Saturday, 31 October 2015

Part 7 : Love is life (season 2)

After one year

In sanjeevani
All interns were there
anjali and muskaan were also present
Anji kya hua??
anjali: kuch ni yar

Part 9:Dealed Love

Two days later


Ananya : khyal rkhna tum dono Switzerland me … and khoob enjoy krna …
Armaan : g maa …

Muskaan : wowww ridzyy … its so exciting ke tum … swtizerland jaa rhi ho …
Riddhima : kya khaak exciting hai ye … mera bas chale to iske sath ek inch door bhi kahin na jaun ….

Part -19 :Pyar Ka Ehsaas

Suddenly ridhima aur muski ek dosre ko hug kar lete hain dono ki aankhon mai aansoon hote hain jabke hoonton pe ek bari si smile ...... Billy aur rahul unke behavior se bohat confuse hote hain ... ..

Rahul: koi hame bhi batayega hua kya hai ???

Muski rahul ko dekhti hai aur excitement mai usey Jake hug karti hai ...

Friday, 30 October 2015

segment 28: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

They didn’t know someone was watching all these silently .it was dr.mallick who came to balcony for some fresh air and became an evident of  those beautiful moment. He smiled and lost somewhere.he was  re-collecting that around 26 -27 years before,the same scene had  played in the garden but the characters were different only. He remembered those olden days when arman’s mumma (liza) was with him. those days were the best days for dr. mallik. Liza  lived in paris but came  india in a tour with  her parents. They toured Mumbai and came in pune but suddenly liza’s father got a heart attack. When no one was there to help them,dr. mallik took him in hospital,gave full treatment and even gave a shelter to liza and her mother in his own house. liza’s family returned their hometown  but dr. mallik had lost himself in that angel’s “blue eyes”.

part 36 : DMG 3

Part 36

Armaan drew back slightly to breath and looked at shilpa's face. Her eyes glowed with an inner joy, her hair were mussed by his hands and her lips were swollen from his kisses. He looked at her and felt his heart swell with happiness as he realized again that she had agreed to be his.

Part 414:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 414:

Armaan: (now turning towards the others) Main Ridhimaa se shaadi nahi karunga... chaahe kuch bhi ho jaaye. Ridhimaa Maan ke saath jaayegi...

Maan: (entering the living room) Kyun? Riddhi mere saath kyun jaayegi?

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Belated Happy birthday jyotika (28th october)

hi friends,yesreday humare old blog ki ek bahut pyari meri choti si sister jyotika ka happy birthday but mai na bd post bana payi na usey wish kar payi..sorry so sorry jyotika shona for it..waise mai bahut lazy aur slow ho gayi hun like a tortoise. and hindi me kahte hain "der aayad ,durust aayad."afsos to rahega mujhe maine tumhara birthday miss ki par aaj kar dun toh thoda better feel

Happy Birthday Jyotika

hey guys kal humari pyari blog member n a cool writer jyotika(jaanu) ka birthday tha ....coz of busy life mai post nahi banapayi sorryyyy jaanu mai kal hi india wapas ayi toh nahi bana payiii...koi nahi lets celebrate belated happy birthdayyyy


Armaan starts to get little more naughty by loosing the dori of her choli n shilpa come instantly to earth by his this act n pulled his hand back from her back.She was trying to stop him going any further but armaan it seems like he is not in a mood to backoff.

Shilpa : armaan nhi""pleadingly""

But armaan was too busy to listen her plead, she again trys

Shilpa : armaan nhi hum hum""its getting hard for her to say even a word""she again try

Shilpa : armaan hum hum ghar par nhi he ye ye...""n word died on her lips""

Because armaan takes her lips in a tender kiss but it turns into a passionate one

After some time they come out of a kiss in the need of air both are panting heavily.

Shilpa : aap bohot shararti ho gae he ""said after her breath become normal wid shyness""

Armaan smiles n says


He again gasp this time little louder bcoz she is wearing backless blouse

Blouse blouse damn she she is wearing a saree DAMN A SAREE...

