Saturday, 12 December 2015

episode 1: pyar to hona hi tha


(Ek Ladki sokar uthti hai...aur window par akar curtains hatati hai...vo window par khadi hokar smile karti hai..aur kehti hai..)
Girl- Good Morning...Mr A...shayad kal se mujhe tumhe yu good morning karna hi na pade...kyuki ab to tum vapas aa rhe ho...mere paas...apni basket ke paas...

part 47 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Next day

AR are still sleeping with beautiful smile on their lips.they are in the same position as armaan is hugging her from back.

As its raining outside so the whether is cold and riddhima is feeling cold but armaan is giving her warmth with cuddling her more in his arms.

Anjali gets up early as it is Aryan's food time so she takes him in her arms and comes out to find the most cutest scene in front of her.she smiles and again going in brings the duvet and cover them nicely.

Aryan makes some aaahhhh uuuhhhhh noice seeing AR and anjali smiling keeps him next to AR putting pillows on his one side so to protect him from falling.

Riddhima slides down and keeps her head on Armaan's thighs and her hair falls near Aryan's hand who started pulling it.

Part 422(Last):**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Ridhimaa had been brought to the beautifully decorated room. Roses... red, white, yellow, pink... all were there, some on the bed, some hanging around like drapings. The whole room looked as if it was just paradise. Soft, fragrant candles were lighting up the room. She had been here many times, but never had she imagined this room as her room, their room.

Friday, 11 December 2015

part 47:DMG 3

Part 47

 Armaan smiled as sujal walked off to get kashish a glass of water as he knew they were making progress. Sujal had stopped being overly protective for the last two days of shilpa especially when he was around. Armaan smiled as he saw kashish make sujal jump through the hoops metaphorically that is. Today was the Mehendi and Sangeet ceremony of Maan and geet. Armaan stood around waiting for shilpa to show up he knew she was here but where that was another thing.

Part 4 and 5:Cant Forget You

Riddima was totally broken down by this.…she did not expect Armaan would kill his own was indeed ridiculus..

Ni:Riddima,please to math..please Riddima
All the others came inside lowering their heads..

Part 47:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

RECAP - in last part we saw cute morning romance of AR n how Armaan makes ridhima understand that no one can drew them apart... Armaan praises ridhima infront of sunaina n she got jealous n went from the office
meanwhile anjali explains ridhima abt her responsibility of being a wife n she advices her to take a step ahead in AR 'S Relationship...
n AR share some passionate moments in the terrace...

Thursday, 10 December 2015

part 24 :lovers or rivals

Prepation for sangeet ware going on in ful swing..
Anji : atul do the step.froperly.. Ill fall down if u continue to dance like this..
Atul : anji im trying..
Ria : no uncle.. U have to do it perfectly..
Atul : yes maam..!!
Ria n aman were instrusting all othera how to dance.. Their both grandparents.. Muskaan and rahul's parents..
Aman : Mumaa dadi aunty.. Nt like this...
Ria : wait i will show u..
Ria performs the step wich the elderly ladies were to do..
Aman : try it again..

Part - 3 : In the blink of an eye

Armaan's Pov

I see prakash(Armaan's driver) waiting for me in the car.I am really tired.I mean who would'nt be tired when they are doing work continuously in the day and someone's thought keep coming in their mind in night.Really,i think working and at the same time not having sleep has taken a toll on my health.I can feel fire burning in my body.

Part 421:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

Armaan and Ridhimaa were meeting everyone, post their wedding. All who were present there were showering the newly wedded couple with blessings and gifts, giving Ridhimaa a tearful farewell. Ridhimaa threw back three handfuls of rice and coins over her head. She gave one last, sweeping look towards the Gupta house which had been her home for all these years.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

TEASER : pyar to hona hi tha

MAlik Mansion
Riddhima- aaj me boht khush hu..mera pyaar mera armaan aaj poore...12 saal baad vapas aa rha hai....bachpan se isi din ka to intezaar tha...mujhe..aaj me boht khush hu mom

part 46 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Riddhima was getting ready in front of mirror with a beautiful smile adoring her face.she is wearing pink tan top with full length baby blue skirt.long matching earrings and some funky mix colour bracelet. She ties her hair in a high pony tail and putting pink gloss on her already pink lips she was about to turn but then her eyes fell on something.

She picks up the necklace which armaan has given her on their engagement evening and caressing the pendant kiss it lightly,wearing it.then taking her mobile,wearing her sandal she walks out of her room.

