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part 21: DMG 3

Part 21
"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear sir, Happy birthday to you!" shilpa clapped along as she wished dr. shashank birthday in the morning. It was his first birthday since ridhima's death and she knew it would be tough so she was trying to keep it lighthearted.
Shilpa: now cut the cake sir,(she handed the knife to shashank and stood expectantly. Shashank looked at everyone with damp eyes and cut the cake amidst more clapping and noise courtesy shilpa and armaan. Shilpa stepped forward and started serving the cake to armaan and padma.
Armaan stood by handing the cake to shashank and padma and thought how shilpa was the only one who could turn a painful event into something memorable and pleasant. Just a week back she had been completely under a cloud, staying aloof from everyone and how armaan had finally managed to break the icy faade she had maintained to keep every one out. Somehow she had turned herself around and today she was here with a single mindedness to make this day a pleasant memory instead of being haunted by the past.

Part 3 : "MAHE JAAN" (arsh ss)

Shilpa : kanha ji thanku aapne sab kuch thik kiya aaj, hospital bhi acha he or doctors bhi ache he mujhe thori nervousness thi but sab gayab ho gai.Aapse na ek baat kehni thi pata nhi kyu mujhe na waha jakar kuch ajeeb sa feel ho raha he ye kya ehsaas he me samjh nhi pa rahi hu.Ek or baat kahu aaj bohot fikra ho rahi he I know aap he but pata nhi kyu plzzzzzzz always be wid him ok now good night muah…..

Days are passing like this.Shilpa ko sanjeevani join kiye ek mahina ho gaya is 1 month me sab kuch badal gaya shilpa sabki achi dost ban gayi, shilpa become baby sister of sid, he loves her very much, sab use pasand karne lage.Dev started to love her but abhi tak kaha nhi but shilpa or riddhima hi kareeb nhi aa pae shilpa always feel some kind of anger towards riddhima which she herself don’t know why bcoz wo to riddhima se sanjeevani me mili he use pehle kahi nhi n riddhima she feels jealous of shilpa bcoz 1 ki mahine me shilpa sab ki chahiti ho gai, sid ne use apni behen bana liya, har kisiki juban par sirf shilpa ye shilpa wo shilpa esi he shilpa wesi he kitni achi he sabka kitna khayal rakhi he blah blah blah…. She (riddhima) feels very jealous n out of jealousy some kind oh hatred build inside her towards shilpa.Bas ek chiz nahi badly that was the dream of shilpa which she daily saw.Daily she wake up with the sweat bidding face n teary eyes same dream same pain sab kuch wese ka wesa.Or its not a dream its reality.

One fine day she again wake up with the sweat bidding face n teary eyes same dream same pain.But something is different today that difference is fear yes today she is very restless

Part 10 : Tumhare Siwa


They all were talking when geet says
Geet : yaar bohot bore ho raha he
Armaan: tujhe club me bore feel ho raha he pagli
Geet: ha to nhi ho sakti kya
Arjun: ab tum dono ladne mat lag jana na
Maan: wese yr itne time baat mile he ammy kuch fun to hona hi chahiye na
All: kesa fun
Arohi : ammy gana gaega humare liye “n armaan choked his drink”
Armaan: kya me tum pagal ho gae ho me koi gaana nhi gane wala so just forget it k
Geet: kamine jyada bhao mat kha or chup chap ga samjhe
After constant pushing from his kamine dostos’s he said yes
Armaan: saalo ye bhi bata do ki ya gau
N again they starts
Geet: jo us new year party me gaya tha
Arohi : nhi harsh ke b’day par jo gaya tha”purana na dost he harsh he is not in the story sirf naam likh rahi hu”
Arjun:nhi prom pe jo gaya thaw o
Maan: nhi wo raj ki party me jo gaya tha wahi
N they starts to fight ki wo kiski baat manega konsa song gaega n baki inhe aankhe badi karke dekh rahe he uska 1st reason 2 saal se ye saath me kaam kar rahe he inhe ese kabhi nhi dekha 2nd they are fighting like kids 3rd armaan se inka rishta bohot closs lag rahe he ye log
N our hero wo fir apna kam kar raha he inhe calm karne ka
Armaan: stop it guys ,stop it “no use”
He again try this time he’ll successful they hear him

part 20: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Mallik mansion is full of halla bol.everyone is getting ready for the engagement.

