewwwww
He was badly missing his shona
Shilpa ko padma k ghe chod kar muskaan and anjali also
Came for armaan s haldi

Part4:No love for me

NIKKI wiped ridhima tears
N- bas ab ridhi  stop crying .... chal ab smile plss?.
 R smiled a little
N- yeh kya Itni se... yaar mujhe to wo 2000 wats wali chaiyeh
And with this she started tickling ridhima
R- ha.. ni .. Nikita bas bas ok baba bass dekh I'm happy Chale ab
 And they get up to go as they turned around dey were shocked to see abhi standing right there..
 He walked up to them and
N- abhi Tum yaha?.
A- Kyu ni ana chaiyeh??
N- aisa koi baat nahi hai...
A-  ( looking at ridhima) tum the ek to ho??
R- ya.. I m fine
Nikki wispered  to her- kai isne sab sun to nahi liya?
A- kya khusurphusur kar rahe  ho? Let's go in
With this he started to move...
R said to nikki - I don't think so...

Suddenly abhi stopped and turned back
A-  by the way it's better u guys move in quick. It's time to have a TALK...
They moved inside. Mr. And Mrs.  Brown had left letting them spent some time alone. They all were silent for a while..
Abhi had a lot of questions in his mind and he did not know how to ask them... While ridhima knew that she could not hide all the things from abhi for long time... He had not just been a  friend but like a brother to her.  She knew she could confined I  him. Abhi finally broke silence

Part 389:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 389:

Ridhimaa: Come on na Armaan! Gazal kitne pyar se keh rahi hai. Khel lo na...

Armaan: Maine kaha na mujhe nahi khelna.

Gazal: Apni girlfriend ki baat nahi maanenge aap?

Thursday, 23 July 2015

segment 22: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

Mallick hospital

Riddhima came to hospital to meet with arman. Last night arman was very angry ,he left home that time and didn’t back yet. Riddhima noticed that papa was in a tensed mood,when riddhima asked about it,he replied caressing her hairs:” nothing beta… 1-2 month mein aati rahna...…aur internship complete karke yahan wapas aa jana beta.”

Riddhima mumbled : “plz arman..bas ek bara keh do ki mat jao riddhima mujhe chodkar..ya kaho ki mai tumhara pati tumhe jane ki permission nehi deta. “ toh mai ghar se bahar kadam bhi na rakhun ..plz arman…

part 10: Back to You

ridhima -ridhima sirf armaan ki hai....aur usi ki rahegi....
her fone rang up....
ridhima -hello...
dr.keerti-dr.ridhima we need u her.. as u know atul-anjli have gone for lonavla. n
mukan went off to patiyal.. n nikki-modi are off to their honeymoon.. so we are lagging
in doctors right now n there is news of mazor accident on highway...
hearing of accident ridhima felt more restless.. don't know why.????
ridhima -mam mujhe thoda waqt chaiye.. i will be there as soon as possible....
dr.keerti-i understand dr.ridhima.. take ur tym... but come as soon as possible... see

Part 40:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Third Day of Lover’s Week… Chocolate Day…

Riddhima was sleeping when she was disturbed by her phone… Not opening her eyes, she received the call…
Riddhima: Hello… In her sleep voice…
Armaan: Jaan… Tum abhi tak so rahi ho… Tabiyyat toh tik haina…
Riddhima open her eyes with jerk, when Armaan voice touches her ears… She gets up and sits on the bed…
Riddhima: Armaan… Tum… Kaise ho… Tik se poach gayi na… Tum tik toh hoon na…
Armaan: Basket… First u take a long breathe… Haan main tik hoon… Tik se poach gayi… Sorry kal maine phone nehi ki… Bohot busy ti… Issiliye aaj sabse pehle ut kar meri Basket ko phone ki…
Riddhima: Its ok… Mujhe pata hai tum busy hongi…
Armaan: Hospital nehi jaana hai… Abhi tak so rahi ho… Not really like u Basket… tumne kal khaana tik se khaya…
Riddhima: Tumne khaaya???
Armaan: Sawal pe sawal… Not done Basket…
Riddhima: Armaan…
Armaan: Basket… Maine aaj breakfast bhi karli… Lekin aap toh abhi bhi bed par… Miss me…
Riddhima: I Miss u a lot Armaan… Jaldi waapas aaja o…