On the other side from the time she (shilpa) pulled by him in a tight hug her state is very bad

Shilpa shiver bcoz of armaan bcoz he was hugging her wid great intensity that make her to shiver by his touch

When see feels that he was rubbing her back to generate heat in her body she was really touched by his this sweet gesture but at the same time she was feeling something inside her when his bare palm comes in the contact of her bare back.

Then in some moment she feels that he was moving his hand on her whole back her heartbeat become uneven.

Shilpa hold his back tightly bcoz his touch made her breath heavy n sending shiver in her spine her legs are giving up she was feeling dizzy wid this touch

Then she hears his loud gasp n come to the earth but not fully

part 19 :lovers or rivals

Next day in the morning..
A: helo muski.. I cant come to airport n even ridhim.. U go with kids .. I have a surpise for ridhima..

Muskan without much of argue agred to armaan..
Muski n kids leave in one car n AR in other...
R : amu v are going in wrong direction..
A : not at all..
R : yes v are ...
A : no ridhu..
R : airport is in west.. N ur going in east direction..
A : ( loudly ) ridhu i know where we are going.. Plz let me drive...
R : ok...!!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Part 4 :Tanha Dil AR FF


Part  4

It was getting cold by the evening.. Sia sat with Aahana in one corner nd they were busy spotting some stars nd constillations.. While the Gang was busy helping themselves with some evening snacks.. they also settled at a distance from the duo.. Ridhhima was talking to Taani when her gaze caught Sia nd Aahana laughing nd talking..

part 34: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Next day

Armaan is sitting in his cabin with laptop open going through some mails and talking to atul and Mr.Patel discussing some financial issues when riddhima without knocking comes in his cabin.

"Mr.mallik I want to talk to you" she angrily says and Mr.Patel excuses and goes out. Atul was about to go but armaan helds his hand making him sit back.

"Go on..."he tells her without looking at her face which makes her more angry..

" mujhe apko kitni bar batana padega ki mai apk sath kaam bhi karna chahti... Phr bhi apne mujhe ek aur project de diya.I m here just becoz of that deal of damn 5 years."she shouts.he for once look at her but then again continue his work.

Atul is shock to see riddhima like this.

"Riddhima armaan is our boss.even rahul don't have rights to talk to him like that...." He tells her very calmly but she is still staring armaan not even bother to listen what he is saying.

Division 6 :The Wedding Story


The thought of getting engaged to each other seemed appealing in just one night. Their phone conversation had also taken it away. They reallocated how relieved they had been after finally talking. Coz if they hadn’t they wouldn’t have been able to keep up with happy-with-parents pretense for long. Hence it was a breather for both of them, before they begin their marital relationship and get stuck in hell called “Marriage”.

As the Sunday was drawing near, Riddhima's family hardly found enough time to be with her. She used to stay busy with her work and waiting for his phone. While, Armaan used to finish off his work the earliest to talk to her. Talking over phone had become their routine in four days. They couldn’t go to sleep without it. They couldn't believe just a few meaningful conversations with someone for a few days could bring a warm feeling to them. This was all new.

The Malliks with their closest friends had left for McLoedGanj in the morning from Delhi. On the way, his life seemed like taking a sharp turn now. He couldn’t figure out what he felt and also what she might be going through. They hadn’t talked last day as their families were high on the preparations, plus with just one day left to their engagement they had been worried.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

part 27 (a) :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..


Purani kahani ki nayi jubani
Jhijak Jhijak k Khuli kuch pyar k bani
Par achanak yeh kya hua
Mohal ruk gayi aur sab pareshan hua ...

Part 27 (a)

The lady run towards padma n hug her tightly

part 35 : DMG 3

Part 35

Armaan sat in the dark a picture of despair and thought how everything could go wrong so fast. He sat with his head in his hands and tried to think past the pain. He suddenly felt cool air on his face and closed his eyes.

Ridz: Armaan! Are you alright?

Armaan just sat there with his eyes closed.

