Saturday, 14 November 2015

Happy Birthday Punam di(BM)

Hey guys aaj humari pyari pyari di n meri khusat bm ka birthday hai ....u knw guys mai bhale hi unhey khusat kehti hun bt dill ki saaf n itni achi aur bholi hai ki mujh jaise saitan sey bhi pyar karti hai hahaha...sooo lets celebrate her borthday wiz a blasttttt

Part 7:Tanha Dil AR FF


Part 7

Armaan himself getting restless since he got up that morning.. He felt like something was going to happen.. He woke up nd got ready quickly while running Aahana a bath nd getting her ready for her play school.. He was in the kitchen when Angel came nd hugged him..

Part 13:Dealed Love

A few days went by and armaan and riddhima were not talking to each other much…. it was already Eid ul Azha … The guptas were visiting the Maliks …

Riddhima : Allah … dekho to … muski kitni pyaar lg rhi hai ….
Rahul tying not to be loud but still audible to the girls : wo to hai hi …

Muskaan blushed and riddhima laughed ….

part 39: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Armaan went upstairs to see where riddhima went.he checked some rooms but didn't find her then he was going Downstairs when he heard her chocked voice fr the room

He ran to the room and opening the door saw riddhima is sitting in a corner hugging her knees with head on knees and crying murmuring something.

He was totally shock to see her in this condition. He always wanted her to be happy, whether he is there in her life or not.he was not understanding what is wrote g with her and why she is crying so badly.

He went near her and sitting infront of her,was about to place his hand on head caressing but heard her saying, "q armaan... Q mujhe itni taklif de rahe ho...kya Jo hua Wo kafi nahi tha...kya mai khush nahi reh sakti...kya mujhe zindagi me bas kuch pal ka sukh aur sath me itna Sara dard milte rahega humesha... Kya bhagwan mere sath humesha aise hi karte rahega...kya mujhe apni life apne karike se jeene ka koi haq nahi hai...q armaan kya galti ki hai Maine...pyar hi to kiya tha na tum se..." She sobbed without looking up.she was so much in pain that never felt armaan in front her listening her each and every word and taking everything in other way.

Friday, 13 November 2015


Ra(teary eyes,stammering):mus..muskaan,me aaj poora hogaya hun...adhura tha me thumhare bina har ek tho ek naya Rahul bangaya tha jo bohot hi serious tha...par jab mujhe thum wapas mili..Muskaan,nw iam complete..after 3 long years..
Mus:I ♥ U Rahul
Ra:♥  u 2 muskaan

Ab:Muskaan,nw u will have to rejoin sanjeevani..usse pehle i think u should take some time..r8 Armaan
Ra:Muskaan tum 2 weeks ke baat join karlena...aur tab thak tum sab log issi hospital me day spend karoge ab thum log Armaan ke cabin jao..bye
Mus:Ok...come girls lets go

Ar:Rahul,iam happy for u
At:me bhi Armaan
Abhi:me 3

Girls on their way to Cabin:
Mus:guys...thum logon ko abhi bhi kuch yaad nahi aarahi...?

part 13: Love is life (season 2)

In morning all interns were in cafeteria for taking a freshning coffee
Before starting their work

Part 40:DMG 3

Part 40

 Armaan stood with a guest acting as if he was hearing him drone about some new health policy whereas his mind was solely focused on shilpa who was flitting across the room from one person to another like a butterfly. He continued nodding and making sounds that could be taken for agreement as his mind wandered back a week.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

segment 29: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)

Segment –29

Riddhima caressed  arman’s locker lovingly .she remembered arman’s naughty face and smiled…her heart said ,”bilkul pagal hai wo toh.. kaisi-kaisi baten karta hai!….kaisi harkaten karta hai!..kaise use cherte hue naughty muskan deta hai!but kitna understanding hai!…always respect riddhima’s feelings….kya wo apne arman ki baten apne friends ko bata sakti hai!..nahi kabhi nahi…ye uske apne jazbaat hain…jo wo kisi se share nahi kar sakti……arman ne use apnaya hai…aur wo bhi arman ko apne dill mein sabse safe place per rakhi hai..jahan aur kisi ki bhi jagah nahi……

Part - 7 :Selfish love


Armaan was trying to formulate some plan.Sam and Neil were just freaking out whereas Sam was busy in snoring away.Neil imagined himself to be attacked any moment and Riddhi was trying to wake Sam.

