Saturday, 21 November 2015

Part 10:Unsaid Love

And then ridhima just breaks the eye contact and then she just
R:''oh ho armaan tum kitni batein karte ho acha aao na baitho main paranthe lati hun garama garama tumhare liyye with extra butter''
She said as she makes him sit on his chair and armaan did not utter a word, He don't know what to say to her. And soon riddhima is back with a plate full of paranthas and she placed one in armaan's plate and puts the butter on it and served him just the way he liked them. And before armaan can start they heard one voice 

part 41: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Armaan was driving from almost 2 hours without any break.he soon has to reach to khandala at prem's farmhouse there,as riddhima's parents were there with him.
Riddhima slept crying as she was very high with her emotions. Armaan in every minute is looking to her,making sure that she is okey.
He has called Rahul to make sure everything is fine at home.he told abhi and atul to be in office as none of the malliks is coming to office. Atul was tensed listening armaan's serious voice but didn't said anything. He has called Sid too to ask whether he reached to the farmhouse or not.
Sid was the only one after prem who knows the farmhouse as the farmhouse was hidden in between the jungle.
Here in mallik mansion,police was all around the mansion. No one was allowed to come in and go out of the mansion as armaan told the police that prem has hired some goons trying to kill all the malliks.
He has heard the whole conversation of prem and the head of the goons whom prem has hired.his some men has kidnapped padma and shashank from airport and some are near maillk enterprises so that they can harm them too.

Part 15:Dealed Love

Next day

AR Room

Armaan aram se so rha hota hai … ke tabhi riddhima uske face pur ek pura jug paani ka phenk deti hai ….

Armaan : aa .. ye kya kr rhi ho …
Riddhima : tumhe utha rhi hun ….

Friday, 20 November 2015

Part 56:You Actually Love Me Or

Armaan moved towards his cabin as he needs to get back to his work. As he got busy with his cases he forgot about everything. Its lunch time and he is still studying a case file when his door knocked
A:''come in''
And he saw vedic coming in and seeing him

Part.1 : Arrange Marriage -Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Opening of a Big College Gate...
And we saw a Group Of people standing in a Group and looking for someone On the Gate For his Arrival...

Girl 1 - yaar ye Kahan Rahe Gaya...
Boy 1 - pata nahi yaar.... hamesha toh time par aata hain
Girl 2 - hamesha aata hain par jab aaj usse time par aana tha toh gayab hain janab Abhi tak nahi aaye....

Part 41:DMG 3

Part 41 
Somethings never change armaan thought as he climbed up shilpa's bedroom window. It was a Sunday morning he had been up for hours waiting for the sun to rise so that he can go and meet shilpa.
The past week had been hectic there had been no stolen moments, no trysts in the bedroom. To be honest there was hardly any time and then both of them were trying to show some restraint. Just thinking about those moments sweat broke out on armaan's forehead and his body hardened with desire. He knew nothing was going to happen today but what's the harm in making out a bit.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Part 33:Sindoor

Armaan then shakes his head and then ruffled his hairs then he speaks up to himself as
A:''gosh kitna bat karti hain yeh ladki par kitni care karti hain sabki , sachi mein aur abhi kitni sundar lag rahi thi  I guess that's what people say after maths of marriage''
He said and then he smiled and then he smacked himself

part 2:Tum dena sath mera

Later at night
AR's rum..
Arman was siting n reading some magazine wen Ridhima entered th rum..
Armaan : sogyi dono..
Ridhima : haann.. Aj kafi tired thi jda zid nahi ki..
Armaan : thats gud.. Ab tum bhi sojao kl bahut imp din hai..
Ridhima : tum sojao mujhe abhi nind nahi ayi..
ARMAAN : Ridh....
Before Armaan could say anything Ridhima went outside the rum...
Towards the terrace..
Armaan kept aside the magazine n went behind Ridhima..
Before going on terrace Armaan went n checked thier angels that they are sleeping peacefully..
On terrace..
Ridhima was sitting on floor her arms hugging her knees which were touching her chest.. N head buried on her knees..
Armaan was not able to control his tears seeing Ridhima in that condition he stood on the door.. He could not moved towards Ridhima.. His heart wanted to run n hug Ridhima bt his legs did not support his heart..
It took him a few min to compose himself.. N with small steps he moved towards Ridhima..

