Monday, 26 September 2016

chapter 14 : My soulmate my wife

Armaan : nothing… I think she’d in
drawing workshop… check her there..
Billi : Ok… what’s she doing there for
so long..OMG that means

she’s skipped her lunch also…
Billi pulled Armaan’s hand : come… let
check her is she ok or not..
Armaan and Billi opened drawing
workshop door and entered in… Ridhima
was standing in
front of sketch board.
She was gazing on design and try to find
out ant lack.
Billi : OMG!! … [ Ridhima flinched and
turned back]’s incredibly good..
Ridhims beta what have you done…
I can’t believe…..
He hugged Ridhima… and Armaan was
smiling looking at her.
Ar: be honest.. I didn’t have so
confident that you will do it best and
you know he has
[ Armaan turned aside and pointed at
Ridhima looked at Armaan and Armaan
smirked at her. He has came back his
flattery mood.
.Ridhima instantly looked down..
Billi : well, you’ve promoted. Now
you’re permanent designer of BM and
special for bridal attire
… ok.. happy..
Ri : thank you so much uncle….I
won’t put you down.
Billi : that my girl.. Ok… I’ve to go,,,
but right now you’ll go home ..have food
and take rest..
no more argument.. it’s an order… …..
Ridhima nodded yes and Billi walked
out… Ridhima picked up her pencils and
other stuffs.. ..
then came to Armaan… Armaan was smirking
to make her nervous deliberately.
Ri : umm. Mr.Malik… woo..
Ar : woo.. what ?
Ri : thanks..
Ar : Sorry..I didn’t hear it… come
Ri [ looked at his eyes] : Thank you
for realizing me what’s important in life,
Thank you for
let me know what I can do… Thank you
for bring back my self confidence.. That’s
a lot..
[ she said all crystal clear and her was
determined to prove that she means
all ]
Armaan really didn’t expect this, In fact
he’s pulling her leg, irritating her like
every time..
but her firm voice surprised him. Ridhima
walked down.. placed all stuffs on her
cubicle then
walked out to go home.. it’s not time to
end office hour so surely her car won’t
come yet…
she’s thinking to call a taxi just then
Armaan’s car came to halt in front of her..
Armaan didn’t come out but opened
window & unlocked door..
Ar : Miss. Gupta..just get in & don’t
dare to deny..
Ridhima [remembered that day.. then
thought] : there is no point to increase
his anger,, and he won’t listen anybody..
better I go with him..
She opened the door and got in.. Armaan
drove fast…. But after few
minutes..Ridhima noticed that this road
never come to go her home.. then look at
Armaan suspiciously..
Ri : Mr. Malik. this is not the
way to go my house.. I never saw this
road before..
where we are going ?
Ar [ without looking at her ] : what do
you think ?
Ri : just stop making fun.. I’m not
in mood.. give me straight answer..
Ar: ok.. only for you.. I’m eloping
taking you along with me..go your
[ made a serious face and looked at
Ri : what ??? just stop the car ???
how could you do this ? and why I’ll
elope with you ?
never ever.. I said stop otherwise I’ll
scream out… [ Armaan serious look only
made Ridhima nervous and crazy also]…
I’ll jump down..
Ar: do.. who has stopped you ?
Ri : what ?? you can’t do this..
Ar: but I’ve already done it
Ri : what do you mean ? what
you’ve done.. listen I won’t go with you
anywhere.. you got it..
Ar: now, got down.. or you want me
to pick you up ? believe me, I would love
[ Armaan already stopped his when Ridhima
was busy arguing with him]
Ridhima looked outside and realized he’s
stopped car.. She immediately got off..
as did Armaan..
Ridhima looked here and there then back.
And saw the big name plate
“ The Pan Pacific “ written with light
form , Delhi’s best restaurant.
Armaan handed car key to hotel staff to
park it on parking lot.. then walked to
Armaan .stretched his hand..
Ridhima [ taking hands behind] “ what’s
this ? why we’re here ? [ low voice, only
Armaan could hear]
Armaan walked to her, more close, 6/7
inches apart.. Ridhima tried to move
back ,but Armaan held her hands and
brought it forth …
Ar: you’re giving me treat here ?
Ri : what ? and why ? kis gum
mein ?
Ar: gum mei nehi kushi
mein..because.. today you got
promotion.. ok..
Ridhima was thinking she’s not carrying
enough money with her right now.. so
how could she pay bill….
She has forgotten in which position they
are standing.. and every couples going in
and coming out,
watching them & smiling , as we smile to
see any romantic couple around us,
on road or market , anywhere.
Armaan has noticed that and definitely
he’s enjoying that, when Ridhima was
busy calculating bill and her purse
Ri : but..[ she was to say something,
before could complete Armaan stopped
Ar : Miss. Gupta, do you know you
speak to much ?
To hear this Ridhima pouted and tried to
move aside but before that, Armaan
entangled his left
arm with her and held her tightly that
she could make herself free..
Ar: shall we ???
Armaan walked in with her and escorts
greets them.. A waiter came to him..
Ar: table for two..
Waiter : Sir & maam, this way.. do you
want any privet cabin ?
Ridhima widen her eyes and looked at first
waiter then Armaan. Armaan didn’t look at
her as he knew her reaction.
Armaan : no… shadi k itne saal baad privet
cabin mein kya karunga [ after many
years of marriage,
what we ‘ll do in privet cabin]
Waiter : ohh!! Sir.. this your table
[ showing their, table waiter left to bring
menu card ]
Ridhima with open mouth & widen eyes
looked at Armaan, then immediately feed
her hand a