Part 17: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Part 17 

Armaan and riddhima both separated …. 
Riddhima : parr armaan ….. ye operation hoga kab ??? she asked a bit confused and scared ……
Armaan : do not wrry basket … ye operation junta jaldi ho sake krwaen ge hum …….
She smiled slightly …. Still scared … arman noticd this
Armaan cupping her face in his hands: tumhe mjh pr bharosa ai na basket …..
Riddhima nodded : …. Khud se zyada …..
Armaan smiling : to phir darro mat …..
Riddhima : meinn … me … me kahan darr rhi hun …. Bilkul bhi nahi ……

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Part8(A):Pehla Pyaar Pehla Ehesaas


After this as everyone start enjoying with smile plastering on their lips, riddhima is moving towards muskaan to get something when she saw armaan coming towards her and seeing him holding the pichkari she moved back then
Ri:''no armaan''

part 50 & 51 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 50

As soon as
Muskaan and anjali entered
Armaan and shilpa stood rooted to their places
And only these wordss escaped from arsh s mouth
Mar gye
Muskaan came to armaan and hold him from shoulder and make him seperate
Tu rahul ke sath reh reh ke tu b nikamma hogya hai
Haan bola tha na shadi se pehle mat milna shilpa
Muskaan pulled armaan s ear hard

Part 388:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 388:

 Armaan was stroking Ridhimaa's hair and rubbing her back, trying to comfort her. Ridhimaa had stopped crying. A few minutes in Armaan's arms, Ridhimaa spoke.

part 13: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Sun has risen and is giving sunrays to the whole goa.
Riddhima is still sleeping in girls room not in mood to get up but sunrays is not letting her sleep.
She gets up lazing rubbing her eyes.
Riddhima:good morning gals...
Armaan:good morning sunshine... smile emoticon
She looks at him,then to herself then and then to the whole room then again to armaan.
Riddhima:(holding her head)tum yaha kya kar rh ho...aaahh mera sir...mera sir q itna dukh rh hai...
Armaan:(smiling)hangover baby hangover...
Armaan:(giving her a glass)phle ye lo nimbu pani,sir dard kam ho jaega..
She drinks it.
Riddhima:armaan,sab kaha gaye??
Armaan:sab niche nashta kar rh hai,tum soi thi isliye mai yaha ruk gaya...
Armaan smiles thinking something and she notices...
Riddhima:armaan,kya hua itna smile q kar rh ho?
Armaan:tumhe yad hai tum yaha kaise aai??
Riddhima:(thinking)hmm wo...mai...pata nahi,..
Armaan:kuch bhi yad nhi?
Riddhima:(very innocently)nahi...
He comes and sits next to her on the bed,
Armaan:(brushing her hairs with fingers)tumne kal raat me bhot jyada pee li thi...
Riddhima:(shock) whattt,...???
Armaan:ha baby...

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part 15: DMG 3


Part 15

For the past two days ridhima had been trying to get shilpa to talk about mayank. Even though the wedding had been called off both mayank and shilpa had not been forthcoming with the reason. Initially every one assumed that they had a tiff and after cooling down things would be alright. Apparently every one thought wrong. All these things took a back seat as ridhima's health took a hit as with low white cell count her immunity was low making her an easy target for infections. The recovery  process was also slow. She had lost a lot of weight and was very weak. Shilpa presently was almost camped out at the Gupta household. Armaan was no longer going to the hospital as he was taking care of ridhima 24/7.

