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part 27: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Mallik office

It has been 2 weeks with the deal announcement and all were busy working with the project.

Riddhima has almost completed the designs and was now working on the dresses.

Armaan was out of station from a week and will be coming after 3days.

In these days he was so busy that he didn't even got time to talk to her and same goes with her.they were missing each other badly but work has consumed most of their time plus their time was not matching too.when he is free,she is busy and vise versa.

Rahul and muskaan atul has done all the other work related to the show.muskaan has assigned all the models but the show stopper was yet to assign as they want to ask armaan first before signing the model.

Atul was very much stressed now a days as anjali was 5 month pregnant and was all moody.riddhima use to stay with them to help them but now she us too busy so he has to manage both home and work.after 3 days they will be completing 2 years of their marriage and he has to make it special too.

In mallik and Gupta house the mom's were busy with shoppings and arrangements for AR's marriage. They had warned AR to finish off all the work 2 weeks before marriage and to apply for 1 month holiday and anuraag was warned not to give any work to them during that period and a month holiday too and he was more than happy to do that.

part 17 & 18 :lovers or rivals

PART ~17

Armaan's place
A' mom : armaan what happened son.. From lst 5 yrs v have done wat u said.. Never asked u anything..  Bt not any more ... Plz tell me armaan..
Armaan hugs his mom n tears started falling down his cheeks...
A'mom : wgat happen armaan tell me...
Armaan narates the whole story to his mom from ridhima 's dad heart atrack..court case.. Party..his encounter with kids.. The case he wants to file... Everything realred to ridhima n kids..
A'mom : talk to ridhima once armaan... N sort out every thing...  i have seen u armaan from past 5 yrs nt even a single day went when u didnt miss ridhima...
A : i  asked dad about that tendor bt dad refused...  whom to trust i was congused... Bt i trusted ridhima n even compensated the loss... Bt she left me..!! She left me alone mom without even listening to me.. I tried hard to cobtact her bt no use..!!

It's Your Turn Dear Hubby -One Shot

Its your turn...Dear Hubby...

Armaan was pacing in his room aimlessly. He was continuously staring at one object in his hand...That one object can change his current equations with his Basket...who is angry with him...yeah...Miss Basket is angry with Mr. Supercool...Don't you want to know the reason...wait wait I am here to tell you...


From last week Mr Supercool, being in his typical mood, was shouting on no one and everyone on one thing or other...As if he don't even need a genuine reason...His anger was touching peak of Riddhima's patience when one day she reciprocated his anger and lost her cool...She started her lecture session which to his luck took 2 hours to end that to when Anika, their cute little princess, calmed her down...Riddhima left the room but not before warning him not to repeat this again and also to make it up to everyone. She left the room passing him deadly glares while he sat on the bed holding his head and muttered "Kitna bolti hai yeh Basket..."

But inside somewhere he knew her lecture was not baseless... And he too accepted the fact that he really tested her patience...Anika who was standing and noticing his change of expressions sat beside him and while patting his shoulder She said "Kya huya Papa...aap hum sabse gussa ho kya..." She asked ever so sweetly that Armaan smiled and while making her sit in his lap he said "nahi Anika...papa kisi se gussa nahi hai...and please Papa ko maaf kardo...Papa ne aap pe bhi toh chillaya..."

Anika smiled and said "papa...mai aapse naraz nhi hu...Mumma ne kaha aapko office ki tension hai isliye ap galti se chillaye..aur koi bhi aap se naraz nahi hai."

Armaan smiled at her charming daughter and said "achha koi bhi naraz nahi hai...par dekho aapki Mumma toh naraz hai...abhi agar aap nahi aati toh apki Mumma aj mujhe puri raat lecture sunati..."

Armaan and Anika cuddled and laughed together...Rahul came that evening. Armaan came down and saw Rahul talking to Riddhima...As she saw Armaan standing..she ignored his presence and went away huffing and puffing. Armaan was confused by her behaviour as she never ignored him like that...He went to Rahul and asked about the matter to which he too pretend ignorance and went away.

Friday, 18 September 2015

part 27 : DMG 3

Part 27:
Armaan was sick of the voices in his head, he was sure if he talked to anyone about it they'll have him committed, if someone had told him about it he would have had them committed. I mean just think about it they were of no use, they made him say all sorts of impossible things and think some wholly inappropriate things and to make it worse all about shilpa. In the big picture it would be easier and whole lot less painful if he died of natural cause b'coz if shilpa found out about what he was thinking he was sure she would kill him slowly and painfully.

part 14 : pyari ma mumma

Riddhima just moved away from his office as he said all this to him after saying that
R:''tum kuch bhi soch lo armaan par sach yehi hain ki main tumhare saath thi aur rahungi apni antim saans tak, I love you armaan''
And armaan looked at her retreating figure as she left the office. His world just crushed with in half an hour, everything got ruined. Just last night he admitted his love and is going to get his Riddhima. He is so happy to have her by his side, feeling his life going to be complete with his mumma and his dad and now with his Riddhima. But everything falls apart and the reason behind it he will never expect that will be his Riddhima, his riddhima whom he blind trusted. He never thought in his wildest dreams that his riddhima will do something like that he is heart broken with her betrayal

