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Part 1 - Carpe Life with Love

Fate of Love

“A Problem Is a Chance for You to Do Your Best”
– Duke Ellington

Same way a rift in a relation is a chance for you to make your best efforts to strengthen your bond, not to let them fall apart as the best way to make your future a happy one to live in you have to create it to a happy leading, you can sit back and let the things in hands of fate make efforts to gain your own success happiness and love.

This was the belief of a person living a lonely live from past few months. Today was the day he wanted to make his belief come real. As the sky welcomed Sun with its sunshine along with him saying a temporary bye to the moon from its arms. Same way the person sleeping few minute back open his eyes to welcome the happiness with open arms saying a bye to his lonely-sadness life.
Getting all ready He sat on his bike to start his day he drove on road to reach his destination. Reaching his destination he set inside reliving his past there with smiling face. Seeing his dimple all girls goes fat on him wanting to talk to be by his side. But he was lost in his own memories. Soon he was welcomed by the jealous inters who saw their girlfriends giving no attention to them. They pranked him saying he was having a deadly illness without any actual check-up. Instead of getting angry he was only smiling letting them say everything which the feeling of jealous poking them to say. After it was all over he told them about the measures that he have to take shocking them as how he already know it all. Before any of them can they heard the announcement for reporting on time. They left from there reaching there Dr.Keerti said they have new resident doctor to whom they have to report now. And to their surprise they saw the same person who they made ill without medical analysis walking to them.

“So hello inters… It was nice to be diagnosed by such great doctors like you. But know I am perfectly fine and need no medical attention so I ask you to join your duties properly. I am Dr.Armaan Malik a new resident doctor to whom you have to report daily at sharp 9am. So for today all your duties are written in this chart read sign and then disperse” Saying so Armaan left from there to meet atul.

Soon both of them meet talked for long time over a cup of coffee. “You know champ its feels so great to be resident Doctor. The fun is now you can rest when you want to giving instruction to interns. Ahh… I am loving it.” To which atul responded “Yes I agree with you Armaan… you know I just know got to be resident doctor and I am enjoying this position. You got passed in one go but I stuck behind” sadness reflected on his face which sadden Armaan too “Not to worry anymore champ now we both will be having fun. By the way how are you, your life” to which atul get excited like child to fulfil him of his talks and life that forgetting his sadness behind he started speaking non-stop fill him with every lost moment on his life. After getting to know about his life and updating him about his life and all struggle he took for his basket. “By the way champ where is everyone… u heard nothing about anyone from you all this while... where are they” Armaan asked looking around to see glimpse of someone.
“There is no one Armaan” Armaan looked at him with other question “Why… do they have late duty hours.” Atul just shake his head in no “No Armaan no one is here in Sanjeevni after that day one by one everyone left leaving me behind” seeing Armaan with confuse look he continue his words “After you vanished without telling anyone anything ridhima too left thinking you ditched her due to her illness as Dr.Shashank said that to her.  After her Anjali to left for the US to complete her internship as she was sad to lose her sister and her best friend for this place. Then Muskaan too left saying there are too many memories of her and rahul that this place holds so she too left. And about Nikki after that day she found Jiya standing at Sanjeevni’s reception Abhimanyu’s first wife so she too left running away from him. So I am the only one left here so…”

“Basket too left… but I got to know that she is here only then. I mean you saying that she left but I got to know she is in Mumbai only.” Asked Armaan to him. “She is here only Armaan she came back 3 months back but she is no more your basket.” Armaan looked at him intensely for the choice of his words. “What you mean by she is not my basket any more” when he got no reply Armaan two directions to take atul words to one which he is scared to accept. While other one feels more relevant to him thinking of which he smiled saying “Obviously Champ she is not my basket for now in your eyes as she will be angry with me like hell but you know I love to make-up with her, her every expression and emotions are treasure for me. I mean I love her the way she is and what she is. You don’t worry champ your bro is best in make-up with her. After all she is kid at heart so it’s best to make her back to normal and talking terms with me. So chill.” Seeing his enthusiasm atul kept the truth away for a time being knowing ridhima is away for a week time.

In this week time Armaan atul were back to themselves with each other. They both started to live with each other when Armaan invited him to be with him as they both live alone. Inters made a friendly bond with Armaan. Whenever Armaan saw his Interns Yuvraj naina together they remind him of rahul and Muskaan always bickering. While Sid remind him of his early internship days while Superna (Su) remind him of Anjali the bossy confident soul and JP was atul replica. He found his old days in between his inters. Inters found Great helping friendly senior with who they can share any problem. They forced Armaan to tell them his love story to which atul to join sometimes in narration. But all this while no one took ridhima’s name. Interns keep teasing him for his amount of love he hold for the girl but Armaan backfire their teasing on them only making them blush to new developing feelings.

It’s been week now. It was birthday or Sid’s wife to which he through the party for all in large scale thinking today he will say his feeling to his wife that he hold for her. So he invited all his friends including Armaan. “You are married you never told me Sid. You are such a mysterious man what else you have hidden. Anyway I will surely come Sid. As today its special day for my life too.” Hearing him Sid asked “How Sir” Armaan in his dreamily look said “Today is the day when god have made his best creation in human’s with my name in her heart” Sid smile hearing him “Don’t worry I will be there on time.” Sid nodded his head before leaving.