Part 417:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 417:

Anjali knocked at the door. There was no answer. She entered the room and walked slowly and steadily towards the bed, where Atul was lying, very still.

Anjlai: Atul!

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Part 10:Bikhar Gaye Hum

Next Day

Muskaan and Rahul Mehndi

Riddhima ne saree pehni hoti hai orange color ki … uske face pr tension hoti hai …

Muskaan : are ridzzywahan khari khari kya kr rhi hai … idher aa na tub hi mehndi lgwa ….

Riddhima comes and sits with her …. The girls start to apply mehndi on both of her hands …. Just then her phone starts to ring …

part 12 : Love is life (season 2)

Nikita was wearing her lab coat and
Muskaan came
Nikita said hi

part 38: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Riddhima is outside her home waiting for the gang to is Sunday and as all have leave so planned to go for shopping for AN's engagement.

After sometimes,2 cars one car atul is on driver seat with anjali on passenger seat and abhi Nikki on back seat
In another car armaan is on driver seat and rahul muskaan on back seat. Only passenger seat is left.

"Rahul come in front...miss.Gupta ko muski ke sath baithne de..." Armaan told rahul.

Rahul looked at muskaan and she declined to let him go.

"Bhai riddhima ko front me baithne do na...I am OK here..." He said hugging muskaan sideways who pecked his cheeks.

"Tum dino ke liye tumhara bedroom kam hai kya Jo meri car me bhi shuru ho gaye..." Armaan glared them but it didn't effected them.

"Armaan let them sit ...I'll seat here" riddhima said pointing to front seat.he just nobbed without looking at her and of course it has hurted her.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Happy Birthdayy Tani

Hey Guys aaj humare blog ki cool member n cool writer tani ka birthday hai lets celebrateee

Part 12:Dealed Love

Next morning

Armaan bed pr uthkr bethta hai .. wo idherudher dekhta hai but riddhima nzr nhi ati … tabhi door khulta hai and riddhima chai ke tray ke sath enter hoti hai … riddhima armaan ko akar chai deti hai … armaan thora shock ho jata hai and uska mun khul jata hai … riddhima bed pr chai rkhti hai and armaan ka mun bnd krti hai … armaan apni sense me ata hai to riddhima giggles … riddhima gives him tea and he starts to drink …

Part 39:DMG 3

Part 39

 Armaan saw shilpa laughing with the shop keeper as he waited outside the flower shop for her to finish her business. It had been a week since his birthday when he had almost ruined the most important relationship of his life.

 Armaan recalled how shilpa had stood there infront of everyone and said those words that had some how freed him from the shadows of the past.

part 6 and 7:HOLD ON UR LOVE

Part 6

Ar:hai..mere paas hai..kuch thasveeren
Mus:dikha dikha
Armaan took out his mobile and showed some photos to riddima while others did the same

Monday, 9 November 2015

part 4 and 5:HOLD ON UR LOVE

Part 4

Armaan,Abhimanyu,Atul,Rahul and Shubhankar got ready and packed everything within an hour
Ar:jaldi karo
Ab:Armaan hum sab ko pata hai ki hume abhi nikalna hai par ye Atul....
At:me agaya...chalo chalte hai
Ar:champ tu kaha chala gaya tha yaar
Atul's eyes got tearied
At:Me 2 waje se bohot khush hun...ek me aaj Anjali se milne ja raha hoon..aur dusri
At:Dusri baat yeh hai ki Mera dost mera bhai Armaan ne itne saalon ke bad mujhe champ bulaya hai
Ra:mujhe bhi
They three have a group hug where Abhi and Shubhankar joins too
They started for their journey