nd scowled at him..
Ri : what have you just said ? listen,
Mr. Malik..I’m tolerating these all
nonsense of your only for today you’ve
helped me.. and I’m grateful to you for
that. But don’t you dare to flirt with
me.. I’m not your wife..
why you lied to waiter ?
Ar : excuse me !! I haven’t lied..and
when I’ve said you’re my wife ?
Ri : really ? very good then but
what’s the meaning of your words..
Ar: why ? don’t you know Hindi ?
Ri: yes, I know and better than
you ..
Ar: then why asking me the
meaning ?
Ridhima pissed off to hear Armaan’s double
meaning words. She‘s so hungry and
she lets it be..
Waiter came to them and Armaan ordered
foods both of Ridhima was
sitting with pouting lips.
They both have dine silently. Armaan
didn’t tease her more as he could she’s
truly so tired….
After finishing foods when waiter came
to them and places bill book on table…
Ridhima hesitantly opened her purse.. but
before her Armaan has kept some bucks
into bill books.. and stood up…
Armaan [ stretched his hand to Ridhima] :
chale ? [ shall we ?]
Ri [ still sitting on chair] : but.. this
treat supposed to be from my side then I
should pay bill …
Armaan came to her and lend on her, then
almost whispered
Ar: so you want to give me treat… to
give treat Mr Malik isn’t so simple.. Miss
people have done lot to impres Mr Malik
Ridhima instantly stood up and stepped
back.. but in hurry she’s about to fall as
her heel stuck into carpet..
before she falls ,Armaan held her wrapping
around waist.
Ri : I’ve no interest to give you
treat,,, it’s only that you’ve asked for it…
Ar : then don’t do it.. for what your
heart don’t give you consent, never do
give me treat only then you want to , not
before that… let’s go.. you’re getting
uncle aunty will be tense …
Armaan left her waist and walked onward.
Ridhima followed him. Ridhima was totally
She never saw Armaan’s this look, never
heard his this voice… neither he’s angry
nor in flattery mood…
his voice was rigid. For once she though
she knew him.. but every time this man
flummoxed her,
proved her wrong.
They didn’t talk much after that. Almost
silent journey hotel to home. Armaan
droved Ridhima
at home and then without saying any
further words or bye drove away.. Ridhima
waited there
till Armaan’s car went out of gate then
walked in…
Day has passed away like that.. Armaan
never missed a single chance to flirt withRidhima
But Ridhimahas started used to. And one thing she has noticed that whatever he is, but
every time
he never fail to increase Ridhima's mantel
Ridhima in mind admitted that this man
has a magic on her which encourage her
After few days….
Tina and Mr. Rastogi have came to BM
office… Rastogi has work with Billi and
Tina came to give
measurement and check design…
Ridhima was working at her cabin.. Tina
knocked on door.
Ri : come in.. [ Tina walked in]
Tina : hi.. [Ridhima looked up]
Ri : hey, come.. come.. [ she stood
Tina : how’re you..I’ve came to see my
dress, I mean design.. Billi uncle said
to papa, you’ve
made it in one day.. and it’s superb…
Ri : no.. not like that..But I hope
you like it.. come with me…
Ridhima took Tina tailoring section, where
tailors were cutting fabrics according to
design and designer’s instruction..
Ridhima : tine here you.. this one.. I hope
I’m up to your expectations at least..
Tina : OMG!!! Ridhima’s just superb.. I
mean I won’t get this elegant and
congenial dress from anywhere..
You really have done it best.. thank you
so much.. [ Tina hugged her in
Ri : it’s my pleasure…
Tina : Ridhima, My dad also came here..
pls Can i show it to him..
Ri : yea, sure.. you go..I’m coming
Tina : ok.. then come to Billi uncle’s
Tina ran to Billi’s cabin where Armaan,
Billi and Mr. Rastogi were talking
about business issues..
Tina directly walked in without knocking.
Tina :dad, you won’t believe.. Ridhima
has designed the best bridal dress.. she
I’ll show it..Dad..I want her to design
my all pre & post wedding attire. That’s
Mr. Rastigi : ok.. ok.. If she best than
I’ve no problem..
Armaan : nope… she’s Bm’s designer.. and
BM don’t design for private occasion..
Tina : why Armaan? she’s really good..
Ar : I know, she is best.. that doesn’t
mean she will design for anyone..
Tina: what I’m anyone ? I’m your
childhood friend.. I know your all Razz..
remember that..
Ar : ohh!!! Threaten to Ammy
Tina : if you think so then that.. I’ll tell
her all of your secret..
Ar: go..
Tina : pls..Armaan
Billi : Armaan… pls.. why you’re pulling
her legs..
Ar :Dad.. in childhood she irritated
me at least let me take some
after wedding she will make hell that
poor guy… bechara karan…woo to gaya
isse shadi karke.
Except Tina all burst out laughing..
Ridhima climbed stairs.. She almost
reached on top stair..
and could hear their laughing sound
from there as Billi’s cabin just first
one .
Mr. Rastogi : Ohh!!! Hoo… So Armaan when
you’ll get married ?
Ridhima stopped there & then instantly…
Mr. Rastogi : when we’ll be glad to
attend Armaan‘s wedding…
Tina : isse kon sadi kare ga,, koi nehi…
[ No one will marry him]
Only one word ARMAANwas drumming
into Ridimas ear…
Ridhima: asr means Armaan Malik… Ridhima felt her head was
Before Armaan could reply , they all hears
hullabaloo at outside..being perplexed
came out hurriedly.
Stood in front of stairs then Armaan saw
Ridhima’s lying on bottom stairs and few
staffs crowded near her..
To be continue…….


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