Muskaan comes down wearing beautiful orange saree with her hair done beautifully looking gorgeous.ananya looks at her and smile.

"aj to meri bacchi bhot sundar lag rh hai,kisi ki nazar na lag jaye"saying ananya put kala tika behind her ears.

Muskaan smiles and hugs her,"mamma jab tak aap sb mere sath ho,mujhe kisi ki nazar nai lagegi"

"beta sari tayari ho gai na??"ananya asked.

"ha mamma,sab ho gaya.bas bhai tayar ho jaye phir nikalte hai"muskaan told her.

"tune sara kaam kitni aasani se sambhala hai,ab bas jaldi se riddhima bhi aa jaye phir mai sari jimmedari tum dono ko saup ke aaram karugi,aur tum dono pe hukum chalaugi."both the ladies laugh.

"kya bat hai bhai,itna kyu has rahi hai Mallik ladies,kiski shamat aai hai aj??"anuraag came to them wearing a grey 3 piece suitg

happy birthday Piya (15th august)

hi friends aaj humare blog member piya ka happy bd hai,toh chalo usey wish karein...

May your birthday and every day be filled with the warmth of sunshine, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter, the feeling of love and the sharing of good cheer.

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part 14: Pyar ka dard hai

Part 14

5 years later

Sanjeevani Hospital Mumbai

Ek larki salwar suit pehen kr hospital se bahir nikalti hai …. Wo file prh rhi hoti hai ….
Ward boy : Dr.riddhima wo apka patient jinki aaj surgery hai … wo operation se bohat darr rhe hain … Dr.keerti apko bula rhi hain ….
Riddhima : theek hai tum chalo mein ati hun ….

Part 48:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan goes to see wht Riddhima was doing… He eyes pop out when he saw wht she was doing… He shouted…
Armaan: Basket…
Riddhima look around to see an angry Armaan looking at her… She was standing on the counter searching for something in the cupboard…
Riddhima: Kya huva…
Armaan: Tum yeh kya kar rahi ho…
Riddhima: Main kuch dhund rahi hoon Armaan… Chilla kyu rahi ho…
Armaan: Basket… Tum waha upar… Ghir jaati toh… Mujhe kaha hota… Jo tumhe chahe, main nikalke tujhe deti…. Tujhe waha upar… Chalo… Come down now…
Riddhima: Lekin Armaan…
Armaan: Chup… Bilkul chup… Come down… NOW Basket…
Making angry face to Armaan, Riddhima came down from the counter…
Armaan: Wht r u doing up there… Wht r u searching for…
Riddhima: Napkin…
Armaan: Napkin…. Basket…
Riddhima: Haan… who maine kuch din pehle waha rakhiti toh…
Armaan: U r too much basket… Can’t u tell me…
Riddhima: Tum fresh ho rahi ti toh maine socha…
Armaan: (Cutting her) Tumne socha kyu na tum woh nikale… Kyu…

Part -13 :Pyar Ka Ehsaas

hi friends,sorry so sorry for super late update.actually anu and me didn't get time to update so now muskan joined us.this part is totally written by muski.hope u will like it..thanks.

link of previous parts ---part 1-12

Ridhima armaan ke room mai soup leke aati hai armaan magazine par raha hota hai wo riddhima ko dekhta hai lekin phir undekha kar ke wapis magazine parhne lagta hai  riddhima ye notice karti hai wo gusse mai uske paas jaati hai aur uska magazine cheen leti hai armaan pehle use confuse hoke then gussa mai dekhta hai.