 After 2hours
They all reach Panchgani and they wentnto the place where the shooting was going on..
They started to show their pic to every1
Ar:bhaisaab,aap inhe kabhi dekha hai?

part 11: Love is life (season 2)

Armaan came first in locker room hanging his sthetoscope on his shoulders. He passed shilpa
Shilpa did not move a bit
And to this armaan said hello madam

part 1:Tum Dena Sath Mera

hey guys..
today in finally here after a long time.. i know kafi lmbi break pr chali gi is bar...
this is a small story abhi i dont know will it be a TS FS or an SS
initially i had planed it as a Bday present for Meghss..(megha bansal)
pr ye delay pr delay hota raha...
hope u like it meghs...!!!
n soory for delay..!!

Some were in London..
round table were arranged in a huge hall.. the hall was filed with many people bt ther was pin drops silence as everyone’s gaze was on the stage n all were eagerly waiting for the performance.. all lites got din just a spot lite was on stage where a couple came n stood with mikes in their hands..

MALE : Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai
Ye Pyar To Tum Se Karta Hai
Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai
Ye Pyar To Tum Se Karta Hai
Par Saamne Jab Tum Aate Ho, Kuch Bhi Kehne Se Darta Hai
O Mere Saajan, O Mere Saajan, Saajan Saajan, Mere Saajan
FEMALE :Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai
Ye Pyar To Tum Se Karta Hai
Mera Dil Bhi Kitna Pagal Hai
Ye Pyar To Tum Se Karta Hai
Kitna Isko Samajhata Hu, Kitna Isko Behlata Hu
Kitna Isko Samajhata Hu, Kitna Isko Behlata Hu

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Part 9:Bikhar Gaye Hum


Armaan : han muskaan bolo kya baat krni hai …
Muskaan : bhai vo … actually … vo …
Armaan : baat kya hai yaarr …
RAHUL : armaan actually mein aur muskaan ek dusre se pyaar krte ain … and sahdi krna chahtw hain …
Armaan angrily : whaaat ? (and then smiles ) that is fantastic …

Part 6:Tanha Dil AR FF


Part 6

It was almost a week that Armaan nd Aahana were back from Mumbai.. though Aahana got back into her normal routine life but sometimes seeing her Armaan would really feel Sia's words nd realises that His Angel needs a mother who could teach her to be a bit gentle nd cautious of things in life.. Armaan was worried when was seeing her living The Same carefree Life he had lived before he fell for Ridhhima..

Longest hours: A recondite fairy tale(one shot)

Watching from the window of her bedroom, she saw her husband leaving for the airport. Tears shinning in her brown eyes, messed up hair, ruined mascara shows the painful condition she was in. She was least bother about her looks right now, all she had in her mind was the fact that her husband is leaving his newly bride for a business project in Switzerland. Isn't it ironic, Switzerland is a honeymoon destination and her she was peeping from the window watching her husband sitting inside the cab.
The car started to move as he sat inside. She was watching it until it disappeared completely and then she throw herself on the bed, hiding her face in the pillow and crying her heart out. ""I hate him, hate him, hate him"" she chanted as if the words were some religious mantra.
""Riddhima beta"" a knock on the door bought her back to the senses.  She forced herself to walk towards the door. Her eyes were swollen red and hair still in a mess. But she didn't bother to correct herself. Slowly opening the door she saw her mother-in-law standing with a sympathy smile. ""Dinner is ready"" she tried to call her down for dinner. She knows the pain Riddhima is going through, maybe because she has gone through the same. She wanted to stop her son from leaving but he was too stubborn just like his father. ""I am not hungry"" Riddhima replied softly. ""Magar beta...."" before her mother in law could complete, Riddhima banged the door in frustration. She is not a rude, indiscipline daughter in law or wife. But today's event had caused her too much pain, pain that keeps increasing each minute. it's not even complete 2 weeks of their marriage. They hardly had any moments together yet, yet her husband choose to leave her behind and go for a business project.