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chapter15 : My soulmate my wife

Before Armaan could reply , they all
hears hullabaloo at
outside..being perplexed everyone
came out hurriedly.

Stood in front of stairs then Armaan
saw Ridhima’s lying on
bottom stairs and few staffs
crowded near her..
Armaan ran to her.. as well ,Billi,
Mr. Rastogi and tina
Armaan picked up her head on her
hands.. he &Billi were terrified.
Ar : Ridhima Ridjima… speak up
damn it…
Ridhims was standing top stair and
from there she rolled down
bottom stair… Ridhima has no
balance on her body as she got faint
before fall down. She got injury on
her whole body specially,
elbow and knee when she’s rolling
she got serious injury on her
head..blood oozing out.. ..
Billi: Armaan, pick her up.. get to
doctor… driver get the car..
hurry up..
Tina.. Armaan, hurry up.. she’s
bleeding.. man !..
Armaan picked Ridhima in his arms and
ran to the car..
Armaan sat down back taking Ridhima
in his lap.
He pressed a hanky on her head
wound to stop blood.
And trying to stable her in sense.
Billi followed him by another car…
In 12 minutes Armaan reached the
nearest hospital.
Armaan picked her up and ran to inter
shouting “ Doctor, doctor..”
Doctor attended Ridhim, stitched
her head wound and
bandaged head, elbow and she also
she got a fracture left
foot. Dressed other cuts and
Armaan was terrified to see her like
that. When he was
carrying her up, as if she’s almost
died..she breath was
not normal.. which made Armaan
totally freaked out.
Armaan was standing out of OT..
doctor come out after 1 hour.
Ar: doctor, how is she now ?
Doctor : you.. ?
Ar : Armaan Malik I’m
her.. [ before he could
finish doctor spoke up]
Doctor : Well, Mr. Malik nothing
is worry.. Mrs. Malik
is now alright. But lot of blood
flowed away.. that’s why she’s
very weak. And she got 3 stitches on
head & a fracture on left
leg . But don’t worry if Mrs. Malik
takes proper rest and
healthy foods then she’ll be perfect
in 20 to 25 days. ..ok..
Doctor left… At first Armaan was so
much tense for Ridhima he
didn’t noticed that Doctor mention
Ridhimaas his wife. But
when next time he said it.. Armaan
wanted to clear but
Actually, Ridhima’s for head was
painted by blood.. So doctor
not sure about her vermilion but
some blood stain were
Armaan’s shirt and to see Armaan’s
concern and anxious they
assumed she must be his wife.
Doctor shifted Ridhima in a cabin
and gave permission to
meet her. Billi who was busy to
fulfill formalities came
there and met Ridhima. Though
Ridhima was unconscious.
Saline dripped into her wrist… there
were several bruises on
her angelic face. Armaans heart cried
out to see her like that.
Few minutes ago she was happy,
smiling, suddenly what
happened .. no one has no Idea.
Both Armaan And Billi
became numb, specially Armaan
devastated to see her like
that lying on bed. Billi couldn’t
even Imagine what would
happen when Ved get to know
this. How could he face
them all.. Ridhima was his
responsibility .. and he couldn’t
even take care of her for 1 month.
He’s feeling extremely guilty..
Billi walked to Armaan who was
sitting on bed holding
Ridhima’s right hand.. When Billi
tapped on his shoulder,
he left her hand and turned to Billi
Billi: Armaan now…
Ar : Dad.. relax.. she’s ok.. and
you tried your best to take
care of her. It’s a quite accident…
did you call uncle , aunty ?
Billi [ nodded] : No..
Ar: call them,, they should
know.. tell them to come
hospital and don’t be panic…. I’m
here.. you go..
Billi walked out and called Mr. &
Mrs. kapoor. Then at
Malik house. In next 30 minutes,,
all came to hospital.
One by one walked in and saw Ridhima. Ridhima was still unconscious.
All were question
Billi and Armaan how come
this happened and where they
were. After few times all
became clam that it’s just an
unexpected accident
Visiting hours are over now only one
person can stay with
Mrs. kapoot: Ok.. you all go back , I’ll
stay with Ridhima
Ananya: I ‘ll also stay..
Ar : No..none of you will stay..
you both will become sick
then… and we don’t know how
many days Ridhima has to stay
at hospital. So it doesn’t make
sense. I’ll stay here with her…
Mrs. kapoor : you.. but..
Ar : no but, no if.. Aunty Ridhima
was our responsibility..
So I’ll fulfill that.. and if I need
anything then I’ll call you.
You all are senior and can’t be
awake for long.. so pls.. go
home take rest.. and again come at
They think wisely. What Armaan said
was right, none of them
as per age was not fit to stay with
Ridhima and be awake .
so It’sll be best If Armaan stay here,
with her and at early
morning they are coming. So they
all left and told Armaan
will send their dinner in half hour.
They all left.. after 30 minutes
mohan came to gave Armaan
food hot pot and Armaan’s change.
Armaan took these.
After 1 hour a doctor came to check
Ridhima as her shift will
ne end and she’ll go home.
Doctor : Ok..Mr. Malik Mrs.
Malik is sleeping due to
high dose of painkiller. She will be
awake at midnight or
directly early morning.. so don’t be
worry , if you feel then
can call nurse…
This time Armaan himself didn’t feel to
clear this
misunderstanding.. After doctor left,
Armaan locked the cabin
door, then checked once Ridhima,
walked to washroom.
Dressed into casual flexible cloths…
he didn’t feel to have
anything.. he pulled sofa near