It is 4pm and armaan down in hall is waiting for riddhima in Gupta house.padma is talking to him but he is least interested in it as he is waiting for his angel to come down so that he can see her.

Padma has called riddhima telling armaan has come and waiting for her.

"Armaan tum yaha ruko mai juice laati hu tumhare liye..." Saying padma went in the kitchen leaving armaan.

Part 1B:Yet Another Cinderella Story

previous parts

Recap - She kept her letter in a book and kept it safely in a cupboard.She slumps down on her bed when she heard some noise near her window.She moved towards the noise when she noticed something which shocked her out of wits


Part - 1 B

"Karthikeyan Ramachandran ? Tum yahaa kyaa karre ho?" asked Riddhima with shock clearly written all over her face.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Part 57:You Actually Love Me Or

First of all I am really very sorry for not updating from quite sometime. Sorry guys just got busy with life. Anyway here is recap of the story, ad many of you must forgot the story. So Here it is a quick sneak peak.
Now here comes the next part

Part 57

Part 46:DMG 3

Part 46

 Armaan heard her laughter and turned around to see her laughing with a bunch of women. Shilpa stood in the middle of the room with her back towards armaan but would've recognized that laugh anywhere. He had read somewhere that there are certain sounds and smells which we connect with certain emotions or words and they sort remain like forever in our minds. 

Part 420:**Muhabbat Ki Raahon Me**

PART 420:

Ridhimaa: Armaan... mere pass...

Armaan: (cutting her short) Suits hi pehenna... comfortable rahenge...

Ridhimaa: Lekin Armaan... mere pass already...

Monday, 7 December 2015

Siggies By Anshu

part 23 :lovers or rivals

PART ~23

Mehandi ceremony..
Rum was divided by using a piece of cloth..
One side was armaan-rahul n other side.ridhima-muskan...
Ridhima and muskan  were siting with her arms steched out.. N girls aplying mehandi on their hands..!!
Armaan was siting with an iritated face..
Armaan (thinking)

Part 12:Unsaid Love

As armaan saw the car moving away from his eyes. He fell on his knees and his heart cried. Seeing him nandini puts his hand on his shoulder and feeling his mom's touch he looked at her and speaks up.
A:''mom ab vo kabhie nahin aayegi maine oske dill ke tukde kar diyye hain mom''

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Part 3: Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

After Few Days of Settling in the City Riddhima Walked in to give the interview in different Companies and Everyone was impressed with her capabilities, her presence of mind and her way of looking at things in positive ways....

Longest hours: A recommence love story(One shot)

I know I should have been more careful, I know I should have been more understanding. But there are things I can't explain, feeling I can't share. My mistakes that can't be erased and I am not powerful enough to turn back the time.
There is no more naughty sia, who welcomed me with a mischievous smile. There is no more  peace at my place. All I have is tension, unwanted relationships. But tonight was worst, I had never seen Sia in more miserable condition then tonight neither I had expected my love to behave so wild.
As I entered inside the house, I saw Sia crying, screaming, she was bleeding, her hand had some wounds and their stands Riddhima, expressionless, emotionless. I saw everything in disbelief. ""Sia"" I ran towards her, her condition made my heartache. ""Sia...kya hu everything happened?"" I took her into a hug, my face was towards Riddhima.
""Daddy, Riddhima...Riddhima"" I heard her, she has hiccups in between. She was sobbing while trying to speak. ""Don't worry baby, daddy is here. Daddy will fix everything"" I carry her into my arms. Walking towards her room, I heard Riddhima calling me ""Armaan...meh...yeh sab..."" her voice depicts nervousness, she had some guilt in it. ""Bas Riddhima...I know Sia isn't your daughter and you both doesn't like each other but this is not acceptable"" I yelled at her. ""Armaan...meri baat""
""Enough"" my voice got higher, I could control my anger. From last 7 years, Sia is my everything. Ever since Shilpa left us alone. I was everything to Sia. But things have changed now, everything is changed.

Part 2 and 3:Cant Forget You

From the very next day,Riddima started to attend her college…

""Wo dekho,ye wahi ladki hai no pregnant hui thi
""College ka pehle din pe kitni tamasha khada kia thana""
""Ha,i felt disguested to have such creeps in our college""
Riddima heard some girls taking…she felt tears in her eyes,which she wiped out as fast as she could…