Saturday, 7 November 2015

part 37 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Next morning

Riddhima is in her cabin with her interns instructing them about the designs.

The day armaan shouted on her for her unprofessionalizm to the work,she has decided to be professional and work with whole heart.

" now go to your chamber and start practicing the things I taught you all yesterday... By evening it should be done..."she told them and they saying,"yes mam"went to the chamber armaan has given them to was next to recreation room on the top floor of the building.

Riddhima got up from couch and drinking water sat on her chair.

"Time kitni jaldi bita jaa raha hai...aj pure 4 months ho gaye mujhe armaan se alag hue...maa papa ko dekhe hue...Wo itne dino se prem ke sath hai...unhe lag raha hai ki Wo unhe apne sath business ke liye rakh raha hai...par sirf mai hi janti hu ki Wo kya plan kar raha hai..."riddhima thought in her mind.


Part 11:Dealed Love

Next morning

Riddhima bed pr uthkr bethti hai … she looks around the room only to find armaan coming out of the washroom wearing a trouser and a towel around his neck … Armaan riddhima ko dekh kr ghusse me ajata hai …

Riddhima nervous : armaan wo .. kal raat …

Part 2 & 3:HOLD ON UR LOVE

The boys were sitting like statues...they lost everything...THEIR LOVE THEIR LIFE THEIR HEARTBEATS.......after some time the place was crowded with people and police....but Armaan,Atul,Rahul,Abhi and Shubhankar had no response
But Armaan heard some saying""agar yaha pe gira hai to body bhi nahi milne wala""

2hrs passed..still boys were in their same position. After some time,some staffs from Sanjeevani took them back to Mumbai. They went under treatment for their injuries..after some days they also got know that Dr.Shashank and Padma has left Mumbai as nothing was left behind them

After 2 months
It was their re-joining day after all treatments
All 5 were fine from outside but inside....

It was Armaan entered to Sanjeevani.On the way he saw Rahul and Atul Standing near the door of Canteen
Armaan slowly kept a hand on Rahul's Shoulder
Ar: Rahul
Ar:kya huva rahul..?
At:Aaj..aaj se wo..wo sab humare saath....ab hum kiss se ladenge..kiss se pyaar karenge
Ra:me muskaan se bohot pyaar karta hu Armaan...mujhe wo wapas chahiya
At:aur mujhe bhi
All three of them huged together unable to bear the loss they faced....

Friday, 6 November 2015

Part 38 :DMG 3

   Part 38

Shilpa was running late but she needed to talk to armaan she'll deal with Dr. Keerti later. As shilpa quickened her pace to make up for lost time, she checked off the items from her mental check list. Invited everyone to the cafeteria for armaan's aurprise party(check), got the cake from the bakers(check), made sure armaan was not aware of the surprise(check). Now the final act on the list wishing armaan was still not done. Shilpa was trying to make this birthday special for armaan as it was the first one after ridhima's death.

Character Sketch & Part 1:HOLD ON UR LOVE


DR.ARMAAN MALIK-Charming,Handsome,Cool dude of Sanjeevani.Loves his collegue Dr.Riddhima Gupta more than his life.Every girl's hearthrob,ready to giv even his lyf for his lady love and friends


Armaan and Riddhima was sleeping peacefully when suddenly Ray started to cry breaking the silent around house... It was around 3 am, AR wonder what happen because usually he wouldn't wake before 6 am if his tummy is fully... Riddhima was feeling drowsy due to medicine, so Armaan asked her to stay as he move to take Ray and try to put him back to sleep,,,

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Pyaar ki Thaakat (One shot)

