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part 45 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Armaan kisses her head breaking the kiss and hugs her tightly. She too hugs him.both are wet due to rain and their body shivering not because of rain but because of the proximity they shared a while ago.

Armaan was very happy today as his jaan was back to him and same goes with riddhima as his armaan has finally given word to his anger,his frustration and now is showering all the love he carries for her.

Both are lost in the world were no one was allowed and only them enjoying the blissful moment but AR romance kar rahe ho Aur koi disturb na kare kya ye possible hai....naahhhh.... wink emoticon
And armaan's phone rings.they come out of their lala land and armaan picks up the call.

"Haa bol..." Armaan answer Rahul's call.

"Haa aa raha hu..." He answers as Rahul asked him when he is coming.

part 28 :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Heyyy Everyone
How's u all
Sab changa hai na..
Today I want to say something to u all
U know just one year pehle ki baat hai
I never in my dreams thought that I would write
I mean this is so not my cup of it
There is twist in story as I do start to write
But kya pata tha wohi bachpani me ki hui choti si mazak aj itni lambi kahani me badal rhi hai
Sach bolu to I still don't consider myself as writer
But I lv the lv u all spread on me by commenting n liking n giving ur own view about this story
I simply adore that a lot..
U know I would have stop writing long ago if u guys wouldn't give this much love towards it..
N it completed one whole year today
I mean 1st December was the day when I first posted it's first year
Never realize time goes so fast
But thanks to all of u from bottom of my heart
For being with this ff
N for tolerating my nonsense bakwass... :p
So this part is a gift from me again to all of u...
From my behalf n from behalf of this ff..
Lv u all guys
Thanks a lot again n again for being with me n this story
Oh main to vul hi gayi
Meri style me bhi to kuch bolu...

Kaise kahu mein
Tere kitni shukarguzar hu main
Rehne k liye sath
Dedicate karu yeh part tere liye main
Tere is kadar comment k liye
Mere rehnuma shukriya huuu
Main jo likh raha hu...
Wajah tum hooo[can't resist to sing this song but plz forgive me for making it parody]

Lv u all

So here goes the story...
Yeh dharavahik ek kalpanik katha hai, is kahani ke sabhi patra evam ghatnaye kalpanik hai,Aur isska udeeshya kissi bhi dhaarmik bhawnaon ko thes pahuchana ya ritee rivajon ka uphaas karna nahin hain,yaadi inka kisi vyakti ya vastu se koi sambhand hota hai to usse matra ek sanyog kaha jaye ga,iske liye authority yani ki writer yani ki main jimmeddar nhi hoon,Krippa karke sare galtiyaan maafi ki nazar se dekhiyega..

part 54: An Arranged love Marriage

The next minute he was harshly brought back to reality as he landed off the bed. Startled as there was another shout; this time with a loud bang on the door; she had pushed him hard;
"Open the damn door Armaaan!! For God sake... I have been banging past 10 minutes; wake up already guysss!! Aur kitna sooge?"

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hi friends,a few siggies from my collection..hope u will like it.thanks

Part 45:DMG 3

Part 45 

Shilpa dropped on a chair in the cafeteria and asked for a cup of coffee. She sat there massaging her temples with her eyes closed. She sat there willing her body to relax and thinking over the days events. 

Armaan walked in the cafeteria and saw shilpa sitting alone with her eyes closed making him smile. He walked over to her table and sat beside her making her open her eyes.

Part 1:Cant forget you

It was a cold and misty morning.…
The roads we're all clear without any trace of human was because of the spine chilling cold..

