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part 43 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Riddhima is crying thinking that armaan is going to leave her forever when both muskaan and anjali comes to call her for dinner and opening the door they finds her sitting in a corner on floor,sobbing.

Anjali rushes to her and sitting on floor takes riddhima in a bear hug.

"Ridzi...kya hua...sab thik hai ridzi...ssshhh...chup ho jaa...plzzz" anjali consoled her little sister while riddhima hugged her more.

" na..hi ha..hai...WO...jaa...rah..." Riddhima cried more trying to tell her that he is going but anjali didn't understood anything..

"Ridzi tu pehle shant ho jaa phir bat karege..." Anjali with help of muskaan made riddhima sit on the bed while muskaan rushed out to get water as riddhima was breathing heavily hiscupping..

"Ab bol...kya hua.. " anjali asked as muskaan made her drink some water.riddhima was little calm by now but tears were still flowing.

Part 17:Dealed Love

Next day

Muskaan window ke paas khari hoti hai and dekhti hai ke riddhima niche garden me bethi ro rhi hoti hai … Tabhi use Rahul ka phone ata hai …

Rahul : hello .. muskaan kesi ho …
Muskaan : ridzzy theek nahi hai Rahul … aur agar wo theek nhi hai to me theek nhi ho skti …
Rahul : han .. yahan armaan ka bhi yahi haal hai ….

Part 9:Love Binds Our Destiny

First of all really very sorry for not updating from so long. Maybe you people forget the story, so here is the link to previous chapter.
part 8

Now the next part

Part 9

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Tumhe Pa Liya ( An AR OS )

It was a medium room with a queen size bed in the left corner which was mess up as the sheet and pillows were not in its place, comforter was also thrown on the floor where it was cover with several papers, books, cloths and glass pieces of vase and glass, medium wardrobe which has it doors left open as cloths were handing down without any order, a study table and chair with a cupboard above it filled with several books and teddies not in the right place as everything has been mess up...

Part 43:DMG 3

Part 43 

The next few months flew by and before they knew it Kashish was 5 months along making maan, shilpa and sujal a total basket case. All three of them had taken to carrying pagers with them all the time in case there was any problem. The batteries were checked daily so that no mishaps happened. 

Part 17 : Love is life (season 2)

Armaan and shilpa were sleeping cuddling in each other s arms
Tabhi arsh k rone ki awaj ati hai mumaaaa

Part 11:Unsaid Love

After the breakfast made by riddhima, muskan and atul left to their room to get freshen up as per nandini's instructions. And nandini went to settle the gifts of last night while karan called riddhima in the garden as for their regular chit chat. And as karan is talking with riddhima over the special

Thursday, 26 November 2015

part 2:Arrange Marriage -Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

After reaching the Mansion..

Riddhima paid the driver and moved towards the house.. With Nisha following with her brother in her arms...
Riddhima opened the lock of the house and moved inside with a big smile... She drop all her baggage’s into the corner and then with a beautiful smile she breath in the air of the house and dump herself on the couch in the living room itself and closed her eyes..

siggies by anshu

its a bd gift to punam di...

Part 16 : Love is life (season 2)

Shilpa hugged armaan and cleared his tears.
And said armaan bus
Please ab mat rona tum

Part 419:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 419:

Ridhimaa was left gazing at the chair which Armaan had vacated.

Anjali: Fantastic Ridzi! Hai na Atul?

Atul did not answer. Anjali's face dropped. Ridhimaa stood up.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

part 42 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Riddhima was standing with surprise on her face.she was not able to understand what is wrong with armaan and why his behavior is so cold.

She went in with Rahul and was hesitate to meet anuraag and ananya.

"Riddhima..." Ananya called her seeing she is going to padma.
Its been 5months and after that fiasco ananya has not talked to riddhima and today it was a very awkward situation for both riddhima and ananya.

"Beta...apne aap ko itni takleef dene se acha tum Hume batati na beta...we could have done something" she very lovingly caressed her hair.

It was very obvious for ananya to be angry and upset on riddhima as she is armaan's mother and when she knows that her son is not at fault,how come she would have behaved normally with riddhima,especially when she has seen her son crying and leaving his life like hell.

segment 30: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


Its  too late but riddhima didn’t return home .arman was restless.when he called ,got to know that she went  with papa  in a meeting ,dr. mallik wanted to keep riddhima with him  to teach her everything about medical profession. Arman was mumbling : “ papa to apni bahu ko chorna hi nahi chahte...badi muskil se to use paya hai…..bush thora sa kareeb aayi hai…..arey ab to apne bete ke paas aane dijiye…………"

Part 11 {Last}:HOLD ON UR LOVE

Sha:to aaj se ek hafte baad shaadi
Ri:papa,humne decide kia hai ki hum church wedding karenge
Sha:beta par
Ar:pls sir
All:Pls sir....

One week later

It was a new,bright and hopeful day.
Tring.....tring........ the alarm rang
Mus(lazily):arre alarm itna bach kyu rahi hai...ridzy...nikki....anji...koi ise off kardo na please
Riddima slowly and lazily stood up and took the clock in her hands..the opened her eyes...
Ri:OMG...girls jaldi se uto....1 baj gayyi...
Nikki:subah ki ek hena...abhi bhi time hai sooraj ki nikalne ki
Ri:nikki....its 1pm in the afternoon
Kir:shit...jaldi se uto...
Mus:(still on bed)par kyu
An:miss bhulakkad....aaj humari shaadi hai
Muskaan jumped out from the bed along with nikki...all 5 of them got freshened up
Ri:me tho bhool hi gayi...humne boys ko nahi utaya
Ni:ek kaam karte hai...hum log apne apne honewaale pati pati parameshwarom ko jaakar jagaathe he..