Part 8:Tanha Dil AR FF


Part 8

Armaan woke up with his phone ringing.. He sleepily answered the call only to find his Super Excited Angel on call.. He got up with a smile.. even Ridhhima woke up with the commotion nd pulled the comforter higher abit as she was feeling cold.. she asked Armaan with eyes 'who is on the call..?'.. nd whispered back ""Angel..""

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Part 14:Dealed Love

A few days later … Armaan and riddhima were maintaining a distance from each other after that incident …. The guptas were at the Malik’s house for discussing about Rahul and muskaan …

Muskaan : tujhe kya lgta hai ridzyy … aunty aur uncle maan jayenge ?
Riddhima : obviously … akhir hmari muski hai hi itni pyari ….
Anjali : muskaan tu tension na le ….

part 40: Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Prem went out,in garden and hit a tree badly which did nothing to the tree but hit him back and he hissed with pain...

"Aarrrgggg...riddhima mere warn karne ke bad bhi tumne Wo kiya Jo mai nahi chahta tha...tum humesha mere raste me aai ho...aur jab tumhe ho mohra banaya tha to mujhe hi tumne dhoka diya...Maine tumhare parents ko apne dad ke paas 5months tak rakha taki tum mera sath do lekin tumne mujhe dhoka diya...misha ko armaan ke paas bejha taking tum dono dur ho jao..uska accident karwaya..tumpar jhumar girayaaur itna kuch kar ke tum dono ko alag kiya...aur yaha mere mana karne ke bad bhi armaan ko ek aur success de diya tumne...lekin is success ki tumhe bhot mehngi saza milegi riddhima... Pachtaogi tum...rogi ye soch ke ki tumne meri bat q nahi Mani...bhot patience se kaam le raha tha mai ab tak par ab tumne sab barbaad kar diya... Uski sazaa to milegi tumhe..." Saying he directly went out to the parking area and went from there.

And here rahul and muskaan who were spying on him saw him coming out and ran behind him,had heard each and everything.
And here rahul and muskaan who were spying on him saw him coming out and ran behind him,had heard each and everything.

Part 7: Just a bend not an end

RECAP:- As she (Tanya) stood up Armaan  looked up hearing the sound of something shatter and what met his eyes tore his heart into a million parts………

There on the entrance of his cabin stood Ridhima  who had come to show him some file and unwillingly witnessed the whole conversation between Armaan and Tanya. Flooded with pain she could not hold herself and almost lost her balance as a result she banged the flower vase kept just beside the door of the cabin. Her eyes held a layer off unshed tears and her entire body shook with a sort of fear and pain. Tanya glanced at her coldly and simply walked past her while Armaan just

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Part10:Pehla Pyaar Pehla Ehesaas


Part 76 : From The Time I Saw You -


Breakfast was a noisy affair as everyone was deciding what to do as they got two days to enjoy before the functions started... As Anjali was pregnant, they had to decide thinking about her comfortableness... Muskaan suggest them they could go to one of the famous garden where they can walk by the lake and is not far from mall...
Everyone like the idea but the boys strictly warn to the girls, they wouldn't be looking towards the mall as they are here to enjoy not to carry their bags... They all agree but as usual our sher and sherni started to argue with the comment the boys make about carrying the bags...

part 1: Bus Rona Mat TS / SS

There was a happy get together in Malik House.

All were smiling and laughing to their fullest. When suddenly a call asking Armaan to move from there and picked the call.

Seeing the name of the caller Armaan's hand started to tremble but alas he have to pick up the call with the fear that he would not be there with these people once he received the call. But what he can do, he chose this for himself in so early stage of his life. It’s not that he regrets making those decisions no... Not at all...!! But he wasn’t to spend this moment of bliss with his family. His own developing family, his love, and his soulmate.

Monday, 16 November 2015

part 14: Love is life (season 2)

Abhimanyu on nurse station
Sister lovely dr. Armaan kaha hai??
Sister lovely: dr. Armaan ji abhi toh yahi pe thi ji abhi pta ni ji
Abhimanyu: apka matlab kya hai apko ye hi ni pta hota ki hospital ke docs kaha ha?
Lovely: sorry hai ji

Part 418:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 418:

Ridhimaa: Armaan... I'm...

