Thursday, 29 September 2016

part 2 : Bheege Pal

Armaan was flown away with her magnificence. He had never seen such a pure soul before. He was mesmerizing the angel came on earth just for him. Her moonlit face was proving her to be an angel.
It started raining again; sky was pleasing her beauty and welcomes her by presenting its precious rain drops.

She gets wet, and tries to find some shade. She sees a small roof where a lot of people were standing to save them from rain. She hurries up and goes there and finally finds a place next to a white lady who was standing there with two kids. She was now only few feet away from Armaan.
'Hello'hellooooo.. who is this' hello' disturbed Armaan from his mesmerizing sight, and he realized there was someone on the other side of the phone 'kaun hai abbe' armaan said frustratedly''Armaaaaaan main seniorrr'(thinking: nahi nahi yahan nahi) main tera baap bol raha hu' said shubhankar, it was him on the other side LOL' 'ehmm hello dad' said Armaan hesitantly 'Armaaaaan.. tum.. kahan ho' asked Shubhankar..
Armaan was still looking at the girl, he was trying hard to talk to shubhankar but his heart was busy beating for her, his mind was fully occupied by her thoughts.
'mum what's that smell coming from rain..It's so nice' said the two kids and the confused mum replied 'rain doesn't smell sweetheart! it must be the perfume put on by someone'.
Riddhima standing next to them smiled 'it's not perfume; it's the smell coming from the mud.. India's mud is just so special whenever it gets wet, it gives this beautiful smell' she said while taking a long breath to feel the magic of it.
 A beautiful smile came on her face. Both the kids dragged her and their mum in the rain. 'Come on mom, let's have fun! India is super cool' and ridzi started swirling in the rain with her arms wide open and facing upwards as if now she was thanking the sky for welcoming her
While Armaan fell on the booth glass seeing this. He is carrying phone on one ear and his face taking rest on the glass.
He was so lost and says 'oyee hoyee!!
Aasman se gira ek chand ka tukda,
Usse bhi sundar aapka mukhda
Na teer na talwaar se ghayal hue hum
Teri sirf ek nazar se shayar hue hum'
Said Armaan, without noticing Shubhankar was listening everything.. 'main chand se bhi sundar hu?' asked Shubhankar shyly.
'nahi, usse bhi jyada khoobsurat' said Armaan thinking that girl asked him the question. 'Bas karo mujhe sharam aa rahi hai' ROFL said shubhankar blushingly.
Keerti got confused after seeing Shubhankar's changing expressions, his face was getting sauce wala red as he was shying so much..
she started squeezing her pillow and her face turned red not because of blushing but in angerAngry.. 'yeh shubhankar baat kisse kar raha hai? Kahin yeh uss nayi nurse ka phone to nahi jo aaj kal shubhankar par line marti rehti hai' she stood up fuming
and start moving towards him 'main uss nurse ko chodungi nahi, kal hospital mein dekhna kya haal karungi , par shubhankar  usse itna sharma sharma kar kyun baat kar rahe hai' and sees shubhankar with the suspicious eyes..'kahin shubhankar bhi toh' and instantly she shouted 'shubhankar yeh kisse baat kar rahe ho?'
Shubhankar panicked hearing this deadly voice of keerti and he started shivering seeing Keerti all red in anger. Phone slips from his hand and falls on the floor. He was speechless, he didn't knew what was happening, why is keerti angry, but he knew she is angry on him..but why?
 A smile approached Shubhankar's face; he was thinking it is just another dream that's all.LOL But this time Shubhankar was wrong, it wasn't a dream. 'Shubhankar yeh kya kar rahe ho? Aur kisse phone pe baat kar rahe the?' Keerti shouted even louder. AngryAngryShe was bursting with anger from inside.
Seeing this Shubhankar again panicked Ermmthinking 'nahi yaar yeh sapna nahi lag raha, keerti mere dream mein itni devil nahi lag sakti' Evil Smile 'KKKKKKK Keerti!' said scared Shubhankar.
'woh main wohhh' words were not coming out of his lips, he was complete sweaty by this time. 'Shubhankar kuch to kaho na.. uss nurse ka phone tha na??' said furious keerti to confirm but from inside she was just praying 'please god uss sister ka phone na ho'.
