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Part 50 [last part]:My Wish Come True

Part 50 [warning the part is too long and heavy..!]

Everything at Mallik house was moved from it place to make room for the huge number of people that were invited to celebrate the new addition in the mallik family.. Although Armaan knew that Ridhima wanted the party to be abit low profile but this time he had other plans.. Plans to finally place every missing piece of Ridhima's puzzled life together in place..

""Ridhu.. tum ab tak ready nahi hui..?"" he asked when he saw her sitting besides the kids, still in her regular suit.. she shook her head and made herself comfortable in his arms.. ""Kuch acha nahi lag raha Armaan.. bohot bechaini si ho rahi hai.."" he gently pulled her closer and kissed her lips assuringly..

Part 7 : Tumhare Siwa

All are very shocked bcoz they all knows armaan wo har kisiko apna bana leta he ek hi mulakat me fir aaj kya hua in logose istarah kyu behave kar raha he.Kisiko uska ye behavior samjh nhi aaya sivae unke jinke intro. Par armaan ne sirf apna head nod kiya tha.
Armaan went n opened his locker to put his things there but when he open his locker he saw all the things n gifts which riddhima gave him were still there.
 Armaan : uff.. now what to do this locker isn’t clean hummp…”n saying this widout keeping  his things there he left the locker room widout sparing single glance towards any of them but bidding good bye to sid n all interns & junior doctors“
N all are looking at his retiring back n thinking.Why Armaan is behaving like this? Why he didn't even looking at them? N riddhima she was thinking the same thing too that why he is behaving this way with his frnds n also thinging why he is here?What she’s gonna do now ?
Riddhima : kyu aae ho tum armaan wapas kyu ?Tum pehle hi sab barbad kar chuke ho ab kyu aae ho meri zindagi me wapas? WHY?? “She’s saying all in her mind”
They all also left the hospital.

part 18: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

By evening AR were in mall with RM.Muskaan was helping riddhima select a dress as the girls have decided not to show their dresses befor the function,so having no other option armaan and rahul were in men's section searching for gud sherwani for both.

After like 1hour or so they went to jwellery section to select matching jwelleries for girls and rings for AR.

AR after selecting their rings went for dinner whereas RM went home as they have to do lots of arrangement for AR's engegement.

They went to riddhima's fav italian restaurant.

The place was calm and quite.all couple were busy with their dates.

They sat in a corner table for a beautiful candle light dinner.

Placing the order they were quitly sitting looking at each other.

"aise kya dekh rhe ho"she asked feeling his intanse gaze on her which were giving heat to her cheeks making it red.

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part 13: Pyar ka dard hai

Part 13

Armaan enters the canteen … wahan pr sab sad bethe hote hain …
Armaan sitting on a chair and minching a sandwich : oye … ye aaj miss mirchi itna bhagte hue kahan jaa rhi thi ….. ?
Muskaan angrily : tumhe isse kya …
Armaan : muskaan yar tu esay kyun baat kr rhi hai … ?
Rahul holding armaan from collar : to aur tujhe phoolon ke haar pehnaye wo ?
Armaan stands up : yaar tum sab ko ho kya gya hai …

PART 6 : Tumhare siwa

Armaan: fine Sir, how r u?

Dr. shashank: fine come have a seat” then they took their seat.”So howz life going on
Armaan : its perfect sir, said armaan but he still feels nervous infront of shanky so to cover up his nervousness"
Armaan: hmm so lets begin with the cases sir”he said being complete professional shanky was amazed by seeing this armaan”
Dr. Shashank: ok doctor so as u know that for what we have called u here so let discuss about those cases.{Sorry guys I m not a medical student so don't know anything isliye koi case history nhi likh rahi hu] n they continue to discusse the first case while giving suggestions n all.”shanky was highly impressed by armaan”
On the other hand all doctors are very happy that Armaan is here infront of them after hell 4 years they all just want to run to him n take him in a tight hug but alas they couldn't meet him as they were busy in their duties n Armaan well he was busy in meeting discussing case n they can only meet him after that in locker room.
Here armaan after his meeting wid dr. shashank got over he moved toward nurse station for his locker key from there after taking them he move towards loker room. “wid his stethoscope n coat in his one hand n wid other he is seeing something in his phone n smiling."
On the other hand all are waiting for armaan in locker room.