Entry 11 : Pyar ki agni pariksha

(This starts from the scene where armaan promised riddhima that he will bring sid to open her fast)

Armaan moved from riddhima's cabin after telling her that he will bring Sid for opening her fast, only he knows how hard is this for him to say to her that he will bring someone else to open her fast. Everyday the pain is killing him by each and every second. He promised Dr. Shashank that he will bring close Riddhima and Sid but his heart bleeds seeing them together every time. Only he knows how much it pained him seeing His Basket as somebody else's wife. This is something that he hates this feeling, but he knows he somewhere too responsible for all this after all he is the one who left her. And when finally when her love brings him back she is not His what a irony. Destiny is never favorable to him first his childhood all alone without the love of his parents. Somehow Bi filled that void in his heart but still he missed his parents at times.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Part 2:AR TS Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise

“Silence doesn’t always means yes, it may also mean no, But its better left unsaid…
Anger doesn’t always mean hatred; it could be a means of coping…
Laughter doesn’t always means happiness, Sometimes It’s just a mask…
A tear doesn’t always mean sorrow; it may also be an outlet of joy…
Staying away doesn’t always mean its end; it may also mean the best beginning.”


She can still feel the pain and the dried tears on papers which belong to Armaan. Maybe or no he had cried while writing this letter to her. She held her forehead and while carrying the ring and letter she headed towards ICU but her vision started to blur and she felt dizzy. Next moment they found her lying unconscious in the corridor.

They carried her to a ward near Armaan’s and gave her all sought of medications to bring her around. After an hour she came around and sees her surroundings. As the reality dawned upon her she woke up shouting only one thing which is on her mind “Armaaannnn…”

Muskaan and Anjali entered in the room only to see Riddhima breathing heavily and getting all restless not finding something. They went to her and while holding her Anjali asked “ridzy…What happen….kya dhund rahi hai tu…”

Riddhima while looking here and there said “Di..Di..Arma..Armaan ka letter…wo kaha hai…wo mil nahi raha…”

She as getting out of control not understanding a word they was saying trying to calm her down. That time Rahul entered and saw her condition. He took out something from his pocket and handed to her which by the way was Armaan’s letter and the ring which he found when they were carrying Riddhima to the ward. She breathes in relief as she saw her Armaan’s last words to her. This letter will always be a reminder to her that how weak was her love and how strong he was to bear the pain she gave him.

Part 15 : Love Gets Its Destiny

Like this there 2 days of holidays came to an end.
Boys next day have to go to their work and ridhima have to stay in the home only.
Armaan goes and sit in the car in passenger seat and wave ridhima bye seeing her standing on the door to see him off to office.


part 21: Back to You

Part 21
when armaan and ridhima were huging each other after sometime they feel small arms
around them....
armaan look down and so does ridhima and they found dhanu tring to stand up holding
his parents as if asking to get their attention....
armaan and ridhima both bend down to his level and armaan pick dhanu on his arms...
armaan -mera dhanu uth gaya....
dhanu -da daaaaa.....** moving his small arms up and down**
ridhima -awwwww... mera dhanu... mommy ka prince hain.....

Part 404:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 404:

Anjali and Muskaan quickly covered their eyes with their hands. Gazal stared admiringly at Armaan's body.

Gazal: Wow!

Armaan wore his shirt quickly and did up the buttons.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Part 6:Selfish love

Part - 6

Armaan starts driving with maximum speed but he lowers the speed seeing riddhi's scared face in the central rear view mirror(mirror in between two front seats guys).Riddhi heaved a sigh of relief.She is really scared of fast moving vehicles.Sam was sleeping with her head in riddhi's lap whereas neil was trying to keep his eyes open.He saw armaan blinking his eyes couple of times and trying to stay awake while driving.So he thought to keep an eye on armaan to avoid any unfortunate accident.

Part 31:Sindoor

They looked horrified as the turn of events and riddhima looked at him his face showed the same emotions that he is shocked and before they can even react or apart they heard hooting and
S:''arey vah armaan humein nahin pata tha bhabhi itni romantic hain''
And this comment of samrat makes everyone chuckled and they whistled and riddhima is so embarrassed that she immediately moved her face away
M:''arey kahan chali riddhima abhie tou cake bhi cut nahin hua hain''

part 3 : Forever Vala Love

Riddhima is passing from her college corridor when she heard some of the girls drooling over something on notice board, she peeped in thinking may be something related to exams as their final exams are just 3 months ahead and as she is the topper of the college so she the, intelligent student looked inside but as soon she read the notice board she banged her head in her palm as she saw once again stupid bike race of ARMAAN MALLIK,and she cursed herself for wasting her time and she start going towards her class, she hates this rich spoil brat of her college"THE ARMAAN MALLIK", not only that he is a bike racer that's why she hates him, no there are so many other reasons also, he is a big ARROGANT, CASANOVA, SPOILED TO NO EXTENT,