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part 18: Pyar ka dard hai

Next day …
Sanjeevani ….

Café …

Atul : college ke baad jb me aur anjali yahan hospital me mile …. To kafi paas agye the …. Aur bs … phir hume pyar ho gya and then shadi ….
Armaan mimicking him : pyar ho gya and then shadi …. Chuppe … mujhe aur Rahul ko to bhul hi gya than a tu ….
Atul : are yaar bs sab kuch itni jaldi jaldi hua … aur phir mere se tum sab ke numbers bhi gum gye the … to bss….
Armaan : chalo koi ni ….

part 51: An Arranged Love Marriage

Breakfast was served and as he had just settled besides Riddhima; Tia arrived with her luggage all set to leave and everyone was surprised except Armaan. Just like he had instructed she said everything accordingly and Riddhima just looked up at him knowing he was the one responsible for Tia’s sudden departure. Billy had even asked Armaan to atleast drop her to the airport but Armaan got a happy shock as she refused on her own!
Tia left and he knew that this time it was forever! He had an idea that she wouldn’t dare come back into his life after his warning and her pale face this morning just confirmed his thoughts. For the first time Tia was the reason for his happiness as she left! Soon enough he too headed for office.

part 23 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda


All the elders went to visit some temple and places around after lunch and now only gang was there.

The dare was still on.during lunch boys tried to manaofy to girls to make them talk but it had done nothing but added oil in fire.girls were stubborn and ready to proof.

So now all were sitting in lounge with boys together on one side and girls on other side.

Girls were in full swing and ready to defeat boys.

Whereas boys were thinking to manaofy their Lady love and ready to be defeated.

"So guys...ready to do the dare...???" Armaan asked smiling but he got glare in return from the girls.

"HAAAAA....." All said together but the girls with little attitude.

Then armaan spinned the bottle and it stopped on atul first making him shock and girls chuckle.

Anjali was glaring him and he was all nervous now.

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Siggies by Anshu

part 22 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..

Kuch purane masle suljhane
Kuch naye rishte pass aye..
Kuch dur karne uljhane badal sa chaye..
Yehi thi ab tak ki kahai
Kuch purane kuch naye jubani..

Part 22

part 32 last part : vivaah...ekk nahi zindagi



Nurse: dhekiye aap sab bahar jaayie! Patient ko stress na dein!



Riddhima was better now, they had discharged her and she was allowed to go back to Mumbai. Everybody had gone back to Mumbai, except Armaan, Ananya and Padma. Riddhima was required full bed rest.

Armaan was signing discharge papers while Padma and Ananya collected Riddhima's stuff. "Ananya agar tum bura na manao to kya Riddhima humare saath ghar jaa sakti hai jab tak woh theek nahi hoti?" Padma asked Ananya who was putting Riddhima's medicine's in a bag. Ananya knew she was doing this because of her guilt. "Haan kyun nahi" Ananya said and Padma smiled warmly.

Armaan, Riddhima, Ananya, and Padma had reached in front of Gupta house. Ananya was sitting in front while Padma sat behind with Riddhima. All got out of the car except Riddhima. "Armaan beta help karna zara" Padma said.

Entry 1 : TRUE LOVE

(It all started from the point when after 6 months riddima came back and got to know about armaan that why he left her and she went to panchgini to find him but without sid)

A girl was sitting on the road and crying" armaan kahan chale gaye ho tum please wapis a jao tumhari riddhima tumhare bina adhuri hai please armaan wapis a jao." after saying this she fainted.
After some time a car came there and stopped A girl came out of the car saw that girl lying on the floor only one word came out of her mouth "RIDDHIMA" .Girl made her sit in the car with the help of her driver and they drove to her house.
Girl made her lay on the bed and called doctor.After some time doctor came and checked her " she is weak lagta hai unhone 2 din se kuch khaya nahi hai isi wajah se inhey weakness ho gayi hai don't worry thori deer mai inhey hosh a jayega". after saying this doctor left.
Girl sat beside riddhima and was caressing her head.After some time riddhima opened her eyes and found herself at unknown place she was scanning the room she looked at door when she heard "aise kiya dekh rahi ho tumhara hi ghar hai" Girl was standing near the door ridhima was surprised to see her " NISHA" Ridhima said.

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part 17: Back to You

Part 17

dhanu was not sleeping its an hr now ridhima was trying to make dhanku sleep on her
shoulder while roaming in the room but he was playing with his mom's hais and ears....
bitting ridhima's ears and nuzzling in ridhima's nape
ridhima -dhanu ..... *patting his back*...sleep baby
ardhan just giggle... and again buried his head in his mommy's nape and again start
biting ridhima's ear and nuzzling in her nape....
ridhima this tym seprated ardhan from hug and see him with fake anger...
but dhanu see his mom's face and give the cutest smile with the dimple revealing to
ridhima... now ridhima was not able to say anything.. as she was melted seeing her
dhanu being so cute and angelatic......