last part : Vaada (TS)

They were lost in each other eyes.the 5 years seperation has increase their love for each other.their love has became more stronge for each other in this five year.
Their eyes still show pure love and desires for each other.
All the people passing from there were watching this couple who were in their love land holding their love in each other's hand.
Rahul,muskaan,anjali,atul and nikita came there and was amaze to see their friends like this.rahul went near them and bending he snapped his finger infront of them and they came out of their lala land.riddhima got up and embarassingly looking everywhere but not them.
Armaan was shock to see her infront of him.he thought maybe he was dreaming.
"rahul mujhe riddhima ke daydreams aa rh hai,mujhe ye ladki me riddhima dikh rahi hai"he said and everyone started laughing.he pouted seeing them laughing
"ammy ye sach me riddhima hai,ye muskaan ki cousin hai"rahul told him that its a reality and not a day dream.
He went next to her and poked his finger on her cheek to which she frowns.he again looks to rahul asking"is this true??"to which rahul nobs and armaan turning to riddhima hugs her tightly making everyone smile and riddhima shock.
She doest response to the hug and is confuse but then she remembers something and push armaan away from him and runs out of the resort where the funtion was going on.she sits in her car and goes from there.

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part 56 (last part): Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 56
last part
After juta churai rasm
Armaan: muskaan and anjali tum log mere dost ho yar nt fair
Me aise nange per chalu tumhe acha lagega kya
Muskaan: no dost vost aaj toh tum pesa vasoolne ka jariya ho all people laughed
Muskaan laughed in her own style
Rahul atul: yar inhone jute kab churaye
Armaan: tum logo ke bus ka ka kuch b ni hai
Atul: sorry armaan

Part 394:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 394:

Armaan moved his face closer and breathed on Ridhimaa's bare shoulders. Ridhimaa turned her face to her left, her eyes still closed, hair covering half her face, fully enamored.

Ridhimaa: Armaan!

part 10 : Love Gets Its Destiny

Sorry For long gap people.. and special sorry to anamika and poo didi for whom i have started this Small SS ... but here is the next part .... hope it will be worth of waiting..

Part 10

Next day armaan woke up with Pain in his head… He sat on the bed will bowing his hand down holding it between his hands and pressing it with his hands to relieve himself of some headache but it didn’t proved to be fruitful to him….

But very next minute his pain fell into a numb state as his ear went to the sound and eyes lifted up to see in the direction of the door  that was produced some sound breaking the silence of the room  as it got opened and closed after a couple of second. He got the view of the girl of his dream standing there in white chudidar suit looking a princess of the century. Looking at sight armaan forgot all about his headache and keeps looking in the direction of Ridhima. Who was approaching to him…

Part 21 :Aur Pyar H o Gaya

All looked at her with shocked faces.... Seeing this she realized what she had said .....
Ridhhima : i mean ... Ke ye meta frnd hai aur mera doctor b .... To mera khyal b to yehi rkha ga naaww .....

Everyone hid their disappointment ... And smiled slightly ......
After noticing them quite fr a lng time ....
Ridhhima : achha wese mujhe ye btao Ke ye basket kon hai ......
All were shocked agn ...
Anjali : ridzz ... Tujhe ... Tujhe ... Kese ... I mean ...
Muskaan completing for her : iska matlab ai k tumhe basket k bare me kese pataa ????
Ridhima : oohhoo ..... Yar dekho naa jab b Armaan mera naam lene lagtA hai to pehle basket kehne lagtA ai .........

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Happy birthday Sargam(5th august)

hi friends to day is happy birthday of our old blog member and a great writer sargam's.let's wish her.

a very very happy birthday sargam.many many happy returns of the day.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

Part 45:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

AR life was going the same as before… They were busy with their work and always try to give the time for each other… Nikki’s tummy was getting bigger day by day… Everyone was really excited… Now she was 6months pregnant… Riddhima was her doctor… She was taking care of her while she is in work and Abhi take care of her when they r at home…
The gang was happy for Abhi and Nikki… Like always, they spend one day in week with each other… Riddhima and Armaan spend Saturday night and Sunday at their new apartment which no one knows other then them…
Like other days, today also everyone was busy in their work… After work everyone meet at locker room… After some chit chat, everyone leave to their repective house…
As it was Saturday night, Armaan and Riddhima make their way to their new home… But tonight Armaan was lose in his own thought… Riddhima keep talking wht she did today at hospital and how busy she was… Armaan wasn’t saying anything at all while Riddhima keep talking non stop…
Riddhima: Armaan… Kya huva…
Riddhima shake him from his arm when he didn’t say anything… She looks at his face and she knows he was upset with something…
Armaan: Huh… Kuch nehi Basket…

part 17: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Gupta house.

