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Part 2 - Carpe Life with Love

Part 2 - Forgiveness is what I asked
Armaan opened all the hurting wound of his heart, entertaining the gossiping peoples giving them a hot topic to talk about while he was all high not in his senses he was…
Ridhima was embraced by his act in-front of the gathering. She felt blamed, affront, culpability,
liability hearing Armaan blaming her for leaving him aloof. She took this act of him in a very bad phase. Atul who just few minute back came in the party unknown to the fact that Armaan too was invited here atul happily was walking in when heard every single word that escaped Armaan’s lips. He walked towards Armaan trying to get his attention as he was behind him, atul kept his hand on Armaan’s shoulder. With sudden touch on the fresh cuts hidden under his layer of cloths Armaan winched in pain jerk away his shoulder he turn back towards the intruder getting out of his painful revive. Seeing atul standing there he gave away to his emotional roller ride. Then waked away saying a sorry realizing the crime he just now committed blaming ridhima for all the things he just said.

Ridhima too left from there feeling all humiliated, Sid was standing there looking shocked to learn such a big piece of news from this new Senior Doctor of Sanjeevni who happened to join just a week back. To whom he have invited in the party after knowing that he was an old batch-mate of his wife ridhima  thinking they must be friends he gave the invitation but the truth came to be opposite of his thinking. He have meant to know the truth of the relationship  his wife shared with this person who walked away from the staring of the relation he started with ridhima as his wife 3 months back. Knowing the truth is always a merit for a starting relation but knowing it in this way is destructive.

After ridhima vanished Sid dispersed the get-together asking them to have a dinner and then only they can leave giving the responsibilities to his Friends he too went away to chase her.  To have a confrontation from her for hiding all this from him. When, she was the only one who said that they will build their house of relation on the grounds of the honesty with walls of trust and roof of Respect. When where those ground walls fall from.
Soon Sid reached home to see her in her room standing by a window pane. Sid reached her “Ridhima I want to talk to you” to which she replied “Sidhant not now I am not in a mood” sid got angry “Do hell with you mood ridhima… after all that happened today you are supposed to give a explanation to me not the other way round” ridhima stay quite not speaking even a word “Ridhima speak up dam it..!! Why the hell you never told me the truth of that man who claim to be your heartbroken lover of yours, not to end it their but the way he was speaking it looks like you too were there present in that relation ridhima. What they hell was all that. Wasn’t it you who asked me that we will built all out relations with the grounds of honesty walls of trust and roof of respect. Then today where are your ground of honesty and walls of trust. Where were they when you were saying all that keep the biggest secret of your life away from me.”

Ridhima was outrageous hearing her husband to blaming her “It was the matter of past for me and when I have never asked you about your Casanova past then why the hell you are making such a big issue out of this one things. Every single person in this world have a past before getting married to someone. So do me. When I never question you then why you are questioning me dam it. And I never got time to speak about it”

“Ohh is it that… ridhima I have no interest in your words of waving away the topic just like that and I don’t have patience to pretend otherwise. It’s been 3 months since we are together in this wedlock and you never got the time to tell me anything.” Spoke Sid in anger making ridhima too anger filled.
“Sid Please leave me for now my mind is already blasting with all the words that Armaan spoke in the party insulting me” ridhima tried to wave away Sid to hear him laugh in a mocking manner “Insulting you sure. You know ridhima when I joined Sanjeevni a year back all I got to know was the greatest lover Armaan Malik, the way he loved his girl his way of making up with his girl over few issue that developed between him and her due to some friend of their then his way of getting on the mission of manipulating Girls father’s decision on accepting him with wholeheartedly as his son-in-law so that the girl have not to choose between her father and love. Who he got on hunger strike who his friends left him blaming him and how he struggled all the while. Everyone told me the name of the lover boy Armaan Malik but no one told me about the name of the girl who supported him all the time but then she went missing after the Armaan went away from shootout. But today I came to know that girl. And you know what hunted to know in all this is that it was non-other than the girl standing beside me right now and happens to be my wife.”
Saying all this Sid went way towards his own room. They never shared the same room since wedding as Sid was the one to give time to themselves. The night went on with RIDHIMA standing by the window pane looking at sky remembering all the past she shared with Armaan till today’s incident.  SIDHANT tried to sleep lying on his bed but never felt asleep and keep looking at the ceiling thinking about the evening incident. ARMAAN was asleep on his own bed due to all the alcoholic effect he had drank in the party seeing ridhima Married. And ATUL well he was the one who was with Armaan bringing him home he took off his jacket shoes then made him tucked in the bed carefully while he too slept beside him only as it was late already.

Next Day Armaan came to ridhima’s door way ringing the bell of the house he waited patiently for someone to open the door. After waiting for a couple of min the door got opened by Sidhant to receive Armaan. Armaan with a polite voice ask if he is allowed to come in or not to get the reply from him in a yes. Welcoming him inside Sid gave him warm smile soon ridhima to came out of her room already to start the day.

