Saturday, 19 December 2015

part 49 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Boys are in church with some guest along with mallik's and Gupta's.abhi's some relatives are also there

Abhi in his black three piece suit,atul in dark blue blazer with black shirt and black jeans looking handsome more than cute for a change. Rahul in off white jacket with blue shirt and black jeans.
Armaan in grey suit with white shirt in and silver grey color tie and sliver color watch looking dashing as ever.all the girls were drooling over him but he was just looking at the door of church waiting for his love who is the bridesmaid of the bride and will be coming with Nikki.

Soon anjali comes wearing a purple gown looking stunning as ever with Muskaan who is wearing off white knee length dress.both Rahul and atul keeps on looking them as they comes and sits in front bench.

muskaan winks at rahul who actually was about to fall looking her winking but atul holds him saying, "sambhal kar...abhi to bas shuruwat hai..." And Rahul gave him strange look.

"Abe she will soon be showing her mood swings jo ki jhelna bhot mushkil hai...and Muski...I don't know brother.. How you are gonna handle her..." Atul laughed with armaan who was listening them.

episode4 : pyar to hona hi tha

riddhima- mene hi bulaya hai sid..ko..
(yeh sunkar armaan ke face par boht zyada gussa aa jaata hai vi riddhima se gusse me puchta hai...)
Armaan- kyu...? Mene kha tha tumhara niche intezaar kar rha hu..saath chalenge hum..phir kyu..?

segment 32: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


Dr mallick: "good morning,beta riddhima…arman kahan hai?

Friday, 18 December 2015

Part 49:DMG 3

Part 49

Shilpa sat in the room allotted to her at maan's house. Today was her wedding, as she sat infront of the dressing table with her hair wet after her bath. As she applied moisturizer to her face and neck she went over the events of the previous few days.
Maan and sujal had insisted on having the wedding at maan's house as they wanted her rukhsati to take place from the brothers house. Shilpa smiled as she thought about how her brothers had argued and her seemingly unorthodox brothers had turned traditional. What had surprised her more had been armaan.

part 56: An Arranged love Marriage

Robin (one of the maids) entered their room with a trolley of breakfast. "Ma'am the breakfast is ready. In case you need anything else you can call through the intercom I'll be at service!"
"Sure! Thank you..." She smiled at the boy and took the trolley. As she got busy arranging the breakfast on plates; she missed his attire as he had already stepped out. He stood in front of the mirror combing his hair when Riddhima's eyes caught his glimpse and she was bowled over would be an understatement.

Part - 8 : Selfish love


Everything started blurring and she faints off ,but this time someone was there to hold her.Yeah guys this is none other than Armaan who seems terrified and worried for riddhima.

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Part 48:Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

recap - in last part we saw armaan n gang having fun in mallik mansion,
sunaina unexpected entry in mallik mansion, muskaan n ridhima playing pranks on sunaina n
AR cute moments in the night

part 25(last part) : lovers or rivals

After the haldi ceremony was over both groom families went to a nearby hotel From where barat will leave towards the wedding venue.. I.e. the gupta farm house..
Both the couples were ready in their bridal attires waiting for the moment went they will officially become each other's..
Now  was the time for last few ceremonies before the departure of barat..
At grooms place..
Hall was full of relatives n frnds n were waiting for the grooms..
Armann came down the stairs holding mann's hand(atul-anji'son..)
Both were looking same..
They wore a skin sherewani with golden n mehrum embroidery.. N were holding swords in their free hands..

episode3 : pyar to hona hi tha


(stretcher par padma ko OT me le jaate hai..Dr shubhankar...riddhima armaan ananya surbhi sab OT Ke bahar khade hote hai...riddhima bahar khadi ro rhi hoti hai..armaan use chup karaane jaa hi rha hota ananya akar use hug kar leti hai..aur kehti hai)

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

part 48 : Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere Khuda

Mallik mansion was decorated with beautiful flowers and curtains.lightning all around the mansion with fragrance of flowers.