Riddhima is in her room watching yeh jawaani hai diwaani on her laptop fully engrossed in the movie.."subhan allah"song sequence is going on when she felt instead of ranbir kapoor armaan is there singing for her.she is shock to see armaan next to her sitting on the bed.she tries to touch him but he vanished.
"oohh goshh!wats this happening to me, thodi der phle to wo mujhe chod ke gaya,phr b mai usk khayalo me hu..lagta hai goa ka asar ab tak nh utara hai ridzi tere sar se..."talking to herself she switchs off her laptop and heads towards the bathroom.
"a quick shower and sleep with help me come out of the lala land and my prince's dream...awww i love u so much armaan"she said getting inside the bathroom.
After some 10mins she comes out from bathroom wiping her wet hairs with towel and sits infront of the mirror doing her hairs.she is lost thinking about the moments she shared with armaan in goa.she through the mirror saw armaan lying on her bed passing her a flying kiss,she first blush looking down then in shock turns to bed to see no one there.she takes a look of whole room to find herself alone.
"ohh my... Am i hallucinating him...meri kuch din me shadi fix ho rh hai aur mai ek 18sal ki ladki ki tarh behave kar rh hu."saying she laid herself on the bed closing her eyes and next moment she opens in seeing the closeness they shared at night near the beach.without realizing she placed her hand on her lips remembering his lips touching hers very softly..she smiles and picks up the water bottle which is empty..

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Part 49:My Wish Come True

Recap: Ridhima's Godh bharayi.. AR come to know that they will soon be having a baby girl.. Armaan comes to know the reason behind Guptas trying to harm Ridhima..

Part 49

Everybody was gathered around Ridhima, who felt like she was some queen as only she was provided with a comfortable couch and pillows to her wish.. all others were sitting around her in their most manageable positions.. chance by chance they were keeping their heads on her belly listening to the shuffling sounds and feeling the movements of the baby..

part 19 : DMG3

Part 19
Armaan didn't know why but he didn't really like maan that much. It had been approximately six months since they had gone out for the coffee. They had continued to meet as, as long as they were in the city shilpa was with them. Both sujal and maan lived with her even though they had separate houses. Once armaan asked her why was it so.
Shilpa: we are a family and families live together.
Armaan shilpa friendship had deepened enough for him to realize that sujal and maan meant the world to her and the feeling was reciprocated by the guys also. Armaan had realized that at core three of them were the same, even though their personalities were different. Sujal was the serious, the mystery guy from army. Whenever armaan looked into his eyes they reminded him of shilpa,

PART 4 & PART 5:Tumhare siwa


Next day all junior senior intern doctors are standing at nurse station.That new doc. is coming today na.
Dr. keerti is giving them last minutes instructions to cooperate wid him,help him n blah blah…..
After this she starts to give them dere duties here this is going on n at the same time one black vanquish enter in hospital premises n went towards its parking lot n stopped dere den we see car’s door get open n one boy is come out of it he is wearing sky blue shirt wid top three bottons r undone giving clear view of his perfect build,clean shaved chest with pair of blue demin jeans he starts to walk towards sanjeevani after reaching infront of sanjeevani he stopped n read the board in which “SANJEEVANI” is written den he remove his glasses those oceanic blue eyes(haye allah) which were sparkling wid nautiness n mischievous n have his million dollar smile on his face he says
Boy: Sanjeevani here I come,I mean….I m back to square one.”he look at his watch n starts to walk inside sanjeevani”
All female staff are going gaga by seeing this Greek God,he only give them his se*y dimple smile,old staff of sanjeevani were shocked by seeing him n after recovering from shock become very happy by seeing him there after wat happened ,n new staff were looking at him n thinking who is he?Dam handsom N that killer dimple smile uff..
But he is in his own thought hoping that he isn’t late warna gabbar chodegi nhi in his thoughts when he comes infront of nurse station he himself don know by hearing gabbar’s voice he come out of his thoughts there he see all doctors are standing wid their heads down n listening hitler’s scolding he chuckles after seeing this n think gabbar is just the same she’s not gonna change ever.
Then he hear dr. keerti is saying
Dr. keerti: its time for arrival of that new doctor all of u go to the conference hall.
N armaan he move towards his destination trusties cabin(I know trusty roz hos. nhi aate he to unka cabin kese but bear it guys)
N other docs. (junior,senior,intern,incharge,senior nurses,wardboys,head etc) went to conference room for meeting they get seated n waiting for the arrival of trusties with dat new doc.
There comes the trusties of sanjeevani they take their seats

