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Epilogue :My Love, My Life - AR FF

EPILOGUE / AR SPECIAL.. (whatever you guys take it to be)

It has been 4months since Atul nd Anjali's marriage.. Even Nikki nd Abhi were married just a month after that.. Nikki nd Abhi also stay in london.. whenever Abhi has to go for any business trips Nikki stays with malliks or sometimes accompanies him too..

Sanjeevni was taken care off by Atul nd Anjali.. they stayed there for a month as a formality plus their honeymoon.. they hiered another bunglow near the beach nd stayed there.. they were given complete privacy bcoz Anjali has resigned from Sanjeevni immideately after marriage.. she is now a heart surgeon at Drona..

In early days of Ridhhima's 4th month Muskaan also discovered that she was pregnant.. Maliks were overjoyed with the news of the arrival of TWO new mambers in the family now.. Armaan nd Rahul organise their days such that they can spend maximum time with Ridhhima nd Muskaan..
Armaan knew nd understood Ridhhima's mood swings but Rahul was new to it.. many times they would fight nd then Muskaan would cry.. Finally Rahul would end up saying Sorry nd doing what she wants.. Arav was also thrilled to know that now he would have not just one but TWO small sibblings to play with.. both AR nd RM were expecting it to be a daughter this time.. Armaan nd Ridhhima used to go for Ridhhima's regular check up but they just confirm if the baby nd Ridhhima are both Fine or not.. they wanted their baby to be a surprise for them till last minute..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ridhhima was playing with Arav while Armaan nd Muskaan were chatting of the usual baby stuff.. suddenly Ridhhima felt a slight wave of pain hit her.. she gasped abit nd froze at the spot.. she took a few deep breaths nd with in aminute she was back to normal.. realising the cause she had a wide smile on her face..
"Armaan.. Muski di.. I felt the baby move.. I felt his first move just now.." she said beaming with joy.. her loud call made Armaan alert.. he rushed to Ridhhima nd firstly made her sit comfortably with pillows around her properly supporting her.. he then bent down to her budging tummy nd kissed it saying "Hey princess.. apne papa se bhi baat karo na.." but to his luck he felt NO movement.. he tried afew times nd sat back pouting.. Looking at Armaan even Arav tried talking to the lil baby.. nd as soon as he kissed Ridhhima's tummy Ridhhima nd Arav both felt the baby kick.. Arav giggled aloud as he felt the movement nd hugged Ridhhima from side..
Soon in the evening all the Malliks were gathered to see the New mallik Family member responds to whose touch or voice.. the same day Padma nd Shashank also called to enquire about Ridhhima nd Muskaan.. as even Muskaan was two months pregnant by then..
This was supposedly Arav's best day in last 5 months.. he had finally got a feeling of the lil baby's arrival very soon.. he would sit by Ridhhima nd talk to her nd the baby for hours.. they would together read fairytales nd share meals many times.. Ridhhima knew her little Prince was growing up fast by each passing day as he was getting into the feeling of being a Big brother.. she just adores him whenever he would bring juice or midday medicines for her nd muskaan..
The Mallik house had this pampered trio : Ridhhima, Arav nd Muskaan.. al their wishes were fulfilled.. be it to have ice cream, cakes or pani puri at odd hours.. Rahul has even experienced making Aloo Parantha nd Garden Salad for Muskaan at 4 in the morning.. Still he was almost murdered by Muskaan as he didn't know how to make it.. He took the safest option nd called padme in Mumbai as it would be day time there nd she would definitely be knowing the recepie..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
