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PART 3 A:AR TS Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise

True Love
When I say I love you, please believe it's true.
When I say forever, know I'll never leave you.
When I say goodbye, promise me you won't cry,
Because the day I'll be saying that will be the day I die.
‘Ridzy…Arma..Armaan..he is very critical… He was sinking few minutes back but Dr. Kirti managed to calm him but still …” He wasn’t able to complete so Rahul continued “Still uski halat thik nahi hai…wo medications ko respond nahi kar raha hai…he has to... He needs to come around in next few hours or we will lose him forever…”
Listening to them her world again turned upside down. Her hopes were shattered again in front of her eyes but now she is adamant to bring him back. She won’t let him go even if he wanted to. She isn’t ready to take this punishment which will cost his life. She will make sure to get her part of punishment but he isn’t at fault. She won’t let him give up. He would have to come back not for her but for his friends, his family and maybe for their love too.
All determined yet scared she entered the Private room and saw him lying there with a pale face. How much strong she pretend to be only she knew how she was controlling her tears out there.
Seeing him lying lifeless with life supported system her heart bleeds. She silently made her way to his bed and sat near him on a stool. She could see his pale face and still body. She took her hand to touch him but shut her eyes as the pain stabbed her heart seeing him in this vulnerable condition. Nonetheless she again took her hand and held his hand into hers tightly.
She bends a little and kept his hand near her heart. She found no change in him. She knew today only her love can bring him back and she had to be that strong for him. She had to make him believe that how much she loves him and trust him with herself. She closed her eyes and thought about the moment at terrace with him. She knew he was there with her. She remembered he told her to be happy ad not to cry for him.

Part 3:Dealed Love

Next day

Shashank ghar wapis ajata hai … and armaan aur uski family unke ghar ai hoti hai .....

Riddhima : Assalam o Alaikum aunty g …
Ananya : Wa Alaikum Assalam beta … ao betho mere paas …
Billy : Shashank … hmein tumhari beti pasand hai …. Bs jaldi se koi achi si date fix kr do ….
Bua : hangi bhai sahib … ab bachon ne ghalti kr hi di hai to sudharni to hum sab ko hi pre gin a …. Ek to aaj kal ke bache bhi na ….

Epilogue:When I'm With You

"Armaan stop it! "

"Stop what G?"

"You know what! I'm saying!"

Riddhima struggled as she tried to free herself from her Co-Boss's Hands. Which clutched hers tightly in an on going Meeting! It had been 6 years now! Riddhima had managed to live and bare armaan and vice a versa! well though it was difficult for the coworkers! To bear their bosses! But well pet bharne ke maamle me koi risk nahi boss!

Well you read it right! Armaan and Riddhima were now the hot but jhagdalu Couple that everyone envied! Riddhima was now the co-owner! Of the Mallik Enterprises! And billy Mallik's lovely to- Be Bahu! Though they were together now for a long time! They didn't dare live together! Billy nor Riddhima's Chachu believed in the Live-In Relation and Armaan most significantly was against it. He didn't want anyone to say anything about Riddhima if their relation didn't work out! And the other reason was ! Uhmmm abh itni khoobsurat ladki hamesha! Aage peeche rahegi toh kon control Kar paega?? No way ! Armaan couldn't even stay away from her like for a minute and it was the same with her. Every time one of Armaan's ex Girlfriend called. The workers almost needed to call for a fire brigade! For their poor boss! But everyone in the office had seen their boss change over a couple of years now. He had turned from the arrogant insensitive creature to a kind loving person. Billy thanked the god that he sent Riddhima in his Son's life! She had restored Armaan's life and made him take the right decisions! He wanted Riddhima to soon be his bahu! But his khotta beta hadn't yet popped the question! Even billy knew that Riddhima was waiting for it!

Friday, 2 October 2015


Armaan takes her again in a hug n shilpa clutch him as if her life depends on it armaan understand her desperation n hug her more tightly

They remain in hug for some time wid their eyes close but suddenly shilpa withdrawl from the hug n make some space between both of them

Armaan : shona ""wid confusion""

Armaan move his hand to touch her but shilpa raise her hand as if saying him to stop armaan become confused from her this behavior n pain of rejection come in his eyes seeing this shilpa couldn't hold herself n spoke up


Shilpa starts to feed him n other are looking at them in awe n someone wid pure jealousy..

