Saturday, 2 January 2016

Part 9:Ekk Baar...Phir Se

It's been two days Riddhima had been back from New York. The feeling of rejection was eating her up inside. She was sitting on her bed thinking about the last few days.

'I should have stuck to my stubbornness and not go after him and confess my love to him. But Sid made me realize that I still love him.' But he also loves me! After coming here he confesses two times. Actually na I am not worth it. Thats why I didn't get my love.'

Day after Karwachaut

Riddhima was sitting in the fire escape thinking about all the events that happened since Armaan came. Why the hell can she not take him out of her head? He told her to give him a chance, but she doesn't wanna get heartbroken again.

Her trance of thoughts was broken when someone from behind came in and sat next to her. ""Sid"" riddhima said and he smiled and handed her a cup of coffee while she blinked her eyes as if saying thanks.

""He really loved you Riddhima!"" Sid said while Riddhima looked at him confusingly. ""Armaan! Im talking about Armaan!"" He said while worried lines appeared on her forehead and she began to feel uncomfortable.

episode8 : pyar to hona hi tha

(armaan corridoor se guzarte huye rounds par jaa rha hota hai ki vo dekhta hai ki firescape me koi hota hai...vo paas jaata vo dekhta sid aur riddhima kuch baat kar rhe hote hai sid boht khush hota hai...aur riddhima bhi uski baat sunkar khush ho rhi hoti hai..use kuch sunai nhi de rha hota hai..par sid aur riddhima ko saath dekhkar use boht gussa aa rha hota hai...vo bina soche samjhe firescape ka door khol deta hai...aur riddhima aur sid use dekhte hai..riddhima armaan ko dekhkar sochti hai..)

Friday, 1 January 2016

episode 3:True Love Never dies

We see two bikes
On which two guys of college was sitting
And half crowd was cheering for armaan and half crowd was cheering for rahul
As both were best friends and they love to do bike racing
Armaan and rahul showed thumbs up to each other and closed their helmets
And on the same time shilpa muskaan and anjali were going from that way and trio saw the crowd and were worried but then they hear
The cheering noise

Part 6-8:Ekk Baar...Phir Se

Part 6


Ar: lo na riddhima!
At: bro wats wrong with u? Why r u being sucha monster?
Ar: cuz i am Atul!
Ar: haina Riddhima? Im a monster na!

He forwarded the glass of vinegar to her! All now looked at riddhima thinking will she take or not!

Part 6:

""I will DRINK it"" All were shocked when Riddhima took the glass and drank as he drank from his glass. Armaan shut his eyes to control the itch and pain in his throat. Yes, he was also DRINKING VINGER. When Riddhima finished, glass fell from her hand and she started coughing.

""One more?"" Armaan said making Riddhima look at him eyes wide. ""Armaan tu pagal hogaya hai kya"" Anjali said not believing what her brother was doing. ""Khasi rukk jayegi na Riddhima!"" Armaan said putting two glasses on the table.

""No"" anjali said in a whisper not believing what her brother was doing. ""Armaan tu pagal hogaya hai"" atul mumbled. Riddhima looked straight in his eyes to see Anger for her. If looks could kill she would have been burnt to ashes by now. She knew he was pouring out his anger because she refused to listen to him the other day.

Part 9:No love for me

Recap - surprise for the trio . Ridhima tensed. Abhi assures her and asks her to move . Niki n ridhima remembering their old friends. .
Part 9
We enter a bunglow
A lady was working in the kitchen...
Just then A man dressed up in grey suit came and settled near dining table
M- Good morning maa
Lady smiled at him and arrived with the breakfast and settled it on the table...
The man while having breakfast was completely engrossed in a file
L- hey bhagwan kya karu main ye ladke  kya jab dekho tab kaam  case patients uff  kabhi to during aur dhyan  diya karo shashank
( yip were in Gupta mansion)

S- ma yeh kisi patient k file nahi hai.. wo apko to bataya tha na kiss baar wo international doctors conference  sanjeevni mumbai me hone wala hai usi k kuch details hai