Armaan saw her and stood up. Ridhima approached them in the hallway looking at Armaan. Armaan was embraced about his deed from last night. He bend his head down trying to mold his emotions into the frame of words to ask for forgiveness for his deeds.

Armaan tried to seek forgiveness from ridhima and Sid when ridhima asked him to leave straight forwardly without giving a damm about hearing him out once. Sid too was shocked to hear ridhima talking in such a rude tone with Armaan. Armaan “Bask….. I mean Ridhima… vo I am” ridhima showed her palm to him “Enough Armaan… I have heard a lot last night itself… now what is your purpose of visiting on doorway… was there something left to be said then I should bring you the main thing to the highlight that whatever you going to say won’t be heard by the on-lookers as here there is no one to hear you blaming me. So  I guess you should put your words to hold and then say them to me when people are around so you can  bring past back and entertain all of them making them see real me.”

Armaan was shocked to hear her out spoken words “Ridhima… I never intended to do anything like that… I am already regretting for yesterday’s event.” “Ohh…So without intending of doing anything you destroyed everything for me. I wonder what you would have done when u would have intentions of doing so... Would you have made a physical-link with me then in public?”


“Don’t shout Armaan this is my house not your ring of boxing where you will beat people out just to take your frustration out” Sid was all this while shocked standing beside them while they both faced each other. “Enough Ridhima…. I came here to ask for yours’s and sidhant’s forgiveness due to the last night deed of mine in the semi-conscious state, as I was regretting of all that I spoke to you in front of all. I would have never came in the party if I would be having an idea back then before entering the party that you are married to someone else. Even then I stayed due to the feeling that still my heart carried for you just to be in your happiness but that alcohol made all that pain come out of me, which wasn’t intentional.”

“I have heard enough Armaan you can leave now… I have heard all about it last night only… and thanks for the best gift that you gave me in front of all by bring me in the bad light. Thanks a tone Armaan.”
Hearing his ridhima… No … not his… she is now someone else wife… but his heart is not ready to except this little fact of the life that hit him all of a sudden.  He was too shocked to see this new ridhima… a changed ridhima who is miles away from the actual ridhima she se to be. She is not HIS ridhima… not in Name, not in her words, not even in her nature.

Armaan left from their house giving an apology look towards Sid who nodded his head with small smile.

…..Few Days later….

It have been few days to that incident. Very things is going normal on the surface if we gave a look towards them but below the surface. Below the surface everything is messed totally messed up... everything is entangled into the mystery of the future. In all these days Sidhant have decrease his talks with his wife to the minimum level talking only the most needed things seeking their attentions else it’s all silence around them. Same was with Armaan ridhima they talk only about the medical case of one or the other patient due to the assignment of cases together else they never crossed each other’s path never tried to talk to other one. But with all these tensions going around them Sid and Armaan have developed a great brotherly bond. Initially Armaan was skipping every possible conversation with him but one day Sidhant approached him and since then they shared such a brotherly bond that made atul jealous few times. But all these development of relations were unknown to ridhima.

“Armaan... you have changed…” Said atul looking at Armaan talking with Sid. Armaan looked at atul and spoke. “Why you said that Atul.”
“See that’s why I am saying that”. Armaan was confused so atul helped him “See now you don’t even remember what you use to come me back then and now you call me by my name only.” Armaan got his point but just to tease him he spoke “What… now it’s your name Na… that’s why I call you that what else I should call you then.” Atul sang “Dost Dost na raha… Pyaar ne bhi saath Chod Diya….”

Sid corrected him “AJ it’s not that it’s like ‘DOST DOST NA RAHA PYAAR PYAAR NA RAHA” atul looked at Sid “Hey….. Don’t teach me… I am resident doctor….” Hearing him Armaan started laughing holding his stomach. Atul and Sid looked at him with confusion written all over their face…. Armaan tried to control his laughter so that he could speak hearable words to them “Champ…. You reminded me of Dr.Shubhankar…. Mein Senior doctor hun. Hahahahha… What the days there were….” Armaan was laughing remembering the old days but then his laughter started fading reaching to null leaving behind the wetness in his eyes. Which both Sid and atul noticed but before they could utter a word even Armaan excused himself from them and left the place wiping his tears.
Sid atul felt miserable for his pain. He is the man who will share everyone’s sorrow sadness to himself and then working on it as his own sorrow he made the person smile always. Always hare his pranks and achievement with everyone to make all of them smile and celebrate on smallest thing ever but he never share his sorrows with anyone else then two people and they were Ridhima and Shanaz bi…. But ironically both the ladies have left him in the middle of no-where without any of the support letting him sink in the ocean of the pain. But atul resolute to be his support to be his supporting anchor not letting him fall in the deep sea of pains, but sometimes he gave him time for himself to deal with things.


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