This is a fiction of what happened after the shootout

All were standing still and one moved from where they stood . Silence were all over the hospital after the shootout. They could not believe that the most loving couple of Sanjeevni ARMAAN and RIDDHIMA would have this fate.
The silence were broken by a boy of nearly 20's who was none other than Atul. He ran towards his Armaan and started shaking him
Atuli: Armaan mere bhai..ut na yaar...please..natak bohot hogaya please ut na..(turning towards Riddhima) dekh na ridzy kitna natak karte he ye...
Muskan also came running towards Atul
Muskaan:Ridzy please ut naa please...aaj teri sagai he..tumhari Armaan ke saath..tumhari sabse bada sapna aaj poora hone waala hai..ut
Abhimanyu and Nikita along with Dr.Kirti came running towards them
Abhimanyu:Dr.Kirti,OT tayyar kijiye..wardboys,strecher le aayiye
Nikki came running towards Abhimanyu
Nikki: Abhi,wo dono thik hojayenge na.?
Abhi: Hum medical science ki tharaf se poori koshish karenge..par us science se bhi zyada thaakat aur healing power un dono ki pyaar me tum bilkul khabrao math

Abhimanyu along with Dr.Kirti,Dr.Shubhankar and Dr. Shashank ran towards OT along with Armaan and Riddhima on strechers

part 20 :lovers or rivals

Heya guys im back with another update.. I hope u have not forgoten it..!!!
A quick recap : every thing is sorted bt ar n now the weding seaaon has begun..!!

Ar witt the kids went for shoping...
As Kids demand to wear dreses same as armaa...!!

part 10 : Love is life (season 2)

armaan was keeping on check on patient he did nt sleep
Whole night
he was sitting on chair so wahi pe armaan ki ankh lagne wali hoti hai but wo uth jata hai
or coffee lene k lie cafeteria ja rha hota h

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Part 8:Bikhar Gaye Hum


Armaan Room

Armaan enters his room to get ready for Sanjeevani. He was about to go to the washroom when his gaze landed on the sleeping riddhima. She looked so pale yet so fresh. Armaan moved towards her and moved his face even closer to her. As he moved closer he realized half of her eyes were open and her mouth was opened too. He thought maybe she was awake and had opened her mouth because he was coming close to her. He quickly moved back.

part 36: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Rahul enters in mallik mansion with muskaan in morning and shouts," are back..."

Ananya comes out of the kitchen and anuraag comes out of the study room.

"Are rahul...muskaan..." Ananya comes and hugs both of them.

Anuraag too hugs them while muskaan bends down to seek blessings from him.

Muskaan's face is again glowing like before adoring a beautiful smile on her face making her look more beautiful.and rahul is happy and his heart is full of contentment.

"Jao tum dono fresh ho k aao...mai nashta lagati hu..."ananya tells her and start going but muskaan runs to her and hugs her.ananya is taken back with her this behavior but smiles listening," mamma mai bhot khush ek week meri life ka best moment tha."for muskaan,her parents are ananya and anuraag other then shashank and padma.her parents died when she was very young but she never missed them as when she needed her parents,padma and shashank was always there for her in Gupta house and after marriage too she never missed her parents as anuraag and ananya loved her like their own daughter.they always supported her in every sense.

part 9: Love is life (season 2)

Armaan was with arsh
u missed papa na baby??
arsh blinked his eyes innocently acha baby u play now
armaan made sit arsh on floor with his toy

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Part 10:Dealed Love

Next day

Today armaan and riddhima were going to Mount Titlis … a famous scenic view of Switzerland … After reaching there they took the air lift ….

Riddhima : aaah … I don’t think this is a good idea … I mean hum sab kuch niche se bhi to dekh skte hain ….

Part 37:DMG 3

Part 37

Shilpa quickly strode down the corridor in sanjeevani looking at her watch as she was between surgeries. They had returned yesterday from Panchgani, armaan had left with shashank and padma whereas shilpa and maan had stayed back a bit and returned later in the day. As shilpa had returned to Mumbai later in the evening any meeting between armaan and her was not possible.