Armaan (angrily) : ye kiya badtameezi hai???

Ridhima: badtameezi !!!! Ooo!! Aapko pata hai badtameezi kiya hoti hai ??

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Part 2 : "MAHE JAAN" (arsh ss)

Shilpa reach her destination,she is standing infront of sanjeevani.
Shilpa : Pata nhi mujhe esa kyu lag raha he jese me meri manzil ke bahot kareeb aa gai hu aaj bohat ajeeb mehsus ho raha he esa lag raha he mano Mumbai ana sanjeevani me internship begin karna meri kismat me likha ho mujhe esa lag raha he ki mujhe mera wajud milne wala he“in this thoughts she enter in sanjeevani”
She’s feeling happy n nervous at the same time.
She went towards nurse station n inquire about dr. keerti after getting where dr. keerti is she went towards her (dr. keerti’s) cabin.She knocked the door
Voice : come in “from inside”
She enter the cabin n saw dr. keerti was sitting on the chair n a file is open in front of her
Shilpa : Good morning dr. keerti dr. shilpa malhotra I have my joining from todays as an intern doctor
Dr. keerti : Good morning dr. shilpa n yes I m expecting u so here is ur id card n pager take them wid u n always keep ur pager wid u
Shilpa : yes mam
Dr. keerti : collect ur locker keys from nurse station n I’ll see u at nurse station at sharp 9:00 am now u may leave
Shilpa : yes dr. keerti thank u
Shilpa went to nurse station after that she move towards locker room where there are all intern,senior doctors are present.

Part 9 : Tumhare Siwa

They all parted from hug n armaan’s phone ring he saw the caller ID n says to them that he will meet them after work he has to go for now n went away from cafeteria.
Maan geet arjun arohi hug each other one more time.
When they turn they saw all junior senior interns are looking towards them.First sid approach them
Sid: aap log armaan ko jante ho”its not ques its simply a statement”
Arjun: yes we are chuddy buddy”wid a huge sime on his face”
Rahul: to wo kyat ha jo kal locker room me hua matlab jab sid ne tum logo ko introduce karwaya tab armaan ka reaction?”wid confused expression”
Anjali: na tumne hume bataya kabhi kit um armaan ko jante ho
Maan: jo kal locker room me hua wo aplogo nhi samjhenge n rahi baat humare batane ki to kabhi wesa moka hi nhi aaya na humne wesi jarurat mehsus ki
Abhi: armaan aap logo se naraz tha na isliye kal ese react kiya right
Arohi: wo idiot humse naraz its some kind of joke esa ho hi nhi sakta kal usne ese react isliye kiya kyuki usne ye expect hi nhi kiya tha ki hum Mumbai aaenge sanjeevani join karenge jab use samjh nhi aata ki kese react karna he to esa hi karta he wo pagla”hearing this all some what become agree but kahina kahi unhe esa lagta he ki or kuch bhi he jo ye chupa rahe he but wo kya he pata nhi”
N sab apni apni duty resume karte he.
After completing their duties all went towards locker room.Armaan also come their old gang use baat karne ki koshis karte he but as usual no response

Part 396:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 396:

Atul, Rahul, Maan: (together) Wow!

Ridhimaa smiled.

Gazal: Saree? Aapko saree pehenna aata hai?

Ridhimaa: Kyun?

Part 23 :Aur Pyar Ho Gaya

Part 23
Armaan was shocked and confused ….. he quickly took her to sanjeevani ……
Riddhima was hurried into the emergency ward …….
After 1 hour ……
All the interns , nani , shashank and padma were standing outside the ward …… dr.shubhankar came out of the ward ……
Armaan : sir … sir …. Wo ridd….
Shubhankar : wo theek hain …. Dr.armaan ….. bus shaid un ke brain pr kuch stress ho gya tha ……
Shashank : ab to theek hai na …..
Shubhankar : yes doctor ……..
Padma : .. hum … hum use mil sakte hain ….. ??
Shubhankarr : ji han …. But please unhe zyada disturb mat kijye ga …….

