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Part 2:Tanha Dil AR FF


Part 2

Armaan is entering Sanjeevni after a long time.. though he has changed abit.. he has even more well toned body now.. instead of his chest revealing shirts he was wearing a White T-Shirt tracing his perfect body built nd had framed specs on his nose.. anyone who knew him in the past would take a few minutes in recognizing him.. he entered nd straight away headed to see Shubhankar, who has requested his team to send him over for help.. While most of the staff was debating if he was actually Armaan Mallik or not.. The gang still had time in reporting so they were relaxing in the cafe..

Division-4 :The Wedding Story

'Families v/s Us'

Armaan entered Sanjeevani's cafe for lunch when he found Rahul and Muskaan already at a table, waiting for him.
"Hey guys, what's up?"

"Hey Armaan! You're back." Rahul was delighted to see him back and hugged," And Congratulations dude! “

Soon he was evolved into a rib crushing hug by Muskaan. "Oye Hero. Congrats Yaar! I just cannot believe that you are getting engaged soon."

"Thanks yaar." He seated himself ventral Rahul. “Even I could not."

"Obviously it wasn't a hard play to find another girl drooling over you, and that too from a small town McLoedganj!" Muskaan laughed.

"Stop judging Muskaan. She isn't a filmy crap. So stop looking down on her." Armaan was clearly annoyed by the statement Muskaan observed Riddhima as. Yes, he was used to girls drooling over him that he hadn't to work hard to find a new girl every single day. And of course, he was popular amongst the hospital nurses and female interns along with Rahul. But Riddhima was different. She wasn't one from their categories.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry.... I mean....You don't have to work so hard to find some new girl, you know the advantage of good looks. But what was it about her that got YOU interested in her?"

part 31: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Its early morning and everyone is sleeping in mallik mansion.outside,the weather is chilled and rain has still not stopped as not only armaan but even sky is crying with him.

He is fast asleep but still can feel some moment on his hairs.frowning he tries to opeen his eyes but not able to as his head started paining.

He then feel someone caressing his hair and a beautiful dimpled smiles adore his face. He opens his eyes to see riddhima sitting next to him caressing his hair and admiring him.

He looks in her eyes to see only and only love for him.he smiles had keeps his head on her lap looking in her eyes still
" tumhe pata hai Maine kitna miss kiya tumhe...kaha chaki gai thi riddhima..."he asks her very cutely.

"Thi thi armaan...bas tumne dekha nai..." She answers placing her hand in his face,cupping it.

"Phr se mujhe chod ke mat Jana riddhima..I can't leave without you. Plz don't leave me.." He requests her.

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siggies on kash

part 3: Love is life (season 2)

Armaan and shilpa reached hospital and in nikita s room.
Armaan knocked the door and came in nikita peeped outside the door she opened her eyes weakely and asked kaun hai sister
Armaan came in and closed the door
Hey he said with a smile.
Nikita smiled weakely

Part 409:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 409:

Armaan's voice had cracked with the strain of shouting. Ridhimaa kept her hand on Armaan's chest to relax him. Armaan held her hand tightly.

Shashank: (softly) Hume pata hai Armaan...

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part 32 : DMG 3

Part 32

Armaan sat in the middle of chaos that was the so called wedding discussion. Ideas were being thrown in the middle without any rhythm or sound. Wild suggestions of the possible venues to the totally impractical wedding themes were being floated by Shilpa and maan. Through out this sujal had remained quiet while kashish tried unsuccessfully to give her POV.

part 27: Back to You

Part 27

A month leap now......
its finally dhanu's birthday
the most awited day for armaan n ridhima.........
&&&& sry guyies i showed told u befor that dhanu birthday will be celebrated later so
her is the part.... littl bit is repeated from that part.. sry for that.... hope u will enjoy
this.... &&&&&&&&&
In morning.

Part 408:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 408:

Armaan fell down on the ground, holding his head which was bleeding profusely.

Ridhimaa: (kneeling on the ground beside Armaan) Armaan... Armaan...
Armaan could not hear Ridhimaa. He lost consciousness and Ridhimaa's voice ebbed away. Shashank and Maan lifted Armaan and ran towards Shashank's car.