 Ridhhima was 7 months pregnant Now.. One week ago, during her last visit to the doctor she was prescribed as much rest as she could as she was very weak due to her eating habbits.. One afternoon she wasn't feeling all that chirpy.. she was feeling that something was missing in her perfect picture.. Just then Armaan entered with her medicines nd juice..
"Lo Jaan.. here comes ur medicines nd juice before you have ur nap.." he said lightly kissing her forehead nd patting her tummy.. She gave him a half smile nd asked "Arav kahan hai..? aaj subah se theek se baat bhi nahi ki hai uss se.." Ridhhima said drinking her juice..
"Vo bahar hai.. vo to din mein aaraha thha lekin tab tum soyi thhi to maine usse manaa kar diya thha tumhe disturb karne se.." he said nd made her lie down comfortably.. Ridhhima was not satisfied with what Armaan told her.. she got the missing part.. she was missing Arav.. Due to her pregnancy Armaan was most of the time taking care of Arav.. Arav wasn't even sleeping with her coz Armaan feared him hurting Ridhhima unconciously while sleeping..  Her heart sank when she actually realised a Single word to all their actions for Arav ie. "Negligence"..
Her feeling was confirmed when sometime later she heard Arav murmuring something sitting besides her.. she pretended to sleep nd hear him talking to the baby.. "baby aap kab aaoge..? aap na jaldi aajao.. phir hum khelenge.. aur phir main mama paas bhi sounga.. aur hum saath mein story sunenge mama se.. abhi to aap mama paas sote ho na lekin ab meri turn.." he said all that in a very sweet nd calm tone nd not a single bit of irritation nd kissed her tummy..
He looked up when he felt a hand on his head.. he gave a wide smile when he saw his mother smiling at him.. Ridhhima took a minute nd sat on the bed comfortably.. she saw him looking at her with loving eyes nd just hugged him closer.. she knew her lil prince was somewhere ignored during the whole last week.. she said nothing just kept him close to her..
"Mama.. chote baby ke aane ke baad aap aaur papa mujhe pyar nai karoge..?" he asked very innocently.. Ridhhima had tears in her eyes when she heard him say that.. he was her LIFE, PICTURE of HER LOVE.. she made him look at her nd said in a watery voice "nahi Arav.. aise nahi kehte.. mama papa aapse humesha pyar karenge.. chahe aap kitni bhi shaitaani karo.. aap to mama ke Prince ho na.. mera special baby.. to aapke bina mama kaise rahegi hmm.."
She looked at her half convinced son nd kissed his head with love saying "Arav chote baby ke aane se aapka pyar to aur zyada ho jayega.. pata hai kaise.. ( Arav nodded in NO..) achha abhi aapko kaun kaun pyar karta hai batao..? " she asked him making him sit in her lap nd facing her.. he very sweetly started telling her names nd counting them on his tiny fingers.. "Mamma.. papa.. dadu.. Chachu-chachi.. maasi-mamu.. naani-naanu.. aur girlfriend aur abhi uncle.."
Ridhhima smiled at him as he blinked his eyes finishing the list nd said "To ab jab chota baby aayega to vo bhi aapko pyar karega na.. to phir aapka pyar kam kaise hua..?"Arav thought for a moment nd asked her smiling gleefully.. "Promise mamma..?"
