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Part 2 :Forever Vala Love

Surkh Wala, Soz Wala, Faiz Wala Love
Hota Hai Jo Love Se Zyada
Waise Wala Love
Ishq Wala Love
Hua Joh Dard Bhi Toh
Humko Aaj Kuch Zyada Hua
Ishq Wala Love

PART-4 : Just A Bend Not An End (edited )


NOTE: Hi readers I just realised that there is an issue with part 4 of the AR version..that is the part of Armaan and Rahul's conversation has been cut which is a very important part of the I have posted the edited version...pls do read it and comment:)


~Armaan and Ridhima's  Bedroom~

As Armaan  walked into the bedroom to wake Ridhima  up he was surpsied to see her awake already and moreover the room was still pitch dark. That really shocked him because it was so not like Rush  to stay in the dark. She was not only scared of the dark but also felt suffocated if she was left alone

Crumbled - OS

"This story is a OS, set in an AU where Armaan is a drug addict. It's written from his pov. Hope you enjoy!

I look at the box. I look at her. She was staring at me with those green eyes of hers. Her eyes had always mystified me, I had always wondered how anyone could have such green eyes, such clear eyes. I have tried looking in the mirror to see my own blue ones, I have tried and I have failed. I will never be able to look at myself, at my eyes, again. She smiles.

'Go on. Open it!', she says, a hint of excitement in her voice.

I look at the box again. My hand move to the corner of the box and I take off the tape holding the wrapping to the box. I do the same with all the other corners, careful not to tear the wrapper anywhere. This is a special box. It's the only gift I have had. Ever.

I take off the wrapping and there's a plain white box staring back at me. I take off the lid and I stare. I stare at the contents of the box for a very long time.

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Happy Birthday Anshu

Hey guyss aaj suprb siggie maker n a cool writer ki birthday hai ...naam toh ko sabko pata hi hoga nah ;) lets celebrateeeee her bithdayyy......

part 29 : DMG 3

 Part 29

Armaan looked at himself in the mirror of his bathroom taking in his red rimmed eyes but the wporst part was the clamoring that was going on in his head. Armaan closed his eyes and prayed for the drums in his head to quiet down and promised himself that he would never drink again. He quikly downed two aspirins with water to help his head and quickly went in for a shower. He came out in a little while and quickly got dressed and went downstairs.

Part 407:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 407:

Shashank: Aap?

Maan: Wo main...

Shashank: Aap Ridhimaa ko kaise jaante hain?

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Part 16 - Epilogue : Love Gets Its Destiny

After 3 years...
Riddhima wake up with the sound of Crying... Listening to the sound riddhima instantly sat up on bed and looked in middle of the bed and saw little baby crying lying beside the love of her life... She picked up the baby and kuchi kood on her cheeks with her nose tickling the baby...
Feeling the known touch And the secure-ness in the touch of the person baby stopped crying And looked deeply at the person picking her up with her little eyes.. And feeling ticklish baby started smiling with little babyish voice…. Riddhima keep playing with the baby And after few min the baby put her head in Riddhima’s collar bone and starts sucking the skin of riddhima.

part 23: Back to You

Part 23

Ridhima-thank u armaan for coming in my life making it so beautiful that a sec without
u by my side kill me....
Thank u for the wonderful gift u gave me in form of dhanu.... Thank u for always
treating me as a princess.... Thanku for pampering me to no extend.... Thank u for
walking beside me in thick and thin......
I just love
* ding dong*
armaan-aab koun aaya....
Ridhima-armaan ... ruko mein dekhti hun..
Armaan-tum rukho basket mein jata hun....

Part 406:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 406:

Armaan had started singing the next phrase...

"Kabhi parvaane jalte hain,
Kabhi aahsiq tadapte hain,
Kabhi kehne se darrte hain.
Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me,
Kabhi Dill Bichhadte Hain..."

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part 28 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

After his car was out of her sight, she went in and was very happy that after 10 days they have spend time.

She was recalling all the day when she got a msg.thinking it must be armaan,she saw it quickly but was shock to see her pic with Sid where they were kissing each other.

Her heartbeat got fast and brain stopped working as She too don't know where this photos are of.

She and Sid was in relation but they never were so close to each other then how come this pics were here.

She was very much confused. And the number was private so she didn't understood who is doing these but o ly one name came in her mind.