""Riddima...Riddima..."".a girl came in to where riddima as sleeping
""Kaun bula Ravi has mujhe subah subah""

Character Sketch:Cant forget you

Armaan Malik

Riddima guptA

Thursday, 3 December 2015

part 22 :lovers or rivals

After the engagement every one went back to their respected house.. Aman went with armman n ria with ridhima.. As kids dis not wanted to leave their parents alone... N from next day both of them have planned to exchange their places.. I.e. one day aman armaan n ria ridhima n next day aman ridhima n ria armaann...!!
2 wks passed with an blink of eye.. Only 4 days were left for the grand day of 2 couples .!!
Everyone was busy with some or other preparations...
A : wat happen uncle u called us kike this urgently.. Everything ok..
Shail : anything happened  ??
Shishank called armaan muskan n rahul n their familes and atul anji to his gupta house..
S.g. : ill tell u bt b4 that u all plz sit.. Be comfortable ...
Padma : il get some snacks n drink for u all..!!
S.g. : wait padma.. First let me complete watt I want to u tell u..
S.g. : wat are we all doing these days..??

last part : Love is life (season 2)

Armaan and shilpa were on bed
And arsh had slept
Till that time
Shilpa wore

Part 14:A Tale of Two Strangers

previous parts link

Armaan and Riddhima became friends. Everyone came to Abhi's farmhouse for his and Nikki's engagement. They have loads of fun and then decided to sit in the garden having their gala time.
Finally the song ended with so much laughing and hooting. Everyone came back to reality and they too joined in clapping to hide their embarrassment. Soon everyone once again went to have a check on final arrangements. After having dinner they all decided to sit in garden for sometime and spend some time with each other.
Everyone was sitting in the garden chatting and teasing each other but in all this Riddhima was missing. Armaan was not himself anymore after the song ended. He was all dazed. His mind was thinking about nothing but Riddhima. She was the only thing rather person in his mind. He was too surprised of thinking that in mere few days that he was so attracted to someone.
Well to be saying it's a co-incidence or destiny, he again met a girl name Riddhima and after trying for umpteeth time he just couldn’t take his eyes off her. Something is there in her, which he just can't get over and is forced to think about her. Her eyes showed enormous of emotions flowing through them which made him more confuse.
He again saw his friends bickering over something so he quietly left the place to search for he person his eyes were yearning to see. Still somewhere his mind told him that he can't fell for some other girl but his heart never listens. Such a stubborn piece you know. He still has some hopes deep inside that for once his wish come true. This Riddhima comes to be his Shona.

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part 44 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Riddhima was making rounds around him dancing while he has shut his eyes to control his anger but when it is out of his patience,he gets up from the chair and start going out but she again holds his hand and he turns to her and shouts aloud,"BASSSS...."

"Enough is enough..." Saying he make his hand free and was about to go out of the tent but she said, "kya itna kamzoor hai humare pyaar ki tum mujhe maaf bhi nahi kar sakte..."

He stopped then and there and turned to her.came close to her and asked,"yahi question mai tumse puchu to..."he held her arms lightly saying, "bolo na riddhima...kya itna kamzoor tha humara pyar ki tumne mujhe kuch bhi bata na jaruri nahi samjha..."

"Armaan, mai dar gai thi...mujhe laga ki Wo maa papa ko mar dega..." She tried to say but he Shoved his hand leaving her,"kya apne armaan par itna bhi bharosa nahi tha tumhe ki tum mujhe sach bata didn't took us a day to get them back to us riddhima... Not even a single day...riddhima mera tumhari life me hone ka ya na hone ka kya matlab hai jab mai tumhare taklif me us time nahi tha jab you were needing me the most...this thought is killing me each and every second that Maine tumhara us pal sath nahi diya jab tumhe mere sath ki sabse jyada jarurat thi...par is me meri kya galti thi riddhima... Mai for the first time tumhari aakho me Wo dard nh dekh paya Jo tum seh rahi thi and that is because you who have never for a single moment let me come close to you....bolo na riddhima kya itna kamzoor tha humara pyar...."

part 18(Last):Dealed Love

Next day

Muskaan : ridzzy … uth naa … chal aaj masjid chalet hain …
Riddhima getting up and sitting on the bed : masjid ?
Muskaan : han han masjid …. Sab ke liey dua mangne chalet hain ….
Riddhima : han … yahan to dua qubool hui nhi … shaid wahin ho jaye ….
Muskaan : uffoo … tu the gi to hi chalein ge na hum …

Part 44:DMG 3

Part 44

It had been over an hour and shilpa had not regained consciousness. Armaan was trying to stay calm he had called shashank over who had insisted on letting shilpa regain consciousness on her own.