Wid this she also starts to talk wid him

Shilpa : wo kokila kaki hena unhe na dil ka dora pada tha

Armaan : what or tumne mujhe bataya bhi nhi”but shilpa interrupt him”

Shilpa : are suniye to esa sabko laga tha par unke na sirf seene me dard tha sab bohot dar gae the

N armaan take a sigh relief

Shilpa : or na wo radha he na use bacha ho gaya”wid excitement”

Others are also listening their talks

Armaan : kya sach wese kya naam rakha he bache ka”wid happiness”

Shilpa : wahi jo apne kaha tha SOM

Part 1 : ~Tomorrow Is Another Day ~

Standing by the window he could see the vast sea in front of him, The sun was setting, the birds were getting back home, there were hardly a few people around, the silence was occasionally disturbed by thecrashing waves on the shore…

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part 53: An Arranged love Marriage

Bohot ho chukka; Riddhima is ghar ke bahar ek kadam bhi nahi rakhegi apni marzi ke begair! Uske saath aap jabardasti nahi kar sakte.”
“Acha..... toh ab tum mujhe dhamki de rahe ho!”
“Bilkul nahi Uncle. Main aapki bohot izzat karta hu. Par Riddhima kahi nahi jaayegi; kyunki VO jana nahi chahti! Jis din vo kahegi ki vo aapke paas aana chahti hai; main khud use khush haal vaha lekar aaunga; par abhi tak aisa kuch hua nahi hai! Aur na kabhi aisa hoga! Isi liye Riddhima yahi rahegi; aur Riddhima ka pati hone ke nate ye faisla lene ka hak main rakhta hu!”
Billy’s anger reached it’s peak as he back answered Shashank! “Bas Armaan..... ye kya tareeka hai baat karne ka. Aur agar tera hak banta hai toh unka bhi hak banta hai ki agar unki beyti kisi problem mein hai vo sawal kare. Tujhse jawab maange!”
“Toh maine mana kaha kiya hai Dad? Par Riddhima agar vo nahi chahti jo ye chahte hai toh aap uske saath jabardasti toh nahi kar sakte na!”

part 24 : Back to You

Part 24

Then armaan came around to sense sensing some gaze on him... He look around to see
gang looking at him then he turns and saw ridhima to having teary million dollor smile
on her face.....
Armaan and dhanu to smile again looking at their basket...
Dhanu -bachket....extending his arms as asking his mommy to take him in her arms...
Ridhima who was bringing chill drinks (soft drinks) for gang come towards armaan and
dhanu but before that she put the tray on the table and then take dhanu in her arms...
and dhanu kissed ridhima on her cheeks and ridhima kissed dhanu on his lips. and hued
him in her embaracement.....
and armaan seeing this smiling..

Part 8:Love Binds Our Destiny

Riddhima then goes back to the days the moment she met the Armaan Mallik for the very first time.
4 years back Ha Ward University She entered in the university as its her first day of her university of her graduation year and as soon she entered she saw group of people standing and hooting loudly and she knows this is ragging and then with hesitation she moved towards her class and as she passed the group she sighed as  she did not gets called by them. As she passed she heard someone

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Armaan : SHE IS NOT MY GIRLFRIEND""ek ek word par zor dete hue""
All become quite n riddhima uski to jaan me jaan aa gai when armaan said that she is not my girlfrnd

Armaan : uff tum pehle kisiko kehne ka mouka kab dena sikhoge apne hi assumption laga lete ho

Maan : to ab bata de

Armaan : me kyu batau tum logoko to khud hi sab pata rehta he na pehle se to phir mujhse kyu puch rahe ho""slightly angry""

Shilpa rub his arm to make him calm n feeling her touch he instantly calm down he closed his eyes n open it n says

Armaan : me ye keh raha tha she is my girlfrnd""but again they intrupt him""

All : hum bhi to yahi keh rahe the""armaan just gave them his one of the finest angry look n all become quite again""

Armaan : the girl who is standing besides me is non other then my beautiful WIFE.She is Mrs. Shona""but shilpa intrupt him by hitting her elbow in his stomach n armaan understand what its mean he correct himself""


Samrat : hey shilpa

""n then she turn she look in front of her n waqt wahi ruk jata he she is not moving an inch ""

Nupur : ye ese statue ban ke kyu khadi he""she said in a low voice""

Dev : aaj shilpa bohot jyada khubsurat lag rahi he us saree me ""all agree wid him""

But no one notice that not only shilpa but from the time she turn someone also standing like a statue who is none other then our hero Armaan Malik

Part 9:Unsaid Love

Next morning armaan moved towards the dining area as he knows if he did not go to the dining table, all his family here. And he don't wants to hurt more people. He is already in dead position hurting HER. The person who is the reason of his life, But he is helpless. He can't do anything. Then looking at his bandaged hand he wiped his tears and

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Part 13.:Childhood friends- love finds it way

3 Weeks later...!!
A curtain opens...!!!!!
And then there we see on a big screen pics of the people who organised the show...the core reason for the success of the show...!!!!!!