 Shubhankar tries again 'KKKKkkk' keerti woh toh armaan ka ffff.. phone tha' and takes a deep breath thinking 'phewww'thank god bol diya ahhhh', 'KYA' asked keerti 'armaan ka phone tha' a smile came on her face thinking 'how foolish I am.. main ab shubhankar par kabhi shak nahi karungi' woh sirf aur sirf mere hain' and hugged him. Shubhankar got a bit relieved..
'thank god keerti maan gayi but usse kyun laga koi nurse mujhe phone karegi' thought confused Shubhankar.. but he didn't bother to ask this to her, he didn't want to create another awkward situation. And both smiled in each other's arms.
A thunderstorm stroked again. She now stopped her dancing and notices a guy in the booth is staring at her. She was feeling very uncomfortable to see how can any guy stare at her like this but then she sees his charming green eyes, they were trying to tell something to her. Her heart started beating faster, she knew there is something in him. She was so lost in his eyes that she didn't even notice if she was standing on the middle of the road.
A car came and almost crashed her but she was busy staring at those eyes. 'Riddhima tum yahan, ander aake betho' said Anjali and Riddhima turns around 'arrey di aap.. mujhe toh laga aap log aaoge hi nahi' and goes inside the car and give a sisterly hug to her.
An: 'welcome to India sweetheart.. I really really missed you my little sister'
Ri: 'di, I missed you too'
Ri: (in sad tone) 'di, mom dad nahi aaye?'
An: woh dad ka emergency call aa gaya tha toh woh hospital chale gaye
Ri: (naughtily) toh fir ma ko bhi hospital jana pada hoga
And they both laughed.. Anjali started the car but Riddhima wanted to give last glare on Armaan but failed because of crowd standing in front of the booth.
In the mean while..
'Knock knock!!!'  Disturbed armaan again and he breaks the eye contact. 'Kya hai.. dikhai nahi de raha main phone kar raha hoon' said irritated Armaan very rudely to the telephone booth guy. 'Haan woh toh main peechle aadhe ghante se dekh raha hu aap kitni baatien kar rahe hain, dekhiye kitni lambi line hain yahan..aap nikaliye taki doosro ko bhi chance mile' and he sees the line was very long so he decides to  leave. 'Acha theek jaa raha hu' and comes out. Everyone standing on the line started to stare at him, Armaan gets embarrassed and without wasting another moment he goes to the middle of the street'but sees no one was there, she was gone.
Armaan got disappointed!! He can't believe he just saw the most beautiful girl, and he let her go like this. He couldn't even approach her by saying 'hello I m armaan, naam toh suna hi hoga' he goes back to his car and goes back to his home.
All night he was thinking about that girl only. 'kya woh mujhe dobara kabhi milegi?par iss baar main usko aise nahi jaane dunga. Ab bhagwan ne humein alag kiya hai, dobara bhi unhe hi milana padega' thinking this he smiled but suddenly his face turned into shocked 'oye armaan, yeh tujhe kya ho gaya' tu aur uss ladki ke baare mein soch raha hai..uff.. kahin tujhe pyaar to nahi hogaya?' after a while he answered himself giving his care a damn look 'main aur pyaar'pheewww.. its next to impossible' and goes for a sleep.
Anjali and Riddhima reaches their home, they see Shashank and Padma waiting for them on the door only. Riddhima ran out of the car and hugged both of them. Her face gets brighter to see her mom dad after such a long time.
They all go inside in the drawing room. Riddhima sits between Shashank and Padma. Shashank holds her one hand and Padma other.
Pa: 'dekho meri beti kitni dubli ho gayi hai.. wahan khaana nahi milta tha kya?' said having tears in her eyes
Riddhima smiled, 'nahi ma, milta ho tha par aapke haath jaisa nahi' and hugs padma
Pa: 'shashank main apni riddhima ko ab kahin nahi jaane dungi' and kisses her forehead
Sh: 'don't worry padma main bhi apni fool si bachchi ko kahin nahi jaane dunga'
The atmosphere was getting really emotional, everyone was crying and the night passed!!


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