Armaan: (composing himself quickly) To hum honeymoon pe kahaan jaayenge?

Ridhimaa stared at Armaan.

part 1: Kaisa khumar hai

hey guys...M to dmg blog.....please read the story below...nd do cmments
                  KAISA KHUMAAR HAI
   part 1
Andhra pradesh 4:30 AM
A small house is shown in which a girl(Ridddhima) of 18 in white salwar kameez is running nd go to a girl of nearly the same age...they both start running
girl:par riddhima bta to sahi ki hum jaa kha rhe hain???
riddhima-parul abhi questions ka tym nhi hai tu bas chal...we need to hurry..come come lets goooo..
parul- par
rid- shhhhhh......come with me
nd finally they both reach to jungle

at the house
a lady is teaching some girls classical dance mumbering sum steps as 1...2....3...4...5... and so on

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Longest hours: A remedy for loneliness(one shot)

The shadows floating in the shadows. The hospital was unusual crowded. It's raining from last 5 days in Manchester and the accidents rates increased upto 30%. Everything was in chaos.
But the wounded patients, victims of accidents were not in my duty list. I was on a special case of a rich businessman.
His wife is pregnant and has some complications.
I wonder how these rich people manage to get everything in their way. The rooms were overcrowded, tonight no one is given a proper attention. Doctors are in demand, most aren't able to reach, thanks to the weather. Yet, this big guy managed to booked a room with a doctor and a staff of nurses for his pregnant wife. Where else everyone is in panic due to shortage of staff and lack of rooms available in live long hospital.
Maybe that's why I never liked rich people, they buy everything.
I wasn't happy about the duty I am assign but arguing with Dr.Sarah Cyrus would only result in extra duty hours and salary deduction.


Next day
All exept Riddima were present @ the nurse station...They boys took leave for 10 days 4 their engagement..
Ar:guys,i cant believe ki hamaari sagai horahi hai..wo bhi humaari pyaar ke saath
Ra:i know Armaan,i still cant believe it..
At:ha yaar mujhe bhi...pata hai kal mene apni sagai ke baare me bachon ko bataya...wo log apni mummy ki intezar kar rahe he
Shu:hahaha Atul...tum bhi na
Ar:guys i submitted the leave applications...lets go and pic up girls..
They moved towards Riddimas room...Riddima was discharged..Armaan and others took them to their bunglow..

At the mansion
Ri:at last.....hum logon ke zindagi ab ek track me aagayi hena muski..?
Mus:ha Ridzy..i cant believe all these are happening
Ni:true girlss...
At:are ab tum log baate karte rahoge ya tayyar hogi

Introduction: In the blink of an eye

I am standing across front door of my house while dribbling basketball on the floor.Hmm why are they not opening the door.Gosh i have already rang the doorbell twice.Still Noone answered the door.And why did my mom called me while i was playing match against that stupid Deepak?.That Asshole was grinning like a fool when i declared him about the So-called Emergency call from my mom.His Grin widened when I started yelling on the top of my voice - DEEPAK SHARMA,YOU ARE THE BEST.I AM FEELING ASHAMED OF ACCUSING YOU AS AN ULTIMATE LOSER WHEN IT COMES TO BASKETBALL.PLEASE ACCEPT MY APOLOGY AND THANKS ALOT FOR GIVING ME SUCH A GREAT HONOUR TO PLAY BASKETBALL AGAINST YOU.Everyone were watching us or ME in general with their mouth slightly open and eyes bulging out.Umm This is damn embarrassing.I should have not agreed for this stupid bet.

I get down from the bench carefully.Ohh yeah! I was yelling while standing on a bench and raising both my arms in front of a huge crowd.I quickly grabs my Basketball and passed a glare to a smirking Deepak.Then I starts jogging towards my home sweet home.As the Basketball court was not so far from my house,it hardly took 10 minutes for me to reach my house.I knows that my mother would never keep the frontdoor unlocked.So I directly pushed the little button near the door.