Introduction :Love Is Just Love

hey Guyss ..Love Is Just Love here
my fresh Story plzz enjoy it .!?!

Character :
Hero of Story is ....
Arman Malik :- 26yrs Old young handsome dyanamic
well body structure, dashing face, blue oceanic eyes with 2 cute dimples
He is doing his Internship in Mumbai's famous Hospital Sanjeevani .
Now the time for heroine
Riddhima Gupta : 25 yrs old cute innocent girl, caring, lovingly person wid golden heart, with green almound eyes .
she is also doing her Internship in Sanjeevani.

baki characters k baare me badme pata chal jayega story me ..!?!!?!
so wait for it


Part 400:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 400:

That day, in the canteen. Rahul and Muskaan had called all of them to discuss something. Atul was unusually silent. He was avoiding communication with Anjali. Ridhimaa was also there. Armaan was trying hard not to look at her. Ridhimaa was not able to understand this odd behaviour of Armaan's.
Anjali: Koi special occasion hai kya? Sabko bulaaya hai...

Rahul, Muskaan: (together) Haan...

Ridhimaa: Kya?

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part 12 : Love Gets Its Destiny


Both of them went towards girls section.
Armaan made ridhima shop with open hands without seeing any rate tag…
And soon armaan was over loaded with the no of bags in his hands from ridhima’s Shoppers.
It was armaan who shopped Unlimited for ridhima never letting ridhima pay for a single thing and then he didn’t even let ridhima hold the shoppers.
But they both at one point came to halt from shopping and start thinking deeply…..

Both armaan and ridhima were wondering about what to take for ridhima to wear at night.
As there were only nighties which ridhima never wear. She only wore pajamas and Loss Tees. Which were unfortunately not available in her size in any of the store around the corner…?
Ridhima was thinking Very much but then she settled one of the nighty and bought it.

Note : Os competition

Hey writers U just a bonus day now.

Due to my wifi (net) commited suicide last month so i too drown in sadness that i forgot to put up the last day note....

Now i am thinking to replace my wifi's place in my system.  So directly or indirectly u people got one another day....

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Part 51:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Nikki: Ridzy kaha hai
Armaan: Kyu
Nikki: Mujhe bhuk lagi hai
Armaan: Main dehkta hoon
Muskaan: Koi jarurat nehi hai Woh dekho tumhari Basket
Everyone look around to see Riddhima coming down wearing purple Sari Armaan was lost in her beauty when his eyes found his Angel.
Anjali: Dehko Romeo koh
Everyone look at Armaan who was staring at Riddhima Rahul who was sitting next to him, shake him little by hitting from his elbow on his Armaan look around to all asking wht when they all laugh
Nikki: Ek saal hogaye, lekin abhi bhi Armaan Ridzy koh aise dehkta hai jaise pehli baar dehk raha hai
Armaan: Toh Koi problem hai
Muskaan: Koi problem nehi hai
Riddhima: Kya huva Coming and sitting next to Anjali
Anjali: Kuch nehi Ridzy Abhi bhi Armaan tujhe dehk ke kho jaata hai
Riddhima: Oh Her cheeks turn red when Anjali says this
Nikki: Armaan Ab sab aagaye na Chalo dinner karte hai Mujhe bhuk lagi hai
Armaan: Haan chalo Ab tujhe kaise mana karsakte hai
Abhi: Don't u dare, not atleast in this state
Armaan: I can understand Abhi
Muskaan: Accha Kaise
Armaan: Bas aise hi
Riddhima: Chalo guys Armaan ne bohot accha pasta banaya hai

part 22: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Flash flash flash

And their moment was disturbed by our gang.riddhima was looking down with embarrassment and armaan was glaring them for disturbing their precious moment.

"Kya bhai,3month bhi wait nh kar skte kya" Rahul spoke laughing.

"Ridzi,I didn't expect this from u...tu humare khandan ka nam kharab kar rh hai..." Anjali teased riddhima who with embarrassment hide her face in her palm.all smiles looking at her this gesture.

"Don't embarrasse us now..." Armaan comes to rescue her from the teasing session, "and what r u talking haa anji,as if u have never romanced with atul before marriage" he suppressed the work before marriage ,"don't forget,I was the one who saw u smooching him that to in office"he smiles mischievously commenting shamelessly and now it was anjali to get embarrassed along with atul.others first was staring to armaan burt then all started laughing making AA more embarrasse.

Muskaan was laughing when she saw the pendent on riddhima's neck and she stopped laughing and went to riddhima.