If only I had eyes before
See right through you sweetest guys
Know that she can't see it
But still let it go tonight
To let it go tonight..
Let it go tonight
To let it go tonight
I'm a bad bad girl

Part 55:You Actually Love Me Or

As riddhima looked at the duo in front of her eyes she has tears in her eyes and
R:''main jaanti hun armaan ki mera aab aap par shayad koi haq nahin hain armaan par main aapki princess ka haq oos se nahin le sakti armaan yeh aapki hi thi  humesha se mujhse bhi zayda humesha se aapnein oos din sahi kaha tha ki humara baby par pehla haq sirf aapka hoga ooski ma se bhi pehle''
And she got lost the day when armaan and she thought about their baby on that day in the hospital in her cabin.

part 25 : Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Hey guysss
This is a small eid gift from me to all of you
Evryone have a nice day
The part is not edited so please ignore the spelling mistakes
N Plz plz plz read the notes below

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..

Ankahein rishtoon me najdikiyaan badne lagi
Andekhi chahat se dil k dor khadakne lagi
Ek to anjaan hai aur ek ko toh ehsas hone laga
Par kya pata hai usko, ki pyar use hone laga

Part 25

Riddhima smile at their eager expression n said: YES..

Everyone squealed for a second n rahul atul n ritu give her a friendly hug while she also reciprocate but when they were continuously saying that how happy they are for her accepting this job n all armaan just stand in a side watching them n a small smile play at his face

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Happy birthday Diks

Hey guyssssss aaj suprb writer diksha urf diks urf come on guys ets celebrate her birthday...

On this special day, I wish you all the very best,
all the joy you can ever have and may you be blessed abundantly today, 
tomorrow and the days to come! 
May you have a fantastic birthday and many more to come...

now cake cutting time n dnt frgt to make a wish  before blowing candlessss

Part -17 :Pyar Ka Ehsaas

Riddhima armaan ke ward mein enter hoti hai armaan abhi tak soch raha hota hai ke riddhima ko sorry kaise bole riddhima uske pass aake khari hoti hai armaan use notice karta hai aur himmat karke bolne hi wala hota hai ke ruk jaata hai us se ye ho hi nahi raha hota wo phir koshish karta hai magar phir nakaam ridhima uska behaviour notice kar rahi hoti hai aur bohat confuse bhi hoti armaan phir se bolne ki koshish karta hai lekin ..

Ridhima: kuch bolna hai ??
Armaan : na ... Nahi ..
Riddhima: acha mujhey laga ke tum kuch bolna chahte ho ..
Armaan : han .
Riddhima: to bolo
Armaan : ab .. Umm .. Wo mai .. Mai .. Ye ..
Riddhima: ye kya mai mai kar rahe ho Jo bolna saaf saaf bolo .
Armaan: sorry !!

Part 3 :Forever Vala Love

''Dilchasap lamhe aksar guzar kee khawabon kee jaise hii ho jaate hai
Khushboo kee jhonke ik pal theher ke kaise hawaon meiin kho jaate hai
Hum kabhie fir mil sakte hai tum kabhie alvida naa kehna
Kabhie alvida naa kehna
Kabhie alvida naa kehna''

part 16 : pyari ma mumma

Armaan reached the place where those persons called him and he moved towards the old building that is in its bad condition itself. As soon he entered inside one of the door he smelt the liquor and cigarettes that makes him cough somehow he moved ahead and then he heard one voice
(Goon 1 = G1 Goon 2= G2)
G1:''arey aa andar aa armaan hain na tu chore?''

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part 24 (B): Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

part continues...

Everyone turn around to see a girl in black maternity dress standing there with a guy wearing black kurta while riddhima said: Di, DR ap dono yaha?

well guyss they are atul n anji lets see y they are here?

Riddhima n atul bring anjali inside while making her sit on a comfortable place while riddhima look at her surprised as few moments ago the thing she said make her shock so she thought to ask directly n said: Ap yeh kya bol rahe ho di?Wo log..
This time another voice come from behind: Anjali bilkul sahi bol rahi hai..
Ri: Papa ap bhi..

Thats when three of them tell them whats happening till this one week n reveal the secrets which has been hidden
So chalo ap logo ko bhi main batati hoon actually hua kya hai...

Part-5 :~Just A Bend Not The End ~

After some time when Armaan was assured that Ridhima  was in deep sleep he gently scooped her up in his arms and walked towards their bedroom. Once that they reached their room he very carefully laid her down on the bed making sure not to disturb her at all. After he made her lie down, he went to the kitchen to make himself a cup of coffee as he was in no mood to sleep and plus he really wanted

part 15 : pyari ma mumma

Armaan entered his home through big glass doors and as soon he entered towards the dining area he saw his mom sitting on her chair beside his dad and he sighed seeing her he knows he is in trouble and yes there he gets into trouble as soon nandini heard foot steps she speaks up as
N:''karan keh dijiye apnein bete se jaye aur, jitne chahe kitne money kamaye, jitni chahe otni deal sign kare ghar ane ki kya zarurat hain kaunsa ghar par koi hain jo iska intejar kar raha hain bol dijiye ise''