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Part 18: DMG 3

Part 18
Shilpa put the receiver down on the cradle and sat there on the sofa. She had just called the gupta household informing the servant let every one know that she was running late she won't come over to the house but directly come to the hospital. After the night she had she needed some extra time to compose herself. All night she had been unable to sleep first and finally when she'd fallen asleep she had been plagued by the most horrible nightmare. In the nightmare ridhima had been in the hospital couinting her last breath, shilpa knew she could help her save her but something was holding her back. As ridhima had started gasping, shilpa had tried to run towards her but it felt as if she was held down by shackles, she kicked and screamed to let her go to ridhima to let her save her but no one came to her rescue. She stood there helpless seeing ridhima gasping for air, as she struggled to free herself from the cahins that kept her bound, ridhima died. All the pain and despair she had felt came rushing back, shilpa had woke up screaming and crying drenched in sweat. She had sat up the rest of the night hoping for the peace that had become elusive since the nightmare.

part 49: An Arranged Love Marriage

She never knew she had be so content on losing herself; on giving herself to someone else. But was he “someone else”?
> NO!! He heart immediately answered back. He was hers; physically they were two different people maybe; but with a joined soul. A tear glided down her eye and rested against his chest. She felt him stir and she was under him next minute. Wiping her tear away he adjusted her hair and stared down at her caressing her cheek. She had her eyes down and was still not ready to meet his gaze. Kissing her forehead he made another attempt to make her look up at him but she didn’t budge.
> “Toh tum bilkul dekhne hi nahi wali mujhe? Kyu.... humne kuch galat kiya hai kya?”

Part 43:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: Basket…
Armaan shouted with scared to see Riddhima loose her balance… His heart was beating fast… Armaan stop on the point not knowing wht to do next…
But before she falls, Riddhima hold the railing… Armaan saw this and breathe relief… Riddhima sit on the stairs holding her feet… Armaan goes upto her and sit infront of her…
Armaan: Kya huva…
Riddhima look at him to see how scared he was… She smile faintly and look at her feet…
Armaan: Chalo…
Armaan took her in his arm and take her to the room… Make her sit on the bed and started to look at her feet… He applies medicine…
Riddhima: Armaan… Main tik hoon… Tum jaakar fresh hojao… Main khaana lagati hoon…
Armaan: Pakka tum tik ho Basket…
Riddhima: Haan Armaan… Touching his cheeks…
Armaan: Meri jaan nikal diti tumne…
Riddhima: Arey… Maine kya kiyaa…
Riddhima make a cute puppy face… Armaan look at her and got up to go washroom… Before he goes inside,
Armaan: Tumne toh kuch nehi kya… Aise bhagne ke kiya zaroorat ti…
Riddhima: Arey… tum bhi toh mere peeche bhag rahiti na…
Armaan: Haan toh kya huva… He turns around to look at Riddhima who was standing near the bed… dehko tumne mera kya haalat banadiya…
Riddhima: Armaan I warn u before… Chalo tum jaldi se fresh hoja… Main abhi aayi…
Riddhima goes back to the kitchen while Armaan went to freshen up… Riddhima finished making lunch and make the table before going back to the room to fresh up before they have lunch…

Part 5 :No love for me

Godh bharai ceremony

The whole gupta house was decorated with flowers and lights. Guest were welcomed. Children were running here n there . We enter a room and see Two girls , one 8yr old and other 7
girl1 ( wearing a light pink colour frock with her hair open with just a floral hairband) - ridhzi mai kisi lag rahi hu ?

Ridhima- wow anju di u look so pretty
Anjali- thank you
R- pout  aww  apne mujhe compli.. compliment nahi di
A- are ridhu even u look awesome a kher hum to same to same hai. We are sisters...
 And they hug each other