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Part 47:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Riddhima was busy decorating their room when she got a call… She took and was surprise to hear wht the other person said… She ends the call… She was having tears in her eyes…
Riddhima: (In mind) Main Armaan se yeh baat kaise bataungi…

Around 11pm…

Armaan call her when he reaches to the airport telling her, he is on his way… Riddhima got ready wearing his fav. Color saari… She was desperately waiting to see Armaan after 3weeks… She was checking dinning table when she heard car came… She goes and opens the door to see Armaan coming out from his car…


Smile wasn’t leaving from my face… I was so happy to see my basket after 3weeks… It’s like 3years… I got inside from the gate and stop infront the main door… Smiling I came out from the car and look to see My Basket, My Angel coming out wearing my fav. Sauce wala laal saari…
My smile got broad when I saw her coming near me… I just keep waiting to take her in my arms… She stops infornt of me… She was having tears in her eyes while her beautiful smile was on her lips… I know that was tears of happiness….

Part 54 (a): You actually love me or ...

She speaks to herself and unknown to herself she feels her cheeks turning red .
as she again visualized that scene in front of her eyes as armaan holding baby closer to himself their baby and she flushed
R:''main nahiin jaanti yeh kaisa ishara tha par yeh tha bahut hi sundar armaan aap kitne ache lagoge  naa humare baby ke saath pata  nahiin kyun yeh ehsaas ho raha hain ki humari baby humare pas ane vala hain (she has a big smile on her face as she adored his face over the frame) pata hain armaan maine na aapko kabhie yeh kaha nahiin par ek secret bataun main yeh chahti hun ki humara baby bilkul aapke jaisa ho aisa hi masoon chehera (she said as she caressed his face over the frame) aur aise hi blue eyes ho bilkul pure han kabhie kabhie natkhat ho jaane vali (she said as she looked in his eyes) aur bilkul aisi hi smile jo sabke dill ko chu le (she said as she caressed his dimples with her eyes) aur bilkul itna pyar karne vala dill jo sabse bilkul pyaar kare (she said as she saw how armaan loved everyone) riddhima tu na pagal ho gayyi ho poori ki poori abhi tou sirf sagai ki bat hui hain aur main abhie se mere aur armaan ke baby ke sapne dekhne lagi hun jab tak shadi hoga tab na jaane kya hoga mera sachi meiin armaan aapnein mujhe apne pyaar mein puri pagal bana diyya hain armaan''
And then she heard that deep husky voice as
A:''kis se batein farma rahi hain aap?''

part 19: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

AR engagement day

All are busy in gupta house doing preparations for AR's engagement.

Padma and shashank are checking all the arrangements instructing the workers.

In riddhima's room,riddhima is with anjali and nikki and her cousin naina who are teasing her.

she has put mehndi in her hand which has turned in dark brown colour.

"jeeju ke pyar ka kya rang chaya hai,ridzi di ki mehndi ka rang kitna gehra chada hai na anjy di" naina said hugging riddhima sideway.

"ha q nai aakhir humare jeeju itna jo pyar karte hai ridzi se...q ridzi"anjali said.

They were teasing her when padma came with some jwellery boxes.

"q pareshan kar rhe ho meri bacchi ko?? Riddhi ye dekh ananya ne apni hone wali bahu ke liye gehne bheji hai,muskaan laai hai"she told riddhima who was smiling thinking how much her in-laws love her.

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part 20 : DMG 3

Part 20
Armaan sat in the basket ball court waiting for everyone to get there as his mind wanderd over the events of past month. So much had happened it had all started on happy note with sujal and maan falling in love and everyone being all happy. Especially shilpa had been over the moon, she had bonded well with both kashish and geet. At first everything had been going great and then out of nowhere everything had come crashing down.
Shilpa running alongside the stretcher being pushed down the corridor: bhai! What happened to maasi? Did you find her like this?