Part 39:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Sun comes out to the sky with beginning of a new day to the world… Birds flying freely in the sky singing with their cute voice… Wind was blowing making all the trees and flower dancing with its touch… It was a beautiful morning…


After spending sometimes with together, Riddhima doesn’t know when she went to sleep in Armaan’s arm… Sun rays come to the room and hits Riddhima face disturbing her sleep… She turns around to hide her face on Armaan’s chest where she always does… To her surprise, she couldn’t feel him near her…
She opens her eyes slowly and looks around… Armaan wasn’t to see anywhere… Riddhima look the clock which was next to her on side table to see the clock it was 7am in the morning… They had to reach hospital 8 30am…
Riddhima: (To herself) Yeh Armaan subah subah kaha gayi… Hmm… gym main hoga…
Riddhima goes and took her shower before Armaan comes back from his gym… After taking shower Riddhima come out from washroom… Riddhima goes to take her dress when she saw note near her mobile… She goes and takes it seeing her name on it…

part 8 & 9: Pyar ka dard hai

Part 8

Next day


Sab log cafĂ© me bethe hote hain …. Tabhi wahan armaan ata hai ….

Riddhima cheerfully : hii piii !!
Armaan uski trf dekhe bagher Rahul se bateein krne lg jata hai ….
Riddhima thinking : I guess mene raat ko use kuch xyada hi bol dia tha …. Mujhe use manana hoga ….

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Part 47 : My Wish Come True

RECAP: Armaan flips through his scrapbook.. Ridhima finally voices her desire for naughty Armaan.. AR share some sweet time.. Ridhima tells Armaan that she knows that he reads her diary..

Part 47

Armaan entered the room with her food but he frowned when he didn't find her on the bed.. he scratched his head as just 10 mins back she was there asleep.. he sat on the edge of the bed and waited thinking she might be freshening up.. not hearing any sound of water he finally turned the knob and entered.. she was not there.. he finally sighed and walked to the closet.. he was about to enter but he stopped when he saw her standing the in front of the mirror admiring her baby bump.. she then took the measuring tape and checked if she has grown any more.. he smiled seeing her chuckle in disappointment but to his surprises she picked up a cushion and stuffed it inside her T Shirt..

Part 16: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Part 16
About an hour later riddhima gained her consciousness back. All of them were present in her room at the time with glum faces. She looked at everyone and then lastly at armaan. Everybody had tear tracks on their faces…. She atlast surveyed her own self…. She realized she was in saneevani …!!! She was confused….
Riddhima : meinn yaha …..
All turned their attention towards her ….. nani and padma quickly came and sat down beside her …..
Nani: meri bacchi …. Ye kya ho gaya ……
Padma crying: riddhima … ye sab … kese …. She could not speak any further and started crying profusely….
Riddhima did not understand what was going on ….

part 48 & 49 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 48

Dr. Kirti: kahiye dr. Shilpa kya baat hai??
Shilpa: dr kirti
Ye jo maya ka case aya hai abhi
Usne armaan ko hurt krne ki bahut baar koshish ki hai.
Aapne armaan ke hath pe chot toh dekhi hogi na
Kirti: ji but uska is case se kya connection.

part 9: Back to You

Part 9

ridhima -kya chahate ho tum mujhse armaan......
Tumne mujhse itna kuch toh le liya hai.. Meri jine ki khushi toh tum aapne saath le gaye
armaan bus ek aapni nishani jo mera pass chod gaye ho ye hi aab mera jeena ki wajha
Tumhari ridhima akeli pad gai hai armaan bilkul aakeli... Koi bhi hamare pyaar ko nahi
samjhta.... Papa bhi nahi
vo ye baat soch bhi kaise sakte hain ki mein hamare baby ko.... Hamari pyaar ki nishani
ko.... Nahi mein aisa aapne jeta ji nahi hone dungi..... Sab mujhe daya ki bhawna se
dekte hain kahin bhi ja kar mujhe aacha nahi lagta .. Har jagha dam sa nikalta hai... Sirf
ek sanjeevni mein jahan hamari yaadein har disha mein hai aur ek is hamare pyaar ke
mandir mein, hamare ghar mein mujhe chain ki saas aati hai...

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segment 21: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

segment -- 21

Arman wanted to back to Pune at early morning but bua requested him to stay for one day so now he had to leave pune at evening.riddhima  noticed that he was very sad and in off mood from morning ,riddhima wanted to know what happened but arman trying to avoid her.

A thought came her mind that may be he was angry on because riddhima was with kids in their room at last night.but she knew arman was not like that mentality. He never forced her for any relationship. She thought to ask him about it on the way to pune.