Unaware that shashank was watching her to cute daughters
S- are wah meri angle n princess dono kitni achi lag rahi hai

part 16: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

The sea usually makes more noice in night,the waves are more forceful.. But tonight neither the sea is making noice nor the waves are forceful..the silence is person is there on the beach.almost the whole goa is sleeping,but for them sleep is far away..
Armaan is still standing with closed eyes,holding her hand near his heart..trying to consume the truth..
Riddhima:(weeping)mai janti hu armaan,mujhe tumhe ye sach phle hi bta dena chahiye tha,par jab se tumse pyar hua hai,ek bar bhi maine usk bare me nahi socha.mujhpe bharosa kro,mai sach keh rh hu.mai tumse bhot pyar krti hu armaan..nh rh paugi mai tumhare pyar aur bharose ke bina...plz mujhse pyar krna mt chodna armaan,..mai mar jaugi....kuch to bolo armaan plz tumhe ghussa karna hai to karo par aise chup mat rho plz armaan...(she falls on ground and cry aloud)mu...mujhe..maa..maf do...armaan...
Armaan picks her up and hug her tightly.
Armaan:chup ho jao jaan...sshhhh...(he brush her head lightly to calm her)kuch nh badla hai mera tum par se bharosa aur na mera pyar.i still loves u and i always kuch hua wo mere tumhari zindagi me aane se phle hua hai...aur mujhe tumhare bite kal se koi aitraaz nh hai riddhima...mai tumhare sath apna aj aur aane wala kal bitana chahta hu..(trying to light the mood)waise bhi tumhe jhelna har kisi ke bas me nahi hai...

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happy birthday sanju (31 july)

hi friends,sorry for late post..aaj meri bahut hi close,meri choti wali sis urf sanju ka happy birthday hai toh chalo jaldi jaldi usey wish karein...

Happy Birthday sanju.many many happy returns of the day.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

part 12: Pyar ka dard hai

Part 12

Next day college …

Riddhima college mein enter hoti hai …. She remembers all the moments she spent with armaan ….

Ummm Hmm Umm Hmm
Ummm Hmm Umm Hmm

Tune Jo Na Kaha
Mein Woh Sunta Raha
Khamakha Bewajah Khwaab Bunta Raha

part 1: Vaada (TS)

"tumne mujhse vaada kiya tha ki tum mujhe kabhi chod ke nh jaogi,u promise me u'll never leave me alone,phir kaise jaa sakti ho tum itni dur,mai kaise rahuga tumhare bina,bolo na Angel,kya karuga mai tumhare bina..."he said almost crying,his oceanic blue eyes were teary.his heart was aching seeing his love going away from him.

"noddy plz don't cry, u know na mai tumhe aise nahi dekh sakti,mai tumhe kabhi bhul nahi paugi noddy,mai tumse bhot pyar karti hu,par jo bhi aj mai karne ja rh hu wo hum dono ke liye sahi hoga.mujhe jana hoga,i am ready very sorry"she holds his hand and sooth him to least his pain.

"ammy plz sambhal apne aap ko aur jane de use,tu janta hai na wo log tujhe chodege nahi agar tune shona ko jane nh diya"another guy who was with them said putting his hand on ammy's shoulder consoling him.

"kaise jane du rahul,kaise jane du,tu janta hai na mai angel ke bina nahi reh sakta."ammy said holding the girl's hand tightly and the very next moment the announcement was made saying the train is ready to departure.

Part 30 : Vivaah...ekk nayi zindagi



She banged the first aid box on the beach chair nearby and looked at him. He was confused with her sudden coldness.


Nikki yelled right on armaan's face while armaan was looking down. Nikki misunderstood armaan's silence.

Ar: (cracked voice) Main arrogant hu!

Nikki looked at him with a disgusted face.

Part 392:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 392:

In the kitchen, at Armaan's house.

Maan: Jaldi karo...

Armaan: (bending over the gas stove) Kar to raha hoon... please... don't disturb me...

Maan: Kya kar rahe ho? Itni der se ek gas-stove nahi jala paaye... khaana kaise banaoge?