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

part 2: love is life (season 2)

Armaan hold shilpa from behind and touched her arms a sensation ran down in shilpa s spine she took deep breath
N manage to ask this only
Armaan aap
Armaan: haan m ??
Shilpa: armaan please niche puja ki taiyari b karni hai
Armaan: taiyari mom kar rhi hai kar lenge
Please tum mat jao

part 30 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

3 months later

Its a dark cloudy night.anytime it can rain. All have went home but armaan is still working in his laptop in office.
Rahul and muskaan has went long back as muskaan was not well.atul too went an hour ago.
It's 12 at night when armaan comes out of the office.
"Sir bahar bhot barish ho rh hai...mausam bhot kharab hai.ap aj ke liye thi ruk jaiye..." A security guard requests him.
"Mai chala jauga...tum tension mat lo aur haa andar apne kamre me rho...barish me mat bheegna..." He tells the guard.the guard smiles and opens the umbrella for himand goes till his car.
The rain with every passing second is increasing and falling more is just the start of June and rain has started as with the month.
Armaan is driving but his mind is somewhere else.he then suddenly increase the speed of the car in a n empty lane and takes a jerked turn almost taking his own life.he instead of turning to his home side direction turns to other side and with the same speed goes to a bar.
Coming out of the car he goes in the bar and sits on table in a corner.

Part -18 :Pyar Ka Ehsaas

Armaan apne room mein rest kar raha hota hai ... Ridhims uske room mai enter hoti hai uske hath mai kuch comics hoti hain wo comics armaan ki taraf barhaati hai  armaan confusingly use dekhta hai.

Ridzi: le lo kaam aayegi ye .
Armaan : kaam ?? Ye meri kis kaam ki ??
Ridzi: tum bhool rahe ho shayad challenge ke baare mei ..

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Part 6:Dealed Love

Marriage day


Riddhima room

Riddhima ready hokr bethi hoti hai … She is wearing a Red lehenga with embroidered in golden color… she was not wearing very heavy jewelry nor was she over dosed with make up …. She had her hair done into an elegant updo …. With her dupatta covering most of her head …... Everthing was perfect …. But something was missing …. Smile…. How could she smile …. When she knew the reality of this marriage ….. She was lost in her own thoughts when the door opened and shashank came in her room …..

Part 1:Tanha Dil AR FF

He resigned from Sanjeevni, Mumbai the next day.. he faxed his resignation instead of going there to escape everyone's query.. while Ridhhima's delivery was done in Sanjeevni, Delhi where her father lived to keep her pregnancy a secret..

Division-3:The Wedding Story

Un-Answered Questions!!!

After retiring back to Delhi, late midnight, Armaan headed back to his room.Apparently, he wasn't feeling well.The travelling and the entire day made his body ache.After a warm shower, he laid on his bed thinking, nothing but the mystery of her.
 She appeared as an extraterrestrial creature to him, so differently expressioned girl he had ever been introduced in his life.For the first time, someone felt different to him, with an allien feeling of some kind of attachment, that he couldn't let go all at once.He took his phone out and viewed the photographs that had been clicked during their 'Roka' ceremony.They naturally brought an undivided smile on his face.As he scrolled aside, the picture of them looking at each other spotted his attention.He remembered when their eyes met, innocence crept in them was forever.Moreover, she looked like a princess in her beautiful white and pink dress, before and after.He dragged to zoom in, the smile which emphasised her face made her look out of the world.He giggled to himself, and drifted to an uneasy sleep away from the thoughts which were being so fantastical.

 Riddhima sat relaxed with her back along the bed-side and thought about him and the day some more.No one had ever held her gaze, like he had today.The experience with him was different.For the thing, she didn't believe in arranged marriage concept put forward by her family, she couldn't still what happened the whole day.She was still shaken by the incident.She didn't had control on what she was doing anymore.She always had a thousand credential list for a guy, she would ever marry but she didn't ask for any single out.Rest nine thousand nintey-nine seemed dreamy.For a moment, she thought it was a dream but a shrill sound brought her out.