Arman  wanted to clarify about it but he didn’t get courage to ask,if  it’s true that she hated blue eyes..arman will not survive anymore.he was totally engrossed in his thought when anji came there and asked : arman tumse kuch bata karni thi.

Arman gave her a question look .

part 12 : pyari ma mumma

Riddhima looked at him horrified as his angry voice  echoed in her ears and his grip tighten around her shoulders and riddhima  is so petrified seeing him in so much rage
R:''armaan aisa kuch nahin''
She tried her level best to not to make her voice shaky but she fails miserably she never saw him such angry. He is always calm but today she saw different side of him but she can't tell him the truth after all she loved him so much and
A:''riddhima don't you dare lie to me''
He said making her shiver more with his intense voice then
R:''armaan main tumse jhooth nahin bol rahi''
She said not meting his eyes and armaan knew better that she is lying and
A:''riddhima you know you can't lie to me your eyes tell me the truth so now please princess tell me the truth bat kya hain jaan''
He said so softly caressing her cheeks with his knuckles and riddhima feels so contended feeling his soft touch but she can't tell him the truth

part 12: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Baga beach

Its a pleasing and beautiful site,many people playing,enjoying,so many couples roaming hand in hand...
Boys are sitting on the rock waiting for girls as they have asked them to go and they will join them after sometime.
Abhi:yar ye ladkiya kitna time laga rahi hai...
Rahul:abe unko make up karne ko bas bahana chahiye,suna nh tha kya...(acting)hume sun-screan lotion lagana hai...
Atul:bhaiyo...aisa lag raha hai humari shamat aane wali hai..
Armaan:kya hua??
Atul points somewhere and they all turn there only to see a breath-taking scene.
Nikki:(coming close to boys)muh band karo guys,muh me makki ghus jaegi.
And girls laugh.
Armaan:(coming close to riddhima)u r looking terrific sexy.
Riddhima:(smiling)kaash mai tumhare bare me bhi yhi keh skti...(and winks)
Girls laughs more.
Girls are dressed up differently today,muskaan wearing yellow sleeveless top and white shorts,anjali in black 3/4th pant with red top..nikki in black shorts and pink full sleeves top and riddhima in nevy blue shorts with white sleevless top and a transparent sky blue colour shirt with a knotted near belly was all to attract boys...and yes boys were attracted towards their respective girls
Atul:boys hum to gaye.,
Rahul:abe chup,ye sab hume behkaane ke liye pe concentrate kro guys.,

part 17:Life out of control(season 3)

"Finally!" Muskaan sighed as she slumped down onto the visitors' sofa, lying down, head on one end and legs on the other.
"Excuse me? Main yahaan par baithne wala tha." An indignant man replied, with a cup of coffee in his hands.
"Toh, main kya karun?" Muskaan retorted, not budging from the comfortable position she was in.
"Muski chod na, chal hum canteen chalte hain. Mood kyun bigad rahi hai." Nikki joined her. "Soch, final paper over. After days and days of grueling like dogs, freedom!" she exclaimed, throwing her hands out wide. The man with his coffee had to duck to avoid getting slapped in the face while Nikki enjoyed her moment!
But Muskaan was in one of her happiest and unfortunately most stubborn mood.
"Nope, main yahaan se nahin hilungi. Jisse jo karna hai kare."
"Sir, it'll be better if you go. Iss haathi ko yahaan se nikaalna mushkil hoga." Rahul put in, as he trailed into the reception area with the rest of the gang, his heart finally free of the burden exams had put onto him and everyone else.
"Oye, haathi kisse bulaya?" Muskaan caught on, sat up immediately and fired up, hearing this comment.
"Tujhe. Kyun? Problem hai kya?" Rahul replied sharply.
"Nahin, mujhe haathi bulate ho, aur mujhe problem hogi?" Muskaan asked, sarcasm dripping from her voice. "Which world have you come from? Please, just go back there!" she fumed, riling up in an instant. The rest of the interns just looked on, half amused and half shocked.

Part 387:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 387:

 Armaan was trying to bandage his hand. Somebody snatched the bandage roll from him. Armaan looked up to find Shashank standing before him. Shashank started bandaging Armaan's hand.
Armaan: Main kar lunga sir... aapko takleef lene ki koi zaroorat...