Ridz: are you just going to let her go.

part 18 : pyari ma mumma

Nandini finds the table is covered with dishes and settled beautifully. The chair is decorated with pink drapes and one cap is placed on the chair. And it has written Love Mom and she looked at armaan who passed her a beautiful smile.
N:''maani beta yeh sab''

Monday, 26 October 2015

part 6: Love is life(season2)

armaan and shilpa were having fun on their honeymoon
in night arsh were in their room
Armaan locked the door from inside n said ab koi ni ayega hamare bich
Shilpa raised her eyebrow
N said acha ji irada kya h janab ka

Happy Birthday Nikita mathur

Hey guys aaj humraey blog ki sweet writer n member nikita mathur ka birthday hai lets celebrate her birthday....

Have a wonderful happy,
 healthy birthday and many more to come.
 Happy Birthday!

PART-6 : Just A Bend Not An End


Recap:-Armaan was busy thinking about he could get his Ridhima’s  smile and happiness back when he heard some noise coming from the staircase. Just as he turned to have a look he was shocked to see…..

Part 6
He was shocked to see Ridhima standing near the last step dressed in a casual pink short Kurti and white leggings, the glow and spark on her face seemed to have vanished somewhere, she had lost weight and looked a bit pale but still for him she was still the most beautiful girl. He saw her fidgeting a bit possibly waiting for him to come out of his thoughts. So without wasting another minute he walked up to her and giving a soft kiss on her forehead said “You look beautiful baby!! I am so proud of you….” she just smiled a bit. He grabbed her hand and led her out of the house…It

Sunday, 25 October 2015

Part 6:Bikhar Gaye Hum

Armaan car drive kr rha hota hai …. Rahul and muskaan bhi ussi car mein hote hain … wo sab riddhima ko dhoondne ki koshish kr rhe hote hain …

On the other hand

RIddhima road par beth kr ro rahi hoti hai ke tabhi … ek jeep uske samen akr rukti hai … usme do larke hote hain … riddhima ye dekh kr dar jati hai .. wo jaldi se uthkr chalne lgti ai … but wo larke jeep se utarkar usko pakar lete hain … riddhima ro rahi hoti hai …

Longest hours: A rainy dawn(one shot)

The view from my bedroom's window was spectacular. It was raining heavily and the illuminating thunder light make it possible to see the sheets of rainfall clearly. The room was already in pleasant temperature and although A/C wasn't on, my wife was still in drape.
There was still time for the sun to rise but due to the storm it can be predicted that there won't be a sunny day.
It's 4 in the morning, couple more hours before my wife would wake. I wonder how she would react if she came to know that I haven't slept the entire night. Not that I am a heavy sleeper neither an insomniac. Tonight unlike other nights, was difficult for me to fall asleep.  After a lot trouble I think I had slept for an hour or two but then because of  some unknown reason I was awake with a dread mood. Maybe a unremembered nightmare I thought. Washing away my anxiety, splashing the cold water against my numb face, I decided to spend the time watching the rainfall.
It had been an hour or so since I was watching the rain falling down in the garden. I wished to open the panel and touch the droplets but before I could feel the water, my mobile ranged. I wasn't pleased about it I wanted to ignored it but then it might be something serious, why else someone would call at this hour? The number flashed on the screen was unknown, it better not be a prank call..I murmured before answering it.
The man on the other side sounded worried as well as tired, he was in hurry. Shouting someone before answering to my ""Hello"". I wasn't sure what he talking, his sound becames more clear once he concentrated on me

part 30: Back to You

Part 30


one night when ridhimma began to show ...
its only 3 week to ridhima delivery
dhanu -dadda... mamma......
armaan -kya hua mera dhanu ko
dhanu -dadda .. mamma moti kyun holi hain.....
armaan smile -dhanu ki choti si princess haii na mamma ke pass toh isliya mamma
moti ho gai .....
dhanu -pal aap ne toh bola tha meri chotu si princess bhagan ke pass hai vo baad mien
humein denga.....
ridhima -dhanu aabhi princess mamma ke pass hain....
dhanu -mamma mela ko princess ko dekhna hai...
armaan -baby aabhi aapn nahi dekh sakte....
dhanu -kyun dadda....