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Part -16 :Pyar Ka Ehsaas

Part 16

Riddhima armaan ke room mai aati hai to dekhti hai ke armaan apni hi socho mai gum hota hai riddhima pehle confuse face banati hai then smile karti hai wo uske qareeb Jake usje ear ke pas zor se uska name leti hai .

Riddhima : Aaarrrmaaaaan !!!!!

Armaan apne dono hath apne ears pe rakhta hai aur tightly apni eyes close karta hai but phir thori deer baad open karta hai aur riddhima ko dekhta hai Jo has rahi hoti hai .

Armaan(angrily): ye kya badtameezi hai aise koi chillata hai kya ?? Tumhari mom dad ke paas time nahi tha kya tumhey tameez sikhane ke liye ??

part 23 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..

Sare tayariyaan hogayi
Suraj mama bhi so gayi
Abto hogi function start
Dekhte hai koan lagate hai sahi nishane pe dart...

Part 23

Around 2 riddhima left towards mall to anji so that's when atul leave from there n took anji to Rangin ashiyaana n said her rest around 6 she wake her up n give something to eat n making bahana make anji dress in some lahenga which is not so revealing but comfortable daffodil color with soft pink color mixed designs done on it n she also changed in a royal blue n green mixed mermaid style lahenga both got ready while anji keep asking what's the reason for this sudden attire while riddhima just said she want to dress beautiful it's her mood today so anji should also support her so that only she don't look left alone while anji keep complaining that though she is pregnant but it seems like riddhima is getting mood swings..

part 25 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Atul saw her coming out with full rage on her face and went in armaan's cabin as he came to ask something.

He knocked the door and went in too see armaan skreching his head.

"Dude, ways that...saali sahiba aj toofan express kr mood me q hai..???"he asked and sat on the couch with armaan.

" kuch nahi yaar.time mai mila kuch din se sath me spend Marne and I forgot to do something on valentine week also."he replied and saw in front to the cabin and saw riddhima looked at him and making a unsure emoticon face went back too her seat.

It was her cabin now as armaan wanted her to shift there so that he can see her whenever he wants through the glass was rahul's cabin first so that armaan keep an eye on him weather he works or not.who was knowing that this cabin can be used like this too for our so much in love couple.

Friday, 4 September 2015

part 20: Pyar ka dard hai


General ward

Rahul : to ab problem kya hai …. Tu raazi hai sid aur riddhima ko apnane ke liye to problem kya hai ….

Tabhi riddhima wahan aati hai but she is not noticed by anyone …

Armaan : problem ye hai … ke ussse aaj bhi lagta hai ke uski wo pics mene din thin….
Rahul : but armaan hum sab ko to pta hai ki wo abhimanyu ne kia tha ….
Armaan : ye tujhe pta hai mujh epta hai lekin use nahi pta ….

Part 401:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 401:

Armaan separated Ridhimaa from himself and gazed intently at her.

Armaan: Tumhe nahi lagta aaj ka din bahut khoobsurat hai?

Ridhimaa: (blushing hard) Armaan!

Entry 4 :Mera Hai Jo Bhi Tu... Tha Bhi Tu Hai Bhi Tu


Riddhima was sitting in the basketball court early in morning wearing a yellow color suit. Her forehead adorned with sindoor of name Sidhant Modi. She sat on stairs of the basketball court thinking about her life. How it changed since she came back to Sanjeevni. She remembered how she went crazy when she came to know that her Armaan didn't left her bcoz of her illness but because of his condition which was getting worsen...and then that one night which changed her life fully. She remembered her forceful marriage with Sid in which she tried to end her life as she can never imagine marrying anyone else other than armaan. But destiny always has other plans...especially for Armaan Riddhima. And she when decided to accept her faith. Her destiny with Sidhant and to move on with her life forgetting her past. Her love. Her Armaan. But her destiny again played its cruel game bringing her past in front of her once again. When she saw him for once she forgot everything. Her life's cruel reality. Her marriage. Her changed short she forgot everything. Just

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part 13 : Love Gets Its Destiny