Ananya and padma are checking all the arrangements for food snacks and drinks

Armaan and Rahul are arranging all the other stuff and doing all the necessary changes with help of some workers.

Shashank is with anuraag to check the the guests and all with Nikki's parents

Today is the very first function of AN's marriage that is sangeet.all the arrangements are done and now all are busy doing last touch ups.

Atul is with abhi and girls are with Nikki in guest rooms getting ready as all the functions are held in mallik mansion.

It is evening time and all the guest have arrived enjoying the soft music playing in background and the tasty snacks.

episode 2: pyar to hona hi tha

(riddhima us ladki ko armaan ke saath dekhkar shock ho jaati hai... idhar ananya armaan ko dekhkar boht khush hoti hai..aur bhaagti huyi jaakar armaan ko hug kar leti hai...par ananya armaan ke saath ladki ko dekhkar shock ho jaati hai..aur kehti hai. )
Ananya- yeh koun armaan...?

segment 31: A Duke & A Duchess' Story (season 1)


When riddhima woke up…she remembered all the things,which happened last night.she looked at arman’s bed…but he was not there,”kahan gaya?...itni jaldi to kabhi bhi nahi uthta….but riddhima ko isse kya matlab?...achcha hi hua…wo arman se baat bhi nahi karna chahti…wo bahut naraj hai arman se………

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Part 48:DMG 3

Part 48

 Amidst laughter and applause armaan crushed shilpa to himself and closed his eyes to savour the moment.  

He pulled back to see tears in shilpa's eyes: you know you're right!(wiping her tears) you don't look so good while crying!(making shilpa hiccup on a laugh) 

Part 9&10:Cant Forget You

Part 8

As soon as he got into the next room she started to check out the room he realised it was Ridhima when he was about to get out through the window he had some sounds from a room which was attached to that room he decided to check that room 2 he slowly entered the room hey girl was lying in bed glucose attached to her veins he couldn't figure out who was that because she was lying so many wires attached to her body then he noticed that there was a cradle at near to that in which baby was sleeping the baby was around 2 years old armaans curiosity increased slowly started to walk towards the bed as soon as he saw the girls face she was standing Numb

part 109 : Dill Mill Gayye 3

Sun rays peep inside the room as silent was around, two people sleep cuddling to each other while the little one was sleeping peacefully in his cab... Birds were flying singing while trees and grass were dancing with the breeze... Sun rays hit Armaan face making his sleep disturb, he hide his face on Riddhima hair who was sleeping hugging him hiding her face on his chest...

Monday, 14 December 2015

Part 17:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

ridhima looked at armaan who was not so happy talking on the phn

ar - Maine pehle hi Kaha tha na ke mujhe koi bhi project aagey nahi badaana iss waqt
didn't i told u that before ?????

Part 2:Dill mill gayye VMs By Nima

Kash,Kasu and Kajen Vm on the beautiful song Beintehaan

Part 1C:Yet Another Cinderella Story

Part - 1 C

Armaan is really Angry now.How dare this girl slap him ?.He was quiet from that much because he came in this party uninvited and that stupid curly haired girl did'nt allow him to speak anything.But now enough is enough.This girl has crossed her limits according to him.Noone means Noone messes with Prince Armaan mallik Rathode.Armaan was about to yell at her,when muskaan's Voice interrupted him.

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Part 6 and 7:Cant Forget You

Tring…tring.. Mus:abbe alarm off karna Nikki Ni:tu karo na.. Anji:i will off it..omg guys itz 10ets get up..

part 55: An Arranged love Marriage

"Aur haan yaad rahe... tum 5 baje se hi tayyar rehna aur ho sake toh 5:15 baje hi vaha pohoch jana. Bohot mushkil se maani hai vo; ab ki baar agar naaraz hui na Muskaan toh fir main bhi kuch nahi kar paungi!"