Part 1:Dooriyan Bhi hai Zaroori

A girl is travelling in a train from shimla to Mumbai…. The place where she spend her childhood with her bestfriend and she is again moving back to that place….. thinking how difficult it was for her to make her parents agree for moving to Mumbai
Girl: dad aap kyu ni samajh rahe mujhe kitna ach chance mila hai sanjeevani mein apni internship karne ka…. Apko pata hai nay eh chance both hi kam logo ko milta hai
Shashank: riddhima bĂȘte m samajh raha hun par tu waha raheg kaha….. tujhe pata hai na hum Mumbai ku chod kar aye the….. ab to hamara ghar bhi ni hai waha
Riddhima: papa aap tension na lo main manage kar lungi…. Sanjeevani ka women’s hostel hai man waha reh lungi… dad maine sab pata kar liya aap please mujhe jane dijiye
Padma: agar bachi itni zid kar rahi hai to jane dijiye na…. usne kabhi aapse kuch ni manga
Shashank: thek hai agar tum dono ki yehi icha…. Lekin riddhima rahul tere sath jayega check karne ki wo hostel kaisa hai or tu aram se set ho jaye
Riddhima: jee papa
Padma: aap billy sahib se baat kariye na shayad unhe koi accommodation pata ho
Shashank: han yeh acha idea hai
Shashank calls billy
Billy: shanky mere yaar bol yaar aj meri yad kaise a gayi
Shashank: billy teri ek help chahiye thi….. tu sanjeevani kea as pas ek achi si or safe accommodation dhund ke bata sakta hai

part 4:Ekk Baar...Phir Se

She freed herself and ran from there. Armaan ran his hand threw his hair.

7 AM

Everybody was seated on the dining table eating breakfast except Armaan, Riddhima, and Ananya.

Riddhima moved out of her room dressed in a beautiful White salwar suit. Her suit had net sleeves. She was about to go downstairs when she saw Ananya coming her way. She greeted her and took ashirwaad.

An: beta woh armaan ke room ka shower nhi khul raha, sirf tap water araha hai! To tum plz usko theek kardogi?
Ri: aunty main-
An: thank u beta!

Saying so she left leaving riddhima worried. Riddhima paced back and forth, her hands joined on her lips.

Ri: (mind) seriously baghwan? Aapko main hi milli thi? Harr embarrassing moment aapne meri life mein hi likha hai?

She took a deep breath and went towards armaan's room. On the way she was blabbering and was complaining to god. She entered his room to see no one there. She went in the bathroom and saw armaan bare chested and just in his pants with his back towards the door.

Ri: (shriek) Armaan!!

Riddhima put her hand on her eyes while armaan turned around to look at her. He frowned to see her here.

Part 65(A):maybe Someday

"Recap- Padma accepts AR relationship. Gang has a movie night. Armaan plans a picnic.

N ab aage.

Shaan: guys! Mujhe nahi lagta humlog aa payenge..

 Rid- kyu???

Aa- yaar voh bohot din ho gaye hai yaha pe aaye huye ab ghar jaana chahiye hume.

Ri-Par abhi toh aaye the tumlog!

 Ar-Haan yeh trip ke baad chale jaao tumlog.

Mon- Nahi Mom ka already phone aa gaya hai. She needs my help at home.

Atul- Par tumlog aise hi chale jaoge?

 After a big session of manaauing had Riddhima finally given in and everyone had helped Monica,Kash Aarav and shaan Pack their stuff. They had decided to leave the next day when the gang was leaving for their trip. They would get down at the station from where they would continue their journey to Mumbai.


Riddhima was out in the lawn enjoying the early morning .

Rahul,Muskaan,Nikki,Abhi,Anjie,Atul and even Armaan had left the other day to pack up their stuff and they were to meet Today at Armaan's house at 7 am.