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siggies on arman riddhima (kash)

hi guys ,after a long i made kash siggies..hope u will like them.thanks

Happy Birthday Ananya

Hey guys ajj humare blog ki old member ananya ka birthday hai sooo lets celebrate her birthday

Wishing you all the great things in life,
hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.
 Happy Birthday!!!

make a wish befre blowing candlesss

Part 3B:AR TS Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise

True love doesn't happen right away; it's an ever-growing process. It develops after you've gone through many ups and downs, when you've suffered together, cried together, laughed together.
Recap –
She held his hand and said “Dekho Armaan…Tum wapus aa he gaye…Tumhe aana pada wapus Armaan…apni Basket ke liye aana pada…Aur ab mai tumse ek waada karti hu….mai tumhe ab kabhi bhi mujhse dhur nahi jaane dungi…chahe kuch bhi ho jaye…agar maut bhi aaye toh bhi tumhare saamne khadi ho jaugi….I love you Armaan….”
With that she kept her head near his shoulder and her hand near his heart and listening to his heart beats she soon went to sleep waiting for the bright morning after this dark night.
It was early in morning when Armaan opened his eyes. He blinked his eyes and stiffens feeling the pain in his head. He held his head when he felt some weight on his shoulder. He turns his head and saw Riddhima sleeping on his shoulder while holding his hand in her tight grip. For a minute he was in daze as he forgot his surroundings. Moments passed but his eyes didn’t leave her side.
She was looking like a serene yet pure angel but he can notice her face which have turned pale and her dried tears which told him that she had cried a lot. He too felt bad for her when suddenly he noticed his surroundings. He was confused at first when the past event memories flushed in his mind. He remembered he had decided to leave Mumbai and will never come back here.
He was succumbing to his tears when he saw Riddhima’s name flashing on his mobile. He was burning in so much rage that he threw his phone out of the car. His vision blurred and suddenly a truck came from the opposite side. He didn’t know what to do so he just turned his car abruptly and his car got hit by a tree. Next he knew he was unconscious and some people were helping him out of the car and then it went all blank.


An year passed with the blink of an eye...
This year that brought a lot of changes in lives of the entire gang...
**Atul anji**
Atul's photography studio is running smoothly...
Atul's priority is always ARRM fashion house shows n models.. Bt along with that he also takes other assignments..
Anji is happy in her life with atul as a house wife like before.. Bt she had now made her own makeup team whom she supervise regularly from her house only... Coz she did nt wanted to leave ARRM fashion house n neither the gang wanted her to leave.. So the thought of a middle way..
Anji is expecting her 1st baby n its almost time for the entry of new member...
** rahul n muskan**
Muskan n rahul are happily married since last 5 months bt nt even marriage could stop their fights.. Infact the number has increased much more...!!!
Rahul n muskan with their savings have opened a small event management company...

Muskan is very wel handling her n rahul's company along with ARRM fasion house..
Since arrm fashion house being a fashion deigning firm.. Thus it held only a few shows in a year.. So everyone encouraged rahul to take up other event organization projects as well..
** abhi n niki..**
After 4 months of abhi's confession niki accepted his love... They both knew each other since childhood.. They spent time together n niki realized abhi is a nice person will take care of her.. N eventually she starred liking him..
Bt they have still not taken another step in their relationship as both want time for their career..

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Part 3:Bikhar Gaye Hum

Next day

MM (riddhima room)

Riddhima apne dresses dekh rhi hoti hai … use smjh nhi arhi hoti ke wo kya pehne … tabhi muskaan enter hoti hai …

Intro:Tanha Dil

He sat there in his house hugging his one day old daughter nd crying his eyes out.. He has got the biggest affront of his life today.. his girlfriend or we can say his Ex-would-be-wife has broken all her ties with him nd his daughter.. she was heartless enough to not even look their daughter's face once.. 

part 26: Back to You

Part 26

Armaan and ridhima were too shocked when dhanu was snatched away from them..
and the next moment they both were standing drenched in water from head to toe.....
and both looking at each other and then in front of them....
anji and nikky where standing there with dhanu in their arms and rahul atul and abhi
had poured water on them..
then they all are laughing seeing armaan and ridhima's expression.....
and dhanu saw his mom and dad and jump towards armaan ....
dhanu -dadda....
armaan recover from shock with this sound of his name....
and hold dhanu from nikki....
ridhima -guyes ye sab kya hai...
gang-bura na maano holi hain....heheheh