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chapter 13 : My soulmate my wife

Billi : Ridhima, Ridhima beta… he called
her loudly.. did you hear me ?
[ Ridhima came back in present]
Ri : Ji, JI uncle….. I’ll start working

on it from now… if any specifications ?
Billi : no, you’re all free… all the best
Ridhima passed a faint smile and walked
Ridhima. went to her cubicle.. picked up
her necessary elements for drawing.
Then She walked in store room, collect
few fabrics which she would like to use.
Ridhima walked back to drawing workshop.
She set up drawing paper and
clipped it on sketched board. She has
already got all information
likes wedding time, bride-caste which
will help her what type of
dress bride prefers and according to
which type of material she should use,
which will make comfortable bride to
dress during wedding. All are going
good, Ridhima , herself is in full mood to
concentrate only on design.
She drew a rough shape.. but she
couldn’t fight for long…
Her eyes have started moist… only those
moments peeped
out in her mind…when her buaji
brought out her wedding
dress, jewelry.. she was so happy.. her
buaji was so happy
..they were waiting for her in- laws to
come and take her
Away with them.. how her buaji used to
show everyone
How much she’s looking pretty in that
dress, to tell
everyone that when Ridhima’ll go her in-
laws house..
she will be all alone… that every
moment, every dream she
and her Buaji knitted ,which shattered
by her husband,
was haunting her…she didn’t want to
remember that..
but couldn’t forget that… she didn’t
want to cry to
remember that… but she forget to
smile… Ridhima was
staring at the white drawing
just then someone knocked on door…
she startled little
bit . then looked back and saw a
beautiful girl entered in,
and walked to her with a broad smile…
Tina : hi… Ridhima Gupta?
[ Ridhima nodded yes]
I’m Tina…. Billi uncle has told me
you’re design my
wedding dress…. so I came to thank you
and if you need
any measurement or any
I thought I could
visit you for once…
Ri : so you’re the bride..
congratulations !!! wishing you a very
happy married life..
yea, I’ll need you measurements but
not now… and if you want any
specification ,
you can tell me.. any requirement ?
Tina [ smiling]:’re all
free..I’m sure, you’ll give me the best
umm..I won’t disturb you.. you go
ahead… I’ll take your leave, now…
Tina was a friendly , easy going girl, who
was super excited
About her wedding.. she came to Ridhima
and hugged her,
to convey her gratitude ….then left. And
Ridhima surely touched by her gesture
Ridhima turned back .. tried to
concentrate ..but she’s totally mused in
her past.
She was staring at the paper..the white
color made her lost nowhere.
ON. But It’s not so easy as to say.
Bitter memory is like tennis ball, if you
dropped it on ground ,it’ll come up with
equal force. As much you try to forget
past as much you’ll remember that.
when Ridhima got the meaning of
marriage, from then till 1 second before
shatter her dreams, she’s waiting for her
husband, who will come and hold
her hand forever, take her away with him
for rest of life.. but the fact is he never
turn up, he left her before to hold……….
Ridhima didn’t know how long she’s
looking at drawing board … may be for 1
or 2 hours… she didn’t even noticed
some has opened the door and walked
stood behind her..gazing at her…
It’s Armaan who has entered in..actually
he’s passing the drawing gallery and
then his eyes fell on Ridhima who was
staring blank white art paper..when he
Returning back to his cabin he saw same
sight… so he entered in… and it didn’t
take time to get what’s her condition
though he didn’t know the reason..
Armaan tapped on Ridhima’s shoulder…
Ridhima looked at him.. she was still in
her state…
Armaan twist his finger in front of her…
Ridhima flinched from spot..
After that little argument, about giving
lift, first time Ridhima saw Armaan.. Armaan was angry on her.
He himself didn’t know what’s the
reason of his weird behavior towards
that’s why deliberately he avoided her
these two days..
When Ridhima felt Armaan caught her in
red hand..she immediately made her
Pulled tissue papers and started wiping
art paper..rather using eraser ..which
made him sure she’s not alright…
Ar [ holding her hand] : It’s tissue
paper, won’t work on art paper..
Ri [ avoiding his eyes and pulled
her hand back] : I know my work, Mr.
Malik You better do yours…
let me do mine… don’t waste time.
[Armaan got angry, again she’s back
answering her and arguing with him]
Armaan swiftly turned her face to him,
surely he was going to harsh words but
just then his eyes fell into her eyes, he
gulped…he held her hand but when
struggled to free, then Armaan held it
firmly ..then looked at her eyes directly..
Ar: Just close your eyes, and
remember who loves you most.. and your
happiness, your success mean a lot to
whom…. Who can do anything for your
one smile ?.... now it’s up to you to
make them happy what you should do ?
do that….