"Sid"she was about to cal him but stopped," abhi to tammana bhi hogi... Kal cal karti hu."

part 1:Bikhar Gaye Hum


RIddhima room me ek corner pr bethi bht xyada ro rhi hoti hai …. Room me andhera hota hai …. Tabhi muskaan room ka door kholti hai and then light on krti hai … wo riddhima ko aise dekh kr sad ho jati hai ….

Muskaan hugging riddhima : bass ridzyy bass … mein hun na …. Kuch nhi hoga … chal khari hoja ….

Muskaan riddhima ko bed pr bithati hai … and usko paani deti hai … Riddhima thora sa pani peekr side me rkh deti hai ….

The Haunted House (os)

Armaan was really angry with riddhima.He cant believe he lost the boxing match against Abhimanyu modi.He was supposed to win this match and then his bestfriend nikki would'nt have to work for the New sanjeevani project with that khadoos modi and cheap patil.But now everything is over.He let his bestfriend down today.And he seriously cant believe that the reason behind this is none other than his love,his RIDDHIMA.If she would have not distracted him,then he would have shown abhimanyu his real place.He dont know why riddhima was saying that Nikki was getting hurt when he was punching Abhimanyu.He really cant believe that.He was so angry right now.Armaan mallik hates to loose especially in front of that stupid modi.

        Arman was so angry that he is not able to see riddhima's love and concern for him.Riddhima has no intention of making Arman loose this match.But she was literally shocked when she saw nikki crying continuously when Abhimanyu was getting beaten by Armaan.She was just trying to tell Armaan to stop this idiotic match.But noone heard her and both of them keeps on fighting like animals.She could'nt say anything to Modi because Abhimanyu modi was not her BOYFRIEND or FIANCE or ANYTHING.She consider Armaan as her own.She knows that she have rights on Armaan.So she can tell anything to Armaan.But Armaan took it on his ego.And He dint see the way riddhima was trying to heal his injuries.He dint see any of the efforts riddhima was trying to make it up to Armaan.

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Part 2:Dealed Love


Armaan jese hi ghar me enter hota hai … a guy pushes him on the sofa and starts to punch him playfully ….

Rahul : oyyye … mujhe btaya bhi nahi … aur akele akele shadi ke plans ?
Armaan getting up : oo yaar aisa kuch nhi hai ….
Rahul : to phir kesa hia han ? dekh mein tujh se sirf ek saal chotta hun …. Esay chote bhai se batein nahi chupate ….

part 28 : DMG 3

 Part 28

Shilpa: I admit it my taste in men sucks!(shilpa commented morosely, making kashish choke on her drink and sujal maan nod their head in agreement)

Geet: shilpa! don't talk like this I'm sure this is not true(she looked at others for support but before anone could comment)

Part 405:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 405:

Armaan: Ab mujhse bachkar kahaan jaogi? Haan?

Ridhimaa: (holding Armaan's shirt and pulling him closer to herself) Mujhe tumse door kahin ajaana bhi nahi hai.

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part 52 : An Arranged Love Marriage

“Riddhima main batane hi wala tha tumhe par tum baat hi nahi kar rahi thi mujhse toh.......”
“Hmm..... toh matlab ye bhi meri hi galti hai!”
“Huh? Nahi I did not mean.......” He sighed hard and locked the door before explaining anything further. He held her shoulders bringing her close; “Riddhima..... I am sorry for last night. Main bas...... bohot stressed tha aur sara frustration bina soche tum par nikal gaya! But please forgive me. Ab toh baat karlo mujhse. Mujhe jana hai Riddhima; aise naraaj hoke milogi mujhse nikalte waqt?!”
“Aapko mujhe batana tak nahi hota jab aap kisi kaam se bahar ja rahe hote hai! Aur mujhse kaise expect kar sate hai aap ki main aapko khushi khushi sab bhulke bye bolu?”
“Aisa nahi hai..... aur aaj main jaunga; pata nahi vaha kitne din lagenge mujhe! Us mein vo site hai bhi sheher se dur; toh network ki kaafi problems hai vaha pe. Toh ho sakta hai tumse bilkul baat hi na ho paaye meri! Aur; kaam bhi khatam ho nahi jata tab tak I can’t return! So abhi toh naraj ho; fir main chala jaunga toh upset ho jaugi ki mujhse theek se mili bhi nahi jaate waqt; but fir baat bhi nahi ho payegi mujhse.... tab??”