Happy Birthday Gyanvi(4th august)

hi friends today is happy birthday of our blog member gyanvi,let's wish her..

A very very happy birthday gyanvi.May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

part 2: Vaada (TS)

Next day

Everything was ready.arrangements were done and now the time to leave for dehli.rahul,armaan and anjali were going by flites with their parents and some more relatives.
"rahul sare kapde rakh liye na,aur jo b jruri saman ?"rahul's mum asked coming in room where armaan was sitting helping rahul.
"ap tension mat lo aunty,ye to already 3 bar sab check kar chuka hai"armaan laughed with rahul's mom.

After some hours they all were in plane.armaan anjali and rahul were sitting together talking.
"sale bhabhi se bat tak nai karwai,na hi nam btaya"armaan complained
"ha rahul,atleast mujhse to bat karwata"anjali to joined armaan
They talk about all the random stuff that happened in their life and how much they missed their time spend together.
After an hour or so they reached dehli.

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Part 43 : Tu zindagi

After finishing wedding rituals their friends kept a programme where they narrated  arsh and sid tam love story through their acting and dance. The audience were very happy to watch it where shilpa and tam blushed continuously. shilpa remembered those days when arman fell in love with her.tried to say many  time but shilpa didn't understand.she always ignored him.  Tam remembered how sid tried to make happy her.assured about arman bhai but tam thought him a selfish man who was only doing it for his own profit.

then dinner time when arman fed shilpa and shilpa him,sid to tam and tam fed to sid. after a lot masti ,wedding ceremony was completed but arman and sid was sighed getting the order from padma that they should take rest in guest room.

Part 6 :No love for me

Flashback continues

R- mumma help.!!!
People were shouting aag aag  ag lag gayi
Smirti was out of control
Sm- bacaho koi meri bachi  ko.. shashank kuch kariye ridhima meri bachi...
 Sh- smirti samba lo apneap ko...
Sm- sambhalu kaiser?  Meri beti waha aag me fasi hui hai aur me kai se sambhalu
Shashank went to gather more help n called fire escape
Sheela bua- is ldki khud hi ek museebt hai.. jab bhi kuch acha hone wala hota hai   tab is ki nazar lgta hai
Smirti give a deadly glare to sheela bua
Sm - pls is waqt aao chup rahe ye. .. Aur agar a meri beti ko bachan nahi Jayege to ne khud hi   jaugi
In outhouse
Smirti enter the outhouse there was fire here n there she started shouting
Sm- ridhima! Ridhima kaha ho

Part 44:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Riddhima look the girl who turns around to face her… She was smiling to her… Another shocked for Riddhima, she was standing there on the spot like a stachu…
Girl: Hi Dr. Riddhima… Ooops… It’s better to say Dr. Mallik… Haina…
Riddhima came out from the shocked when the girl spoke…
Girl: Pehchana mujhe…
Riddhima: Haan… Kaise bhul sakti hoon tujhe…
Riddhima goes and hugs… She smiles to her and then look at Armaan and again back to the girl…
Girl: It’s good to see u both after sometimes…
Riddhima: Haan… Lekin tum yaha… Tum tik toh huna…
Girl: Haan baba… Main tik hoon… Yeh boyfriend bhi yehi baat 10time puch chukka hai… it’s been only 15mins I met him…
(Hope u all knows who she is… Don’t worry… hehehe… Who humhari pyaari MINI hai… hehe…)
Armaan: Girlfriend…
Mini: Boyfriend… Tum chup raho… Yeh kya baat huvi… Dr.Riddhima mil gayi toh mujhe hi bhul gayi… Aur Dr.Riddhima (Turning to Riddhima) Aap bilkul bhi badli nehi ho… Abhi bhi Boyfriend koh kissi aur ki saat dehkti hai toh wohi gussa… Hehehe…

part 3: Tumhare siwa

In everyones mind there is only one thing is going the gao wala doctor.Ese hi ek din or beet gaya next day all come n do their duties
After completing their duties all the doctors our old intern gang along with Sid, JP,Jiggy,YV,naina,maan geet,arjun n arohi were also there.”all are in locker room”