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Part 42 : Tu zindagi

the day arrived.arman'and sid's wait was over. they both soon to be tied in the nuptial knot with their lady love .sid was excited but arman was more excited.sid's mumma asha bought all things 2-2  ,for her 2 sons.sid and arman but arman everytime checking his things if it was better than sid or,their shervani,pagdi(safa) ,shoes. sid was smiling on his acts. he said : "'tu kabhi nehi sudhrega sale!

arman replied quickly : äbey,saley kisko bola?

sid uttered shrugging : "'tere ko,tu mera sala hi hai na?

part 12: Back to You

Part 12
Ridhima-kya mera pyaar kum pad jata hai. Kya tumhe lagta hai ki mein strong nahi
hun.. Ki mein tumhe sambhal paau...
Armaan -nahi ridhima plz aisa mat bolo ..... plz ridhima tum toh strong ho aur jahan
meri aur hamare pyaar ki baat aati hai tum aur bhi strong ho jaati ho...
par mein ridhima .... mein itna strong nahi hun aur na ban sakta hun ki mein aapni
ankhon ke saamne aapni zindagi ko roj mera liye aaur aapne pyaar ke liya tadapta
dekhta rahun....

Part 42:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Riddhima smile in her sleep… but she open her eyes when she feels someone touch her face… She was shocked to see who it was, she was about to shout when that person put hand on her lips…
Armaan: Basket… Chillana mat…
Riddhima hit Armaan hand which was on her lips… Armaan took off his hand when she hit, and keep caring in it with his other hand…
Armaan: Kya hai Basket… Koi aise maarta hai kya…
Riddhima: Aur nehi toh kya… Tum is waqt yaha kiya kar rahi ho… Aur tum andar kaise aayi…
Riddhima got up and stand near Armaan…
Armaan: Such a silly question Basket…
Riddhima: Armaan… Don’t tell me tumne window se aaya…
Armaan: Of course Basket… Main window se aaya hoon…
Riddhima: Armaan…
Armaan: Common Basket… Aaj Sunday hai… I know Papa ghar pe nehi hai… Aur Padma mom and Nani bhi jaldi utne wala nehi hai… Its only 7am yaar…
Riddhima: Phir bhi…
Armaan: Shhh…

Part 19: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Part 19
Padma : thank god shashank …. Riddhima ko kuch nahi hua ……..
Riddhima : papa … mein … me yahan kese aii hun …..
All were shocked……
Armaan : basket …. (he said holding her hand)
Riddhima freeing her hand from his grip : arre choroo …. Papa ye kon hai …. ??
Tears trickled down armaan’s cheeks ……
Shahsank: riddhima beta …. Tumhe nahi pata ye kon hai ….
Riddhima : nahi papa … kon hia yee …..

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segment 24: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

when Riddhima got arman's accident news ,she thought that her fate again played with her a cruel game. at the time of 10th result,she lost her mom,then in 12th her papa and now arman...she was like lost everything..anjali and her friends assured her that arman will be safe .they took riddhima in the hospital and never left her alone.

Part 391:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 391:

Armaan was sitting in the canteen with his throbbing head in his hands. His head was pounding, paining, feeling very heavy. Gazal too entered the canteen, saw Armaan and made her way towards him.

PART 1 : Tumhare Siwa

Hey guys M new here m great fan of arsh
This is my first post on arsh HOPE U LIKE IT

Armaan mallik

Shilpa Malohtra

Riddhima Modi

Siddhant Modi

YV Naina JP Jiggy & all old gang are also present in my story maan geet arjun arohi are also present



Armaan and Riddhima in Basketball Court..

Both are standing in front of eachother armaan with tears in his eyes n pain & riddhima with her confused feelings

Armaan: Riddhima kya ye tumhara akhri faisla he? riddhima batao mujhe mere sawal ka jawab do.”riddhima only listening him he again ask”

part 15: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

All are sitting in circle with their love next to them.
Rahul brought a glass and a bottle.
The game started.armaan changed the rule to ask only 3 question a person.bottle first stoped on misha.
Misha:so guys...ask...
Tammana:(near muskaan's ear)ye pagal se kya puchna..
Muskaan laughs.
Anjali:tum shadi kab krogi??
Misha:mai shadi nahi krugi,mujhe apni life pe koi rok tok nh chahiye
All looks towards prem.
Prem:guys y u all looking like this,... Mai shadi k liye girlfriend nh bnata.
Everyone feels very awkward with this stupids answer..
Atul:tumhe kbhi kisi se saccha pyar hua hai...
Misha:its all bullshit.jab tk paisa hai,tab tak pyar hai aur phr sab bekar hai..
Tammana:misha if u don't respect love,that is ur prblem,but atleast don't abuse,,