"promise my baby.. aur aaj na hum bohot saari stories padhenge aur saath saath soenge okk.." Ridhhima said hugging him tightly while Arav gave his ever so angelic smile again..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Armaan came to the room with Ridhhima's juice nd medicines only to find her giggling nd chatting with Arav.. He frowned coz she was supposed to be resting..
"Ridhima.. you're supposed to rest na jaan.." he said giving her glass of juice.. she smiled at him nd kissed Arav saying "main to sone ki koshish kar rahi thhi.. lekin neend nai aayi.. Arav yahin thha to bas hum dono baatein karne lage.."
Armaan shook his head nd gave her the medicines.. "Achha ab chup chap so jao.. Arav off to your room baby.."
"Nai Armaan.. Arav aaj yahin soyega.." Ridhhima said as a matter of factly..
"Nai Jaan.. you'll be uncomfortable.. aur princess hai to.." he explained..
"I know princess hai.. lekin Arav nai hai.. its been almost a week since we've read him a story or spent some time with him.." Ridhhima said frowning nd in a slightly angry tone as she was not interested in discussing this infront of Arav.. or else he would feel insecure all the more..
"Armaan.. Arav is sleeping with me nd that's final.. either we sleep here or I'm going with Arav to his room.. you decide.." Ridhhima gave her final verdict..
"Okk.. fine.. your wish is my command.." Armaan sighed..
After almost a week they, together put Arav to sleep nd patted him till he was in his dreamland.. Arav slept keeping his head in Ridhhima's lap.. When Ridhhima was sure that Arav is asleep she shifted him comfortably on the pillow with Armaan's help nd kissed him with love.. Armaan took her to the balcony nd they seated on a swing from where Ridhhima could see her sleeping prince too..
"jaan.. aaj tumhe kya hua thha..? tum all of a sudden Arav ko lekar itni insecure kyun ho gayi ho.?" Armaan asked kissing her temple nd caressing her budging tummy lightly.. Ridhhima's expressions changed.. she got serious nd held Armaan from his shirt hugging him.. "Armaan.. do you realise that we've been neglecting Arav for our to-be-born baby.. mujhe tum kuch karne nai dete.. aur khud tum mera dhyaan rakhne mein itne busy ho jaate ho ki hum Arav ko time hi nai de pa rahe.. vo bhi abhi chota hai Armaan.. he needs our time too.."
Armaan frowned at the realisation.. he comforted Ridhhima nd very calmly asked "Arav ne kuch kaha tumhe..?" Ridhhima just nodded in NO..
"I'm sorry jaan.. I know this was my responsibility.. ab se aisa kuch nai hoga.."
"I know Armaan.. ab se main aisa hone hi nai dungi.. I know how much my prince needs me.. aur jab humara dusra baby aayega na to uski saari responsibility tum loge.. you'll be nursing him whenever he would wake up in midst of the night.." she said changin the mood abit..
"Haan haan.. kyun nai.. bas ek baar meri princess ko aane do.. phir dekhte hain ki tum aur Arav mere against kaise team up hoge.. main na usse bilkul apne jaisa banaunga.. bohot shaitaan.. vo mere saath basketball khelegi.. aur hum dono milkar tumhe aur Arav ko harayenge.." Armaan said proudly..
"Abhi to humein pata bhi nai ki beti hogi ya beta.. aur tum itne saare khwaab sajaa rahe ho.. hmm.. humare bachhe humein pura kar denge na Armaan.. main bhi chahti hoon ki humara yeh baby bilkul tumhare jaisa ho.. kyunki Arav to mere liya humare pyar ki tasveer hai.. usne hi humein humesha saath rakha.. humare pyar ki tarah Arav bhi bohot strong aur patient hai.. jaise hum sirf ek dusre par vishwas karte hain vaise Arav bhi sirf hum par vishwas karta hai.. maine kabhi kisi bachhe ko itna shaant nai dekha jitna humara beta hai.. jante ho main usse apni Jaan kyun kehti hoon..?" she paused nd looked at him..