JP: tak gaya yaar "said sitting on the bench in locker room".
Sid: mein bhi yaar kitna kaam tha.
Rahul: sach mein yaar yeh hitler aaj bhi nhi badli she is just the same uff…
Muskaan: haan yaar sachi me
Anjali: yes guys but what armaan used to say hmmm"thinking"
Nikki: Gabbar n start to laugh but then she become sad.
Abhi put his hand on her shoulder to support her all others also start thinking about him n Riddhima who was just coming into locker room was suddenly stopped by hearing armaan's name.
Atul: pata nahin kahan chala gaya mera bhai uske bina bilkul acha nahin lagta kitni masti karte the hum " said with tears in his eyes"

Part 20: Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Part 20

Next day armaan came into riddhima’s ward while she was asleep……. Armaan looked at her angel-like face……he kept looking at her for a while and adored her….. ussi wqt riddhima ki ankh khul jati hai …. Armaan jaldi se dusri taraf turn kar ke file check krne lag jata hai …. Riddhima use dekh kar smile karti hai
Riddhima: hi …. Armaan …..
Armaan bhi piche mur kar use dekhta hai aur kehta hai : hi bas… I mean riddhima …. Ab kesa feel kar rhi ho …..
Riddhima : theek hun but … bus sar mein thra sa dard ho raha hai …….

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part 55: Arsh ff ~ Love is life

part 55 

When shilpa was coming in mandap all lights went off
All people got shocked first
Projector was switched on and music played
Tu hi hai meri hai sari zameen armaan came from a side spotlight flashed on shilpa and one spotlight followed armaan.
Chahe jhan se chalu
Armaan knelt down

part 13: Back to You

Part 13

armaan-basket meri rishima kaisa hai......
ridhima -rishima nahi armaan ardhan.....ardhan aapne daddy se milke bahut khush
hai....... just then armaan touch ridhima's stomach and the baby kicked first tym....
ridhima -auchhh....
armaan *panick* -m sry ridhima mein ne tumhe hurt kar diya....
mein bahut bura hun... aapne baby ko bhi hurt kar diya....
ridhima -shh...... chup ek dum *putting fingure on his lips*
armaan mein theek hun.... baby ne 1st tym kick kiya....
tumhare chute hi he kicked....

Part 393:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 393:

Armaan and Maan were sitting in the Dining room, very quietly. Both very, very happy at the same time with Ridhimaa's presence in the house, but did not voice their thoughts aloud. Ridhimaa arrived carrying a tray laden with bowls and plates. An aroma of delicious food wafted through the air.

PART 2 : Tumhare siwa

4  years later..

Sanjeevani Hospital Mumbai

4 years went since Armaan left Sanjeevani but no one know where he went.All misses him a lot.
AT 8:00 everyone junior,senior doctors along wid their interns standing at nurse station waiting for Dr. Keerti..
All interns are doing their masti amongst themselves Atul, Anjali, Muskaan, Rahul, Abhi, Niki, Ridhimaa n Sid r also this 4 years there are some other doctors are also join sanjeevani they are arjun,arohi maan geet they are also senior doctors.

"Like I earlier said that our old intern gang is also present in my story Abhi n Nikki r happily married, Muskaan n Rahul have also solved their problem n they r also happily married but they r still d same n asusual fight , Anjali has finally given chance to Atul n now they r engaged to each other from last 1 year but not planning to get married soon bcoz Anji want more time she have some feelings for Atul but still want time, Riddhima n Sid their relation has improved but not much as Riddhima is still under the confusion whom to choose sid or armaan n she misses him alot n has drowned herself wid loads of work she is still confused n Sid sometime he understands her n