"Wowwww" she shouted seeking all attention towards her

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part17: Pyar ka dard hai

Next day … 

Atul and riddhima sanjeevani me enter hote hain … 

Muskaan : hi guys … aaj tum log itne late kse ho gaye … 

Riddhima : aaj vo bs sid ko school bhejte bhejte der ho gyi !! 

Atul : suno guys .. jldi jldi me mene break fast b nhi kia … is liey me café jar ha hun u guys carry on ….

Muskaan and riddhima chat … while atul goes to the café … atul apni coffee lekr piche murta hai ke armaan se takraa jata hai …. 

Final Epilogue :My Wish Come True

It was thursday Ridhima was as usual on her heels to send the two men off to school and office, side by side managing the ever so hyper Tiya.. Ridhma sighed and kept Tiya in Armaan's lap as she went so see Ryan if he needed any help.. "Aap samhaaliye isko thodi der.. ek minute chain se nahi baithti yeh ladki.."

Armaan on the otherhand was happy cuddling and tickling Tiya making her giggle too.. "Meri pari mamma ko pareshaan karti hai hmm..?" he asked in an amused voice to which Tiya nodded in NO saying "iya gu gal.."

part 50 : An Arranged Love Marriage

hi friends,sorry to say by mistake writer updated wrong part of this ff. this is the next of part 49.thanks.

Riddhima started perspiring as the room was too dusty and there was very less source of incoming air. The only slits of ventilator provided some air. Her other companion darkness at the moment also had freaked her out. She kept banging the door but she knew nobody was out there to hear her out.
After almost an hour she was tired and too petrified calling out for help. Clock struck 7:30 and Armaan entered the house. But to his surprise the house was completely quiet.
"Joseph... Joseph!!"
"Yes sir! Just a minute sir I'll get you water and some coffee"
"No it's okay. Where's everyone? Itni shanti kyu hai... kaha gayab hai sab?"
"Sir Ananya and Tia ma'am have gone out and Sir hasn't returned yet!"
"Ok...  theek hai tum jao!"
"Sir should I get something?"
"Nahi you go i don't need anything!"

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segment 25: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

Riddhima was very sad………she was sitting in firescape.she heard that lovers come here to spend time together but she always comes here to hide her tears from the world. she didn't know how to express her feelings to arman but she loved him and its not very easy to confess for her as she was a very shy girl ,didn't know to behave like other girls,who were so bold to manage everything. she didn't what is written in future.she wiped her tears hearing someone opened the was anji.

Anji :" riddzi…mai tujhe kab se dhundh rahi hun….arey!tu ro rahi hai!!..

Riddhima :" nahi di ..kaho na kya baat hai?

Anji : "actually mai tumse sorry kahne aayi hun….mai ek confess karna chahti hun."

Riddhima : "aisa mat kaho di."

Part 50:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan: Woh…
Armaan look to see everyone eyes on him… Everyone was waiting him to say wht happen to Riddhima…
Anjali: Armaan… Bolo Ridzy koh kiya huva hai…
Armaan: Woh…
Padma: Armaan…
Armaan: Mom, woh Riddhima… is Pregnant…
Everyone: Kya…
Armaan: Haan…
Everyone was shocked and keeps looking each other then Atul and Anjali got from there seat and come to Armaan hugs him and congratulate him…
Nani: Aaj main Bohot khush hoon…
Nani goes near Armaan and Armaan touch her feet taking bless…
Nani: Khush raho…
Then Armaan goes to Padma and touch her feet giving blessing Padma hugs him… She has tears in her eyes… Then Armaan goes to Shashank and was about to bend, Shashank stop him and hugs him…
Shashank: Thank you Beta…
Padma: Lekin ye sab kab pata chala…
Armaan told them when he came back, Riddhima told her…
Anjali: Issiliye Ridzy koh ice cream chahiyeh…
Armaan: Haan… Kal raat bhi ek baje use chocolate khaana ta… Thank god ghar main chocolate ta… nehi toh pata nehi main us waqt kahase chocolate laakar use dhunga…
Padma: We have to take good care of her… Aur pehle 4months ke liye… Use ziyada kaam bhi nehi karni hogi…
Nani: Haan…
Armaan: Ma… Nani… Chinta mat karo… Main hoon na uski paas…
Atul: Guys… Look at Riddhima…
Everyone look around to see Atul standing near the kitchen door looking inside hiding him self not to let Riddhima, who was inside the kitchen know he was looking her act… Padma, Nani, Anjali and Shashank with Armaangoes to see wht Atul wants to show them…

Part -15 :Pyar Ka Ehsaas

Part 15

Billy: ridhima kya Maine Jo abhi suna wo sach hai ???

Riddhima: uncle kya hum baad mai baat kar sakte hain ???

Billy: nahi !! Mujhey abhi jawaab chahiye .