She heard someone walking towards her and turning around, found it was Aarav. He was wearing his travel clothes which meant he was ready to leave for Mumbai. This saddened Riddhima a little. They had been together for such a long time.And all of them coming here was like having her past and present life together.

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Part 1 : "MAHE JAAN" (arsh ss)

Girl : Kya bas itna hi pyar tha aapka mujh par bas haar man gae aap kya ghutne tek diye he humari mohabbat ne boliye"wid tears running down her eyes"

Boy : Bohat pyar karta hu me tumse itna pyar jitna kisine kisise nhi kiya ho pagalo deewano ki tarah chahne laga hu me tumhe par jo me karne ja raha hu wo karna zaruri he hume ye karna hoga"the girl try to intrupt him but he don't give her a chance"

Boy : Humara pyar paak he jaan, koi khot nhi he isme par is waqt mujhe mat roko me sab kuch seh sakta hu jo mujh par ilzam lage he me wo sab bardash kar lunga par apni mohabbat ko badnaam hote nhi dekh paunga"he also have tears in his eyes"

The girl just hugged him tightly n cry on his shoulder n he kissed her hair lightly

Girl : Kya ye karna zaruri he hum koi or..."still holding him she was saying but boy intrupt her"

Boy : Hmmm bohot zaruri he aaj humari mohabbat ko galat naam diya gaya he,galat nazaro se dekha gaya he,kya tumhe bhi ye lagta he ki humne mohabbat nhi gunah kiya he?
The girl immediately replys

Girl : Nahi humne koi gunah nhi kiya humne mohabbat ki he humara pyar sacha he kya aap..."she stopped in a mid but he understand what she wants to say"

Boy : Me bhi yahi manta hu isliye me sabko dikha dena chahta hu ki humne koi jurm nhi kiya pyar kiya he gunah nhi me zamane ko dikhana chahta hu ki hum galat nhi he.Kya tum mera saath dogi "he was looking towards her wid hopeful eyes"

N the girl no voice come out from her mouth wid teary eyes she just nod her head as if saying him that I m wid u in ur each n every decision n he, he understand her unsaid words n take her in a bone crush hug they remain in same position for sometime then they parted away from each other n he cupped her face in his hand n she hold his hands they were gazing at each other for sometime after that

Boy : Ab mujhe jana hoga take care love

Part 8 : Tumhare Siwa

All are wondering what is going on sab apne thoughts me hi the ki they hear armaan saying

Armaan: Badtameez "armaan say this looking towards maan arjun geet arohi n they all smile at this then arjun says"

Arjun: Chaddar ki kameez"Looking towards maan"

Maan: Lohe ka pajama"looking towards arohi"

Arohi: Bandar tera mana"looking towards geet"

Geet: Arre billi teri mausi"towards armaan"

Armaan : Kutta tera yaar"towards arjun"

Arjun: Aam ka achaar"towards all"

All : AAJA MERE YAAR! "they say it together"

And they come in a group hug wid huge smile on their faces n tears in their eyes for some time they remain in a same position n others are looking at them wid shock n confusion.

They parted away from hug

Armaan: I missed u guys"wid watery smile"

Maan: we missed u too ammy

Geet: kamine kesa he tu "they all laugh at geet reference "

Armaan:kesa dikh raha hu tujhe geetuuu..."wid a grin"

Geet: Don't call me that "wid pout"

Armaan : awww

Arohi: I love u ammy "n she hug him once again"

Part 395:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 395:

Ridhimaa: (irritably) Chhodo...

Armaan left her. Already angry, he thundered at the girl who had talked rudely with Ridhimaa.

Armaan: Itni chhoti hoke... smoking karte hue... wo bhi public place me... aapko sharm nahi aati?