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Part 17: DMG 3

Part 17

Shilpa knew it was a matter of time that they caught her, suddenly she was tackled from behind, she felt the breath knocked out of her as she landed on the hard ground. She could feel his breath on her face and neck, his hands were all over her, she tried to break his hold but to no avail. The harder she tried to get away from the roaming hands and the stinking breath, the closer they got, she could hear him laughing at her weak attempts to get away, somehow he was stronger than her, she could feel her arms tiring and weakening.
Shilpa: no…plz.. no…no… NO!(she screamed out loud and jerked up into a sitting position. She realized that she had fallen asleep, looking at the clock on the wall she had managed to be out for 45 minutes. Her heart was galloping like wild horses, her breath was coming out in harsh gasps, it was 4 in the morning she knew she was not going to sleep again. She took deep breaths to calm her pulse down and looked around the darkened room.
Ridz: how long do you think you can keep this up? (startling shilpa)

part 11: Pyar ka dard hai

Part 11

Next day …

Riddhima aaaj akeli college ati hai … to kuch people use dekh kr haste hain … she feels odd but she ignores the thought …. On her way to the class … use vivek milta tha ….
Vivek : riddhimaa …
Riddhima ignore krke age jane lgti hai but vivek use arm se pkr leta hai …
Vivek : hey suno to … itna bhi kiya ghussa yar … aur vese bhi mujhe wahan se bhaga kr tum ne bhi to wohi kuch kiya jo me krna chahta tha ….

part 54 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 54

In shilpa s house
Muskaan anjali and shilpa was getting ready
Anjali: aaj toh armaan tujhe dekhta hi reh jayega
Shilpa blushed
Muskaan: wo toh hai hi
Hamari shilpa hai hi itni beautiful
Or wese b armaan ki najar hatti kaha hai isse
Anjali: haan wo b hai yar

Part 41:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You


Riddhima open her eyes when she hears her alarm ring… She off it and sit on her bed… Her eyes were close… She tied her hair which was open… Rubbing her eyes she yarn and open her eyes to be shocked to see room decorated by teddy’s… Large, Medium and Small ones… Next to her bed, there was one small one with heart in middle of it written I MISS U…
Riddhima took it and hugs it whispering ‘I MISS U TOO ARMAAN’
Just then her phone started to ring… Riddhima look to see Armaan name flashing… Smiling she took the call…
Riddhima: I love u…
Armaan: Arey wah… Subah subah itna pyaar… Kya baat hai Basket…
Riddhima: Ab tum bhi mere liye itna karungi toh pyaar toh aayengi na…
Armaan: Ahchaa… Maine aisa kya kar diya, muhjpar itna pyaar aa raha hai…
Riddhima: Jaanu… Ab itna acting mat karo… Mujhe pata hai yeh sab teddy bear tumne bheja hai…
Armaan: Oooh… Toh tum teddy’s ki baat kar raha ta…
Riddhima: Aur nehi toh kya… Tujhe kya laga…
Armaan: Kuch nehi… Happy Teddy’s Day Jaan… I know u love teddy a lot…
Riddhima: Thank you Armaan… Lekin tumne yaha kyu bheja…
Armaan: Toh hospital main bhejun aur khud maar khaun, aisa toh nehi karsakte na…

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segment 23: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

now arman didn’t want to live without her for a min. he came in home like running but saw that papa took his car with him as his was punctured. Arman  had no patience to wait for papa so took his bike and ran to Mumbai. Din’t know how he lived such a long without his duck..he felt that riddima’s almond grey eyes were complaining …”tum mere dill ki baat kyon nehi samajhte arman? Phir kahte kaise ho ki mujhse pyar karte ho.”
He stopped his bike and took his mobile to say sorry her…to say  that he couldn’t live without her..coming to take her with him,to make her him forever.

part 18:Life out of control(season 3)

Two weeks. The past two weeks had been close to hell. Maybe heaven for others, but for Riddhima, they had been nothing short of torture. Even now, as she sat on the soft sand in front of the tumbling waves, she couldn't help but grieve her decisions. The moon was shining down onto her lilac coloured, body fitting gown as the wind gushed onto her bare arms, giving her goosebumps.  She gathered her waved hair which hung loosely behind her back, and brought them across her right shoulder, so that the lily that pinned on the other side of her head stuck out. Bad idea! The dress was backless and if anything, it made her shiver all the more. She sighed sadly as she stroked the bouquet of lilies and orchids next to her and remembered Sid's words.
"You're the only one remaining from your gang. So when are you tying the knot?"
She'd laughed and looked away, avoiding one particular person's gaze fixed on her.
Nothing was going right. She shut her eyes tight as she recalled the words she told him two weeks back.
"I think we need a break."