Last Part :AR FF. Specially For You, Only You

Armaan move closed to place his lips on hers but baby started to cry' Riddhima moved away from him to let him go and take the baby
Armaan: Kya timing hai' Pehle baaki sab beech main aate the' Aur ab humhare bacche
Riddhima: Armaan
Armaan: Sorry' Main toh bas aise hi bol raha tha'Embarrassed
Armaan went and took the baby who was crying' He saw the dimple Riddhima was telling him about and
Armaan: Dehko Basket' Tumhari Arima ro rahi hai
Riddhima: Meri nehi' Humhari Armaan
Armaan: Haan' (Then to baby)
Arima baby' Aapko thodi der wait karna chahiyeh tha' Mummy aur daddy thoda romance kar leteTongue
Riddhima: Armaan' Mujhe doh
Riddhima took Arima from Armaan and tried to make her stop crying' Armaan looked Aahana who was sleeping cutely
Armaan: Dehko na Aahana koh' Arima baby koh itni jaldi utna nehi chahiyeh tha' Tumhari choti behen se kuch seekhoLOL
Riddhima: Armaan' Stop it' Ab aadat daal lo' Kyunki ab tumhe romance karne ka chance nehi milne wala' Aur rahi baat Arima ki hai' Bilkul tum par jaane wali hai dekhnaWink
Armaan: Accha' Aisa kyu? Day Dreaming
Riddhima: Dehko toh
Armaan sat next to Riddhima who was holding Arima in her hand' She stoped crying and was smiling showing the cute dimple of hersSmile

Voting Post

Hello Lovely People...

Here this OS Competition came to an end with all the Amazing Work From all the writers.

This time no of participations was a great number. there would be more of the entries but something got out of control in between causing distraction to all... but all is well if ends well.

Anyway Here

u guys have to Vote For following categories.

Title Award Divided into 2
01. Catchy Title Name.
02. Best Title ( Title Goes with Plot)

Story line
03. Greatest Choice of the plot (Best Starting point/Scene Chosed)
04. Best Way to bend the Story (diverting Story From the topic being picked from serial)

05. Strong Sentiment (Sentiment can be comedy or emotional which ever gerne readers liked)

06. Best Dialoge scripted
07. Heart touching line from any OS

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part 21 (last part) : Pyar ka dard hai

Days went by … riddhima had started feeling something for armaan once again … but she was hesitant as she could not forget what he had done to her…..

Muskaan – Rahul Engagement

Riddhima was wearing a ghagra with a choli that came up to her chest … it was baby pink in color ….. her hair were left open with a hump at the back part of her head … her hair were slightly curled at the lower parts …. She was looking prepossessing …

part 22: Back to You

Part 22

RIDHIMA -pata hai armaan jab bhi tum.mera pass hote ho na toh.mera maan karta
hain ki usse waqt ko wahin rokh dun... us lamhe mein hi jeeti rahun kahin na jane du
uss pal koo jis pal mein tum.mera pass ho......
aur kabhi kabhi.mera maan karta hai ki mein tumhare chest par aapna sir rakh kar aise
hi rahun ... pata hain tumhare ek touch se hi mein aapni saari pareshani saari thankan
bhul jati hun....tumhre khayal aate hi.meri saari mushkile aapne aap solve ho jati hain....
jante ho armaan jab tum chale gaye the na tab mein ne bhi soch liya tha ki aab ye
ridhima jee kar kya karegi kyun ki ridhima ki jeene ki wajha armaan hi jo nahi tha aapni
basket ke pass... par tumhare ansh ne mujhe himat di mujhe jeena ki nai wajhe di.......
tum.mera pass nahi the par phir bhi mein tumhe hamesha aapne pass mehsus karti
thi,...... bcoz chota sa armaan.mera aandar bhi toh tha.....

Part 9:Pehla Pyaar Pehla Ehesaas


Armaan is sitting in his cabin after vivek has gone. He is busy in his presentation completely unaware of the timings and all, as this is very important project and moreover his mom and dad is already out of town and he has to do this by himself. Moreover when comes to work Armaan Mallik is the best as Mrs. Avantika Mallik, like his mom he is hardcore professional and like his dad Mr. Harish Mallik he is genuine and he carries his parents traits in his professional life. So he right at this moment very much busy in his work that he did not noticed the time. Its evening when his reports finished and he stretched his shoulders and then he feels he is hungry. He did not anything apart from the breakfast that riddhima packed him in the morning and remembering her and then he thought to get a coffee for himself as he really needs something to keep himself fresh and he has to go to pub too tonight with vivek so