Ridhima kept looking at his without blink.
Armaan left her hand and walked to door
without further words…
then he again turned back, looked at
Ar[ in thought] : kya chupi hain in
aankhon mein ?[ I wonder, what’s
hidden in your eyes ? ]
Ri : tum hamesha kya dhundhteho
in dardvare aankhon mein ? [ I wonder,
what’s you’re searching in my eyes which
are full of pain..]
Ar : kaash main jaan pata [ wish I
could read them..]
Ri : kaash main bool pati [ wish I
could tell those all ]…
Armaab turned back and walked off…
Ridbima turned to drawing board..
she closed her eyes… first memory
flashed in her mind was her Buaji’s
smile.. she wished to see her always happy…
then her Ved he becomes
happy to see a small smile
on face and anxious if sea a single
crease on her face…
ready to do anything to make her
happy.. her friends.. those little kids
who loves her so much, always with
her ,to steal raw mango from others tree
or getting wet in rain…
her uncle- aunty who loves her like
Billi uncle, who has great faith on
her… that unknown girl Tina who was
eagerly waiting for her bridal dress in
believe She will make it best…
her bhabhi, Dadi, Ananya aunty everyone
knows her has faith on her..
they believe her.. to see her success…
then why not she ??? WHY she will let
them down..
just for a unknown person, whom she
never ever have seen,
who didn’t even bother at least to say
her fault … WHY for a person,
who doesn’t even exist in her life, has no
IMPORTANS in her life…
for him she won’t hurt every single
person around her..
for them she & her happiness do
matter… she won’t give up… she won’t
lose… s
he won’t let him defeat her… she will
fight back…
Ri : I don’t know who or where are
you.. but just remember one thing you
won’t defeat me.. I’ll win this battle.. I
won’t let me shatter.. I’ll be happy..I’ll
again smile…
Ridhima wiped her tears, and picked up
three sharp 2B,4B & HB pencils and has
started drawing… now she’s mused in
it… she has do it good..
Malik Mansion………..
Nandani : Didi… what I’ve told you did
you think about that ?
Ananya: what about ?
Nandanu: umm..Akash and Ridhima..I
mean don’t you think Ridhima
would be a good choice for Akash ?
Dadi [ just came there] : not good but
best.. if you find a girl by lamp than you
won’t get one like Ridhima beti…
Ananya : yea, maa is right… but it’s so
early..I mean just few days ago Nidhi
got married, and Ridhima just joined
office… I don’t think Ved or kapoor family
will be ready to get Married Ridhima so
Nandani : haa, Dii.. that’s also right..
but at least we let start talking about
alliance… then both family , specially,
Ridhima & Akash also get time to think
about it, to know each other.. though I
know Akash won’t go against my words.
Dadi : haa, why not ? tum maa kaam or
sash jada lagti ho [ you behaved with
him like mother-in-law than mother]..
Nandini: maa !!!
Dadi : kya ? sach sunkar bura lagi
[ what ? you feel bad to hear truth ?]
Ananya: maa.. leave it.. listen.. if you
want then once Nidhi comes back and
her reception party is done then we’ll go
there with this proposal..
Nandini: ok.. it would be alright.
BM office…………
It’s been 5 hours… no one has seen
Ridhima after morning time when she
walked up.
Even not in lunch break… now it’s 5
pm… Billi once called Ridhima in her
But she didn’t replied. Aman also came
once to check, but she was not at her
Billi came out from his cabin and
walked to Armaan’s cabin..
Billi : Armaan, have you made new
strategy for winter project ?
Ar [ looked up] : Ohh, Dad.. yea..I’ve
done it and for sanction also sent it to
marketing department. ..
Billi : and what about our EID
collections ?
Ar : done.. from next Sunday ,BM’s
EID collections will be available in
BUT only in UK, south America and
Mideast.. in India and South Asia will
after 2 weeks , only in BIG city’s
shopping mall… small city market will
get it 10 days ago of EID .. not before
Billi : well… I hope your new strategy
will turn BM on a new high level..
Ar: you still hope..but I’m sure
dad !!!
Billi [ smiled} : from where you get
this level of confidence ? just tomorrow
on Ridhima, now on business strategy.. I
mean for any reason it could turn happens,,
Ar : maybe.. but not with me.. I’m
Armaan Malik
who makes his own destiny And also
enough capable to change others…
Billi suddenly remembered how much
he’s stubborn to get divorce.
He’s praying for his son that in future he
don’t get any pain for this.
Because Mr. Billi very well knew
indeed no one can change their
Destiny. He changed the topic..
Billi: BTY where is Ridhima? I’ve not
seen her till now after morning.
Armaan[ rose eyebrow ] : really ?? So miss
Gupta is in full mood to turn the table
Billi[ being confused] : what ?
Ar : nothing… I think she’d in
drawing workshop… check her there..
Billi: Ok… what’s she doing there for
so long..OMG that means
she’s skipped her lunch also…
Billi pulled Armaan’s hand : come… let
check her is she ok or not..
To be continue…………


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