Part 13


Ridhima heart and mind fight with in last we heard

Ridhima *heart – Kuch nahi tum aapne aapko kaab tak bewakoof banati rahogi…  Apne aapko jaldi samjh lo nahi toh aisa na ho jab tak tum khud ko samjhna shuru karo tab tak kuch aisa ho jaye ki un sab baton ka koi mol(Value) na rahe tab tak…



At lunch time
All are in cafeteria but shilpa is no where to be found.
Dev : yr shilpa kahi nazar nhi aa rahi
Samrat : kya baat he tujhe badi fikra ho rahi he uski kabhi humme se kisika istarah wait nhi kiya tune lage raho boss”while ginning”
Dev : esa kuch nhi he uski duty nupur n dr. atul ke saath thi na but nupur n dr. atul both are here isliye puch raha hu
Gunjan :baat jyada ghumao mat dev hum sab samjhte he
N other old n new gang are enjoying their talks while having lunch
Sid : but seriously guys kaha hogi shilpa mujhe bhi kahi nazar nhi aai subah se nurse station par hi last time dekha tha use
Riddhima :hogi yahi kahi sid wo koi bachi thori he jo kahi kho ho jaegi tum sab bhi na”wid irritation”
All are talking but 3 people are thinking about shilpa only n they are sid , dev n mayank.Trio are thinking where is shilpa is she ok or not.All see them n brought them out of their thoughts
Naina : tum log kaha kho gae abhi bhi shilpa ke bare me soch rahe ho
Nupur : mayank ?
Mayank : wo aaj subah se hi thori sad lag rahi thi”other two(sid n dev)nod their head as if saying they too agree wid him”
Nikki : or tumhe esa kyu lagta he
Sid : bcoz subah se hi wo khoi khoi lag rahi he its seems like she is very disturb
Dev : I just hope wo thik ho
Muskan : to hum use puch lete he na “she says as matter of fact”
Other were looking at her like she is alien or something
Rahul : tu pagal he kya wo mil nhi rahi he to kese puchegi n mujhe nhi lagta agr hum use kuch puchenge fir bhi wo hume kuch bataegi”while thinging”


1 month passed like this Armaan was busy wid his cases n others in their life n duties but they do have a feeling that armaan is ignoring them n don't want to talk wid them on personal level it's strictly professional. They all were in the same hospital but there was some kind of wall between them.unhe samjh nhi aa raha tha ke is situation ke liye kisko zimmedar thehrae,armaan never talk to them he always wid maaneet n arjuhi.He always busy wid his work n when ever he get time he’s always wid them only & armaan he didn't feel like the need of talking to them(old gang) he was least interested bcoz they were not there when he needed them the most.When he was in a need of frnd to support him,to look after him when he was falling apart.

After completing their duties all doctors were in locker room damn tired some were sitting n some were standing taking support of thrie lockers tiredness can be seen on their faces n they were lazing around.
Then our hero comes there n give his things to arohi tu put it on her locker then his phone ring
Phone convo.
Armaan: hello
Armaan: acha thik he
Armaan: no no I m in,yup me aa raha hu
Armaan: hmm whats the timing
Armaan: ok I’ll be there on time yup
Armaan: acha chal bye
All were looking at him n listening his one sided convo. Sabke mann me ek hi sawal tha wo kaha jane ki baat kar raha he n thnks to geet unke mind ko rest mil gaya bcoz she asked him about the phone call
Geet: oye kaha jane ki baat kar raha he tu”all are waiting for his answer”

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part 44 : Tu zindagi

thanks a lot to anu and rup for their encouraging comments ,now one more part and this ff will complete. thanks to the silent readers too.

recap --

shilpa knew that it was arman's fav room where he made paintings.she pushed the room slowly and got that arman was there,fully engrossed in something..what was it?shilpa wondered and came to him with short steps.arman was so busy in it couldn't hear shilpa's  footsteps.

a smile curved on her lips seeing what was arman doing..she slowly locked him in her arm from back and whispered : "'mera pagal arman....

Now ---

arman looked at her and gave a shy smile while asked eagerly : "kaisi bani hai?