Part 416:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 416:

Maan rang the bell. It was raining. The door opened after five minutes by a ruffled looking Gazal. Her eyes were red rimmed. she looked as if she had been crying. Her hair were left limp on her shoulders. Her face bore an expression of anger on seeing Maan standing before her guiltily.

Gazal: Kya kaam hai aapko?

Monday, 2 November 2015

Part 5:Tanha Dil AR FF


Part  5

For the next two days After the tiff with Ridhhima nd Gang nd then a confrontation with Sia, Armaan's energy was totally drained.. He wanted to have some happy time which he knew he can have only with His Angel.. He spotted her playing with Taani nd went to her.. He picked her up unawared while she squealed catching hold of his collar.. ""Dada.. we're playing.."" she said..

Part 8 : Love is life (season 2)

Shilpa came in armaan s house late night
armaan was sleeping on couch And he had nt done dressing of his wound
Shilpa sat near the couch
And shilpa hold armaan s hand and one drop of tear trickled down
From her eyes

Part 415:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 415:

Armaan: Tum... tum...

His heart was not allowing him to speak properly. Armaan could not even imagine his life after Ridhimaa.

Armaan: Main ye waada nahi kar sakta... I'm sorry.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Longest hours: A road to home(one shot)

"The bitter cold of December welcomed me in Alpena. I have already started missing the sunshine back in Dubai. The weather here was worst than I had thought. The thick blanket of snow covering the land, freezing wind and dryness around,indicates that I should be going back home but the reason I have landed here in first place was far more important than any weather condition or uneasiness I was feeling.
""Arjun"" A voice called me, I turned to find Rahul standing in a long black coat. He has grew older than the last time I have met him ""How are you uncle?"" I asked as I walked near him. ""You have grown so much. You look alot like your father"" he said instead of replying my question ""My father"" words escape from my mouth. It was so awkward mentioning him. ""Let's ride home"" Rahul offered me a ride. I silently followed him towards his car. He stopped near an old SUV with lots of dents on it ""Don't worry I am not a bad driver, I bought it second hand"" he tried to joke but I didn't found it hilarious. We sat inside, it was a lot more warmer than the atmosphere outside. ""My house is quite far from here. Its almost an hour drive""
""I hope you got a heater, the cold is killing me"" I said with a hope that he would confirm having a heater at his place or else the week would be painful. ""I got a heater"" He assured me. ""Great"" that was all I could say.
Next minutes were in silent. There was snow on both the side of the road. Few trees without leaves on them and small house could be find occasionally. I didn't like silence, I wished to start a conversation. A conversation which doesn't involve my father but I am really clumsy in such situations.

part 35 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Next day morning

Armaan comes in office with a straight face with no emotions on it and directly goes to his cabin

He then calls his PA,"in my cabin within a min..."

His PA comes to him.,"yes called me..."

"Arrange a meeting in next 15 mins...make it quick or else you are fire...." He angrily tells his PA who saying OK runs to arrange the meeting and to save his dear job.

After 15 mins all the important employees and with RM,atul riddhima all sits in the meeting room waiting for armaan.

He comes in and removing his blazer keeps on his chair and looks at everyone who are standing.

"Sit..." He then looks to rahul,"your and muskaan's leave is sanctioned..."then he looks to riddhima, " are from today is the head of fashion sector for our company.means I am assigning some interns as they have appealed to work under you in our company.they are coming today evening to meet you.they are have to choose 5 out of that..." He said all in one go and there was nothing for her to say except yes.she nobbed.

Part 7:Bikhar Gaye Hum

Armaan had somehow found himself guilty for riddhima’s condition… and wanted to repent ….. there was ridddhima lying awake in the ward after two days… muskaan was talking to her …

Muskaan : riddhima .. tera kasoor nahi hai… na tab than a aaj hai …
Riddhima : ye sab mere sath hua … is sab me sirf aur sirf mera kasoor hai abhi bhi yehi kehta tha aur baqi sab bhi …

Just then armaan entered the room