Shashank: armaan! The mind has its own defense against what it is able to withstand. Shilpa has gone through a terrible ordeal she'll wake up when she is ready.

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Part 17:U Make My Life Worth To Live AGAIN!!!


As usual Armaan assign duties to everyone and dismiss before moving to his cabin to start his day with a smile on his face... From the day Riddhima enter his life as his bes friend, the smile always adore on his lips every morning and every employee was glad they didn't have to face the angry young serious man early morning but the smiling one for a change...

Happy Birthday fairy(roopkhota)

Hey guyss aaj humari pyari writer roopkhota ka birthday hai soo lets celebrate her birthdayy....fairy i knw u r missing me n me too miss u alottt ...apko lagta hoga ki bubble bhulgayi apko bt c i remember ur birthday taddaaaaa ..

Muskurane Ki Wajah Tumho -An AR OS

Life is the gift given by god, when god sent anyone to this world he already decide the faith and destiny of particular person... From the day they are born and to the last day in this world... No one can change their life the way they want because life is written by god and we are to live it the way god has decide for us...

part 27 (c) :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan

Part continues...

Ri (she was already late n then whole day work she wasn't even feeling like driving so she finally gave in n said):fine..ruko main car ki chabi leke ati hoon...
Ar: per tum to isme jane wale the na.. (pointing at her scootty)
Ri (sighed): look armaan mujhe meri bui I mean bua ko lene airport jani hai ab tum sath ja rahe ho to obviously car to lag jayegi hi na...
Ar:oh OK chalo...
Ri: par keys..
Ar: are mere car bahar hi hai let's go..
Ri: par armaan...
Ar (cutting her in between): koi par bhar nhi OK. ..
Ri (smile a little): OK chalo...

In front of armaan's car
Armaan open the lock n got in without waiting for riddhima actually he was almost forgot to open the door for her when riddhima knock on glass from other side making him look at her n said something armaan didn't got what she is saying started to shout from inside without opening the window: kya bol rahe ho basket kuch samajh nhi a rhi hai jara jor se bolo (that's when riddhima slap on his window) oye pagal ho gayi ho kya tod dogi kya(then started to open the window)

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Happy Birthday Shagun

 Happy Birthday Shagun (chotu)...many many happy returns of the day.I hope you have a wonderful day and that the year ahead is filled with much love, many wonderful surprises and gives you lasting memories that you will cherish in all the days ahead. Happy Birthday.

Chotu i knw bohot din hogayi humney baat nahi ki kaam me bohot busy hogayi hun bt trust me mai apko bhot bhot yaad karti hun n punam di se apke bare me punchti rehti hun .... u hve a special place in my heart ....alwys keep smiling believe in urself n go ahead ....kamyabi apke kadam chumegi luv u alottttttt chotuuu muahhhh

Part 10 - Last Part:Tanha Dil AR FF


Part 10 [Last Part]

""Armaan..?"" Ridhhima was shocked out of her wits.. she had though thought of marrying him someday but not all of a sudden like this..

""Ridhhima.. I Love You More than My life nd wish to spend rest of my life with you nd our daughter.. Baby I promise to keep you Happy nd Love you till my last breath nd even after that.. Will You Marry Me..?"" He said getting down on his knee..

part 21:"tumhare siwa"

Armaan : so here we are madam

Shilpa trys to remove the band from her eyes but armaan stops her

Armaan : na na not so soon ma'am

Shilpa again pout n armaan chuckle over it

Armaan come out of car n moved towards shilpa's side n open her side of door

Take her hand in his n move little away from the car after that he removed her eyes from the band n says

Armaan : tadaa... see we are here""wid excitement""

Shilpa slowly open her eyes n she was shocked

Shilpa : ye kya""she shout""

part 27 (b) :Ankahein Rishtoon Mein Andekhi Ansuni Najdikiyaan


Bg music start...