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Part 16:Dealed Love

Same Day

Riddhima hall me bethi hoti hai and bus magazine ke pages palat rhi hoti hai wo armaan ka wait kr rhi hoti hai … tabhi bell ring hoti hai and she runs towards the door .. she opens the door and finds the guptas standing there …

Part 42:DMG 3

Part 42 

Shilpa knew armaan was worried about her but she did not know what to do to ease his worry. She knew he loved her but there were somethings that he would not be able to understand. She loved him desperately but she knew she could not explain to him what made her have sleepless nights. 

Armaan: shilpa if I ask you something will you answer me truthfully. 

Part 9:Tanha Dil AR FF


Part 9

Armaan woke up nd was fascinated when he saw ridhhima standing in front of the mirror in her towel.. he kept looking at her till she noticed his gaze.. she tried hiding her blush nd went to the closet to get clothed but before she could do that he got up nd quickly caught her from waist.. She let out a small squeak.. ""Armaan.. kya kar rahe ho.. tumne daraa diya mujhe.."" she said looking at him..

Monday, 23 November 2015

part 15 : Love is life (season 2)

Shilpa: armaan m sorry
Armaan: sorry??
Kislie?? Sorry mera dil todne ke lie?? Mujhe chodne ke lie ya mujhpe blame lagane ke lie kis kis chiz ke lie sorry kahogi yar

part 21 :lovers or rivals

part 21

Plz ignore speling cum gramatical mistqkes..
N do read the note in next post..

Two days passed just with blink of eye everyone was busy in some other other work... After all two pair are going to get engaged..!!

Engagement party...
Padma : oh god abhi tk kuch kam nahi hua.. Ridhu muski u girls ready.. Within half n hr. guest will start arriving n decoration even not complete yet. Shashank food preparation all cheeked..?? I.dont want any problem It my ridhu's engagement..

Shashank : padma padma relax.. Y are u soo hyper.. Anjali..
Anji. : yes uncle..


Next day
Sun light peeped in through the window..Riddima slowly opened her eyes...Armaan was still sleeping..he was cuddling on Riddima lyk a baby...he flashed his dimples even...Riddima took the mobile and saw a message from Rahul
'Riddima,Armaan ke saat tayyar hoke niche waves restro pe 9:00am'
Ri:Oh shit...its 8.45
She started to wake Armaan..
Ri:Armaan uto...uto na
Ar:sone do na Riddima..
Ri:pls uto na humhe noche jaana he...
Ar:nahi sone do..
Ri:tik hai phir aaj poora din tum mujse baat nahi karoge aur touch bhi nahi karoge...
The very next moment Armaan jumped out from the bed rubbing his eyes and pouting
Ri:jaldi jao aur fresh hokar change karlo
Ar:par ridd.....
Ri:jao warna tum mujse aaj..
Ar:pata hai jaata hun
He went into washroom with his clothes like a very polite kid...riddima smiled at his cuteness

Waves Restaurent

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Part 11(Last):Bikhar Gaye Hum

Next day

Muskaan and rahul’s baraat

Muskaan room

Muskaan dulhan bn kr mirror ke samne bethi hoti hai …. Tabhi riddhima enter hoti hai room me ….

Riddhima standing behind muskaan : bohat khoobsurat lag rhi ho …. Rahul to tumhe dekh kr behosh hi ho jayega …

part 1: In the blink of an eye

Now it was my turn to glare at my mother.But she just ignored me and was focussing on the couple smiling at me.i narrowed my eyes at pa who told me to relax in sign language.

No No.It is not what i am thinking.These people could be Mum or pa's friends.Yeah! I am just overthinking.I reasoned with my self.

Longest hours: A random walk(one shot)

"I sat straight up in the bed, the clock shows mid night, ""Just a bad dream, Araav"" I reminded myself, ""I was being chased"" I tried to remember my nightmare ""But chased by whom? Chased by what?"" I don't remember anything except that I was chased, my heartbeats were still fast.
I glanced around the shadowy room, waiting for my heartbeat to return back to normal. The room was awfully silent, just the way I like before my sleep.  But tonight was different, the silence was suffocating. The only sound I could hear was of my breath and the tick-tock of the clock. The room felt hot and stuffy even though the A/C was in the right temperature. Dad always take care of that, he double check the A/C temperature, silence around, darkness everywhere even in the hall. He makes everything perfect just the way I like, he still treats me as a kid and no matter how many times I have to remind him that I am 14 now, he never agrees to the fact that I am no more a small baby. I wonder if he can ever believe that I am  mature enough to take care of my own.
The atmosphere gets hotter and although now I am wide awake, the nightmare wasn't completely fade away. There was still uneasiness, an unexplainable uncomfortable feeling that I was having. The back of my neck felt hot and prickly. I realized I was sweating. I climed out of my bed, Slowly standing on my legs, I drag myself to the washroom. Darkness all around me, I searched for the switchboard, switching on the night bulb. I washed my face, to get rid of all the numbness, the little frightened I was in. ""Maybe a little walk would help"" I suggested myself out loud.