Thursday, 31 December 2015

Part 50(Last):DMG 3

Part 50
Shilpa opened her eyes in the morning and looked at the handsome face of her beloved armaan as he slept. Even in sleep he had his arms around her and her hair were spread across his chest. She lay there and listened to his heart beat, she traced a random pattern on his bare chest and smiled as he moved restlessly in his sleep.  She leaned close and gently blew in his ear making him squirm and turn to his side trying to get back to disturbance free sleep. As he turned on his shilpa slid out of his hold and got up from bed. She quickly put on her robe and went to the bathroom to freshen up.

episode 2 : True Love Never dies

We see a girl with spex coming in the class
She is cusin of shilpa settling her spex she came in class
And she was about to sit but armaan and rahul came forward
And said
Armaan: hello

Part 19:Fateful love in an arrange marriage

ridhima was busy watching kuch kuch hota hai on TV n she was just too much engrossed in the movie
she raised the sound of the TV n she just forgot entire home

Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Part 1:My Love, My Life - AR FF


It was another day full of love and life.. It was their 5th anniversary they celebrated today.. The night was peaceful.. when lying on the bed she came forward nd whispered ""Happy Anniversary once again Honey..!"" with a light peck on his cheek.. keeping his eyes close he pulled her into a tight hug, kissing her head he said ""Happy Anniversary Jaan.. I love u""

episode7 : pyar to hona hi tha

(armaan aur riddhima ek dusre ki ankhon me khoye huye hote hai...par riddhima sabse pehle dream world se bahar aati hai...aur niche nazar jhuka leti hai....armaan yeh dekhkar dream world se bahar aata hai...aur riddhima ko sambhalkar khada kar deta hai...riddhima usse door khadi hokar vha se chali jaati hai aur armaan bhi chala jaata hai...)

PART 2 : Chup ChupKe (An AR TS )


Armaan and Riddhima was remembering their old days but soon it was broke hearing baby letting out a cry... Nandini took the baby to Riddhima who took the baby in her arms rocking him softly... To Armaan and Riddhima surprise, he stop crying and they were glad as they didn't want their secret to come out without they talk to the real mother of the baby...

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Part 11 & 12:Cant forget you

All were looking confused after seeing Riddimas behaviour
Mus:Riddima tu ye kya kar rahi hai
Ni: ha Riddhima tume andaaza bhi nahi laga sakte ki pichle kuch dino se Armaan thumhaara khayal kaise rakh raha tha

"Because I love u"( kash fairy tale one shot) for roshni

hi friends,today is happy birthday of my sweet cute shona sis roshni.

roshni bahut dino se mujhe "kash fairy tale" likhne ko keh rahi thi par mujhe time nehi mil raha tha ,but i managed and wrote it for a bd gift for u shona sis. hope u will like it.

note ---its not related with karan shilpa's real  life or the writer's intention is not to hurt anyone. it is totally writer's imagination.

PART 110 (Last Part) :DILL MILL GAYYE 3


Armaan and Riddhima was sleeping in each other arms as the sun rays peep inside from the open window... Curtains were flying with the breeze which was travel in and out, silent were around the room as Ray was also sleeping on his cab which was next to Armaan Riddhima bed...

Monday, 28 December 2015

part 58: An Arranged love Marriage

But to her luck; she realized he was about to get really annoyed now as her car stopped. She tried few more times but the engine budged to start! This was the time to panic. She was in the middle of an unknown place; unknown lane and all alone thanks to her stubbornness. Maybe he was right... she

PART 1 :Chup ChupKe (An AR TS )

It was raining heavily, silent was around the world as it was midnight... Water drops hitting the roofs were the only sounds around the dark night... Suddenly silent around the hospital was broke by a couple running inside with a lady on stretcher who was crying in pain... They were soaked from head to toe, dripping water all over the tiles as they rush towards the OT shouting for help...

Sunday, 27 December 2015

part 3 : meant to be

Armaan n Shilpa proceed towards Dr. Shashank cabin n knocked on the door.

Voice: come in "from inside"

Part 4: Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Karan - Hello Shubhankar..
Shubhankar - Namaste papa...
Karan - jeete raho... Shubhankar vo Armaan khush hain is rishte se... Riddhima ne kya kaha...
Shubhankar - vo bhi raazi hain papa...

part 50 :Dil Mein Ho Tum Sirf Tum

the room 's condition was sooo bad
the sandals were lying infront of the door
if someone enters,, the person will surely fall on the floor
the teddy bears were thrown on the floor... inshort the room looks like a complete mess