Part 22 :Aur Pyar H o Gaya

Part 22
All the interns entered in riddhima’s ward ….. where they found armaan sleeping on the sofa with his head on riddhima’s bed ……… they could see a tinge of mischievousness in riddhima’s eyes ……..
Riddhima : shushhh …. She said keeping a finger on her lips …….
She took some of her hair …. And tickled armaan in his ear hard ……… armaan woke up instantly …… and shocked at what happened ……. All were laughing …… armaan saw at riddhima and at once understood what had happened …. He also joined the laugh …… others were happy to see him laughing like this after these days/…….
Riddhima controlling her laughter finally : armaan …. Tumna hanste hi rha kar …. Tum hanste acche lagte ho ……..
Armaan smiled ……….
Riddhima to anjali : dii ….. mujhe mera laptop la doo naa …..
Anjali : kyu ridzy kya hua ……

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OS competition reminder

Hey hello beautiful people...
how are u all...

People i m here to announce something..
And it is that I have extended 10 Days for Competition's Ending...
There Was lot of happening that cause the writers to get carried away with their sentiments ... so the all destruction of time and emotion that get them away from Writing is to be compensated..

So i m extending 10 more days..
Now the Dead Line will be 25th August..
Or 26 th Early morning ( 9 A.M. ) ...

That Will be all..
Mail me afer completing at

Luv u al

Part7 :No love for me

Flashback continues
Smirti was rushed to Sanjeevni. Shashank was pacing back n forth near the ot.
After 2 hrs dr. Came out
Doc- I'm sorry sir par hum Apke bache ko nahi bacha sake n your wife's condition is very critical I doubt whether she'll be able to make it or not.  I guess apko use ek bar mil lena chaiyeh.
In the ot
Shashank held smirti hand. He carsed her hair n gAve a kiss on her forehead
Sh- tum he kuch nhi ho ga smirti . U will be alright. You have to anji  aur ridhu ke le ye ... mere k liye
Sm- sachai ko koi nhi badal skta shashank. Me janti hu k i dont hve time
Sh- smirti dekho anjli n ridhu bhi hai bahar mai.. Mao in he bulata hu
Sm-nhi mai nhi chati k wo mujhe is halt me dekhe shashank pls promise k app meri kami puri karoge. Always love them.

With this she breathed her last

Part 46:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: Basket…

Riddhima didn’t reply… Armaan call her two three times and when she didn’t answer him, he went out from the room…

When he comes out, he saw Riddhima busy setting the table for breakfast…

Armaan: Basket…

Riddhima look to see Armaan coming towards her… She smiles and went to him…

Armaan: Maine kitni baar tujhe bhulaya… Jawab kyu nehi di…

Riddhima: Woh main table set kar rahi ti toh… Cholly… (Holding her ears…)

Armaan try to be angry on her but with her cute action, he melts… Armaan smiles to see how cute she was looking… Riddhima smiles to see his dimple and she peck on his cheek on his dimple… Armaan was surprise with her behavior…

Riddhima: Breakfast is ready Sir… Chale…

Prologue : "MAHE JAAN" (arsh ss)

Hey guys I know meri ek story abhi start hi hui he or me dusri bhi start kar rahi hu but what to do mind me ek thought aaya n i couldn’t help it but to pen down it so here is the prologue tell me how was it feel free to tell me..


Girl : Kya bas itna hi pyar tha aapka mujh par bas har man gae aap kya ghutne tek diye he humari mohabbat ne boliye”wid tears running down her eyes”

Boy : Bohat pyar karta hu me tumse itna pyar jitna kisine kisise nhi kya ho pagalo deewano ki tarah chahne laga hu me tumhe par jo me karne jar aha hu wo karna zaruri he hume ye karna hoga”the girl try tu intrupt him but he don’t give her a chance”

Boy : Humara pyar paak he jaan, koi khot nhi he isme par is waqt mujhe mat roko me sab kuch sek sakta hu jo mujh par ilzam lage he me wo sab bardash kar lunga par apni mohabbat ko badnaam hote nhi dekh paunga”he also have tears in his eyes”