Entry 3 : Tum ho mera pyar

Couple was sharing blissful moment with each other forgetting rest of the world... They had been waiting for this moment but destiny has never give a chance to them to be with each other as they always get separate for different reasons...

part 24: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Mallik office

All were sitting in the meeting room including anuraag waiting for armaan.

All were tense too as today he was in not that good mood, and that means any mistake and you are gone.after all he is the workaholic armaan mallik today.

"Good morning everyone. This meeting is to tell you all that we have got another deal of Mr.Desai who is from Sidney.we have one month and every thing should be that clear to everyone...???" Armaan came in the meeting room and started telling while removing his coat of 3piece suit.then he told them what type of designs the dealers are expecting.

"And one more thing... This time...they are expecting new type of presentation so till evening I want u all to think what we can do for a better presentation to impress the dealers as well as the others." He looked to all and was disturbed to see muskaan all lost.he stopped saying anything and was looking at her sternly. All followed his gaze and saw muskaan who was still lost.riddhima nudge her as she was sitting next to her.muskaan came out of trench and saw armaan staring her angrily.

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part 19 : Pyar ka dard hai


Armaan children ward me enter hota hai … only to find muskaan playing with ….. Sid ! ?
Armaan : arree buddy tum yahan ?
Muskaan : han actualy wo ridzy isd ko ere paas chor gyi hai aaj uske ghar pr koi nahi hai na and uski ek surgery hai …..

Tabhi armaan ko ek phone call aati hai …
Armaan : oyye yaar tu kahan reh gaya hai ….
Rahul : are yaar pta nhi ye kisi General ward 4 ke samne khra hun … kuch smjh nhi arha kahan jaun …
Armaan : sun tu wahan se left ho ja …. And thra agge hi children ward hai me wahan hun aja ….

Part8(B):Pehla Pyaar Pehla Ehesaas


And finally riddhima drifted to sleep unknown to herself with smile plastered on her lips with armaan's thoughts in her mind and her heart.

Next morning armaan comes back from his jog and work out and he called shanky for his juice

Ar:''shanky mera juice dijiye please''

Part 52:AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Days were passing' It has been 6month for Riddhima's pregnancy' Nikki had a cute little baby boy of three months' Everyone was enjoying with the cute little one'
Poor Armaan was having so much difficulty to handle a moody Riddhima' He never knows when she wants something and which time' Her mood swings were the worst part'
Riddhima and baby were doing fine' Dr. Kirti let her work till 8months' But she asks her to take rest most of the time due to low BP' Armaan try everything to keep her in good health and happy'


'Basket' Basket' Please yeh juice peelo''
Armaan was running behind her trying to make her drink the morning juice' The day didn't started well as first thing in the morning Riddhima ran to the washroom to puked out' It's normal for her, most of the time her day started like that'
Riddhima: Armaan please' Not now' I will have it later'
Armaan: Basket' U shouldn't be like that for long time without having anything' Breakfast baad main karlena' Yeh juice peelo'
After walking around the room for like 10mins, Riddhima made her way to go downstairs'
Armaan: Basket' U r not going to leave the room before u have ur juice'
Riddhima: Kya hai Armaan' Mujhe abhi nahi peena kuch bhi'
Armaan: Chup! Chup chaap yeh juice peelo'
Armaan stood infront of her blocking her way' Riddhima stomp her feet and turn around to go inside' She went and sat on the bed facing him'
Armaan: Basket' U know I wouldn't let u go anywhere before u have ur juice' Roz roz yeh nakre dikhane ki kya jarurat hai'