Ridhima’s bed, held her hand,
making sure she didn’t get hurt
and leaned over sofa. Closed
his eyes.
Mrs. kapoor has called Ved and
inform his about Ridhima’s
accident. To hear this
immediately cancelled their
rest of holidays and instantly
booked flights for Indian.
Ananya : I’m not satisfied that Ammy is
stayinh there and will
take care of Ridhima, we all
know he never cares for
anyone and his attitude..
Dadi : but, what else we can do..
None of us could stay there.
Billi: Ananya, this time I don’t agree
with you. Armaan will
take care of her, and more than us..
Ananya : matlab ? Ammy and take
care !!!
Billi: haa.. Armaan and take
care..I’ve seen him how much
he’s worried for her…. Once I
though he’s crying..
Dadi & Ananya : Kya ??!!! [ shocked will
be underestimate ]
Billi : I’m not sure..But I think,
Armaan has developed a soft
corner for Ridhima or maybe he has
started like her .I mean,
at first he insured me that Ridhima
will design best wedding
attire for Tina. I’ve seen strong faith
into his eyes for her..
And every time he motivated her..
you know I’s observing
these from far.. yea, it’s all could be
wrong assumption or
utter business manner.. but still I
think Armaan cares for Ridhima
Ananya & Dadi silently heard all..
Ananya: perhaps you’re right.. but
you know what he had done
once.. and I really don’t want same
thing happen with
Ridjima don’t forget she is
Ved’s sister.. and this
time Nidhi’s relation will be in stake
if Ammy hurts Ridhima
Dadi : haa, I agree with Ananya
Billi : well, we’ll see it later.. not
discuss more.. let’s go for sleep..
Armaan didn’t know when he fell into
It’s midnight… Ridhima slowly opened
her eyes.
She’s feeling pain in her whole body
and her head
was aching…. after several attempts
she opened her eyes.
Tried to move her hand and felt
more pain.
Looked both side , try to get where
she is. And then
Realized she’s in hospital. When she
pulled her right hand
Which Armaan was holding, due to
pull, Armaan woke up.
Armaan was Ridhima was staring at
him.. he instantly
stood up , sat beside her…
Ar: Ridhima, hey.. are you ok ??
[ Armaan held Ridhima’s
hand ]
Ridhima : what are you doing here,
Mr. Malik [ she pulled
back her hand]
Ar: I’m here, with you, for you.
[ Armaan again tried to
hold her hand but this time Ridhima
moved it aside which was
cleared that she won’t Armaan hold
her, which makes Armaan
Ar: Ridhima how are you feeling
now ?.. Is it pain so much ?
Should I call doctor ?
Ri: Mr. Malik Thanks a lot
for your sympathy.
But I want you leave me alone. Pls
go back home.
[Ridhima gulped her tears and moved
her face aside]
Ar : what ??I’m showing sympathy
to you ?
[Armaan became angry, he gnashed his
teeth and said]
Ok, fine…listen Miss. Gupta..till. ved Jija
ji hasn’t come, you’re
our responsibility… and I’m only
doing that.. I hope you got
Armaan sat back on his seat… he
became furious.. how could
she told this to him.. Armaan looked
here and there to clam his
anger. Then his eyes fell on their
food hot pot.. then he
remembered , Ridhima has eat
anything after lunch…
he got up and opened pot, find out
there were one sup
box in the hot pot. He warmed that
box in oven and also
another box for his. He poured sup
in bowl and came to Ridhima
Ar : Miss. Gupta have it.. and I
know you don’t need my
Sympathy.. so have it by
yourself..and don’t dare to deny,
as fast you’ll be ok.. we can go home
[ he rose his eyebrow]
Armaan kept bowl on side table, and
got back to his seat.
Has started having his foods. Now
Ridjima has no option
except have sup..she herself want to
go home soon. Ridhima
tried to got up and sat on bed, but
which was impossible.
When she trying to get up by
pressing her hand she felt sharp
pain in her whole body.
Ridhima: ouch!!!
Armaan was watching from the corner
of eyes, but didn’t
react. Ridhima tried again and get
pain more.. her saline’s
drip needle was pricking into her
body due to press. Ridhima
bit her lips and to stop making
noise of pain. But couldn’t
stop tears . There are rolling down.
Armaan slammed his bowl
on table and came to her…stood in
front of her bed.
Ar: hogaya ?? our ve kausis karna
hai [ done, or want to
try more ]
Ridhima moved her face aside and bit
her lips.
Armaan sat beside her. Held her both
arms, Ridhima tried to
stiff bust Armaan looked at her
straightly and tighten his grip.
Armaan pulled her over his chest,
wrapped her back by one
hand, when Ridhima was resting on
his chest. And arranged
her pillows that she could sat down
leaning over pillow.
Then made her sat, leaning ever
pillows. He wiped her tears.
Held bowl by left hand and make
her eat sup by right hand.
He puffed on spoon and then
brought it near to Ridhima’s
mouth. At firs Ridhima didn’t want to
have but then have it.
After few spoons , Ridhima shook her
head, denied to have
more. Armaan didn’t force her. He
kept bowl aside. Then
made her drunk water holding glass
and her hand both.
Keeping glass aside, he wiped her
lips by his palm . which
captive them into eyes lock for
while. When Ridhima looked
down, Armaan got off, again held her
and made her lay on
bed. Covered her with blanket,
checked AC temperature.
Ridhima closed eyes, and Armaan got
bank to his seat.
Finished his foods.. and dozed off..
but with satisfaction.
In peach mind.
To be continue………


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