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Part 1 : Bheege Pal

All the characters are same as DMG, but the only difference is
' Armaan is son of Shubhankar and keerti
' Shashank and Padma are married.
' The internship hasn't started yet. They have just finished their MBBS, and enjoying their holidays without knowing where they will do their internship.
And here comes the twist in the story, Shashank and Keerti arranges Armaan and Ridzi's marriage whereas ammy n ridzi had never met before, or have they? ConfusedBefore giving any answer for their marriage, they find themselves in Sanjeevni doing their internship together'Blushingunder the supervision of Keerti (Ridzi's would be mother-in-lawShocked)

What will happen now?? What will ridzi do?? Will she fall in love with armaan??What does armaan thinks about it??And what will keerti do to make this relationship work??
To know all the answers, keep on reading and commenting Big smile

Phone is ringing in gupta mansion, Shashank hurries to pick it up..'hello' said Shashank, a very sweet, innocent voice replied back 'hello papa!'.. shashank got amused, his eyes wide open with the excitement, and his heart melted after hearing his darling daughter Riddhima's voice. 'Hello beta kaisi ho? Tumhara result kaisa tha? Tum kahan ho abhi? Tum wapas kab aa rahi ho? Tum kuch bol kyun nahi rahi? '.. Riddhima laughed 'papa hold on.. sabse pehle I am fine, my result was very good, main abhi Singapore mein hoon for the stay, bas 5 hours more and I will be with you' a smile approached to his face, he couldn't believe what he just heard, he thought he was dreaming so just to confirm he asked again 'kya kaha.. tum aaj aa rahi ho? As in aaj raat ko?' but the phone got disconnected.. 'hello riddhima beta..hello..' and he kept the phone.
Shashank was thrilled, he thought it was his biggest happiness; his daughter is coming back from Australia after 5 years'he shouted 'Padma.. padma jaldi aao' Padma came running to him, a bit worried, she never heard him so loud 'kya hua shashank sab theek to hai na?', shashank who was over-excited, he carried padma in his arms and started swinging.. padma was thunderstruck, she didn't know how to respond to this.. she was stunned, shy and laughing at the same time 'Padma main aaj bahut khush hoon bahut' . Listening to all these voices Anjali came running to see what was going on.. and she saw the most magnificent view of her life.. she saw shanshank carrying padma in his arms' she was shocked, her mouth was wide open but she was happy too at the same time to see her parents romancing at this age..
'dad' she said hesitantly; her voice brought silence to the atmosphere, Shashank and padma both sees her and he immediately put padma down and they both were blushing' they came back to their senses, thinking  yeh hum log kya kar rahe the.. oh my god anjali kya soch rahi hogi' So anjali again decided to break the silence 'dad aap itne khush kyun ho? Kya hua' Padma also jumped in ' haan shashank kya hua aapne mujhe aise kyun bulaya?'
Shashank recalls everything and again gets excited 'arey haan, main toh batana bhool hi gaya.. riddhima ka phone aaya tha and usne kaha ke woh aaj raat ko yahan aa rahi hai'.
Anjali and Padma gets excited 'wow aaj ridzi aa rahi hai, great news dad.. hum sab usse airport lene challenge but woh aa kitne baje rahi hai?'
Shashank disappointedly 'actually uska phone disconnect ho gaya toh pata hi nahi chala what time she will be coming'
Padma: 'toh fir ab kya karien? Usse toh yahan ke raaste bhi yaad nahi honge, meri bachchi theek se toh aa jayegi na?'
An: 'Don't worry mom, usse kuch nahi hoga main thodi der mein airport chali jaungi and will get her safe and sound' and hugged padma
Happiness was showering at Gupta Mansion today, but not at Mallik Mansion
Shubhankar and Keerti were waiting for Armaan to tell his M.B.B.S result. They both were sitting very eagerly to know his result; every second for them was like one whole day, they are as nervous as they were not even when they got thier results. Keerti stands up and start taking rounds 'yeh armaan abhi tak aaya kyun nahi, kahin fail toh nahi ho gaya hoga' Shubhankar goes to his dream after hearing keerti's words kahin fail toh nahi ho gaya (dream: armaan enters the house with the crying face 'mom dad, main fail ho gaya' and lies down into keerti's feet but keerti gets angry and throws him out of her house) dream over and Shubhankar shouted 'Nahi keerti nahi.. armaan ko mat nikalo'