Sid’s wife return today only after being out of town since a week time due to some work.
Knowing her bday falling on the day of her return Sid planed thronging a party for her. Seeing the time he know she must have arrived home he too left early from his duty getting Armaan’s permission. Reaching him he welcomed her with side hug asking about her trip with smile. Getting to hear about her work he told her after sometime that he have surprise for her which he will give in the party which he have kept for her bday. She was about to say no to the party remembering some old memories about her bday but when sid was not ready to hear any excuse he nodded with small smile on her lips said “I will be ready by the time” Sid too smile “Okay… You rest for some time you must be tiered from all the work and travelling” they both went to their own separate rooms to freshen up and rest calling it a night.

The sunset happened long back welcoming moon in the heaven. The party have started with friends, colleague arriving and Sid stand chatting with people around asking them to be comfortable. Soon Armaan too came searching Sid around he moved up to him. “Hello Sid. How are you” Sid looked at him greeting him back “Hello Sir I am good. Come sir please be comfortable…. Have something Na…” Saying so Sid looked for serving persons “waiter” calling him out he picked a glass of some soft drinks offering to Armaan. Holding the glass Armaan asked “Sid where is the host of the party I mean where is your wife”. Hearing about her Sid have a little blush on his face “She will be hear soon sir” Armaan nodded his head. “There she is sir” seeing her descending from the stairs Sid spoke. Hearing him Armaan to turn only to feel his heart broken into pieces with the sight in front of him. All these months he have waited for this moment to come soon with desperation but now when that moment finally came he wished opposite of his everyday wish. That moment he wished if he should run away from the view in front of him. He wished he have never came back, he wished never to see her in this way he is seeing her. But fate have its own games to play with him, his heart.  He came out of his revive hearing Sid “She is my Wife Sir. Ridhima” saying so Sid moved towards her to escort her till the middle of the hall where the cake is kept. Armaan was standing near the table moved away from the crowd slowly with back steps to which JP and Yuvraj Stopped him from going insisting him to stay.

Armaan moved in on their insistence but never attended cake cutting ceremony. He moved to the counter where the mini bar was arranged for the party. He order his strong alcoholic glass to be served which got him high. When Sid search for him to make him introduce with his wife in he saw him drinking so much getting worried as he knew from a week talks that Armaan never drink as his beloved never liked it. But now what might have happened that he is drinking so much. Stepping towards him Sid tried to talk with Armaan but being in control of alcohol Armaan shrug off his hands making himself free. When glass he was holding also got freed from his grip causing a shattering sound gaining attention of everyone in the party.

With the shattering sound it was the first time ridhima looked at Armaan. It was months she have seen him in person/ he was still as handsome as he was back then. A smile appeared on her face which soon faded with few flashes in her mind. She have a urge to do so much this moment forgetting numerous things but her mind don’t let her forget the flashes of something settled in her mind. Her urge was under weighted under over weighted present of her life. Her Sid was trying to hold him but he wasn’t in his senses he was silently drinking till the time ridhima don’t showed up. The moment Armaan saw ridhima in front of his drunk eyes his broken heart give away all the pain in from of words and tears.

“Happy Birthday Mrs.Modi” reaching towards her Armaan wished her causing something to break under her skin but there was no expression on her face. She kept her face straight which triggered Armaan’s pain with high intensity “So happy to see you moved on ridhima… A very happy birthday to Basket…. Opps I forgot sorry Mrs.Modi but what I can do it just came out of habit. But you don’t worry I will get it out of my system soon just like you throw me out of life. I will keep in my mind that my basket... I mean that Ridhima I have known is vanished inside Mrs.Modi. Today I am very-very happy you know why. I was searching for you all day and night after the moment I was back to normal-self and see today I saw you. But don’t know why still this heart is paining so much. I mean I was searching for you from months now but when I saw you finally I feel pain instead of happiness in me. Yeah..!! I know now… I was searching for ‘My Basket’ ‘My ridhima’ but what I got is ‘Ridhima Modi’. I was looking for my love but I got a wife of someone. You have moved on ridhima how you moved on so easily ridhima. Was my love so weak that you forgot me just as bad dream?” He was standing with wavy legs holding counter in between for support. Sid ridhima too tried to support him but her shrug them off. “No need to show your sympathy Mrs.Modi when you have left me behind then let me be there only don’t try to step back even a bit you may have moved on but my heart is not ready for it. I have a great gift on your birthday ridhima… it was your bday not mine but I got most lovable gift today for which any lover would prefer to die before receiving. But I take it with open arms. Every single person left me with whom I loved with all my heart my mom, bi and you too… celebrate your day Mrs. Ridhima Modi it’s your day. I will leave you with your beloved once. I am no one now for you so I have no right to be here. You enjoy life ridhima I will pray for your happiness and strength for myself to bear the sweetest gift you have thrown my way. It was great to know you ridhima in my life at some point. I loved you with all my heart but I think it was not enough for you that u just simple stepped ahead leaving me. I have always said to you that I am walking with you beside you to lend you my shoulders to cry on, to be in my arms to forget pain. I fight from the world for you but you left me behind.”
“I fought with world, with my own friends, with your father being hunger on strike, hurt every single person I loved just for you and this is what I got as a trophy seeing you married with someone else. You made me built the dreams of us together why to see them shattered with pieces of my hearts along. You left me behind, you diverted your way without letting me know. I wish I would have known my mistake. I have loved you with all my heart that know I can even love anyone else. Thank you for emptying my life to the extent that it will be hollow all the remaining time of my life. Thanks for the return of my love”


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