[It's an song from movie shaandaar the video of it is not available but audio is I hope now no one have problem going crazy thinking which film it is. N I made some changes in lyrics I mean cut a portion so don't get confused ]

Armaan goes towards boys n all stand rounding while Armaan explain something then all turn facing the girls who were standing facing them while elder's are sitting

Ar:Badi hi senti wali mental hain ye choriyan [Scene shows armaan goes to riddhima n others also to their respective partners n while saying senti act like crying n while saying mental point at girls head n round their finger on side of their forehead indicating mental while all girls hit on their hand]
Ra:Ho ke machchar bhi kaate [Scene shows boys clap in front of girls face making them scare as if kill mosquito]
Si:To selfie uski kheench lein [Scene shows all boys come together n act as if taking selfies n dance while pointing maddy who was busy taking selfie while girls scold her to stand straight]

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Longest hours: A recovery from sadness(one shot)

I sat on the couch dressed in all black with a matching pendant and earrings. My dark brown hair tied in a bun and lots of makeup done by professionals. And even though my feet hurts in 6inch heels yet, I haven't removed them. ""Armaan like this way"" I reminded myself. It was 9 and we were supposed to be in charity event but Armaan haven't showed up yet. I hope he haven't left me all dressed for the event like last time when his excused was that he forgot.
My eyes were constantly on the clock. The time was moving at the snail pace, my throat was dry and I wanted to have some water but my legs were sore and I wasn't in mood to walk with hurt feets.
""9:30"" I murmured the time. My eyes were on door now.
Getting little restless I walked towards the door ignoring the pain in my legs. I was searching for his car from the window, finger crossed. Only if his mobile network was reachable. My heart starts beating faster with all the negative thoughts I was suddenly having. ""I hope sab kuch thik ho"" I can't stop myself from thinking about all the bad possibility.
The clock shows 10 and Armaan still wasn't at home. I dialed Gloria's number, unreachable. My eyes start filling with tears. I removed my heels, the pain was unbearable now. I least care about my looks right now, I know I was at mess. My mascara would be ruined and hair must be at mess but all I could think about was Armaan, he said he would be home till 8 and now the clock shows 10:15. I started pacing near the door, murmuring ""everything will be fine"" to console myself. I tried to call Armaan again, but it was hopeless. I dialed Gloria's number again, this time it rang but Gloria didn't answered it. My nervousness increased. ""Maybe Gloria is with Armaan"", I thought. Gloria is Armaan's mother. When Armaan turned 20, his parents got divorced and he moved to Goreme  with his mother. He lived in Mumbai before moving to Turkey. He was my senior in graduation, I had a huge crush on him. Obsession actually. But he always ignored me, he is still ignoring me even after 3 years of our marriage.

Part - 2 : In the blink of an eye

*Knock Knock*


"Mum,I am changing right now"



6months later..
Girl1:I can't believe it..
Girl2 :kya hua ridzy???
Ri:Nikki..dekho,him logon internship,friendship,pyaar,accident,rika,engagement, shaadi air about pregnancy sab ek saath hua hai
Mus:par keerthi man to 4 months pregnant has....Nikki,twra aur mera pregnancy pe ek u
Ya do hafte ki difference hai
Ri:phir bhi...tumhe pata kitni khush hu....hum chaaron ke bache ek saath ek ghar me rehenge...aur woogon ke beech me zyaada age difference Bhi nahi hoge
Mus:Anji,tum kya soch rahi ho??
An:musky,meibe abhi tak Atul ko ye khabar nahi di...soch  rahi hu kaise doongi...
Ni:ha iske baare me meine socha bhi nahi
Mus:ek kaam karte hai..aaj ek party rakhte hai...
Ri:wonderful idea
Ni:to mein boys ko inform karti hu,ridzy tum invites bejo,muskaan tum caterers ko arrange karo aur Anji tum all rounding bhi karungi...
Ri:I wish keerti mam bhi hote
Mus:wo tho apne ghar gayye hena...hum log manage karenge
An:tho,lets start our work
All: done!!!