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{~I Love You~} (one shot)

she Stands shyly in front of him, watching him for a second, breathing deeply and closed her eyes ,he standing before her expected to say it, yes it is one words, his heart want to hear. It But his mind is not , he is trying not to look into her eyes, because it will weaken and will speak,
moments of silence and then
"I know you love me too," says Shilpa smiling at him caring smile and Trying to put her hand on his hand, but he raises his hands
"No, Shilpa, you are wrong, very sorry "Says Armaan replied back to Shilpa ,
" Really? but your Eyes say other words to me. Listen to me Armaan .. Whatever you do, whatever you say, I know you love me too ".
Armaan is Wavering.. She's right .. But she must not know that ..
"I do not have time for that Shilpa, leave!" Says Armaan with serious tone
Shilpa put her head on the back of Armaan says tenderly, " don't try with me Armaan, I will never leave .. even if you want you say,"
Armaan slapped Shilpa .. Slapped Bang .. Shilpa widen her eye And strongly said
, "Do not worry .. I'm not mad at you. I love everything from you. it no need to say how I feel about you .. everything in me speaks Armaan .. .. everything .. my eyes miss you every minute .. my feet take me all Place you are visiting .. Even if your mouth is silent, your beautiful eyes talk about you .. Talk about your feelings''. "

part 24 : DMG 3

Part 24

The rehearsals for the final event were in full swing. Maan and geet had been able to rope in sujal kashish for a dance, sid for a solo dance whereas armaan for singing solo. Through this they themselves had managed to avoid performing as they were the organizers, shilpa had also managed to avoid performing as she was choreographing most of the dance numbers. On the day of the event the venue was busing with activity. Shilpa arrived just an hour before the performances were to start as she was on duty. The first performance of the day was of armaan, as shilpa passed by him in the wings

Part 54 (B) : You Actually Love Me Or AR FF

They remains in each other's arms savoring each other's presence and after few minutes armaan breaks the hug and then pecked her on her forhead then he just muttered as
A:" I love you jaan pata hain I missed you so very much"
He said making riddhima smile and blush and armaan kissed her fingers as he saw her blushing and riddhima blushed more then he huskily speaks up as

ENTRY 2 : To be or not to be ...

     Inline image 1

Remaining part----

Coming back home Riddhima sat thinking to herself. As she remembered his words of confronting Shashank she became restless. As much as she knew Armaan he could do anything. But she would have to stop him; she did not want to spoil his life once again. It was better he stayed away; because she had only caused him hurt till date is what she believed. And now she wanted him to be a free bird. Let him have his share of happiness which she thought was being away from her. Even if she accepted the truth and broke her marriage; Armaan did not deserve a divorcee. He deserved someone

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part 18: Back to You

Part 18

ardhan -dada...dada....
armaan -kya !!! dhanu dubara bol na dada... dhanu bolo dada...
armaan *shout* -baskeetttttttttt....
ridhima heard armaan shouting and got scared and run to the room leaving the work
she was doing....
then run to armaan
ridhima -kya hua armaan.... tum theek hona... tum chila kyun rahe the,,,,,
armaan had tears..
armaan -basket....
ridhima -armaan kya hua tum ro kyun rahe ho....

Part 29 :Sindoor AR FF

As riddhima feels that she did not hits the floor she slowly opened her eyes and armaan all the time keeps on admiring her in his arms. He is so much please no he is flabbergasted seeing her like this and as riddhima opened her eyes she finds one pair of blue eyes looking at her intently and she just lost in those blue grey eyes and armaan as soon saw her opening her eye lids he too lost in her green emerald eyes as they look in each other's eyes they forgot their surroundings, they keeps on looking in each other's eyes. Green eyes showed  something deep that reflects her heart's desires and blue eyes just mesmerizing the lady in his arms, his wife and his eyes never left her eyes, both of them feels home just looking in each other's eyes and then armaan with his one free hand caressed her

ENTRY 2 : To be or not to be ...

                            Inline image 1

OS starts from staircase confrontation scene from Epi. 568; where Armaan is trying to manofy Riddhima by putting up the sorry board and later by writing a sorry hoarding through the bike stunt where she falls in his arms but goes away crying! But here the characterization and past story is little twisted. Here... Armaan returns the very next day of Holi where Sidhant mistreats Riddhima but Riddhima promises herself that she will support Sid because he has lost so much because of this marriage but still been by her side through thick and thin! Everything else remains the same; i.e; the scenes after she meets Armaan as he comes back and Riddhima returns home crying and etc etc...
And yes of course even this scene will have some filtrations; the dialogues and stuff so it's not the ditto scene of whatever you saw but a modified replica!