Riddhima: theek hai  tu suniye ..

Riddhima billy ko sab kuch batati hai sirf ek baat ko chor ke .. Armaan aur uski shaadi kahin na kahin riddhima ko dar lag raha hota hai ke billy use galat samjhega .

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Part - 2:Selfish love

parking area
Armaan Settled down in the Driver's seat and was about to start his car.But Fedrick came, knocking off one fat lady who angrily smacked on federick's head with her fat purse, and clumsily adjusted himself in the passenger's seat and started "Sorry sir,woh actually meri wife ka phone aagaya tha,issliye late ho gaya"( guys imagine CID waala Fedrick) while wearing seat belt.
Armaan,after giving one last look to Fedrick ,started his car and asked sternly "Mene tumse kuch pucha kya?" .Fedrick shook his head in No."Toh bas ab chup chaap yaha beithe raho and tab tak apna mu mat kholna,jab tak mein na kahoo" continued armaan in strict manner,Fedrick for a moment stopped and nodded in a yes.but again started excitingly - "Par sir aapne toh kamaal hi kar diya aaj.kya plan tha.Arjun sir ki toh shakal dekhne laayak tho.Us sinha ko laga ki Aapke office mein sirf ek hi camera hai aur agar woh uss camera ko manipulate kardega ,toh aapko CD ki replacement ke baare mein kuch pata nahi chalega."

Armaan was throwing daggers at Federick.But he was too much involved in praising his boss, to notice anything.He continued anyway "Arre usse kya pata ki aapne normal camera ke saath saath ek spy camera bhi lagwaya hai.Aur aapko pata chal gaya ki un logo ne aapki presentation waali CD chura li aur woh edited CD(Mehra ki jawaani waali CD guys..hehe)usse replace kardi.But sir mujhe ek baath samajh mein nahi aai ki aapne tab kyun kuch nahi kiya jab chori hui thi.Aur hamari CD hamaare paas wapas kaisi aai aur woh logon ki CD kaise replace ho gai."

Armaan though was irritated with Federick's non-stop blabber,grinned thinking about how he fooled that stupid sinha.

when Sinha was going towards entrance of hall in Bluemoon hotel(where Arjun was waiting for him),he crashed with a waiter who was carrying drinks in a tray and intentionally spilled drink on Sinha's court.Sinha got shocked and started crying about how much costly his brand new suit is and how berehami se this nirdaya(who dont pity on anyone) waiter have dirtied it.And waiter quietly placed his hand inside Sinha's pant's back pocket and took out CD(armaan's presentation CD) in pretext of cleaning his court.Sinha was so engrossed in cleaning his shirt and crying,that he dint even realize about all this

Part 28:Sindoor

Riddhima is surprised hearing him and she did not able to say something she just looked in his eyes for some minutes and armaan is surprised too hearing himself but he keeps on looking in her eyes too, they shared beautiful eye lock when finally armaan's trance breaks as he heard his mobile ringing and he breaks his trance and riddhima breaks her trance too as she too comes back from his eyes and she blushed a bit and armaan smiled seeing her red cheeks he don't know why but he loved her red cheeks and then just looking at her from the corner of his eyes he picked his phone and as he answered the call its from his assistant asking him some medicine and replying him he keeps on looking at her. And riddhima did not unaware from his hidden gaze and she feels him looking at her intently and that makes her so conscious she just wants to run from there his gaze makes her so shivered. And armaan saw her cheek color changing turning into deeper shade of red that makes him more smile at her. And then he just cuts the call and then as riddhima feels him stop talking she looked at him and saw him coming towards her and she nervously placed one of her fringe behind her ear and armaan smiled seeing her like this. He so wanted to pull her in his arms and holds her tightly in his arms and then kissed her like no tomorrow. His gaze fells on her lips and his desires churned and then suddenly he remembered something and he smacked himself for thinking like this and then he just to let go of that situation speaks up as

Part 1:Y We Are Destined To Be

G:mom ye ladkii kahin iskaa nam RIDDHIMA GUPTA to nai na?''
a guy asked from his mother
L:''han iskaa nam riddhima hai tum jaante ho ise?''
hearing his worst nightmare come true he is shocked beyond limits
when he did not speak lady nudged him to his shoulder
L:''ARMAAN mai kuch pooch rai hun''
ar:''ji mom''

part 16: Back to You

Part 16

Days were passing and its 10 months when ardhan came in their life....
Armaan and ridhima were in heaven they just enjoy with their son....
armaan always take breaks and check on both ridhima and dhanu......
one night
Armaan *while placing and making face to ardhan his dhanu in his arms* -basket mein

soch raha tha......
ridhima -hmmmm... she was busy admiring father son...
armaan look at ridhima and smilling to her......