Keerti shakes shubhankar 'shubhankar kya hua? Aur yeh kya bol rahe ho?'
Shubhankar gets all sweaty, looks around and sees armaan is not there and realizes he was only dreaming 'keerti woh kuch nahi bas woh tum armaan ko ghar se toh nahi nikalogi na' asked innocently.
Keerti got confused and thought 'lagta hai inhone fir se koi sapna dekha hai' and puts her arms around shubhankar's neck and says 'main humare bete ko ghar se kyun nikalungi?'
Shubhankar smiled, 'nahi..kabhi nahi' and they both laughed.
Keerti back in her tension 'par yeh abhi tak aaya kyun nahi?'
Shubh: 'kahin fas gaya hoga, bahar mausam kitna kharab hai'
Keerti got a bit relaxed 'aap sahi keh rahe hain, kahin fas gaya hoga..aur kuch nahi hoga'
After 4-5 hours
It was dark outside, clouds were closely set.  The earth has totally become wet, moist and stormy winds are blowing making the trees shiver, birds are singing a song and thunder roars were giving them an applaud' yes it was the first rain of the season.
A very handsome boy with the cute and adorable looks, Armaan, was sitting in a car, waiting for the traffic to move on but he was stuck there for 4 hours now. He almost lost hope, that today he will be able to move from this place. He saw few guys outside 'hey guys, do you know what's happening here? Yeh traffic move kyun nahi ho raha?' 'Aage land slide hua hai, toh abhi thoda time lagega'
Armaan gets frustrated and thinks 'Ohh damn!! Ghar mein mom dad must be waiting for me, ek kaam karta hu unhe phone kar deta hu' and see his phone, but no network 'hell!! 'and hits his hand hard on the steering wheel.
He was getting restless, without knowing that it was his destiny that made him stay there. He didn't know something special was waiting for him tonight. He didn't recognize it was god who was playing tricks with him; his destiny is going to change his life tonight.
Frustrated Armaan sees the telephone booth outside, and smiles 'good, at least kuch toh hope dikhi, I should go and try to call from there', by the time rain was stopped'he goes to the booth and dials a number as the number was ringing; armaan explored the place around him.
He saw on the other side of the road, there was an airport. A lot of white people were standing there, all lost because of no transport available there. Armaan grinned 'chalo now there shouldn't be any problem spending the whole night here' as he was thinking.. he saw a girl coming out of the airport, she was wearing white suit carrying a big suitcase, armaan's mouth was wide open, but he didn't able to see her face. He rubbed his eyes to make a clear vision, and he observes winds started blowing faster, as if they were welcoming another moon to their land. Her hair got stroked all over her face..she was struggling very hard to move them aside but winds were too strong..on the other side armaan was trying to move his hand so that he can shift them aside without realizing she was standing on a distance and he was just touching the glass of booth..But she finally managed..
Suddenly thunder roared, lightening brightly flashed on her face and she puts her hand on her face to keep lightening away from her eyes. Armaan was amused; he was admiring her beauty, he desperately wanted see her face but because of her hand he couldn't able to. She little by little takes her hand downwards; slowly opened her eyes, which were sparkling because of the continuous lightening falling on her face.. Armaan felt he had never seen as beautiful sparkling eyes like this ever before. She takes her hand further down; her red lips were like cherries, so gorgeous. He finally sees her; he was lost in her beauty, everything around faded away. He was flown away with her innocent, charming look.
-----------end of Part 1--------xx

luv u all

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