He nodded nd answered "because he is truly the Picture of Our Love.. aur tum humare pyar ke aur mere bina nai jee sakti.. haina.." she nodded nd let herself lose in his arms.. "I Love you Armaan.."
"I Love You Too Jaan.."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Ridhhima was 8 months pergnant now nd Muskaan was entering her 5th month too.. Both of them had various mood swings..
One night around 3am. Ridhhima shook Armaan carefully not waking up Arav who was sleeping in the room connected to theirs.. he was shifted ther on Ridhhima order.. their rooms were now connected with a sliding door nd Arav would sleep with the door open so that he could wade through easily whenever he has any nightmares..
"Armaan.. get up.." she whispered in Armaan's ear..
"Hmm.. what is it Ridhhima..? plz let me sleep na.." he said rubbing his eyes..
"Armaan agar tum nai uthe to main khud hi jaati hoon.." she said leaving him nd getting up.. her words alarmed him nd got up with a jerk.. "KAHAN..?"
"kitchen mein.."she said putting her feet in her slippers nd getting off the bed..
"Kitchen main..?" Armaan made a face.. "Kyun..?" he asked..
"mujhe halwa khana hai.." she said smiling at him..
"WHAT..? Ridhhima.. halwa..? 3 baje..? aur tumhe to halwa pasand bhi nai hai.. remember.. halwa to Anjie ka favourite haina.." he said trying to convince her but looking at her frowning nd making her way to the kitchen he sighed nd followed her.. "Achha baba.. sorry.. tum ek kaam karoyahain baitho.. I'll make it.."
"issiliye to uthaya hai tumhe.. chalo main recipe batati hoon nd you make it.. quickly.." she said chuckling.. to which Armaan was shocked "Ridhima.. stop making that baby face.. chup karke yahin baitho.. main book mein se recipe padh lunga.."
With in 15 minuted he came to Ridhhima with chef's cap on nd steaming halwa in the bowl.. "yeh lijiye madam.. aapka on request desert.. raat ke 3:30 baje.."
She smiled at his love nd gave him a small peck on his lips as his reward.. "thankyou.." he said naughtily nd took her into a very gentle kiss..
"Yummy.. this halwa is very good Armaan.. dekha pichle kuch mahinon mein tumhari aur Rahul ki cooking kitni improve ho gayi hai.." she said stuffing her mouth with it.. "dheere khao jaan.. koi tumse yeh halwa chheen nai raha.. (under his breath) Thank God pregnancy 9 months ki hoti hai.. zyada time ki hoti to tab tak main aur Rahul, Drona aur singing chod ke ek resraunt khol lete.."
"Kya kaha tumne.." she said glaring..
"Kuch..kuch nai Jaan.. kuch bhi to nai.." he fumbled..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
After lunch Ridhhima, Armaan, Arav, RM nd AA  were sitting in the lounge.. when suddenly Ridhhima felt a wave of swift pain hit her.. she quietened while talking nd took hold of Armaan's arm digging her nails into it.. Armaan looked at her nd it didn't took him even a second to realise that it was  the time.. he quickly picked her in his arms nd rushed screaming Ridhhima to the car.. Anjie nd Atul followed them with Arav nd Rahul stayed back with Muskaan at home..
With in no time they reached Drona.. while Armaan was happy yet tensed, Arav was crying badly seeing Ridhhima in pain.. he was not understanding the suddeness of his mother's pain.. Anjie made him sit with her nd tried to explain.. but no use he just kept saying "Mujhe mama ke paas jana hai.."
Atul informed AN, Mr.mallik who rushed to Drona nd also called Shashank nd padma..
Arav calmed down abit when nikki told him that he would be having his sibling nd mother with him soon.. While Armaan's happiness knew NO bounds when preparing for the delivery Ridhhima's doctor told him that they would be having TWINS..
When Finally doctors began their job Armaan was even more worried than Ridhhima was.. he was getting paranoid with each passing second nd Finally when Ridhhima shouted "Armaan stop panicking.. its me who is in pain nd not you.. so just shut up for sometime.." he was sent out of the room so that the team could work properly.. Ridhhima was already in tears but they soon turned to be the tears of happiness when she saw her second Son nd then after ten minutes, her Daughter..
Armaan practically ran nd took the babies from the nurse.. Arav was also smiling looking at the kids.. all of them were exchanging congratulations while Armaan nd Arav got the most of it..
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Getting in he saw Ridhhima looking very pale nd tiered.. Armaan kissed Ridhhima head lightly as he knew she was tiered giving birth to those two angels.. he smiled when she opened her eyes to look at him.. "Congratulations Armaan.."
"Congrats to you too jaan.." Armaan said nd bent down to hug her..
He then went nd handed their daughter to Ridhhima nd he himself held their second son.. they kissed both their babies.. Ridhhima lightly traced the chin of their daughter only to see her smiling lightly showing her dimple nd looking at her mother with deep blue eyes.. While Armaan did the same with the baby boy nd he was exact copy of his mother.. They smiled wider when they saw Arav entering with Nikki.. Arav sat near Ridhhima nd looked at both the babies..
"Mamma.. main inhe kya bulaun..?" he asked innocently playing with their tiny fingers.. "Beta yeh apki choti behen hai.. humari princess.. 'SMRITI'.." Armaan said nd then looked at Ridhhima saying "Aur inn janaab ka naam kya rakhein..?"
Ridhhima smiled nd said "yeh hai 'ARYAN'.. mera dusra prince.."
"Yeaah.. Aryan aur Smriti.. main aap dono ka bada bhai hoon.." Arav squealed in joy nd kissed both the babies.. while Ridhhima nd Armaan just now witnessed the HAPPIEST nd the most SATISFYINGnd FULFILLING moment of their lives, having their kids with them..

Life couldn't be better for them.. their family was complete.. Mallik Mansion was full of life yet again with the entry of its new members.. afew days later even Shashank nd Padma visited them nd blessed their kids.. Shashank was overwhelmed to learn that AR have named their daughter on His Late Wife SMRITI.. he was proud to call them his family now.. While Jai Mallik was having the time of his life with those kids.. he felt like re-living Armaan, Rahul nd Nikki's childhood with Arav, Aryan nd Smriti nd not to forget Harshini (RM's daughter) who is yet to come nd join the mischievious gang..

"Love is not when you can't live without someone.. Its when you can live apart yet you chose to spend your lives together.."


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