"You..what?" His blue eyes bore into hers until she could face them no longer and turned her head away.
"A break, Armaan." She repeated, whispering the words as though they'd be taken back any moment.
He hadn't replied. Out of shock she presumed. Of all the things she may have said, may have done, this was the last he was expecting out of her mouth. Heck, it had taken her ages to come up with this solution. And ages more to gather the courage to do it. She pictured how he'd stretched out a hand to hold her, make sure this was real. But she'd backed off, knowing his touch would change her mind.
"We need to have time apart. I need to have time apart. To see if I can really do this. If I really need it."

PART-4 : Just A Bend Not An End,

~Armaan and Ridhima's  Bedroom~

As Armaan  walked into the bedroom to wake Ridhima  up he was surpsied to see her awake already and moreover the room was still pitch dark. That really shocked him because it was so not like Rush  to stay in the dark. She was not only scared of the dark but also felt suffocated if she was left alone in the dark. she was sitting on the bed with her back resting against the bedpost staring blakly into space, she did not even notice nikhil come in...true she was not crying but the pain and helplessness in her eyes was seen by him even in the dark. His eyes turned moist just by looking at her pathetic and misserable condition. He too was saddened by her miscarriage after all he too had lost his child but somehow he controlled himself as he knew that right now Rush  needed him the most.

Part 18: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Part 18
Next day in sanjeevani locker room all interns except riddhima were present as her was in her ward as a patient …..
Muskaan : yaar mujhe to bohat tention ho rhi hai …….
Anjalii : I know …. Ridzy ko to operation krwane se darr lagta hai …..
Atul : don’t worry anjali ….. ridzyy ko kuch nahi hoga ……
Rahul coming towards them : exactly … aur …. Tab to bilkul bhi nahi jab unke paas itne zyada pyar krne wale log hain (he said this while looking at muskaan who blushed )…….
Armaan was all quiet ….. and all the others noticed this ……

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siggies by anshu...

part 53 : Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 53:

Armaan took his car keys
Rahul and atul asked him armaan ruk toh sahi kha ja rha hai
Aaj teri shadi hai??
Armaan: mujhe kam hai bhut jaruri jise kie bina me shadi ni kar paunga jameer ni manega mera
Atul got worried and he made a call to shilpa
Saying that armaan is behaving wierd
Wo car leke abhi gya hai

part 11: Back to You

Part 11

armaan get consious feeling ridhima near...
Ridhima -armaan. Tum theek hona... Armaan .. Bolo na...
Armaan was just lost in her eyes love n concern she is having for him...
Armaan tries to get up....but
armaan -ahh.!!!
Ridhima -armaan... Araam se kya kar rahe ho....
Armaan -ridhima mein...
Ridhima -armaan shhh.. Chup bilkul tumhe araam ki jarurat hai....tum aram karo mein
abhi aati hun....
Ridhima turn around to let her tears fall from her eyes which she was holding back as
she knows armaan doesn't like tears in her eyes... Her tears hurt armaan like anything in
the world..

Part 390:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 390:

 Ridhimaa did not hug Armaan back. She did not want Armaan to be there with her because she could give him nothing but pain and sadness. She did not deserve to be loved by Armaan. Kirti and Shubhankar were standing at a small distance away from the entwined pair.

Shubhankar: (shaking Kirti's hand) Kirti... tum theek ho?

happy birthday sneha (26th july)

hi friends,today is bd of our old blog member and a great writrer Sneha..let's wish her.

A very very happy birthday sneha dear...many many happy returns of the day.May your birthday be filled with many happy hours and your life with many happy birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!